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  1. @Nahm Demons DO exist. They are on another plane of existence, however, but that doesn't mean that they can't use us or our energy systems. A christian priest from Cernica Church, from Bucharest (the capital of Romania, the country which I am living in) performed a lot of exorcisations and this fasting is very common within christianity. People from all Europe came to him (Ilarion Argatu was his name). Being a christian orthodox and a yogi, I find that it did a lot of good to my body (I had a demon snake which had its tail in my left elbow and its head was going all the way in my lower back biting my right lumbar). After that 1 day of black fasting it had to leave and my prana channels work much better. I sense entities and I am clairsentient. Kriya Yoga also helps me a lot, along with the magick and the prayers I do. @lmfao I have no knowledge of that, so I can't compare. @Toby Because it is very efficient. The devil made Jesus angry because His mentor died. He realized that the cause of that was that entities made Him their prisoner and so He went on pursuing heavy cleansing and healing. Fasting is the ultimate test of spiritual endurance. I do it from time to time, but this time around was radical, I gotta say, especially being water deprived. @TripleFly I can control my prana very well. I can turn into Shi-va (That Which is not) without much effort. Kriya, combined with a lot of other classic techniques sorted a lot of things. Fasting won't affect the usual day to day living. I will go as long as my intuition says, based on its reading from spirit guides and the prana flow going on in my body.
  2. @Dario1995 I stopped on the 24 hours mark. When going about doing these intense practices, you need time to pray and meditate on a full scale, which is not possible now. Healing occurred, nevertheless. Anything done unresponsibly means suicide. Take care, too!
  3. @nistake I know. But this is also a test of bhakti/devotion to Source. Once you expand your energetic shields and subtle sistem, your food will become more etheric rather than materialistic.
  4. @nistake Yes. As long as your intention is clean, Source/God will provide. At the time I'm writing this respond it's been 21 hours since I ate/drank anything.
  5. It's a way of cleansing the body and reaching enlightenment that it's omitted on actualized. You need to remain in God and in your highest alinghtment, otherwise your prana and your shields will weary. It also heals your energetic sistem and forces inside demons to get out of your body. I will be looking to becoming a reiki master and it is of the utmost importance to me to get rid of my inner underlying entities. Be very cautious, however. You'll be fully depriving yourself of water and food, like Mikao Usui and Jesus did. (40 days each) Have a wonderful day!
  6. Humility - in all aspects of life. Since enlightenment is the realization of Ultimate Oneness, you see Yourself as an all expanding Being, with no need to bragg or stand out. Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to mix a good self-help guru image, while being humble, that's why highly devoted and evolved human beings are hard to find in the mainstream. It just goes to show our low moral and spiritual development as a society so far. We are the guides of tomorrow. Humility, kindness and grace are key. May your intituion guide you upon the highest peaks of development! Love&Light!
  7. @Litaken Congratulations! I hope you'll sense soon enough that your body goes on forever, in all time-space dimensions. Don't embrace the spiritual paradigme of "everything is a hallucination". It's an half-assed understanding of Love, an intellectualized one. Everything is Real, Pure Expansion. May The Light guide you!
  8. The whole notion of backsliding is composed of multiple dominoes. If you are aware enough of the proximal act or moment that made you backslide, you should be fine next time, given that you learned your lesson. Here's the list: - excessive talking (gossiping, arguing, whining) - eating low vibrational foods (sugar, meat, junk food) - excessive use of technology (the radion it emits interferes with your chakras, therefore with your psychological balance) - being imature (this is very relative and very unimportant things might be included here, depending on the person, but deep inside you know what's it all about) - not taking care of your body (forcing it, depraving it of needs) - not respecting a decent daily routine - exaggerations of any kind - thinking or intending uncouncious things (the psychosomatic system alerts you, you only need to notice) These subtle things lead to old behavioral patterns that you have been fighting with most of your life and, when you think they're gone, wave after wave, mistake after mistake, you'll find yourself in the middle of the storm again. Make sure to watch Leo's subtle addictions video, as it contains some subtle detrimental triggers that you might've not thought of. You don't need to take this list seriously or memorize it. Your inner child already knows what harms you and It, too. He's the God within You. Honor Him and the rest will be just fine. Much love to everyone.
  9. Ego backlash happens because of fear, mainly the fear of facing the vacuum, shadow and misery that lies dormant within your system. Next time you find yourself slipping into uncouncious patterns, ask yourself "What are you scared of, little man?". Your inner child or intuition should answer in due time. Remember to always use self-love, no matter what, as that's the only sure recipe for disolving fear. I had this revelation after having a lot of consecutive backlashses for the last five months and this insight was really helpful.
  10. Don't get me wrong, but how can you attain freedom and enlightenment and promise that to others, when your forum contains "my attachments" section. That's wrong on so many levels - there's no I, and the attachments belong to a fiction which doesn't exist, as I just said. @Leo Gura, you'd better go on some retreat or something, maybe you'll see your limitations regarding yourself and your forum, vague and non-existing ideas, but still... (love y'all) (don't mind the clickbait, just observe the one who's frustrated)
  11. @Dogsbestfriend @MrDmitriiV@Leo GuraI'm not trying to speak the "right" way about enlightenment. That shit doesn't exist. I kind of like semantics, because I write poems from time to time, so I can afford this luxury, but just because you try to grasp a phenomenon of existence better, it doesn't mean that you destroy it (never said that the ego acquires enlightenment, I wanted to point just this trap). That quote isn't a feminist one, it's about the whole human uncounciousness that turns our inventions against ourselves and it's from the Seven Days War song. I have a little bit of green, but I'm mostly yellow heading towards turquoise, with some turquoise characteristics (from what I've self-inquired and been aware of). And concerning my profile picture, well, I'm sorry, but police officers tend to look good and I'm suffering from this condition (insert reply that I'm in an arrogant ego), but at least I don't get ideological in my arguments about enlightenment, judging people I've never met or talked with in privately. If you want to preach about enlightenment, you should get over this ideological stereotype that looks always matter, imprisoning people in paradigms of the past, which are stupidly taken for granted. Even a porn star can become enlightened. Deal with it, master. Fap, Fap, indeed - a useless chatter, yapping to be more precise.
  12. @MrDmitriiV You totally missed the point. No one can achieve enlightenment, because there's no one to achieve it. Stop personalizing it. I had a few mystical experiences along the way, along with telepathy, and had moments when I saw God in everything, the tags completely vanishing from reality, but they weren't mine, as an "I" couldn't exist at that time. I couldn't point to anything, my body completely disappearing. "I" have moments when I can't think, basically, melting within the room and the environment. But, see, when we aimlessly talk about it and personalizing it we create a spiritual ego trying to identify with the experience. It's a trap, but a necessity, in our journey towards zooming out more and more into infinity.
  13. Update: I received another contact from her a few months ago, while being out of body, while I was floating above my body, seeing my arm in its energetic form. Her hand grabbed mine and she said she loves me very much. I tried to turn to see her face, but I couldn't, as I came back into my body immediately.
  14. It just came to mind, as I'm sitting in a flowing meditative state, that claiming that you are enlightened it's a paradox. There's no such thing as being enlightened, that quality doesn't even exist. What it happens is that Reality, God fully dissolves the ego, hence there's no one there to be enlightened. Instead of claiming that someone is enlightened we should say that Source has filled that conglomerate of flesh and bones we usually call "human". Source cannot be described using our tiny perceptions and language, therefore It just shines and exists, destroying with love everything it gets to permiate. There are no enlightened beings, there are just humans who gave up or are giving up their humanity, in one intensity or another, to let God spread its presence within themselves and, consequently, to "others". If you claim you are enlightened, then you are not. Once "you" get to enlightenment, you'll see that there was no one there all along and that you can't hold enlightenment as something of your own, because it's something that transcends everything and by that time you won't even exist anymore.
  15. @Leo Gura I know that it's just a territory, but giving it a name, even a majestic one, like Truth, isn't even close to what it actually is. Words are useless in spirituality, for the most part. That's why silence is the only guru that will answer our full calls and questions. It's a shame to move The Infinite into language, because it's beyond our pity mecanics of communication. It's kind of a blasphemy.