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  1. More examples here... who are the artists?
  2. Hello, Is there a mega-thread already that collects visionary art, or impressive artwork? Artwork similar to the below example of Apeture by Michael Divine. I used the search function but couldn't find anything, can a moderator point me in the right direction if a collection like this exists already? With Love.
  3. Refencing good ol' MJ's UNSCRIPTED? Great book. As for manufacturers, if you submit an RFQ (request for quotation) they'll price it up and do their best to make it for you. If they can't, they can't but they'll go far to try and win your business! I've not seen your other posts, but good luck with the process.
  4. Both Unscripted and The Millionaire Fastlane are incredible books. Highly recommend.
  5. @Yellow_Girl Hello, thanks for sharing your view. I feel like I am in a very similar world view to you. I see all these interactions going on and I feel like I understand "why" they are taking place, using the models I have learnt (projecting onto the world - albeit useful). Although I've read significantly less than you haha! I think I understand that I am projecting these models onto the world - yet I still feel the need to explain to someone my viewpoint, the way I see the world. I get what you mean that there is no right or wrong, just more and less effective - that's literally how I see the world right now too! I often feel like I'm drowning in people who are so bought into their views. I often feel like an island. @ajasatya Why do I want to feel understood? ...but how do I not suffer?!
  6. Hi all, I plan on doing a 24 hour water fast starting tomorrow morning. This is my first time fasting and I'm interested to see what happens. Perhaps this will be a baby step towards longer fasts. I'm hopefully going to integrate this as a 2 times a month thing (depending on how it goes) and wondered if anyone does anything similar. To those that fast, what were your first experiences when you started? Does anyone else regularly fast for 24 hours? Peace and love, Ollie.
  7. @F A B This sounds mildly interesting to me, how does having income create more income? I'm not entirely sure I understand the question either, can you clarify more? If I had a lot of money to spend, I would spend it on a personal vegan chef lol.
  8. @Gerhard Just my opinion with a couple of points: I found the drop down bar text sizing a bit too large for my liking, I didn't like scrolling down to see the whole list. The blue background of the drop down bar didn't really line up with anything and looked out of place in my opinion. Are the icons that shrink and grow meant to take you somewhere? It was said before but to reinforce, the all of the scrollbars scroll waaaayy too fast. If it were me, I would prefer the quote by Margaret Mead above the introductions to the charities; almost like a title for them. Instead of scrolling, you could have the introductions as circular info bubbles? When you click on the link for the charity, it could take you to the information about the charity ON YOUR SITE. Then have a "find out more" (or similar) link at the bottom of the charity's information to redirect you to an alternative webpage. I didn't like being migrated so quickly. The "Where does my money go" page is great and informative. I like that layout/how it works. Although I did think the divider before "And how do we divide the money we receive" section was the bottom of the page. The first question I asked myself though when I got to the site was: How does it work? Couldn't seem to find anywhere saying how you generate the money for these charities. Could perhaps have another link next to the "Where does my money go?" button on the homepage saying: "How does this work?"? Really like the layout of the list of websites you can use to donate at the bottom although the click here to copy link didn't work... And where is the Amazon link?! The only site I really use for online shopping... It would also be nice to have a personal touch seeing as it's to do with charity. Why not an About page? It's always nice to see faces and know how it started! Spent about 10 minutes on the site and I was using Chrome on Windows. Hope this is helpful and it's a great idea!! Keep going and keep us updated!!
  9. Thank you all for your contributions! <3
  10. I feel I'm misunderstanding. When it is said: Don't judge people (e.g. where they are in the spi-dy model) or do not judge yourself (common to say to people when first learning to meditate)... what does this mean? If I want to improve as a person, surely I must judge my actions in order to make a decision. If I don't judge, can I still make this decision? I must weigh up all the sides of the story to investigate the most healthy outcome right? How would I be able to reach a decision in what to do if I didn't judge my way of thinking? If someone were to cold blood murder someone, I would say that this is incorrect behavior. I have judged between someone committing murder and not committing murder and concluded that it would be best for no murder at all. In another situation, perhaps the best way is for the murder to happen. I have judged the situation depending on the person and the environment... how can I not judge this? When we say judgement, do we really mean criticizing or finding fault that has negative emotion attached to it? I'm also feeling right now that I shouldn't be judging anyone or anything, as this is "bad". Perhaps I'm stuck in some form moralizing? Can someone help clarify?
  11. Which of Leo's lectures is this from?
  12. @ExodiaGearCEO Did this group skype session happen already?? I'm just starting out on my Amazon journey too, @sgn I plan to give it my all! We could do some sort of accountability thing? To keep us on track? @Consept Thanks for sharing your experience on your podcasts, I'll give them a listen. How was it like for you in the beginning, where did you learn from?
  13. @Key Elements Thanks for sharing
  14. @Azote @jjer94 @Elisabeth @Rajat Bhatia This is incredible to read. I resonate so much with what you all say. I'm a 4th and final year nuclear material science at uni... I have an offer for a PhD for next yeah but... I'm so disillusioned. I'm so frustrated with the system - there is no soul where I work. I want to be free and work on my consciousness. I thought I was going to cause a revolution with the "Hydrogen Economy"... academia has sucked the life out of me. For me personally, I'm probably going to decline my PhD offer. I want freedom from the rat race so I can work on consciousness and be in my community. I've been thinking about starting eCommerce over the summer as my next step. This advice is golden: Thank you for opening this thread! I'd like to give/hear updates with you all. Love and Kindness. Ollie.