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  1. @molosku Great input. Well, if one has 10 hobbies for example it's very hard to turn that into a life purpose. Balancing broadness with depth is indeed a very tricky balance to make and it can take years or even decades to resolve the confusion.
  2. This question really fascinates me and I've been trying to find an answer to it for quite a while. How do you distinguish a person that is genuinely passionate about multiple domains of life and for whom combining skills would be the right thing to do, from somebody that is just confused or that hasn't tasted enough things to find his/her real domain of mastery? I really see polymaths as being stigmatized in our modern society. From my perspective, they are seen as people that can't commit to one thing, as jack of all trades and master of none. And most successful people say that you have to pick one thing because Leonardo da Vinci was one in 10 million people. But what if a real polymath hears that? He may doubt himself and stick to one thing because he doesn't believe he can be a polymath like Leonardo, because the odds are against that, even if his/her heart tells him or her that. I have friends who have college degrees in multiple different domains and they have to leave things out of their CV out of fear of being seen as a person that can't commit. But these people are just passionate about everything in existence. They just have a trouble of finding a middle path and make the domains they study somehow work together. And I see that it's pretty hard for them to find a job. Not only because they are not committed to one thing, but because the job pulls them in a direction that is different from all their other equally fulfilling passions. And that's why they often can't fulfill their full potential until they go do their own thing - until they find some sort of way to combine all their passions. In addition, I remember Sadhguru saying something like "How can you not be passionate about everything in existence? It's a limitless possibility. If you are not passionate about everything in existence, you are a constipated life. That's what you are." What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you agree that you have to master one thing even if you feel you are a polymath? Or how do you think one can figure if he or she is a real polymath?
  3. @okulele My pleasure. I have no interest in keeping them for myself. I hope other people will use them to grow.
  4. @George Fil If you watch enough Sadhguru videos, you will start to see from his stories how he went through every stage. It will become really obvious.
  5. Example of Turquoise music: Lyrics Excerpt We are One We are the universe Forbears of what will be Scions of the Devonian sea Aeons pass Writing the tale of us all A day-to-day new opening For the greatest show on Earth [...] We are here to care for the garden The wonder of birth Of every form most beautiful
  6. Here you go! I put a ton of effort into these. Please put them to good use if you decide to download them. They can be used as a reference so you don't have to watch the videos again. Good luck with the work on the path! -Dan https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BxxULd4XeH8CzPIxDc2i7oHq1hFkLoE2
  7. http://www.openculture.com/2018/07/the-history-of-indian-philosophy.html Thought this might pique your interest, guys. Don't know how much it taps into actual nonduality, but I guess you can draw your own nondual conclusions from the episodes anyway.
  8. For those of you that just graduated.
  9. @Leo Gura LMAO. See what you did there, lol.
  10. @GabrielWallace Sounds like you are pretty self-aware. Great first step. Congrats. Now, confronting him won't help in any way. You have to remember that the strongest negotiating position is walking away and meaning it. If we keep this in mind, you should make a rule for yourself that your life is a "drama free zone". Anything that interferes with that doesn't serve you and can thus be discarded. Not as in discarding family members as that may push it to the extreme, but setting proper boundaries. You can settle the whole situation in a non-reactive way. If your father starts to show bad behavior, you set your boundaries right then and there. "Dad, I care about you, but when you do x, I feel [insert emotion here], so I would appreciate if you would stop it. " If he says something that demeans you, you set another boundary. "Dad, I only want to keep positive vibes around me. If you don't have anything empowering or positive to say, I would appreciate if you would keep negative remarks to yourself." And don't say that in an angry way. Say it in a cold, rational, calm way. Like "Dad, I don't like X, so I would prefer not to have X around me. Thanks!". Simple as that. If it goes even further, he is at the last strike and you say "Dad, I told you that such and such behavior bothers me already, so either you stop it or you can leave right now and we won't interfere with each other ever again." The key is to actually mean it. People will treat you only the way you allow them to. If you are willing to walk away and mean it, that shows self-respect. And it doesn't have to be in an angry way at all. It all comes down to a certain level of assertiveness, and counter to what most people believe, assertiveness is not confrontational. Assertiveness mitigates conflict and defuses it. It doesn't let a situation come to a boiling point. Hope this helped. Good luck! It will be fine!
  11. @lmfao It's easier to blame the tools than the one who employs them. Don't create a limiting belief for yourself that you can't open your heart and move into green. If you do that, of course you will blame the model for being flawed rather than taking extreme ownership of the situation. If you want to stay into orange that's totally fine, nothing wrong with it, but you won't have the right to complain if progress will start to stall in your life. Read more about green. I sense that you still don't understand the stage well enough. The process need not be forced. In time, you will most likely start to see the limits of orange first hand and move into green because you won't have an alternative. Best of luck.
  12. @Brittany Not even 1% close to enlightenment. I love the guy, but no, he is not enlightened. He would be able to become though if he would be willing to drop pragmatism.
  13. I thought that too at first, but I saw that he cares a lot about other people and doesn't have a problem when it comes to being emotional and showing vulnerability. Further more he said that he wants to become the best by building the biggest building in town and not by demolishing other buildings down, which a pure orange person would not have any problem doing. He also doesn't want success at all costs, he builds others up and he loves the feeling of belonging to a community, which can be characteristics of green.