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  1. @saint_charming7 Make a concrete body of work and then let that do the speaking for you.
  2. Hi guys! First of all Please don't say: "Just relax!". My problem is that I feel tension around the cheeks and mouth. I don't know if I should be keeping my mouth slightly open or closed, the tongue on the roof of the mouth (as some yogis advise) or just hanging freely etc. I can release tension from all around my body when I do body scans, but it's much harder around my cheeks and mouth and can't figure out a comfortable position. How do you do it? Does anybody know some guidelines or can direct me to a useful resource? Thanks!
  3. @saint_charming7 They are not mutually exclusive. You can still go one night per week out... and that's plenty of time for a social recharge. Quality time over quantity. A good night out will feel like a breath of fresh air.
  4. @thehero You are playing a losing game. 0.1% of people will be open minded enough to pick up the knowledge that we are picking up and are interested in. Having the expectation of most people understanding you is unrealistic. Yes, your are gonna be mostly alone in this. The only way most people around you will start to get interested in what you are saying is when they will see you change radically. They will be like: ”What the fuck happened to him? He is a completely other person.” How are you so calm all the time? And you say ”Meditation”. Then they may open up. How did you get a ripped body like this? Well, I told you about counting macros, not doing cardio, hitting the weights etc. but you weren't willing to listen. Now you are. How did you escape the rat race and the 9 to 5? Well, I did this, this and this, but you were also not willing to listen. How did you become so open minded? etc. The list can go on and on. Be the change you want to see in the world and the people around you may follow. If they don't, then good riddance. One of the biggest challenges in life will be finding like minded people. You need to take ownership of that and make new, conscious, high quality friends.
  5. @Jhonny There is a misconception about introverts that then becomes a limiting belief. Introverts are very much capable of being very social and even in the center of attention and actually enjoy it, but the thing is, they just need alone time to recharge, time which you would probably have given most jobs. You can be a very good salesman or public speaker even if you are an introvert. Actually, some of the best public speakers are introverts. Martin Luther King Jr. was an introvert and he was always in the center of attention, giving speeches and interacting a lot with other people.
  6. @Random User @Leo Gura I would recommend Fearless by RSD Max. Very detailed and awesome program. A lot of content adressing each fear, from the one of rejection, to escalation, to what other people think, to feeling unworthy etc. + a module with more than 30 challenges to gradually expand your comfort zone and address all the fears you have. But I won't lie that I have a liking bias towards him + I can relate to him because he is also an introvert, so that may also affect my recommendation. At least check it out though.
  7. @Lynnel Me too, lol. What a coincidence. Although in my case the one with the varying ratio is the I and the E, which makes me an ambivert (other tests also confirmed this). So I can either be an INFJ or and ENFJ, but I incline more towards INFJ.
  8. @Leo Gura Are you thinking of shooting a video on the stigma of self help books and self help in general? I see a lot of academics and serious people dismissing self help as being only motivational, and with no real practical use. But as you know, there are people like Nathaniel Branden, who helped improve people's self-esteem for more than 30 years.
  9. So I see many people advising others to read 1 book a week (others even a book a day). A book a weeks means 52 in a year. But what I've found is that to implement what even one book actually says can take months or even years. From this stems the trap of reading but not actually doing anything, thus also not seeing any results or change in your life. What is the best way/-s you found to balance these? Personally, I found two ways. Either you take one book at a time and do what it says for a month or more, and when you get the info and techniques into your subconscious (when it transforms you permanently), you move on to another book OR You read for 1-2 years while still doing your thing, you make a plan of action and the you just DO for 1-2 years, without reading. (although this can't be done with courses or books that have many exercises and which require immediate practice in order to get to their next step) Also, how many book are too much? What is the point of diminishing returns and dabbling?
  10. @cetus56 Unfortunately no. But I will make sure to check him out.
  11. @BjarkeT I watched that talk a while ago. A 1-2 week detox would be possible for me, but quitting social media entirely would force me to work a 9-5 job due to the nature of my work. Any starting musician and business can go broke or can earn a limited amount of money if he/she/it doesn't start to capitalize on the power of social media soon. Only Apple and a few other massive companies will be able to survive without social media in the following years, due to their influence and built up rep. Social media is no longer an add-on for the internet. It is the current state of the internet.
  12. What's that? Would you mind giving me a link?
  13. @Mighty Mouse Yeah. What you are saying is kinda the same thing Sadhguru said previously in one of his videos. To paraphrase him: "You are trying to get rid of a thing which does not exist. Are you fearful right now? If not, then you will attract fear by trying to get rid of it when it doesn't exist. And to try to get rid of something which does not exist is only madness, isn't it?"
  14. @BjarkeT Watched that video multiple times. I'm trying to implement what he advised there but I'm also looking for any other complementary practice. Will check Cal Newport's blog. Read two of his books. Real insightful guy. Thanks for the help!