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  1. I have just the thing that can help you. It's a quote from David Deida's "Way of The Superior Man". You should really ponder and contemplate the ramifications of this quote. "If your deepest purpose is to meditate and realize God, you might find that before you can totally dedicate yourself to this practice you must work your way through the concentric circles of playing with sexual partners, using drugs, getting married, raising children, developing a career, and finally, having dissolved your fascination and need to do all of that, getting down to the business of full-time meditation." This means burning off the karma/fulfilling a need/the present purpose which is distracting you You have an onion of purposes that needs to get peeled in order to get to your deepest purpose Also, here's another one. "Each pupose, each mission, is meant to be fully lived to the point where it becomes empty, boring, and useless. Then it should be discarded." This is not a sign of failure. This is a sign of growth
  2. @SFRL Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger - Longest audiobook you'll listen to, but I already know I'm gonna listen to it again in the future. 10/10 Practicing The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - Good to deepen your presence The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - great inspirational listen The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene - makes you feel confident in handling people Mastery by Robert Greene The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida
  3. @spicy_pickles It gets better as you age. I still avoid confrontation when it's not worth the win, and that's ok. For example, a guy was an asshole to me at the gym, thinking the machines in there are all his. My options were: 1. Confront him, waste my time cause a futile fight. (as he already was pretty agitated and calling the staff wouldn't have helped) 2. Walk away, have an awesome workout and not think about the asshole. There are some things that you should definitely do that will increase your level of assertiveness by itself: 1. Make sure your life is not dependent on anyone: not your boss, family etc. (financially or otherwise) When you are completely independent, you won't fear standing by your opinions because you won't fear your boss firing you or your mother stopping supporting you financially if you say something they don't agree with or if they don't like something about you 2. Start exercising People that are in shape usually don't get bullied. Bullies and dominant people naturally go for weak people. 3. Pick up a martial art When you know 100% that you can defend yourself in case something goes down, you won't fear standing up to a tough guy or to someone that tries to boss you around, no matter how big they are. That's a powerful place to be, but it doesn't mean you should go around looking for fights. It's just to make you confident to stand up for yourself
  4. @egoless Coach Corey Wayne. You can definitely trust that guy.
  5. @Leo Gura Don't know if you know much about coach Corey Wayne. That guy seems to combine the best of both worlds as he is also a life coach and doesn't want to provide quick fix solutions. He emphasizes a lot that getting laid won't get you happy and that your purpose is much more important than women. His idea is that people should see women or the prospect of a life partner as just an addition to an already complete, awesome and fulfilling life (and that's what women are attracted towards anyway). To paraphrase him: "If you are not in a relationship to give, you have no business being in a relationship." Corey is an example I would like most PUA's move towards.
  6. @SirVladimir 99% of people won't even entertain the idea of enlightenment. Expecting your father to do so is unrealistic, especially in such a hard moment for him. You will need to learn to think as you like, but still behave like others (as the author Robert Greene says). In the past, being too far from the tribe's mentality could have gotten you killed. Just think about the moment when Darwin came up with the theory that humans evolved from monkeys. A lot of backlash and death threats came his way. You need to learn to keep low key around people less psychologically developed. Don't expect your parents to change their ideas about life. They won't change unless they want to. Finally, as you continue to grow, you also need to work on not losing the common touch.
  7. @Socrates Yeah, that's also true
  8. @kieranperez I have the following categories in Microsoft OneNote: Ideas Website Ideas Marketing Ideas Band Ideas Journal Ideas Quotes Here I put the quotes I find most meaningful to me Goals Short Term Mid Term Long Term My Impossible List look this up on google Goals Exercises (to find out what they are) Book Notes Lecture/Video Notes Assessments and Exercises To Watch - Read - Listen Useful Tips Things To Buy Quick Notes
  9. Intrinsic motivation is like an innate drive to do something. It's not manufactured. For example, why do I feel the pull towards progressive, metal music and sweet acoustic passages? I don't know. I can't formulate. I just feel it. I just feel the need to learn a specific song because I like it, because I enjoy it, because I feel a tingling in my hand to pick up the guitar. Do I do it for money? Well, this hasn't even occurred in my head. I just picked up the guitar, learned a song and said: "How cool is that?" You need to get back in touch with that kind of drive on a regular basis because it can be obstructed by the chase for status, success and money, which are not intrinsic motivations. I could get swept away by praise and validation and play music to get more of those instead of playing because I love music. And you don't "come up" with an intrinsic motivation. If you do, it's NOT an intrinsic motivation. You just need to dig under all the crap in your mind and find that motivation that was totally obstructed by the externalities of your day to day life
  10. @Leo Gura Yeah, that's true. We have so many grains because without them we would not be able to feed the entire planet. It's not that natural for humans to eat grains (think corn for example) Although, oatmeal from what i've see is very, very healthy.
  11. @Jhonny Pick one thing. Work towards it. It may seem too straight forward but your mind will find the how-to with little problem once you hace the destination.
  12. I've been trying to figure out my top 10 values and when I describe the Art/Beauty value it sounds something like: I would be expressing myself through my art everyday (be it a business, a youtube channel or a music album, or anything else). The art that I create would make people cry, would inspire people (would make them appreciate life more), would motivate people (either to improve themselves, to take action towards what they want or to make a change in their lives for the better). The art that I would create would be a testament of my highest strengths. It would be like a force of nature. I would be surrounded by other artists like myself and we would maybe collaborate to create even bigger and better pieces of art, or just collaborate in order to spread the message that we want to spread. These artists would be both my friends and business partners and we would do and create great things together. I also have the Contribution/Impact value on my top 10 value list, but it would basically say maybe the same thing as the paragraph above. So, I see impact as being important for me, but what I wrote above under the Art/Beauty value would implicitly create a big impact if I pursue it. Should I drop the Contribution/Impact value and choose another one from the list or keep it (although I don't know how to describe it)?
  13. I don't want to become a skills generalist. Who is more fulfilled? The medical generalist or the brain surgeon? Some might argue that the generalist has less headaches, but generalists don't make as much of an impact on people's lives as a brain surgeon. Most people can agree on that. It would be great to create my own niche by combining different passions of mine and become the go-to expert there. I think that would be a much better course of action.
  14. Thanks for the input, @Wyatt! Yea, money is a high priority right now and in the near future. I'm not chasing it, but I'm soon gonna get out of college and I want to become completely independent from my parents ASAP. There are a lot of investments I want to make, and I can't ask my parents for money every time. It's also much more satisfying to pay for them with my own sweat and blood. That's why I want to get the ball rolling. I've studied enough. What I need right now is a proper direction to put my effort towards. The actionable steps to take are not a problem to figure out, but I can't decide what those are unless I have a destination set first.
  15. @Leo Gura Thanks. I'm gonna try and answer that. I also want to buy the life purpose course when I have the money.