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  1. @Haloman Bro, I love AMS too. But he is the epitome of Red Pill, and he pushes it to the extreme. That's why I use his advice WITH CAUTION. I don't delegate my reasoning to him. He explicitly says that by applying what he says you won't get a good relationship. Only a fuckbuddy rotation. He gives good advice on how to keep women that you are dating attracted but he is still very underdeveloped on certain lines of development. That's the trap with this work guys. Any idea can be transformed into a dogma. And a smooth talker can make you genuinely believe any idea, EVEN IF YOU ARE HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. If the guy pushes your emotional buttons in the right way, you will take what he says as the truth. You can watch AMS's discussion with Tripp Advice. That's what an unhealthy vs healthy pickup guy sounds like. More than that, AMS is two times the size of Tripp and claims to be Alpha all the time. Tripp never claims to be alpha, yet in the interview you can see that AMS shrinks to the size of a peanut around Tripp and is dominated by Tripp in every aspect (without Tripp even trying). That should tell you something about AMS.
  2. First and foremost, because they demonize women. "All women are sluts" is one of Red Pill's favorite slogans.
  3. Not sure if you're a troll or not. If you are, you're doing a good job. If you're not, may God have mercy on your soul.
  4. Not all perspectives are created equal. What you are doing is promoting a victim mentality. And that ain't helpful for anyone.
  5. I hope you have a video planned on this issue.
  6. Have you dated even once in your entire life? Lmao. @Leo Gura I think somebody needs to moderate these types of comments. They will stunt the growth of newbies here.
  7. Bro, you've got it backwards. A few key points you should understand: The content of the conversation is irrelevant. It's not what you say, but how you say it. You could talk about firefighters raping polar bears and if you make it funny, the convo will be interesting. You make a topic interesting by the way you talk about it. Every subject is interesting if it's talked about in the right way. You assume that girls lose attraction because you have a boring life. That's not the reason. You're just fucking up somewhere in the attraction phase. Either you're too needy, too available, give the girls too much validation etc. There can be a million reasons, but a boring life most likely isn't one. Things like meditating, reading books, doing personal development, are actually very attractive. Women are wired evolutionarily to be attracted to guys that are conscientious because that indicates a good chance of survival and reproduction. She should do 80% of the talking. Your job is to be like a detective that wants to find out her secrets. If you have that frame, you will ask high-quality questions. That will also increase her attraction because first, it makes you look mysterious and second, it makes her invest in the conversation. And if she's invested a lot, she most likely won't leave it at that. Just like when you invest years in a degree, you don't usually drop out in the last year because you've already invested so much time and effort into it. So, your underlying issue is actually self-sabotage and not understanding what girls are wired evolutionarily to be attracted to. The issue is not having a boring life. Heck, I just got out of college and I moved back in with my parents. I do the same things you do every day, except I am looking for a job in the 8h you are working at yours. With all of that, girls are still dying to fuck me, and they do. Because they see and feel that I'm on my purpose. They almost beg me for 1h of my time throughout the week because I'm not available. I work. And you do too. They see the drive and the passion and that makes them attracted because they see 'potential': "Maybe he's not there yet, but look at how powerful his ambition and vision is. I want to be along for the ride." Even if you work at McDonald's, girls will still fuck you hard if they see how powerful your ambition is to get out of that situation.
  8. You can do that for the sake of having experience with different girls, but honestly I don't think it's the right time for it. I think this phase is more properly suited just when you get your first job or have a stable income of sorts and don't have much else to worry about. When you are in highschool you are still setting your life foundation up, setting the proper life infrastructure for having success later in your 20's. The thing is that if you want to play with a lot of different partners they will suck almost your entire time. First dates, making them comfortable with you etc. If you have a fuckbuddy or a girlfriend on the other hand, your sexual needs are satisfied, the sex is even better and you don't waste that much time (because once they are comfortable with you and they trust you, it's easy sailing). Usually the first time you have sex with someone is the worst and it gets only better as you get more comfortable with each other, you both learn what the other likes and doesn't like etc. Hell, even two fuckbuddy's is much less time consuming (and more enjoyable imo) than hooking up or having one night stands with 10's of different girls. In the end, do whatever the hell you want. Just by you being on this forum I assume you are interested in personal development. Your highschool and college days are the best times to do that. After that, responsibilities are gonna come up and you may regret pissing away your precious time with one time hookups. Again, you don't have to act like an ascetic, but balance is the key word. I think it's best that you get either one fuckbuddy, multiple fuckbuddies or a girlfriend. Anything else will suck all of your time dry, thus making you suffer in the future imo. Good luck.
  9. You're watching waaaay too much. Watch a few videos, take notes, then create a list of actions steps on each vid. Don't watch more videos unless you completed those actions steps, otherwise all that you're doing is just mental masturbation. Your ratio of action taking vs. reading/watching/listening to info should be 10:1.
  10. @Paul92 You're way too much in your head. Firstly, you are saying no for her already. You don't know if it's gonna work out, but out of fear of rejection, you are assuming the worst and thus preventing any type of positive outcome. Secondly, by not having sex with her you are preventing a great experience for both of you, a good memory and not doing what you were put in this earth to do - that is, to penetrate the world with masculine energy and to give your gifts. Life force always wants to move, morph, penetrate and engulf. By keeping it static, you are slowly rotting away and doing the universe a diservice. Go close that deal. If not, she is gonna find an asshole to fill in that role. If the girl wants to be filled up, why should an asshole do it instead of you? Wake up!
  11. How is one able to function in day to day life with that paradigm in the forefront? Going to the gym, focusing on 'your' goals, doing affirmations, visualizations, working on a business, leading a team, developing products etc. I've heard in the 65 principles video that we shouldn't confuse our existential nature with the personality. As in, there is still value in finding info about it. It's hard to hold both ideas at the same time. I'm kinda confused. Do you have an answer for this?
  12. Taking the life purpose course. Honestly, it's the best investment you can make in this lifetime. Legit, for me it's worth more than 10.000 dollars, yet Leo gives it dirt cheap. But it won't work unless you do the work. There are hundreds of exercises and it can sometimes take more than a day to finish only one. It's a grueling process, but it's totally worth it.
  13. @Pernani Figure out you Life Purpose and then create a vision for that purpose. At this point, I can see my vision so clearly if almost feels like physical thing. I break down crying of joy and inspiration every time I think about it for a few minutes. It has become the guiding star of my life. The vision is primary. Any development that is involved towards a vision is secondary. Even if you make the best vehicle in the world, it's of no use if it just makes you go around in circles. You need a destination. Not to mention that having crippling daily self-doubts about what you should do with your life will get you depressed, confused, scatter-brained, unable to focus on one task, uninspired and unmotivated eventually. I know because I was personally there for more than three years. Once your LP and vision lock in, you can start to live a passionate life and be of service to the world. It doesn't pay to be depressed and full of doubts.
  14. @Paan Read the book Spent by Geoffrey Miller. He tells you all you need to know and what to do about this. You can also send him a thank you e-mail after. He responded to mine and also helped me with a specific problem I had. Note: Please don't just dismiss this reply and go on looking for other people's answers starting to weigh opinions, etc. That's a procastination trap that will keep you stuck. I know because I personally experience it at times. Take the book, read it, and then do the work it tells you to do. I can guarantee it's all you need. Good luck!