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  1. @NJF What I would do in your place is the following: I would find a really successful DJ and shadow him for a day or ask him a lot of questions about the life of a DJ and about my concerns. That way, I would know if it would fit with my strengths, values, goals, life circumstance etc. Another way is to make small bets (which is covered in the LP course) to see if you would really love to do music more than what you are doing as a pro athlete. Secondly, I wouldn't quit the job because it has way too much momentum and maybe your music skills aren't developed enough yet to be able to afford the leap. I would instead slowly find a way to transition from the current job to music with zero friction. But, if you want to make a drastic decision, do so at your own peril. In my experience, it almost never works out. Although, this especially applies to artists, because there is no way you are gonna put out quality music or content if you are gonna be worried about money and your family. @Michael569's advice is also solid.
  2. @FredFred Given that LP takes decades to actualize, keep in mind that if you are young you will have a tasting/testing phase. You don't really know what you will like until you try it and give it a fair shot. That might mean that you give, 1-2 years pursuing each of the three options. If you find out after 6 years that none are quite the perfect fit, time was not lost, because skills are very transferable between domains. And, remember that you need to figure your life purpose only once. So if it takes 20 years just to find it, it's ok because after that you can go full laser focus on it and you will be like a race care between bicycles, because you are 200% clear on your purpose while others are constantly doubting themselves and will probably just keep doing that. I'll give you a personal analogy. My LP vehicle is music. I gave a somewhat fair shot to philosophy for 3 years (I have an undergraduate degree), and then I saw that most academics live miserable lives. That made me 100% clear that I don't want to be a researcher, or an academic professor, or anything else similar. But I can integrate skills acquired through that degree (reading, writing, dissecting and connecting ideas, looking at things from different points of view, teaching, debating) into educating musicians, creating content for musicians, writing books, teaching, coaching and mentoring 1 on 1 and in groups, podcasting etc. I was also very passionate about life coaching and fitness. Through honest self-reflection, I eventually eliminated those too, because music goes much better with my values, natural strengths, goals, and background. I also don't want anything to do with math, agriculture, investing, finances etc, so those were also easily eliminated. Through this process of elimination and constant reassessment, you eventually remain with your LP. So, don't get discouraged, you are just early in the process. Confusion should be expected and embraced while you are going through this.
  3. I don't know if it's wise to open mega threads for every single video. They might drown out the new topics that posters need help with. If it goes on like this, the 1st page of every subforum will have only mega threads.
  4. @Enizeo I haven't been able to pass the assessment. Try your luck. You maybe have better English and grammar than me.
  5. @LessonsSavesLifes Most of the pickup community is toxic, even that of RSD. Just because the instructors can be green, it doesn't mean that the audience will reflect that. More than 95% of the pickup community is not that interested in personal development, but rather in getting pussy through short-term fixes.
  6. @Maximus Caption subtitles as a freelancer on rev.com
  7. @benny 1 day per week is fine with me.
  8. @Azote Alex Gray is a technical master and also a spiral wizard. Becoming a master in a technical skill and a leader at the same time is not at odds with each other. You can do both. I'm on my path to mastering music, but I'm also working on a project/business that is gonna guide musicians to create more conscious music that elevates human culture. I'm also gonna educate and help musicians grow as people because I often see that they have severe imbalances in their life from doing the all-in approach on their craft, and thus neglecting business, health, emotional mastery, people skills, mindfulness etc.
  9. Representing emotions through sound. Found it through a combination of self-awareness, values alignment, natural strengths and personality type.
  10. @daniel695 I think he's self-aware enough that he doesn't need the assessment to tell him. Plus, he studied the spiral dynamics model very extensively at this point.
  11. @LessonsSavesLifes Denton is one of the most conscious PUA's you will find out there, honestly. Actually, I think he is much more green than you may have seen at first glance. If you watch more of his videos, you're gonna sense the way he thinks about women now, and it's pretty refreshing imo. Definitely an industry disruptor together with Todd Valentine.
  12. @Sahil Pandit No. I just wanted to share the resource. @Rilles I wouldn't buy it unless I would have enough income to assume the risk of it not being valuable at all. I don't know if it's worth it. But it's made by a researcher who dedicated his life to Spiral Dynamics, so that should amount to something, I guess.
  13. The title is self-explanatory. Link: https://www.valuematch.net/en/en-shop/assessments