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  1. The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida or Letting Go by David R. Hawkings
  2. @Heaven If you want to learn entrepreneurship, university is one of the worst places for that. Why? Because the market and the economy is changing way too fast for universities to keep up. What you learn in one semester is most likely already 2 years outdated. But of course, the professors aren't gonna recognize that. Their jobs are at stake. It's way more cost effective to shadow a successful entrepreneur that works in the niche you want to study. Also, entrepreneurship is very hard to teach. Because to be a successful entrepreneur, you have go through uncharted territory, be creative and have a lot of grit. Only the field teaches you that. A quick way to assess if you have entrepreneurial blood in you is this: If you can't spend more than 1 or 2 months working for somebody without wanting to claw your leg off and do your own thing, you are most likely cut to be an entrepreneur.
  3. @Parki Buy the program Fearless by RSD Max. Thank me later.
  4. Also, apply the limiting beliefs exercise from the last module of the course to your own comments. I think you're gonna get lots of value out of that.
  5. In this life I think you should put yourself into a position of complete autonomy. Some sacrifices may be needed indeed, but they should be conscious ones to which there are alternatives. This way your autonomy isn't affected. You can sanction some of your work for mundane survival if that's the conscious decision you need to take right now, but I think you should strive to find a way out of that situation asap, because otherwise you are imposing limits on your life purpose. And to fulfill it fully, you need to have control of the whole plane, not merely 70% of the steering wheel. That's my way of thinking though. And if your purpose doesn't satisfy you anymore, it's a sign to either morph it in some way or do some deeper soul searching you have been avoiding. And only you can do that. All we can do is to give you kicks in the but and keep you accountable for it, but the work you have to do yourself. You also know your field a lot better than us here. That's a sign to take ownership of the situation and do your research. If the first step is this question to see if something bites on this forum, it's good, but not enough. But, you can find your own unique niche if you combine things that are special to you. Because it is not easily replicable and you won't worry about competition. Even if there were competitors, if they reflect your greatest passion, impact and mission that you have, no competitor will be able to keep up with you, because you are gonna be 10 steps ahead. Last recommendation would be to take the life purpose course again. If you haven't done it already, buy it. If you finished the LP course and hadn't gotten a clear sense of what you need to do, you either took the course and exercises superficially OR you need to take it as many times as needed until you have full clarity. Get a journal and get to work. Good luck.
  6. @NoSelfSelf @SFRL What did you love most about those?
  7. @Shin Love how you're thinking. Here are a few I really recommend: Don't let the title confuse you. It's not a biased documentary. It's very engaging and it will give you plenty of aha moments. 9/10 from me. Must watch. Basically, it's about how eating less meat is gonna help us save the planet and help us live in a more conscious way. It offers lots of alternatives, especially to those who say they need protein for bodybuilding (this guy is a former fitness youtuber). This guy is also working on another documentary on The Transition to Sustainable Energy. He is 11 months in the process and it's gonna be released pretty soon. The documentaries from London Real are also very good. I especially like the ones with Ido Portal and Dorian Yates The Samadhi Movie: Part I and II Wild WIld County - about Osho's commune, although I assume you saw it already Not really documentary type, but I recommend Joe Rogan's Specials on Netflix. Joe Rogan is one of the very few to incorporate real knowledge/food for thought into his work and not merely superficial entertainment fo laughs and giggles. George Carlin fits this description too. A lot of stage yellow thinking to be found here. Pumping Iron - About bodybuilding, with Arnold Schwarzenegger being the case study The series Everest , which Leo also recommended. A short film which gives you kind of a preview/overview of what pickup is about. Most of these I would rewatch at least 1-2 times throughout my life. Hope you like them.
  8. Isn't it harder for you to operate in your day to day life in that mode? I imagine it's harder to read a book when consciousness is morphing around you all the time. I no longer see stuff around me as physical and this change of paradigm starts to alter reality itself for me. It stars to become more fluid and I did not know this was how other people felt too. How do you maintain the day to day operations when everything becomes less solid? People who work with heavy machines in factories I figure should see things as physical, otherwise you maybe cut a finger off eventually. Am I making the assumption that this paradigm and mode of operation makes you less instead of more stable?
  9. @ajasatya I understand. So how would you go about it in my case?
  10. Ok, so I feel a little destabilized. Maybe you can help me resolve the confusion somehow. So let's say you work as a cashier at a supermarket and you have all these metaphysical concepts in your head (that Leo keeps talking about), like god is nothingness and all that. You go to work and the mind keeps repeating: This product doesn't actually exist etc. Sometimes maybe the ego gets into a fearful state and you need to take a pause because the mind needs some cooling. Is the problem here too much inquiry/contemplation and too little meditation? Leo said somewhere that most people need a few years of meditation before they are able to do even 5 minutes of inquiry, because their mind is so rampant. I am 21,tried to cut back the inquiry/contemplation to focus on mindfulness meditation and emotional mastery as I have frequent anxiety attacks, but as I'm working from home all day, my mind naturally tends to go towards existential questioning, which most of the time freaks the ego out and can't focus on work. What should one do in this case? Is avoiding spirituality for a while but keeping a meditation practice the way to go for a while until the mind becomes more equanimous? Or am I just resisting feelings too much? Or am I not going out enough and just lost in the mind all day, losing touch with what is actually in front of me? I calm down a whole lot when I hang out with people or when I have a dog nearby that reminds me that I take things way too seriously, or when I workout at the gym and not think about nonduality for a while. As a personal assessement of my case in the spiral dynamics, I suppose I'm halfway into Green but needing to focus a lot on Orange as there is not nearly enough integration done there. I was much more loving, calm, easygoing, at peace with life and generally flowing, not taking any problem too seriously and comfortable with confusion before having all these spiritual concepts in the mind. Even my meditation was much more powerful before having a lot of nondual concepts making the mind restless. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. @molosku Great input. Well, if one has 10 hobbies for example it's very hard to turn that into a life purpose. Balancing broadness with depth is indeed a very tricky balance to make and it can take years or even decades to resolve the confusion.
  12. This question really fascinates me and I've been trying to find an answer to it for quite a while. How do you distinguish a person that is genuinely passionate about multiple domains of life and for whom combining skills would be the right thing to do, from somebody that is just confused or that hasn't tasted enough things to find his/her real domain of mastery? I really see polymaths as being stigmatized in our modern society. From my perspective, they are seen as people that can't commit to one thing, as jack of all trades and master of none. And most successful people say that you have to pick one thing because Leonardo da Vinci was one in 10 million people. But what if a real polymath hears that? He may doubt himself and stick to one thing because he doesn't believe he can be a polymath like Leonardo, because the odds are against that, even if his/her heart tells him or her that. I have friends who have college degrees in multiple different domains and they have to leave things out of their CV out of fear of being seen as a person that can't commit. But these people are just passionate about everything in existence. They just have a trouble of finding a middle path and make the domains they study somehow work together. And I see that it's pretty hard for them to find a job. Not only because they are not committed to one thing, but because the job pulls them in a direction that is different from all their other equally fulfilling passions. And that's why they often can't fulfill their full potential until they go do their own thing - until they find some sort of way to combine all their passions. In addition, I remember Sadhguru saying something like "How can you not be passionate about everything in existence? It's a limitless possibility. If you are not passionate about everything in existence, you are a constipated life. That's what you are." What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you agree that you have to master one thing even if you feel you are a polymath? Or how do you think one can figure if he or she is a real polymath?
  13. @okulele My pleasure. I have no interest in keeping them for myself. I hope other people will use them to grow.
  14. @George Fil If you watch enough Sadhguru videos, you will start to see from his stories how he went through every stage. It will become really obvious.