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  1. This exercise is about how meaning is generated and I am sure that many of you already have done it. Become right now conscious of this word: GOAT Where is the meaning of the word "GOAT" located? Is it in the Word? Or where is it? Try to become conscious that in actuality there is no meaning in the word Goat. GOAT Now look at the word below, which also means goat in belarusian. Notice that it actually means nothing. казёл Notice that as you read this sentence that there is meaning. Where is the meaning of these words? Is it in the words? Notice that these two words are actually literally the same being: GOAT - казёл Where is the meaning?
  2. As soon as you distinguish between Actuality and Concept your gone be liberated in many ways. Just start to see that any concept about reality, whatever it is, is not what is actual there. You might wanna check out Leo's Episode on this "What is Actuality? - Distinguish Dirrect Experience vs Concept. That's gonna make a huuuuuuuge difference
  3. Watch the video in this thread. Then your Question may be answered
  4. @Inliytened1 Alright alright thanks! Mahasamadhi = Formlessness stops making distinctions within itself = Absolute POV = Includes all relative POV's Would you agree on this conceptual understanding?
  5. @Inliytened1 Alright alright thanks^^. Mahasamadhi however is a different matter then? As if Nothingness stopped imagined infinity there would literally be Nothing left. (other than formlessness) In contrast to Mahasamadhi however, we would still be left if anyone goes into mahasamadhi, so it would be false to say that Infinity ends at the point of mahasamadhi. Thanks for being so patient
  6. Why it's not making any sense to me is that I would not say that there is My mind or your mind but just Nothingness aka Self which is imagening all things. (Which is as you said our shared reality) And if everything truly would end there wouldn't be anything left at all other than this Nothingess which stopped imagening infinty/everything, or not?
  7. By Infinity I mean all the infinite number of forms that Nothingness is imagening. (Formed side of Nothingess = Infinity , in my understanding) What I was asking was whether you think that infinite imagination will end when you merge into Nothingness/Mahasamadhi. As I see what many people is confusing here on the forum, me aswell, is how there can be anything left after the first person going into mahasamadhi, as Leo says "Everything ends" . So I don't get why there are any forms left when truly everything would end ? Hope that makes sense
  8. Do you say that infinty ends and only the formlessness remains after Mahasamadhi? Or do you say that only one of the infinite bubbles (POV's) withing the formless bursts and becomes the formless?
  9. It's not improper to it's just that suffering is the natural consequence of not being in your true nature. Suffering is mostly caused just by thoughts, so just start by looking at them from another place. Learn to observe them without judging them
  10. @Farnaby There is actually no duality between Awareness and its apparent objects. The observer is observed / the witness is the witnessed. There is nothing seperate away from a thought witnessing the thought. The thought is Awareness itself.
  11. Person= appearance in consciousness , as everything else that appears to be. But how do we still remain here when everything really ends when somebody goes into mahasamadhi? The Imagination kinda remains ?
  12. If the universe really ends then, shouldn't then the first person doing it be the last one aswell? I mean how otherwise? I'm actually really interested in understanding why you often make this point @Leo Gura
  13. I've done further research on the topic how yogis for example can have direct consciousness how it is to be an orchid, an atom etc. One could make this distinction between experiencing what we call "the visual appearance of an orchid" and “being the orchid itself" although that doesn't make one more direct than another. Read the book "Samadhi - by Santata Gamana" if you are interested in how yogis can experience what it's like to be an orchid etc. However, not sure if Peter means this when he says "as itself" in his teachings. @Leo Gura @Dodo
  14. Beautifully explained, thanks!