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  1. This is so interesting. Do you think you experience those states of no-mind more often when abstaining because of the prana build-up? Something to do with the system being loaded with pranic energy and so it rises to the higher chakras associated with mystical experiences? When you say your mind is so empty all the time, does this mean you are basically in a deep flow with life with little interruption from your human mind?
  2. Nah, there's nothing intrinsically negative about porn use. It's how you use it, which is going to vary for everyone. I've watched porn for a long time and noticed zero negative effects stemming from porn use. I just don't find it addicting for me personally. It's almost difficult for me to understand how people become addicted to porn. Doesn't your dick have enough at one point and just want to go and do something else? Lmao
  3. I am pretty sure that undiagnosed post orgasm illness syndrome (POIS) is rampant amongst the semen retention communities. And so the ideology justifies a lot of their experiences i.e., they feel 'depleted' or 'anxious' following ejaculation. And so naturally, when they abstain from something that is triggering severe symptoms, they feel better (without realizing they have a chronic health condition). Source: I had POIS, and it is now in remission.
  4. I think you have a massive confirmation bias going on here. You've obviously met a lot of people who have had negative experiences with weed, which certainly does happen. The fact of the matter is, is that there are so many cases of people who have had incredibly positive experiences with weed. Many people do not become addicted to it and can safely use it in a responsible way even over a long-term period. This is just a fact. If you don't acknowledge this, you are incredibly naïve on the topic. That's all it really boils down to. I've had lots of incredible experiences with it, and also shitty experiences. I've met people who have had amazing times, I've met people who just became anxious on it. I've spoken to people who use it occasionally and have their life together. I've spoken to people who are clearly addicted, and probably don't have their life together. When you say "bad", that's just not the full entire story. You are entitled to your opinion though
  5. No it's not because the majority of people on this forum are going to be more open-minded, progressive, and loose when it comes to this topic. You are basically asking a bunch of hippies if weed is good for you. Of course you are going to get responses that are pro-weed. That does not reflect the majority opinion of the entire population.
  6. Yup there is no doubt weed is not for everyone. It can exacerbate issues. It can cause psychosis and all sorts of mental breaks. I personally believe the THC to CBD ratio has an enormous effect on this though. Much of the weed nowadays has been bred in such a way that the THC is way too high (the high from weed) while the CBD is too low (the relaxation effects). I've spoken to older generations and they say that the weed they had back in their day was nothing like it is today. It was much more mellow.
  7. If that were true then wouldn't it be legalized? I would say that the majority of people still believe smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are safer than smoking weed, hence why weed is still illegal in most countries while alcohol and cigarettes are perfectly ok. I think what you mean is that many people pushing for legalization / pro-weed can sometimes be a bit flippant on the potential risks. This is true, but we've got some making up to do to balance out the enormous negative stigma
  8. I agree with you that many people are probably a bit uninformed and flippant about the potential risks with weed, especially for certain individuals. But keep in mind, the general societal stigma and viewpoint of weed for a long time has been that it is extremely dangerous and therefore illegal, hence why it is still illegal under so many governments. In some sense, what you are pushing right now with this thread, has already been pushed to death by governments for decades. Danger isn't the full story though, so it is understandable why a lot of people are pushing for legalization i.e., it has had a positive effect on so many people, many people are able to tolerate / use it without becoming addicted / it's a net benefit for many. A better approach would be to inform people of potential dangers while at the same time informing them of possible benefits. Both are very real, and will vary depending upon the individual, their circumstances, mental health, genetics, etc. What would you consider occasional use though? I think it's gonna vary from person to person. There was a time period in my life when I was smoking at least once or twice a week for probably a year. Always with my buddies. Sometimes would miss a week. One of the best years of my life to date (obviously wasn't just the weed, other factors too which made it an awesome year of my life). It's true that for some people, something like this could spiral into an addiction. For me, that wasn't the case at all. I haven't smoked in years.
  9. Don't you realize that everyone is different? It's not up to you to decide whether people should or shouldn't smoke marijuana. Lmao I have had some of the most incredible experiences on weed. Weed is what opened my mind to spirituality. It basically activated my intuition. No one here would argue that there aren't any dangers with its use. It's about mitigating risk through awareness, common sense, and ideally buds with a more balanced THC to CBD ratio. Most issues happen through 1) the THC is too high in the buds 2) you've smoked too much
  10. Yup, I fucked my lower back in the gym doing a box squat when I was around 16. Was fucked for a solid year and a half. Had to do Iyengar yoga for a year to fix it. Now I barely feel anything, but occasionally it gets provoked. The lesson of "treat my physical body with respect" was seared into my being. Lmao
  11. These two sound kind of contradictory to me. If you felt like your orgasms were insatiable, then wouldn't it be easy to ejaculate every day?
  12. Again, this has nothing to do with the thread topic. You're lost my friend
  13. What are you even talking about? This thread has nothing to do with porn addiction.
  14. Exciting update to my condition!! This has been a very long ass journey.... I have identified that my POIS is most likely autoimmune. (POIS is very complex, there appears to be different types, and because it's considered rare there isn't much research into it, so there are varying opinions on what causes it like heavy metals, autoimmunity, leaky gut, allergy, etc.) I did an elimination diet over the course of 5 days, and my POIS symptoms were dramatically reduced, probably to about 95% reduction. Just some moderate fatigue and mugginess the following day which went away after a meal or two. I didn't even need to take the raw garlic or fenugreek. This is a major milestone for me, as I am fairly certain now that the root cause of my condition is a leaky gut, triggering the autoimmunity. The plan now is to identify which foods are triggering me (most obvious one are grains) through another elimination protocol, then to eliminate them indefinitely while I seal the gut. The elimination diet I went on was grass-fed grass-finished beef, beef organs, fruit and honey, raw goat milk, and pasture-raised eggs which alleviated 95% of my POIS naturally (without the use of fenugreek or garlic). My next elimination protocol will begin with the same, but excluding dairy and eggs, while adding lectin-free vegetables from Dr. Gundry's plant paradox program. Thank the fucking lord. What a motherfucking journey it has been. This all started in 2017-2018... I could write a thick book about it all. I'm going to create a video on it soon lol There are so many undiagnosed POIS'ers in these online abstinence communities, particularly the semen retention ones. It's mind boggling. I was apart of all of that. I am grateful that I've always been relatively open-minded which allowed me to entertain the idea that perhaps I have a medical issue. Lmao
  15. Yeah it certainly provides a strong motivation to do energy and tantric practices where you otherwise probably wouldn't have explored if you didn't have this condition. Learning non-ejaculatory orgasms is particularly important for cases like ours, but it is definitely ideal you find a natural solution for your symptoms (at least to alleviate them a little bit!) in circumstances where you inevitably slip up