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  1. I used to get tinnitus as part of my food sensitivities, which are linked to my POIS. I've managed to fix it for the most part by improving my methylation: B complex + SAM-e. Eggs for choline and other important micronutrients.
  2. You would qualify for POIS based on what I'm reading here. Here's an interesting question: are the mood disturbances following ejaculation similar in nature to those that follow exercise? If they are, then I wouldn't rule out that this exercise intolerance isn't related to POIS. And if that's the case, it wouldn't hurt to experiment with some of the classic POIS treatments and see if they work for you - I know you obviously have many other avenues to explore as well, maybe it is completely unrelated. But as for any weird chronic disease, it's really just a matter of relentlessly testing everything and picking up the clues along the way.
  3. Just going to throw this in here, but many people with POIS have additional intolerances tied into the condition, which include both exercise and food intolerances. I think POIS is caused by some kind of infection and I have a feeling your condition may share a similar pathology. I've personally had the most success in treating this condition with methylation nutrients and replenishing any other nutrient deficiencies. You could try SAM-e, B vitamins (especially the most important methyl donors being B12, folate, & B6), choline, eggs, red meat, etc and see if you feel better. Minerals are also very important for the smooth operation of methylation. I take Shilajit & magnesium which have further improved my condition. Your symptoms are also very typical to that of what POIS sufferers experience - and long-covid, which I believe all share the same pathology... fatigue and mental symptoms - anxiety, etc. Not saying you have POIS, but the pathology may be similar. If you decide to try this, please let me know how you go!
  4. I've recently discovered a new method for fixing my POIS that simultaneously alleviates my food sensitivities. For context, my food sensitivities are directly tied to my POIS condition. In addition to severe fatigue, brainfog, and anxiety from ejaculation, I would also experience anxiety and brain fog from plant foods, gluten being the worst. The method & theory is outlined here (POIS Cascade Stack): https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?topic=2502.0 Nanna1 has a strong scientific background where he goes into a lot of detail in discussing what he believes is behind POIS and a corresponding supplement stack that should theoretically fix the issue. Nanna1 also shares his Immune Competence Therapy which is supposed to cure POIS. Essentially it's a supplement regime that stimulates the immune system to begin working through its issues one-by-one. From my non-scientific understanding of his theory, POIS is a combination of a latent viral and a dysfunctional immune response. The difference between this method (Nanna1's initial method, which he calls his POIS Cascade Stack) and his Immune Competence Therapy is that when you go off the POIS Cascade Stack, symptoms return. This has also been the case in my direct experience. It doesn't cure the problem, just fixes the symptoms while you take those specific supplements. The immune competence therapy should in theory cure the problem, where you eventually will not need to take any supplements. While on Nanna1's POIS Cascade Stack, I have achieved a remarkable level of remission regarding both my POIS symptoms AND food sensitivities. I can eat a normal diet while being the most POIS-free I have ever experienced. There have been some instances where slight POIS symptoms have slipped through. One time I released 3 times in one night and did notice mild symptoms the following day. There was also a period when I stopped supplementing Omega-3 (an important supplement in the POIS Cascade Stack) and began noticing increased sensitivity to foods and symptoms in general. This is something I am still investigating. All in all, this method is an enormous breakthrough. I wouldn't share this if the results were not significant. I have tested this for over a month. The results so far appear to be better than my old POIS solution (animal-based diet, raw garlic, fenugreek, B complex, eggs, & red meat) but it's still a bit early to tell. Let me reiterate a few POIS truths: 1. POIS is most likely NOT autoimmune. But does involve a dysfunctional immune response and viral element, at least for this type. This means that you can most likely cure it. 2. Significant symptoms following ejaculation is NOT normal or healthy. This is classic post-orgasm-illness-syndrome (POIS). 3. This decade's recent semen retention wave, comprised of thousands of men in the semen retention community (reddit) and even many "nofap" types, is most likely a reaction to negative symptoms stemming from undiagnosed post-orgasm illness syndrome (POIS).
  5. Great to hear you've found something that has helped you. You should post your results on the POIS subreddit r/POIS or at POISCenter.com as that is where the majority of POIS sufferers hang out. Eggs are also a food that is popular amongst POIS sufferers for improving their POIS, most likely due to the choline: https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?topic=2192.0 Btw you mistyped POIS in the title. Important for when people use the search function.
  6. If people drink in a way that doesn't disturb others, then why does it concern you? I don't want to live with people who impose their beliefs on others. This is coming from someone who doesn't drink.
  7. Leo thinks it's ridiculous because clearly he does not experience any benefits from semen retention in his direct experience. These semen retention guys love to assume that anyone who claims zero benefit from the practice of semen retention is either deluded or too weak to find out. Perhaps we all just have different physiology? Also, at what level of symptoms following ejaculation does that categorise one for a medical condition (POIS)? And what level of symptoms following ejaculation is considered 'normal' for a percentage of men? How many men in general experience day-lasting symptoms i.e., 'depletion' from ejaculation? Are men who experience day-lasting depletion from ejaculation in the minority? Am I biased to interpret many semen retention cases as POIS cases? Could all 3 realities be true? 1) a percentage of men experience severe symptoms following ejaculation & therefore are POIS cases. May or may not be aware of their medical condition 2) a percentage of men experience mild symptoms following ejaculation & therefore benefit from semen retention - there symptoms are not severe enough for them to see it as medical though 3) a percentage of men experience zero symptoms following ejaculation. Semen retention not necessary at all, and actually looks ridiculous from their POV given that they do not experience any depletive effects
  8. Ali Abdaal has some good YouTube advice. Would totally recommend you watch some of his videos on the topic. One of the concepts he talks about is finding your "unfair advantages". You basically find your strengths and capitalise on the things that give you an advantage over other people.
  9. If it works for you, then keep doin what your doin! I don't really buy it for others tho. The only thing I have noticed is that arousal levels do seem to affect the intensity of POIS symptoms & the subsequent ejaculation amount. I have heard this a few times in the POIS community as well. I had some pretty awesome sex the other day and wouldn't call it unconscious or toxic at all. I still got 5% POIS symptoms (in other words, my condition was still triggered).
  10. Hmmm. I've really enjoyed creating these videos so far. I don't like the tediousness of editing though haha. I've tried writing in the past and didn't find it as enjoyable, but who knows. I plan on creating content past the topic of POIS. This is just what I am starting with given that it's been so relevant to me over the past 6 years. Writing would help with articulation, ideation, etc. Maybe I will. I know Dan Koe is big on writing in his initial ideation stages.
  11. I have redone the following video as the last one was missing a lot of important nuances & details. This is a more up-to-date version of the issue in guys getting caught up in the semen retention ideology without realizing they have a medical issue. I talk about my 4 year experience of going through this.
  12. I forgot to mention the place where I came from. I was neurotic to the bone. Extremely noisy mind socially. Anxious and panicky. Thoughts were constantly racing. Totally absorbed inside the stream of endless negative thoughts and self-obsession insecurity. I had an undiagnosed medical condition at the time, so probably different from your situation. But once I healed the medical condition and subsequently the bad brain chemistry, I had to fix a lot of the social blockages I had from undergoing such a dark low period of my life. From there I did a large range of techniques and the ones mentioned above were the most successful and effective ones. Now I am back to my former extroverted self, especially around work mates, family, school mates, etc. Still working on building up my self-confidence around women through cold-approach, but this foundation has definitely made that progress a lot quicker too.
  13. A few recommendations: - Practice letting go through the Sedona method. Learn to feel your emotions and then let them go. Practice outside of social situations & find moments to practice inside of them. - Radical honesty with others could be powerful. Therapy, or talking to close friends & family about what you are experiencing. - Kriya Yoga can certainly help clear blockages - did for me. - Cold approaching strangers / women - Combine with psychedelics, contemplation, self-honesty, and feeling. - Make sure you are healthy & don't have any brain chemistry issues - this is how a lot of social anxiety can manifest. No technique will fix a physiological problem, you need to approach that from a medical route. Diet, etc. In my experience, it was the combination of a few different tools that helped release social blockages. I found affirmations to be useless. For me it felt like I was trying to shove down another story rather than address the truth of why I feel the way I do. Everyone is different tho - do what you resonate with.
  14. Hey dude, I'm 22 and I've struggled with POIS for about 6 years. I've managed to reverse a lot of my symptoms, but I am still chipping away at a lot of the unique ways it has fucked up my life. I need to adhere to a very strict diet to basically be normal. Here are some of the things I've learnt along the way off the top of my head: - The importance of taking ownership over your health & life - it's the only way things will improve. Recommend: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink. - Paradoxically realizing & accepting you only have so much control. Do what you absolutely can to improve, but don't get unnecessarily stressed at trying to fix things - Radical honesty with others - opening up to your parents, friends, etc about your condition & struggles will take a lot of the stress off your back. It will also help those around you to understand your circumstances - Mentor yourself through the rough times - become your own best friend - Embrace your authentic self fully, both your highs (your strengths/gifts) & the lows (your condition) - integrate both of these into your life purpose & character. I'm still discovering my life purpose, but one thing I am doing as a small bet is to create videos talking about my condition & the journey it has taken me on - so far I am thoroughly enjoying it - Another thing you could perhaps look into is autobiographies of interesting & successful people who've had to endure a lot of hardship, mental/physical health issues, etc. I always find these very liberating to read, especially the weird types lol I am also in a phase of my life where I am also exploring cold approach & meeting new women. One of my challenges is food restrictions - I wish I could enjoy a coffee or some Vietnamese food without worrying about how it's going to affect my mood and anhedonia. I am still learning what foods I can get away with. I recorded a detailed 1.2hr video of my 6-year journey with POIS on my YouTube channel. You might find it relatable or comfortable in certain aspects of dealing with a chronic health condition. I share a lot of my insights there. Good luck brother and my DMs are always open
  15. Lots of different POIS clusters & therefore different solutions. Lots to try here: https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?topic=2338.msg19448#msg19448 My solution relieves my POIS but it sucks having such low variety in my diet. Once I make some more money, I will be trying to reverse my food sensitivites.