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  1. I am currently half way through a computer science degree. I plan on becoming a software developer, while I work towards my ultimate life purpose something to do with personal development, wisdom, health, consciousness, through the medium of some kind of online biz.
  2. Currently devouring all of Dan Koe's content. Really resonating with him. I only just discovered him about a week ago. I am basically going to combine his strategies/philosophies with Leo's life purpose course.
  3. I tried absolutely everything. That’s how you solve a problem. Throw everything at it. For context, I have POIS. It started when I was 17 — I am now 22. It took me a long time to even connect my chronic severe symptoms with releasing, maybe 1-2 years. Think severe anxiety, fatigue, and brainfog for 3 days every time you ejaculated. Except, my body was basically in a permanent state of it as I didn’t realize how inflamed my body was becoming from every ejaculation. I had a girlfriend at the time, so I was fucking her basically every day or a couple times a week. I couldn’t even hear the peace in the room my symptoms were so severe. This completely destroyed my social self-confidence. In that state you simply cannot access any normal levels of social confidence when your brain chemistry is so fucked up — I was anxious & paranoid just being around my friends that I’ve known for over 10 years! Until I did a 10 day abstinence challenge. Couldn’t believe it. That’s when I realised how much better I felt when I abstained. It then took a further 2 years at least to realize I had a medical condition because I was brainwashed into all of the semen retention ideology. Many guys get stuck here. After discovering the r/POIS subreddit I realised it was a medical condition. So I tried everything. Long story short, going gluten-free, raw garlic, fenugreek, a B complex with choline, eggs & red meat keep my symptoms completely at bay. I can release & by the next day I am mostly back to normal. My medical solution did not really fix my social confidence though. It definitely improved it but I had to do a lot of further work. My concentration was also non-existent from the chronic inflammation. So I did 10 day Vipassana retreats, lots of feeling meditations, a decent stint of Kriya Yoga where I experienced significant energetic releases, lots of sedona method, and now doing cold-approach. The cold-approach is the cherry on top of good foundations I’ve re-built. I tried a lot of other shit that didn’t really do a whole lot, these include affirmations, all sorts of new agey techniques/sessions, probably a lot of shit that I can’t even remember. One of my main goals for the next few years is to master cold-approach. I am moving to the city in about a months time
  4. @Migue Lonas we have very similar visions. Perhaps we will cross paths one day. @Ulax keep at it brother (the inner work). I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that accessing your authentic self is very difficult when you’re weighed down by heavy neuroticism & trauma. I had to fix my severe health issues before I was able to access my authentic dreams. That’s been a 5-6 year long journey & I am 22. I did everything under the sun to fix myself & am happy to say my current state is almost unbelievable compared to how I was 4 years ago.
  5. Probably none. Maybe a few. You don’t need to disclose that. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. When you go out at night do you inform all the girls you meet that you’re here to dance like a monkey & get laid? Lol All the girls who wear makeup. Do they constantly inform everyone they’re doing it to make themselves feel better & look more attractive? That they’re spending 30-90 minutes a day doing something so manipulative. You don’t even need to be informed of that, it’s just a truth. Does that turn you off? Also, at some point you just do it naturally throughout your day. While you’re on a work break or at the shops. You only need to do daygame cold-approach in a serious manner for 3 months or so. After that it should ideally become a lot more natural. The time it takes for it to become natural is obviously going to vary, but yeah. I’m baffled that you have such a problem with daygame but you have no issues with nightgame. At the end of the day, you’re basically rejecting daygame based on a lower percentage of women being available/interested in your approaches & a higher likelihood you’ll approach girls who will be a bit more annoyed. While I think that is accurate you’re still missing a shitload of opportunities, both sex/relationship wise but also just life & social experiences. As long as you aren’t a dick & you’re calibrated enough to leave when she clearly doesn’t want you to be there, I don’t really understand the issue. Anyway each to their own.
  6. I agree with @Optimized Life When you day game, my frame is “im a healthy male who simply goes up to attractive ladies and says hello, and see where it goes”. There’s nothing weird about that. Also, you are only going up to the ones you find genuinely attractive. You might only approach 4 chicks on one given day. That doesn’t really come off as spammy to me. A logical fact that a man does cold approach is not going to deter girls. They are attracted to charisma and other attractive qualities that will most certainly rationalise away any problems they have surrounding “a man doing cold approach”. Also men are attracted to multiple women. There’s nothing weird about pursuing multiple women aka daygame coldapproach. Just for the record, I’ve approached many sets throughout the day where she’s openly told me I’ve made her day. She lit up when I approached her & told her she was cute. Yeah, you also get ones who aren’t interested or don’t care. That’s par for the course tho. There would be chicks in nightclubs who get approached but have boyfriends or aren’t interested etc. Par for the course brah
  7. @Ulax @StarStruck I was on a train once with my group of mates and we almost got stabbed. It shook us pretty deep. This happened at the beginning of our night. Once we got to some venues we did some cold approach and it was amazing how much safer we felt compared to almost being stabbed hahaha. Felt like an enormous relief to be in a safe place.
  8. @Optimized Life You need to find the right balance with things. You gotta know when to have a break & just go back & lick your wounds as Leo says in his video. Maybe you need to work on some basic social foundations before going out & doing something a bit more intense like cold approach. Also working on general foundations of life (a life purpose, job you enjoy, having good mates) this helps to kind of be the medicine for your wounds while you’re resting. You need to find other sources of love in your life that you can go back to, in other words. It’s a lot easier to shake of negative experiences when you have a good group of mates or a job you love.
  9. I think it depends on your personality. Ideally you do both. I did a solid amount of daygame for 4 weeks and honestly grew a mega tonne in that short period of time. I probably prefer daygame because I feel freshest during the day and tend to get tired towards the night. The reason I haven’t continued is because I wanted to work on my health and I live 1.5 hours away from the city. I am about to move there in a months time. Daygame can definitely grow you. There’s nothing easy about approaching the fittest girls so directly on the streets. I find the girls will generally be more polite. Girls are a lot more savage at nighttime when they’re drunk & they’re with all their friends. I’ve done a small amount of nightgame & it can be pretty brutal. But those tough nights are what grow you the most. Ideally you do both imo. That’s what I plan on doing once I move closer to the city.
  10. You can actually improve your game sober. Harder to do when you’re always drunk, in fact I don’t think you really learn anything when you’re drunk. You aren’t really taking in any lessons.
  11. You're human, you're going to feel like shit after a rejection. Just feel it & it will eventually move on. Over time you will desensitize to it.
  12. I want to share an update as I know many others struggle from POIS & do not realize it's something that is actually fixable, or at the very least can be improved symptom wise. My symptoms at their worst used to be chronic fatigue, anxiety, brainfog, irritability, and body aches for 3 days for each ejaculation (this was over 1.5-2 years ago now, and had been going on since 2017). My symptoms have significantly improved since then. Now I only experience a bit of murkiness, body aches, and mood disturbances for an hour or two (if I release in the morning, it generally fucks up my day - better to sleep it out as you'll read about down below). This honestly allows me to release whenever I want really, while being able to continue thriving. Recently, I just discovered the power of red meat & eggs for my POIS recovery. That has enabled me to recover from my POIS episodes significantly faster than when I don't eat red meat & eggs. Here is my up-to-date protocol for my POIS: Gluten-Free & Just Eat Real Food (JERF) - Gluten/wheat-free is 100% essential. Focus on the quality and variety of real foods. Meat, eggs, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, raw dairy, etc. Intuitive eating Fenugreek "Nature's Own dry seed extract pill 1000mg" - take 30-50 min before and immediately after. I basically take this everyday, sometimes twice Fresh raw minced garlic - let it sit for 5-10 min before consuming, take 30-50 min before and immediately after. Garlic should be nice and wet when minced, if not it's probably old and dry, discard and get fresh garlic. I also basically take this everyday, sometimes twice 200g+ red meat & 2-4 eggs, ideally 1-2 servings throughout the day - nutritional powerhouses, important for energy, libido & recovery from POIS. They seem to have a significant synergistic effect for improving my POIS recovery. Ideally eat on their own or with some fruit, as phytic acid from grains may chelate important nutrients. Have frequently, especially around release, alongside a nutritious wholefoods gluten-free diet Vitamin B Complex "Nature's Own Ultra B 150 Forte" - amazing for the mind. POIS seems to drain my B vitamins, and this brand/complex work perfectly for me, most likely because of the choline. I've tested other brands, even more active complexes and they don't work as well as this one personally. This had an absolutely potent effect on me when I first began taking it, but now I believe my body is more replete with these nutrients and therefore I dont feel like I need it as often. Maybe every 2nd day or so Ideally release at night-time to get a good nights rest while body recovers from POIS - everytime I release in the morning, I find it generally fucks up my day. Better to do it at night, and wake up to a big day of eating right & recovery. My POIS journal for anyone wanting to read or learn more about my POIS experiments & journey: https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?topic=3964.msg42080#msg42080 I will most likely combine this with a moderated version of semen retention and non-ejaculatory orgasms at some point. Non-ejaculatory orgasms are definitely legit and worthwhile for everyone to explore, especially men with POIS. Tho, you should do your best to optimise any condition you have.
  13. Red meat & eggs give me insane levels of libido & energy. Listen to your body & see what it wants/likes.
  14. Go and rent out a cheap hut in the woods for a week. Bring only what is necessary. Contemplate by yourself. Maybe bring some mushrooms.
  15. I am in a similar boat. My strengths lie in coding & tech, and I even get into deep flow states while coding. Currently half way through a computer science degree (and I absolutely intend on finishing it). But it does not feel like my "life purpose", nor what I am deeply fascinated or passionate about. My general plan is to use it to get a software development job (probably in web development), and use that to sustain me while I figure out my life purpose. Tech is great to get into because of all the opportunities including financial, remote work, industries, etc. To me it's far better than working in a warehouse (what I'm currently doing lol). Maybe try getting into freelance/contracting, or into a company with a 4day work week, or just finding a company thats a bit more chill to work for. Then use all your time on the side to work towards your life purpose. That's kinda my general plan.