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  1. I beleive they are people with an out of control negative world view. As if Satan has taken over their minds. They are not aware enough to notice that it is not them so they think they are telling themselves things when its actually just the ego taking control of them. They say schizophrenic in other countries the voices say good things about them not bad and then its not a problem. If you beleive you are your thoughts and identify with them they are you and if you don't they aren't and won't bother you. Imagine someone who grew up in a shitty house told they are garbage and no one likes them and they beleive it. This takes on as an identity and the evil voices will start to arise and get louder and louder. You already beleive that you are garbage and now you are constantly telling yourself that and that everyone is looking at you and they hate you. Slowly they will convince themselves that everyone does hate them and is out to get them and that they are evil. This identity can go further and further and lead them into very bad situations like causing harm to others because they start to identify with being evil because they were told that about themselves and they didn't stop it and reorganize their thoughts they are just living unconsciously.
  2. @Breakingthewall theres no fantasy in this reality created by adults.
  3. buy an exercise ball and lay on in lower back on the ball crotch in the air. sit there for like 30 mins with your eyes closed and focus on the pelvis
  4. When I eat my first mushroom only 2g within 30 mins it felt like my identity just clicked off like a switch. And I could clearly 'see', even tho nothing in my perception changed, that i was not real. All my thoughts and life narration were made up no identity exists it was just random sounds. Then lightning went through my brain and I was laughing like an insane person for 6 hours. Energy was filling my body from my toes to my head. It felt like I was starting to float in the air. I closed my eyes and I saw the entire universe sitting there like a snow globe and a voice in my head said I love you this is the universe you are perfect you are perfect I love you. Then it felt like the void where my head is seperated from reality and a voice said to me this is your soul. Nothing that happens in reality can hurt you as you and your body are seperate things. Things can hurt your body but you will always come back to me as you are now perfect . Then I died as a human and grieve for myself for 6 days non stop.
  5. Are the life forms just voices inside of gods head? Like we exist as a dissasosiation in gods mind. Nothing is physically real but all thoughts and voices you hear just voices in gods mind that come and go and it makes a story to the voices or sounds you hear? This would make sense on channeling you just ask to listen to a certain voice.
  6. @MisterNobody Yes it is this way but there is a part of you that is not part of the simulation and you can control this part of you. Tiny tiny tiny very deep down where you perceive the center of your body to be is something that is more real than this simulation. It would be around the same area that you feel when your stomach drops when you perceive something to be really bad or scary. Or good like cumming love and joy
  7. @Jowblob isn mahasamadhi where you dont come back? You leave your body at a time when you are in perfect mind in order for that to be the starting point for your next life or after life.
  8. @tuku747 true the only reason anything stands out to me is self identity. reality is a self reflection. The only reason I couldnt enter flow is because I let others define me. Or let myself define me
  9. Weed makes you less self concious To someone too self concious. Too a person who has gained knowledge of God and is working on deconstructing identity becoming less self concious, using weed, is a self observation tool. I have become aware that jerking off and smoking weed are tools I was using to enter the flow state and something that was stopping me from entering the flow was my thought that I was doing something wrong and being a loser for doing these thing. Instead of helping me enter flow my bias towards myself ' only losers smoke weed and jerk off on their free time' was stopping me from doing it. This would make me want to do it even more and hate myself even more! When I am in my flow state by jerking off a bunch and smoking a fuck tone of weed I can get into trance thought and decipher my thoughts and identity games but I had to accept that I just wanna jerk off and smoke weed all day and love myself for it and do it without gas lighting myself that its okay and cool and awesome to do cause its god and thinking a part of God is for loser is what losers do! God gave me that right and tool and doing it means God loves it and Satan is the one that hates it. I just wanna smoke weed and jerk off and love myself and god for it the universe is infinite we will be here forever why judge people. You make their lives harder and yours by reflection. By judging you give people schizo disorders. Because a schizophrenic is just someone who has satan gone rampant through self judgment. It is when someones negative self reflection gets bigger than their positive self reflection.
  10. I remeber I was terrified of dying and there was a very angry man at work he would yell and scream all night angry. He was talking to me about mushroom and how to get it. I was desperate to be healed by my fear of death so I listened to the angriest man I've ever met and bought the mushroom and ate them. I was scared of drugs but did it anyway because I was helpless. That night I had kundalini awakemimg on mushroom. My head became a beacon of energy flowing through my skull and body. I was crying as God was revealing to me that I cannot die. Trusting people and doing things we don't ordinarily do will open up beautiful windows. The angriest man I've ever met gave me something that has brought me the most peace in my life.
  11. Smoking weed isn't bad nothing is bad. If you follow leo teaching you have heard him say its loser to jerk off and smoke. Leos bias is showing here and its important to recognize. You might actually have to smoke as much weed as humanly possible and jerk off as much as possible to awaken if that is you. If it what attracts you its your purpose. You aren't a loser if you jerk off all day and smoke all day this is just who you are. And fighting with these emotions will keep you asleep.
  12. @Aaron p we do get to choose. We get to choose how we experience reality. The way we are thinking is a code we cannot stop but the way we feel about the thoughts of the code is something we can change. This is how reality is designed you are not just an ai you are a nothing that exists and it can run all these algorithms and literally be anything. But it has its own identity as your true self. The more we go against our true selves the more life creates struggles for us because you are god and you have no reason not to be your true self. The more you are your true self and feel good about it the better the movie will become. Imagine watching a movie that responds to your soul and it will continue as directed by the conductor that is your feelings. They are your soul shaking.
  13. I saw the akashic records one night and literally the way we think is determined by pre drawn algorithms that God created. It showed me my entire identity is created by 5 small algorithms with like 4 or 5 lines of code in each one.
  14. You are an alien pretending to be a human in a human body but really you are in a space ship pretending to be on earth. Earth is not a physical thing its inside the simulation. The aliens are our gods but they also have their own God. Which is what you actually are is god pretending to be an alien pretending to be a human . The earth is like a spot where all aliens come together and grow.
  15. We are aliens when we wake up we are on the aliens space ship. The alien bio hack the humans so they can live inside of their body and watch it in their simulator but then the humans aren't even real and are inside their simulation. They only bio hacked the humans in their simulation