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  1. You just make up what people think about you. Make up that they love you. Then you can stop.
  2. You are in heaven and you are looking out a window from heaven into the physical world. And you are thinking you are in the physical world and not in heaven. Heaven is a void of nothing and you can see it behind you.
  3. Reality is perfect because you are the bad, but you dont exist and you arent in it right now. You got kicked out for being the bad.
  4. @Princess Arabia Its true it dosent make any sense. I remember thinking if I had a big company with trillions of dollars I would be researching immortality first. How is no one researching this? Every single company should be researching this but no one is how does this make any sense. It seemed to me like the only thing to do. Dont you know this is going to stop and you are not trying to stop it or even kinda slow it down at all? Not only that but no one cares! How does no one care about dying? People don't want to talk about it so much that people with fear of death must just sit with it and it will grow.
  5. @LSD-Rumi I just looked it up and that is me. I think I was before I awaken and now its just habit. I am not looking for friend or relationships but if God puts them to me I will probably do it. I was so depressed I forget how to flirt or communicate properly. To be honest I think my fear of death gave me schizophrenia and when I took mushroom it actually cured it, and now Im just sitting here not knowing how to interact with people and I did it for so long that its normal now and it does not bother me to be alone. But I was never diagnosed or showed symptoms beyond depression to others so I dont know. And I know now if I was honest while being checked out I would be diagnosed with it lol. It is weird that the actual schizophrenia is considered normal, you couldn't fuck the society up more on purpose.
  6. I have a dream about Leo a year or so ago we were in a hallway and he was showing me how to shoot ice from my hand but my ice was coming out as just mushy snow. Then explosions came into the sky 100000 fireworks it was aliens and they spelt our we are here in firework explosions.
  7. Easiest way to tell is if they start insulting you for no reason or at all.
  8. Coming from an empath empathy is not real you are just making up others are feeling and thinking. Outside your skull is a void of nothing(emotion feeling egos) you are looking at people and the scenario and thinking how it would make you feel and labeling that to the other person. You cant possibly know what others are feeling or thinking. Being an empath is a curse. If you can do it pick something and focus 100 percent of your attention on it all day. Something special has to happen its how God works.
  9. I died and I have feeling in the morning I was dead. How did I know that I was dead? I was there .Why would I feel grateful to be alive after waking if it was the end? Its not the end. Its the beggining. You cant die you just are forced to let go. Thats why they say let go now. Cause you won't have a chance to let go if you dont do it now. Once you let go you are in the 'dead' state while alive.
  10. @Someone here I will add that he has to mean it because God knows more about you than you know about yourself. You cant lie to God so Hitler would have to deep to his core believe that he did nothing wrong to forgive himself and say it. Think of when you are talking to people and you get uncomfortable you can hide that uncomfortablness or awkwardness you feel. Or if you like someone you might start to change in body temperature, those people dont know it but those barriers dont exist with God, it knows if you lie cheat steal manipulate and why you did it. It dosent give a shit but you give a shit. So God sees this and it knows that it did something wrong because you choose to determine that it was wrong. These are your belief systems in your mind so it very hard to change your mind about what you believe. And when you die you cant do logic anymore so what you believe is kinda locked in and you have to deal with it without logic. If this is true then all Hitler would have to do is forgive himself and God will forgive him. You are just a nameless observer for God. You are just supposed to be observing not judging it says it in the bible. Once you start judging you start creating a false identity that's not God and God has to forgive itself in order to go back.
  11. @Breakingthewall no my heart is closed right now i am trying to open it but I don't know how. i cry everyday cause God filled me with love but after you see Gods love for you simply nothing will compare. Once your heart open to God, love from parents? A joke. love from a girlfriend? A joke. Love from friend? A joke. No one can love you like God I do open myself but I find hard to care about others whatever happens happens. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong only time will tell.
  12. If hitler goes to God and says i forgive myself God will forgive him.
  13. From what Ive heard of Sadguru its your organs talking to you.
  14. You are making up a persona and hating it. Dissolve yourself. You are nothing..