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  1. Too much power in one's hands. He definitely didn't do that just to upheld the sanctity of the free speech. Obviously he has other motives for it.
  2. Pretty inspiring video
  3. It's surprising they didn't join NATO 8 years ago when Russia annexed Crimea and destabilized eastern Ukraine
  4. With current clusterfuck in Ukraine Russia isn't able to do anything to neither Finland nor Sweden. Never gonna happen NATO or no NATO. It's all bluff. At this point I'm not sure whether Russia even has nuclear weapon ready to strike, it might have been rusted to shit.
  5. Learn the basics of German grammar and then immerse yourself in a German language. Stop reading and watching content in your native language altogether. Make your own Anki deck for all the new words and idioms you stumble upon to memorize them. Repeat the old words and learn the new ones every day. Use Italki to develop your speaking skills. Consistency is the key.
  6. Condoning and silently supporting Israel's apartheid against Palestinians and Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. If only the West had the same reaction towards these atrocities as it has now towards Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  7. I don't think it's a scam, although there're definitely people who scam using Tarot. All divination systems are merely tools which help you to develop your own intuition. For example I have some experience with I-Ching and my predictions have been quite accurate so far.
  8. Well in my opinion there're infinite degrees of awakening. You can trip all your life and only scratch the surface. Even if Sadhguru hasn't experienced 5-meo-DMT or DPT levels of consciousness that doesn't mean that he isn't awaken. He is definitely more conscious than an average person. Also his wrong social takes are just his wrong social takes. Growing up and waking up are different things and have different dynamic. There were awakened af zen masters who supported Japanese imperialism during WWII (I'm not condoning an imperialism here, just saying) On the whole very interesting podcast, too bad Rogan didn't ask him about DMT though lol
  9. He isn't going to occupy Ukraine. I think he will dismantle Ukrainian democracy and get rid of its political elites. Ukraine is going to be another Russian client state just like Belarus or Kazakhstan. I feel sad and sorry for them, since Ukraine was a real democracy, not without flaws, but still, and it's a big deal for a post-USSR country.
  10. If you want something very simple - then When Awareness Becomes Natural by Sayadaw U Tejaniya is for you. Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice by Shunryu Suzuki is great as well.
  11. To be honest I don't know what is the issue with your practice, personally I feel more calm and happy after it. I use 'Nam Myoho Renge Kyo' mantra and repeat it for an hour. I consider it supplementary practice though.
  12. Ukraine and Hong Kong protests were authentic. What are you on, dude Also what happening in Kazakhstan is quite simple - people got sick and tired of Nazarbayev and the fuel price spike was the final straw. So they deposed him. I think Russia may use this situation to invade Kazakhstan as it did with Ukraine during The Revolution of Dignity (but I hope it wont). It's hilarious to see how this thread degraded into discussion about how Russia is a shithole. In some ways it is a shithole but it's more complicated than that. There is beauty in every country and a silver lining in every situation.
  13. They may have high income and GDP but you can't have a democracy if your population at Red or Blue stage of development. You can give tribal people great infrastructure and high income - however they won't stop holding onto tribal values. Look closely for example how all this great infrastructure was built by the way. By slave force, that should tell you something about Gulf states' societies.
  14. He has been reckless that way since the whole ivermectin story, it seems personal now. As for Mcullough, Joe has been having questionable guests for ages now. However it isn't the wisest thing to do in the midst of the COVID epidemic, like the last adequate guy he had over was Sanjay Gupta and we all know how it went down. By the way, I noticed a similar trend with Russel Brand. He also became very paranoid about vaccines related stuff.