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  1. I googled it and apparently it's only illegal Hungary so far. Interesting. Technically it's legal in Russia.
  2. Great example of an outdated harmful tradition. They don't need these dolphins to survive and yet they slaughter them every year. For those who don't know - fish is the main export of Faroe Islands (like 90%). So basically they already catch so much fish that they have to export it somewhere
  3. From my experience it's expected that you feel overwhelmed by emotions during trip, especially the first one. Basically psychedelics act like a scalpel opening your abscesses. After a while it gets easier
  4. Wow I've never even heard that there is such a thing. Blackout contact lenses sound ideal for an improvised dark room retreat. It's weird that they are mostly used in a BDSM community lol. How come nobody uses them for a spiritual sensory deprivation?
  5. Hi everyone. So I've found that my meditation is more effective when I use earplugs. My parents usually watch tv everyday and to me the tv noise is distracting in its irritation (apparently it has some emotional baggage, other noises are mostly ok). I have to spend a lot of time differentiating the irritation from the sound and observing it until the irritation passes or subsides and it eats up a lot of time from every seat. Sometimes my mom just walks around the apartments talking to herself loudly which also doesn't make it any easier. In rare cases of silence (or when I use earplugs) my meditation is more smooth and enjoyable. I practice system from 'Mind Illuminated' btw. However, can it be harmful in the long run because I'm feeling that I'm cutting myself out of the environment so to speak, like how I gonna be calm and joyful in everyday life if I can't manage some noise from the adjacent room? It feels kinda like cheating. On the other hand how about all those monks who live in caves and jungles? I suppose they live that way to avoid distractions and are pretty effective regardless
  6. As people evolve toward green everywhere in the world, the old outdated narratives get replaced by the new ones, more compassionate and nuanced. That's how it goes Of course there will be a public outcry because some people aren't ready for such development. If this information is legit, then the USA textbooks are indeed in dire need of a replacement: By the way, here in Russia our own history textbooks are full of one-sided bullshiterry as well.
  7. Hi everybody. So I tried about 0.027g of 5MeoDmt salt the other day by plugging. Felt very severe heart palpitations at an increasing rate and sound and panic, then nothing. Afterglow felt cozy and consciousness was kinda smeared all around me a little bit, but nothing serious. Not much with 0.030g in an hour or two. Today tried 0.030g as well (I thought yesterday second failure had to do with a tolerance) I understand now how to be calm in such hard come-ups - and I managed to stay calm and relaxed, but there was nothing apart from very light palpitations. As a side note - I don't have any heart conditions. I also tried snorting 0.040g to no avail. Anyone having such a problem? It's like I'm resistant to DMT-like compounds. I had the same thing with DPT, it took 162mg to give me something similar to a breakthrough. My weight is about 65kg for a reference. My sister was catapulted into a complete non-dual state by mere 0.020 from the same batch - so, it's not a potency problem. Feel a bit bummed out, it's such a difficult stuff to come by. Never had such problems with other psychedelics, like mushrooms for example. They work like clockwork usually. Even if you take not much there's something to work with. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Thanks. Hope your mom feel better soon.
  9. My fever broke yesterday btw, so I had it for about 5-6 days. I think there's a possibility that your mother had some form of seasonal cold when she got her vaccine and your brother caught it from her. It's apparent that your mom being vaccinated has nothing to do with your brother's fever
  10. Got my first shot of Sputnik V 7 days ago. My advice to everybody - don't get vaccinated if any member of your family has severe cold or something like this. For 4 days I've been having mild fever, sore throat and mild cough. It's easy to catch something from people close to you when your organism weakened by vaccine.
  11. Leo bashed Buddhists a bit in a video but Zen master Huang Po had a similar epiphany: "Q: Does the Buddha really liberate sentient beings? A: There are in reality no sentient beings to be delivered by the Tathagata. If even self has no objective existence, how much less has other-than-self? Thus, neither Buddha nor sentient beings exist objectively."
  12. Check out Fall of civilizations podcast. It covers events from different eras including ancient and medieval times. Some topics are obscure and not much known about like the episode on the Songhai Empire. The other one on the Mayan collapse is also very great and tells a story of a civilization that was ended by the ecological disaster it had caused https://open.spotify.com/show/44DE64rRpX1cFIQUlqQtvi
  13. For me it takes 2 weeks to reset the tolerance. If you wanna have the same effect after 1 week you must double the dosage.
  14. Well, how about experiences people have during the Kundalini awakening? Take for instance Swami Muktananda. In his book "The play of consciousness" he describes pretty wild visions. The whole ordeal lasted more then one day...