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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinions, guys. Much appreciated. @CreamCat Very interesting solutions. @Mason Riggle Wow, that's a very cool quote. @Serotoninluv Yeah, I've completely forgotten about all these universal basic income studies that prove your point.
  2. @Hansu If you want to understand racism from the green perspective try reading "White fragility" by Robin DiAngelo. It's a very good book on this topic.
  3. What is a solution to the free-rider problem in a Green stage society? Libertarians love to use it as an argument. Is it that much of a problem after all? May it be that they just blew it out of proportions? For those who don't know. From wiki: 'Free riders are a problem because while not paying for the good, they may continue to access it. Thus, the good may be under-produced, overused or degraded'.
  4. Should I try DMT or 5 MEO DMT before using DPT? I'm only familiar with mushrooms and experimented a lot with heroic doses. I'm in a situation where I don't have access to DMT or 5 MEO DMT right now but can get my hands on DPT. Also wiki says that it 'has caused at least two deaths, both involving seizures', though I suspect that these deaths were simply caused by an overdose.
  5. I want to share with you my August trip, guys. I tripped with my sister. I used about 6-7gr of dried Psilocybe Cubensis for my tea, she took 4 gr. In the summer I usually trip in the wild, near the riverbank. I and my sister drank mushroom tea right before sunset. We had enough wood to keep the fire going for several hours. Usually, I have to wait about 30 minutes before mushrooms kick in. But this time they started to affect me very intensely after 5 minutes. I turned up in a weird place, not dissimilar from descriptions of shamanic Lower World or Nagaloka. It had very intense, brutal energies. It’s difficult to describe and even remember what it looked like exactly – the only image that comes to mind is when you drip a drop of colourfully dark paint into a glass of water – and I was/in this cloudy constantly changing and dancing mass, it didn’t matter whether my eyes were closed or not – I lost almost any feeling of my body or surroundings. I felt as if my consciousness was tumbling in a washing machine. Also, I realized that I was in this place before, maybe in one of my trips from the past and surprised that I had forgotten it. Even more, I was shocked that I forget such an experience (maybe it was a traumatic experience, hard to say). It also felt like 'Well ok, not this shit again but at the same time I was yearning for it to be even more intense'. It felt as if I simply picked up exactly where I left it off the last time. It was very intense, like vibrations from D’n’B music. It felt like an eternal rave party of spirits or inorganic beings. (Come to think of it - it was eerily similar to all these Celtic legends about people who were lured into the fairy world to spin and whirl in a frantic dance and when they returned home, years had passed.) I also felt that whatever is happening to me is beneficial for me in some mysterious way. Like I was being disassembled and assembled in a bit different way, with some corrections and calibrations. Then I started feeling discomfort bordering with pain in my stomach but I realized that pain is an illusion - you can easily circumvent it like flowing spring can skirt an obstacle. (At this point I was hugging a piece of wood and maybe it somehow showed me how trees regulate their internal processes). No matter what ails you - you can easily live with it without pain. Even cancer isn't a problem. I looked at the pines nearby - they seemed to come close and their branches were overhanging, they looked like weird extraterrestrial ents. They seemed intrigued and at the same time a bit irritated by us. Then, when that wave of experience a bit subsided, I went to take a leak and saw the darkness beneath blades of grass as a bottomless void filled with glowing pairs of eyes. Everything was conscious and curiously looking at me. When I returned and sat on the ground near the fire, I experienced unity with reality (but it wasn't a complete unity, I sensed that there could be much more to it than I experienced at that moment) I felt that everything that happens should happen exactly the way it happens. Reality unfolds in the ways it should unfold. I realized that it doesn't matter, whether I achieve enlightenment or not. I felt very old, I also experienced life as this constant flow of matter that constantly change forms, that it becomes more and more refined and sophisticated and will be expanding and refining for eternity. I felt or remembered when I was a piece of slime and a lizard and now, I'm a human as if it happened a second ago. Like all evolution didn't take millions of years, it happened a moment ago - time simply lost its sense. I also realized that reproduction is basically a legit but brute form of expansion of consciousness. The matter is also consciousness. Like everything is trying to expand consciousness in any way possible and accessible. (I don't plan to have kids and often catch myself judging people who have them - but now I kinda understand them). Next, I was lying on the ground, like Shiva and my sister was jumping and dancing around the fire like Shakti and playing the harmonica. The surroundings were looking like the Sonoran Desert for some reason (young pines looked like cactuses). I was throwing playful looks and felt that some very refined playful energies of Krishna were manifesting through us. Then I went again to take a leak. This time I was facing dense bushes near the riverbank. I heard very interesting bubbling and gurgling sounds from water. As if it was trying to seduce me, to show me some deep, primordial levels of the Universe and its secrets. Like stuff associated with mycelium, growth, swamps, darkness, wetness. And inorganic beings that abide in such dimensions. This aspect of reality. I started to drift away and another dimension started to peeking at me inside out of the scenery I was looking at... Next, I heard footsteps and breathing of wild animals from the forest (boars most likely) to my right. But they didn’t show themselves, thankfully. Also, when the full moon started to rise, I thought at first that it was sunrise. Because the trip felt like a very long, long time. Then during the rest of my trip, I immersed myself deeply into introspection and discovered some personal stuff about myself that I’d never even thought existed there. I guess it's called a shadow in psychology: my cowardice, my desire to please because I want to be loved by everybody (although I like to think about myself as if I don’t care about other people’s opinions – I has been bullshitting myself all along), my lack of firm boundaries and how it has negatively affected me my entire life. I still feel that there’s a lot of shit in my psyche I have to discover and to deal with. I feel this way almost after each trip. I also feel that I remembered only a small part of trip. I have this feeling every time. Another interesting detail – my sister told me that she spent a huge part of her trip in the exact same dimension I was describing above. The next day started with the screams of boars - so I might have heard them in the night. We dealt with them by scaring them away with loud sounds. Also another interesting detail - it seemed as If I became a bit more synchronised with the Universe after this trip. A lot of interesting beneficial coincidences happened after it. For example - the local guy gave us a ride home, the next day one of my favourite vloggers visited my city and we hung out together (what are the odds, huh?).
  6. I think it's a very important (foundational even) topic to expound upon. What is dreaming exactly and why do we dream? How can we use it for our spiritual growth? We spend one-third of our life in a dreaming state. Basically every day we routinely experience an altered state of consciousness. Isn't it amazing? The tremendous significance of good sleep for a healthy life is well-researched by brain scientists. Also, there're a lot of legit spiritual practices based on dreaming state. Tibetan Dream Yoga, Toltec art of dreaming (described by C. Castaneda) just to name a few.
  7. In one of his videos on Conscious Politics, Leo put Russia under the red stage. Can Leo elaborate on this? I'm myself from Russia and I think that Russia is in a grey zone between red and blue. Here we have a lot of nationalistic stuff like the cult of the victory in the second world war, militaristic parades and disparaging attitude toward migrants from Central Asia is a staple. Even our liberal opposition has a lot of right-wing tendencies - most of them are center-right or libertarians. What should I do with all of this? For some weird reason (I do shrooms very often, maybe that's the reason lol), I became deeply entrenched in the stage green. Like, of course, I abhor our authoritarian government but at the same time, it's hard to support our opposition. How can I help my country to progress without going against the grain and being dishonest with myself? You can't avoid politics your entire life.