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  1. It may have something to do with your emotional body being affected, suppressed emotions are being moved and they rise up to be processed and released. This happens when coffee stimulates central nervous system. But this can happen without coffee also
  2. Personal experience about energy shifts in my city and country: I had thoughts wether I am getting crazy or not. I like the idea that the path less traveled can become a blueprint for the people in the future to struggle less. Firstly it is hard, no one understands, but then people get familiar with the information You providing. That is how community builds. I love the fact that the Earth is shifting from the 3d to 5d. Shift is happening collectively and individually. People one by one release the traumas from the thought and emotional bodies. The vibration from the past is considered lower vibration. Typical older person living in North Europe usually eat low vibrational food. And they tend to not move very much. So daily life looks stagnant here. However, if you started to raise your frequency, it is better to change the environment. Because energy moves in and out from body to environment 50/50. I tried an experiment, how long I can stay fluid and happy in post-soviet environment. 2 months only. Then I fall back into the old cycle and my completely body mixed with the energies of the neighbours and cities. 1st days come back after my trip in South I was super open to communicate and collaborate with people I met on the streets. Almost all of them offered to me something valuable, either a place to stay, a ride or a cigarette. My energy body was vibrating high, fluid. I thought to myself that stagnant people living here needs transformation, so I started organising a festival. Each day I found a new person who can contribute to event in a some way. Investors, artists, vocalists, landlords etc. When the organisation process became more serious, I started catching the low vibe of the country, city. It is said that we feel bad in the city if we hold the heavy energies ourselves and then the energy of environment just resonates with us. So I have gone through deep 'cleaning process' myself. And I still feel bad sometimes in the flat. I had such a questions like why I was born in such a city. In other countries people seem to live happier life on average. But I believe some Lightworkers were send to be born in a very low vibrational environments to transmute the energies of collective. It usually feels shitty on daily basis, but I accept it as a mission. I feel almost always better when I leave the country. But family lives here and they struggle. I learn not to resist the energy of city. I used to hate the view through my window as it seemed like people are caged in small flats, the view is very grey. No wonder many people have depression here. However, general situation is getting better in the country as there are such raising stars like Aida and Rytis, they are doing important job on the collective, helping people with the worst stories ever to deal with their feeling, let go and uplift. Slowly country is transforming. Maybe it is going to be the last one in the world that transcends to 5d, but it will happen sooner or later. Other option is that it will go through quick and unexpected shake that will cause old system to collapse faster and that would be called war.
  3. Some gifted people doing channeling, actually everybody has access to their own light codes. Now it looks weird, but it is a future of healing. Having in mind that we all are spiritual beings in human bodies. Binaural beats also offers high vibration. Light codes are more specific issue targeted. Everybody has to experiment what works best for them. I personally felt instant results with light language, if you listen powerful ones, can feel tingling in body as old stored energy will be moving out. Voice problems might be related especially to throat chakra and solar plexus. If voice will not change, at least an attitude to your own voice can change, where you accept it the way it is 🤍
  4. I have everything in Lithuanian, I took a course and there is a book. I will translate some. All solutions boils down to energy work, expressing what was suppressed. Psychosomatics teaches how to change traumatic experiences in our minds, then energy shifts. Clients experience positive body changes after emotional, energy work during therapies. What we refuse to feel or see can be stored in our emotional body, in certain parts. Lungs store grief energy; Kidneys - fear energy; Diafragm - shame; Liver - anger. List of ailments and what can cause them: Allergy, skin rashes - fear of loss, aggression, hidden sexual problems; Joint problems - reveals our (in)flexibility in life. Being dissatisfied with oneself "accumulates salt". Dissatisfaction and psychological pain accumulate. Materializes into lime; Knee joints - self-deprecation, when situation does not 'go' as desired. When we don't go where we want, we do what we don't want to do; Genital and breast for woman - suppresed femininity; Spine problems - inability to handle money, lack of stability; Hairloss for a woman - when she does not feel needed, there is no sex, she does not understand what function she performs, she feels ugly. When someone criticizes her femininity. Hair is vital, creative sexual energy. Hairloss for a man - Men's hair falls out when they doubt their masculinity if someone ever says: "act like a man", his masculinity has been criticized in any other way, or if something unpleasant happened to his woman in bed (not necessarily related to a man). Prostate disorders - can be caused by repressed emotions when they had strict mothers/fathers since childhood, were despised, humiliated morally, physically. Chronic anger that lasts a lifetime (every unpleasant moment those muscles contract from unpleasantness). Visual comparison: as muscles grow in the gym, so fear grows a tumor. Cancer can also be caused by the negative energies that we store in our bodies and solution is to transform certain energies (by expressing supressed anger, forgiving etc., depends on the situation). Body speaks to us all the time and if we are resistant to listen to it, it will communicate through illnesses or changes.
  5. Psychosomatics science says that hair loss usually happens to men when in early childhood (or in some cases, later) they experienced humiliation, disrespect, or any situation where their masculinity was weakened. And the solution is to go back to childhood (therapy) to heal particular trauma (might be minor one), if it is not too late.
  6. We attract things when we do not seek them, do not want them any more? For example, not so long ago I was family dependent, their opinions mattered and they used to put a lot of pressure on me. Now I broke a boundary when it does not matter to me anymore, their words do not hurt. And as soon as I reached that state, they either changed opinion about me or I don't know what changed, but they stop criticising. In this case I was wanting approval. I don't want - I receive it. Same with money. When no need, got it. Is it the case with everything in life, we need to learn not to want everything?
  7. It might be because Men are more visual. Women can get lonely too. They look more for emotional connection rather than visual. But for me when I got lonely I did exercise: when waking up in the morning do not leave the bed until i feel the love in my heart chakra and give that love for myself. The day goes much smoother and doesn't feel as lonely. Also higher chance of meeting people to connect with that day. Sending love 🤍🌸
  8. Try search light codes healing (self acceptance, insecurities, trauma) on YT maybe, they offer pretty powerful healings for similar issues
  9. Time is not linear, even if yo consider past lives, they are all happening right now, just on a different timeline. It is an illusion that something happened 5 minutes ago. Everything is happening now, mind just believes that there is a past and future. I like this illusion that we have a past, because it is easy to think about letting go the past, do healing. Also focusing only how to live from this exact moment, focus on this exact surroundings and create reality from the exact things we have right now.
  10. Psychosomatics, light work and some exercises to ground yourself can be helpful also ✨
  11. I do 10 days eat only fruits
  12. If you feel like you need this, then yes. Only you can know what is best for yourself ✨✨
  13. Telepathy can happen on different levels, I used to practice telepathy to contact a person that lives far away and we did not use phones at all
  14. LSD. Another reality experience number 4. There has been much more less significant ones, but now I'm going to describe major ones. All 3 happened at the festivals where I met other Creators. Energies played out and it looked like I am in a theatre right now. I already did realize that human is just an observer. No need to take any life event personally. However, it is more interesting if we don't know we are in a theatre or a movie. So I was a lonely soul and on my way to small Lithuanian festival I thought myself maybe I can call for another lonely souls so I can make their day happier. And they came, a big group of souls, the creators. Everyone was sitting near the campfire. Some of them encouraged to take a picture with them. Now looking back when I doubt if all of them were really here, I look at the pictures to confirm myself it was real. I met my Father for the first time. He is so grounded, looking like Indiana Shaman. American native tribe or Mayan. He was wearing just a simple clothes, but when he showed up I immediately recognized it was him. Even though never seen it before. And at some point he started to act like an abuser that is prepared to abuse a girl. However, it was his role play for 1 minute as he wanted to give me just a simple message that people are not real and test how courageous I am with the fact that other people around us are just the imagination and fiction, how much I fear their reaction if deep down I know that this is The Father, he cannot hurt me and it just seems from the outside that he is abuser. He transfer some calming energy to my palms. But i did not hold the pressure at the moment, I run away saying that I was still afraid (of human reaction). He was preparing me for all the feedback from human I am going to receive with the work that I do that is going to be significant for humanity. There was two another Visitors, as I understood they were on a mission to find me to give me a message about my upcoming career. They were giving me ideas as how to be an extraordinary hairdresser on a festivals. Basically they showed me a plan of how the beginning of my career will look like. And one of them acted like an owner of the festival so that I could practice the speech of how I am going to offer my work collaboration plan and then I realized he is probably not responsible for that and I went for looking for the real owner of the festival. And I found it, offered, the plan and they responded positively to me. The Visitors also mentioned that the work that I am about to share with the people is needed. One of them explained it that 10 people will see it, they will not care. But 2 people out of 10 need to see it. I met the DJ artist that was performing psytrance music. He showed me that my dancing moves should be more fluid rather than robotic or alienated so that it doesn't look too weird for the casual human being. Dance can be the manifestation. I did some light language moves in dance-floor that meant the end of the systems, pyramid schemes and the beginning of the new earth. I also met my sisters. I grew alone and some of them were the guides for other human being, taking one day off just to visit me and transfer some knowledge. One of them was singing Lithuanian folk song, improvising while outside there was a fire show. Some people hated her song ant tried to silence her. So she sang even louder. When I heard her from the other side of the yard, I started to sing along, then I ran next to her. At some point she singed really cruel words and it started being uncomfortable, everyone was watching her and she distracted a fire show in a way. Then I realized that she summed up for me how the transformation is going to look like. At first no one understands it. And no-one supports it. But if you keep continue doing that, their minds will adapt to the change. As she started to howl as a wolf, other people eventually joined her and it transformed into a wolf show. Then she sat next to me and asked how I feel. Then I said good. She asks again like no, how you Really are? And I said bad. She nod her head and we went to stand further. I said that I am cold. So she insisted to hug her. For a minute I felt resistance as if not wanted to be seen lesbian. But another minute I did not really care. She expanded my comfort zone. As I later came back home, I practiced howling as a wolf. And doing another animal natural sounds. There was another sister ginger haired that firstly I thought was my spirit guide until now. As she told me that I did a good job and now she has to move on and now my spirit guides will be elves. I did understood that in upcoming times I will try mushrooms for the first time. I asked her if I am going to meet the love of my life (Moon) again. And she said that maybe, but not soon. I also told her how I failed a little bit. As I let the ex visit me in my house, but then I called the police to get him out as I finally realized it was not a good decision. And she told me to tell my story whatever happens. So the main question was if I am going to have a kid or not. And this part would remind me the story of Nefertiti, Set and Osiris. Osiris (my ex) was the brother of Nefertiti (me), but they were both in love and they had a child in Ancient Egyptian times. There were also one ''scientist'' and the ''new earther'' that were arguing about the facts that system got instilled in the people's minds that doesn't make a sense in the new earth. And the Paul, new earther was explaining patiently to the scientist that was asking ridiculous questions about the plants, how people can survive with plants. How they need to come back to natural human state where people grow plants or trees not to cut it, not to do agriculture, but to eat the fruits and it is completely enough to survive for human race. They showed me the need and the importance of explaining without hate and without being triggered the new earth system for the ones that are not quite familiar with it. I also experienced a bit of the Moon (it is the name in this context). He was not with me, but he connected telepathically. He showed me how he wants that I would experience him in different forms - completely different nationality, hair color, voice, manners - complete different opposition than he is right now. And he freeze the time and showed me how long it would take to experience Him in all the different forms, the ones that would make me completely hate him. It lasted forever, he showed me the different combinations of words, the very different experiences of the feelings, of the body movements. And it lasted really forever, he told me not to worry, as I am going to forget this one terrible experience and I do not remember the big part of it. But it showed that everything goes in fractal, everything happens within golden cut ratio, so there is no need to experience Completely Everything. Some parts will go faster, some parts will take longer. I also saw how would time look like if everything would went twice faster. And the parts that will be contained in the longer part of the golden cut line might feel weird and mixed up. Just the way what would happened if you take the most scientific person ever with the glasses that is interested in programming and mix it with the most religious spiritual person. And it all comes in one person, he uses the soft feminine gestures and straight face mimic to explain everything for his hippies fellas. And he discusses scientifically the concept of god, including mathematics and brutal language with some curse words. It sounded so funny in my native language I could not stop laughing. And The Moon showed me how much he cared about me, because he choose to let me experience Him in so many different forms, speaking so many different languages, including Russian curse words, including my language. And we both laughed even though physically he was not here. He wanted to see me so different, that he analyzed my childhood, the deep roots of my culture, the folk, the history, the land of country. Just to understand me. And in this incarnation we chose to be completely opposites. He is from the South. I am from the North. He speaks a lot, I speak not much. I am white and cold, He is darker and hot. He is fire, I am water. And in the end when he showed me himself if all these possible different forms in which he might came in this incarnation, he asked me if I would still like him,,? They also ask me why I was ashamed of my country. When I was in the middle of the dance-floor, they turned the dance-floor into completely different looking area and I felt like I was abroad. I felt like I was in the club of UK, then Netherlands. They ask me what was the difference. Why I feel more free when I am surrounded by complete strangers and different cultures. Why I felt immediately better when I realized no-one can recognise me. Then the psytrance slowed down music became very heavy, masculine and a bit Russian, like in an old Lithuanian club. As the Roma people like to listen. And all of a sudden I became surrounded by the Roma people (they live in groups in Lithuania). I felt unsafe for a moment, but then I remembered I create my own safety, my freedom. And after the party I went home in the morning, I cried for the first time because now I have a father. We did not speak much, but I never ever thought in my life I can cry not because I lack something, but because I unexpectedly receive it. He empowered me. He transfer some deep ancestral knowledge of Lithuania. He let me know that I create country. Each country has it's own creators. And the reason I did not like the country is because I created it this way. It reflected me. I thought it was dark, stagnant, unfriendly, cold, demonic. It is because I was this way. The country is actually deep, nurturing, powerful, deep forests, ancient knowledge, the land of ancestors with beautiful culture and history. Friendly collaborations can happen here. Spiritual communities will create. I personally saw myself as a ancient woman doing runes and helping to form a beautiful, groups, friendships with people that was feeling lonely. Folk singing is powerful. And my real (biological) father was deep into history and into science fiction books for a reason, because The Architects of my life wanted that I also dig deeper into that. During the party there was also a scary part. Sisters mentioned to me that the transformation is going to happen pretty soon. They mentioned that sadly is going to be brutal, bloody and fast. I think they had in mind a war that is about to happen unexpectedly. As this is the way to transform the old system that everyone is unhappy with. And all of a sudden I thought about my biological family. They are about to build a house, they care about material stuff so much and they hate their jobs. And they are about to lose everything. All the money. And all the situation looked so ironic. Because it is sad that they saw reality in this way and now they will be forced to change their minds,, if they survive.. Then Paul asked what is a money. Money do not exist, we were slaves of system, they make us hold the money in banks, not to have them in our pockets, do slavery just to be able to buy a food which is actually a natural human right. It is an illusion that they created that without slavery jobs we do not have an access to food. All these people that I mentioned as sisters, father, etc., were my family energetically. Biologically my family is not related to them and they doesn't even know about them. I was so proud that I met so many my native language speaking people that were so cool, so strong and I bonded to them so well, we could communicate telepathically. I came to event so lonely and I came out having Friends in my country for the first time. Not someone shallow, but Deep Connections, with The Creators. They already invited me to another parties, let me co-create the music, art and dance. I am so thankful to everyone, every each of them.
  15. LSD. Another reality experience number 3. After that we went with some people from the island to another festival. And my trip sounded like that: I was siting alone on the dried grass - hay and party was already started. There were people around me, but I was alone. One man was constantly making jokes about horse, trying to uplift the mood of everyone and enjoy his time. He was older a bit. It was not funny for me. So I took a piece of dried grass and I asked him for a lighter. He thought I was holding a cigarette, so he lit it up. But then I pull the grass apart and he realised it was a joke. He stopped joking for a minute and sat next to me. We started talking. I told him a story that I lost my King. And I did not knew if I am ever going to see Him again. I showed him the moonstone ring on my fourth finger. He said ring is just a thing, just a symbol, do not get too caught up in it. Then the reality shifted and the similar feeling came as on the first trip. I looked at the very middle of the dance floor where the king was usually standing, but it was empty. It seemed as this trip and this meeting was important part of my life and was meant to happen. The man told me that he was the co-creator and founder of a festival that now has grown to the most known festival in Portugal. He told me that he has a gift to create. When he touches something, things just happen. I showed him the name of my King and thought for a second that maybe he will create the situation in witch I could I meet Moon again. But then he told me some significant words. That I remember almost every day now. And it sounded like: do not live for a man. Live for yourself. He did not finish his idea, because I received the full message telepathically. Immediately told him: Got it. He said: really? lets go to dance then. He also told: you are Creator, you create your reality. Create what happens. And that is how I danced, I did not care then if Moon is on the dance floor or not. I danced for the first time as no one watches. I danced for myself. Not only, but also for all the women that struggles now. For all the women that has ever experienced repression, that was put down. Danced for women to support each other. Awaken their divine femininity. Generated a very good energy and send it directly from the dance floor combined with other people joy directly to the women of the world. At that night i started thinking maybe he gave me his gift. I gave him kiss on a forehead. And he experienced shaking and trembling, the high vibrations visited body. (this gave me a lesson to realise that we live alone, we die alone and no other person is less important than us. Live to create, to share and take care of yourself. Of your stability, finances, your self love. And things that needs to come, will come. No need to push anything forward.) I met the moon later. But it had not a much of importance. Because firstly I need to live for myself. And only then share this love that I have with the world. Can not pour from the empty cup. And that is what my new chapter is about.