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  1. Is it also possible to cure narcissism, sociopathy, or serious emotional problems from roots?
  2. Hi guys. Is it really impossible for narcissist or even a sociopath to change. There is a bunch of information how to recognise a sociopath, how to avoid it, but almost no information about transformation. What I found is that cognitive behaviour therapy and psychedelics might be helpful, but there is not enough proof or exploration done. This specific case is not aware of his irresponsible actions. He honestly wants to change and with help of self improvement he already changed a bit throughout a year and became more aware of his actions. It is slow journey and of course some aspects of personality can be changed. But can narcissism be cured from roots? All his actions come from being hurt and being abandoned by parent at early age (2 years old). Please share insights or information about changes, I am aware that this could be a life long journey, but is it worth putting effort?
  3. Hi guys. Has anyone experienced curing a narcissist/sociopath? I realised that my call is to heal people and looking out for the best ways to help heal the disorder. How to prepare person before the psychedelic intake? Please share your progress if you ever gone through that.