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  1. where do you find these hippie communities? Still searching for this type of accomodation in Berlin or somewhere in Europe
  2. Would be valuable to have an actualized.org app on phone
  3. Not the first time and not only in the club there is a strange tendency whenever my body reaches vibrations high enough. Pain can be picked up from the people eyes, then for the few minutes my body shakes unnoticeably and heart chakra gets loaded with unpleasant frequencies. then energy gets transmuted of those who experienced the most pain and as a consequence some person from the room falls dead or loses its consciousness. this happened while triping in the forest before with the friends as well. we transmuted some heavy energies and then walking out of the park someone was laying on the ground with lost consciousness. last time I visited my doctor the system was a mess as always and looked like it was made by the penguins of madagascar lol - the nurses ideally resembled the each pinguin. another notice is that soul meets many people that looks recongisable while triping, almost all people looks like either characters from animation, from the movies or that they are absolutely met somewhere. and I talk to these people things this body is not even aware of and I guess it is important for this mission. it is weird feeling when you know exactly what to say, sometimes situations turns to be completely stupid and I make fool out of myself, but at least my soul is having fun. i think it will be interesting to rewatch everything later. i hope i can cut out these moment where i look very goofy. anyway, nice experience. i wish nice experience to everyone, brothers/sisters maybe. enjoy this short trip. keep the grid.
  4. I would like to face the main issue of my life which is quite uncommon and it keeps me from living a productive, joyful & high quality life. The issue is to FEAR to wake up in the mornings. Not even begin to mention all the problems it caused in my life. I am lucky to have a lifestyle that does not require waking up too early. Yet if I have to be ready super early, this gives me anxiety which became uncontrolable when I tried to work my passion job that I liked or when I tried to study in University. As a result of living intense life in the early years of life now as soon as I open up my eyes in the morning, body immediately locks in fear. Sometimes it takes up to 6 hours to get back into the safe state to leave the bed. Due to this issue I skipped many important social occasions, meetings & parties. This only occurs when I am in a position of living the life I call ''life in the system''. To analyse this state deeper, I had to overcame many other fears that I had in my life. And for this one I always go sleep excited, meditated and completely calm inside. In the evening I do everything to prepare myself for the next morning. Then the morning comes and fear shows up. I can not move until I consciously think: OKAY, I do not have to go outside, I have a choice and I can stay at home. Which lead to many events unattended. And then I got myself a lable of irresponsible society member. In which way could I guide my thoughts in the morning? Feel absolute fear, no excitement and not matter wether I planned exciting things for that day or not. If I attend to events, I have no problem to socialise with people, I guess I am subconsciously afraid of the system more than people. Anyone has any advice how to talk with the body? I tried many different techniques including that stayed home for the half of the year to take time up to 6 hours every morning just to feel secure enough to wake up. Not leaving the bed until feeling safe to get up.
  5. You have more information on ancestral patterns? Super interesting, was trying to access ancestral knowledge, only scratched the surface tho, did it intuitively only and very minimal so far
  6. Have you tried completely cut out family members from your life. If so, did you feel missing them in your life, wanted to get them back? What mutual value you have with your family members? Would you survive financialy, psychologically without them? Is it the case that if something bad in your life happens that family is the first people who would be here to help you in this still physical 3D world? I think it is important to measure what 3D value is there from the family. Do they take a lot of your time to care about them? Maybe it is possible to limit interaction time to minimum to still fulfill the need of belonging if you had a close connection with family members throughout the most of your life. Or gradually fade away from them so it would not be painful to cut them all off at once. Show the boundaries that you are willing to maintain with them and do not let them cross it, They are still big part of life, their energies play the big role for us and we have to learn deal with it. Also when we change our opinion and energies directed to them, they change. Also possible to keep them at the heart and just remember them with love from time to time whilst living completely separate life. It is important to find one or few people who can be family for you since it is important to belong. I personally experimented a lot playing different roles with this family, including leaving them and in the end said sorry and came back to sustain minimal, but honest relation.
  7. Realisations after psychedelics before 2023 ends I spend enormous time in self - isolation. Finally build a life where I can spend time not involving with society too much. Was lost for a while and rewathing some foundational Leo videos helped me get back on track and realise that everything that was happening was a part of journey. Shawed all the hair to realise what role femininity and beauty played in my life (I am woman). I became much more secure and self loving. Days when I was not beautiful for myself while having a long hair makes no sense now, because I accept this body now much more than before. Realised that a beauty for woman defines very much of what she can get in a career. Back then skills and actual work did not played such an important role as it plays now. I like this position much more. What changed: Attention from men: decreased This outcome for me was one of the hardest, my old part of identity was build on being pretty to others. All of a sudden this changed and all the gifts from man dissapeared. Not expecting anymore that man can help me to get through life, but having to build it completely independently. And it was something I did not even realised consciously until the conditions changed. Judgement and questions from environment: increased Confidence and independence level: increased 100% Feels like being a warrior in the world having to show the way to others, which can get quite lonely, not much support that was said out loud, people are more scared of me, also there is more respect from self and from others (which is the same). This action helped to get more independence from family. Was not realising completely that I am autonomous person until I made this action of shawing hair (which for me was more spontaneous than intentional). They completely reject me and then we learned accept each other under ne new light. Faced deepest shadows of self. Had to accept these following parts of self: all the unpleasant feeling from the day I was born till now, had to refeel them again to put a new perspective why I was not loving myself. Realising that many of these conditions that I was put into was not my fault (but my responsibility to change these memories). laziness, stagnant self, loser self, the one that gives up fast, is imperfect. Forgave for all the people from the past, stopped juging the system, the city, the country, the ex, the parents (did not realised how much negative thoughts I used to hold on all of them until I meditated on these). Still struggle to believe that the city I grew up and live in is good for me. Overcoming fears, diving right directly into the middle to many of them Experienced magic. Having been uplifted in such a high highs of life that in this vibration almost anythinng was possible, things manifested spontaneously, teleportation was possible (for those who do not believe I am not trying to prove anything). From this position it is very scary to come back to the place of low vibration, where all the fears activates again and all the childhood memories comes back. One of the hardest things after psychedelics is to realise that everything was temporary. That you are actually a nice human being with superabilities. That only works when your vibration is high enough. Brain was used to heaviness so much and fall back to the old position, old relationships, old feelings lead me to depression. Plus I was unstable enough, not really fully autonomous back then. Mind was learning so quickly. I had to come back all the way to the childhood, remember the dark parts of life, to see what I preaviously resisted to see and build slowly again the person that I really want to be. Consciously came back to the city where the darkest things happened throughout my life and went into similar situations that previously made me (I made myself) to believe that I was unworthy. Just to see how mind was tricked back then. This year was transformational. Realisation that I was running away from my passion. Afraid to be actually good at something. Being scared to look at my own artwork after its being made, scared of negative reactions (haircut or videocut). This had a lot to do with self acceptance. Whenever socialising with people realising I am actually alone, especially in events, it is my favourite feeling. At the same time it was the most scary thing to realise that the path I have to walk alone, noo need of soulmates. It was hard to get motivated to create an actual beauty only for myself when noone actually sees it. Was also overcoming the fear of staying in the one country for longer perioud of time. Previously was build a lifestyle in which my survival was constantly change the place, to move again and again. I see that I was running from certain aspects of self. To actually sit down with self, really shift the look from outside to inside. Took years to have courage to do this. It is one thing to know these things and another one to do it. Understood that it is okay spend time sleeping daytime and night time weeks and moths. This way body heals and recovers faster. - Living under huge social pressure and still doing my thing. - Build a charecter and going out to another country to hang out with another higher developed individuals. In my continent I feel like living amongst kids. - Accepted the family member sides that I was hating before and turned it into advantage. Learned to say NO. Was previously thinking it is necessary to use every opportunity and now I started to pick only the options that will evolve through long time, not the ones that gives excitement. Stopped using people - this one was hard to admit that I was doing so. Developed more patience. Trying to master 3 different fields in life in the young years was feeling like being constant failure, because none of these fields bring much results yet financially. And I like to work on them all at once, not concentrating on one and then moving to another. So this gave me quite a pressure from self and really led to feeling unworthy again. I wished that I was more developed, this is my current path and it was hard to admit how much work still needs to be done. So for the next year I am working extra hard on the following: financial independence worthiness Videography concluding this journey it was turning shadows into love, this year it happened the most intensely.
  8. for me it was the case when I got out of old cycles, changed my life for exciting one (with the huge help of masters) and after some time got back into the old cycle, because it was too quick change and my psyche did not had enough time to adapt. I guess change have to come slow, To ilustrate this, I was jumping out from a very dark place and leaving everything behind including the family, country, basically having just a luggage with me from the old life. And got onto the new wave of fresh energy that felt just about amazing, After some time passed it started to feel weird as my old survival mechanisms was not useful anymore, it was so unusual that I had no prior experience on how to act in the new circumstances. It felt good at the same time was threatening. It was challenge for identity and also felt longing for the family members. THough that perhaps my mission is to contribute to that current dark old environment that I was spending most of my time in. In the end I came back to think and analyse all possible future strategies on how to survive in the new life the other time. Also the relation with old environment completely changed as this time maintained a really solid boundaries with family members and not complaining about the bad circumstances, but kind of looking what I can do better in this area for other people to help them grow. Also financial independence played a huge role here too I am working on financial independence being still relatively young building the career skills in new field first to be able to travel freely and come back only for short visits next time back to this old dark space that I am currently living in. Wow I told my life story well here you have it maybe its beneficial to someone.
  9. dealing with very similar issues, droping studies for the third time to seek for passion that will require enormous amounts of work. anxiety of trying to figure out the meaning of life mixed with career, my role in society, role of money, importance of the impact on other people, family, energetical changes of the body, consciousness and society. maybe stepping back from these energies a bit and focusing for a moment on something else could help you have a mind clarity to come back with a fresh perspective on this later
  10. Looking for to access to the most profound, detailed theory material on the topic of Videography. Especially the lexicon and important knowledge that is needed for a career in Videography. Any material and links will be deeply appreciated.
  11. Are woman meant to be receivers in society rather than providers when it comes to career? Is it the same for womans as the mans to build a career that generates good amount of money while they provide massive value for society? If not, than what would be the main important guidance steps for a woman building the career. I am in the stage of life seriously planing my career, seeing what value I can bring to the world with my whole life. I noticed that I do not feel the need of designing the career in such a way so that it would generate massive amounts of money. However, I live alone and I do not need very much of materiality around, just some high quality tools for working and high quality food. So does it work the same for woman and for man in terms of planning the spiritual career?
  12. woow thank you for sharing this, so happy for you, even feeling this amazing frequency righ now as reading this!! and by the way thank you for sharing about the dark side that you had to go through before experiencing something amazing. can relate to the situation from certain perspective! after reading this my life makes more sense (also had amazing lsd trips - experience of highest highs, synchronicities and deep understandings about life followed by 6 months of lowest-lows, sufferings, getting back to worst states, thinking will never go out of the trap. having to re-learn childhood and teen year unlearned lessons) well this gives hope that suffering ends and in the end there is something amazing that awaits
  13. It may have something to do with your emotional body being affected, suppressed emotions are being moved and they rise up to be processed and released. This happens when coffee stimulates central nervous system. But this can happen without coffee also
  14. Personal experience about energy shifts in my city and country: I had thoughts wether I am getting crazy or not. I like the idea that the path less traveled can become a blueprint for the people in the future to struggle less. Firstly it is hard, no one understands, but then people get familiar with the information You providing. That is how community builds. I love the fact that the Earth is shifting from the 3d to 5d. Shift is happening collectively and individually. People one by one release the traumas from the thought and emotional bodies. The vibration from the past is considered lower vibration. Typical older person living in North Europe usually eat low vibrational food. And they tend to not move very much. So daily life looks stagnant here. However, if you started to raise your frequency, it is better to change the environment. Because energy moves in and out from body to environment 50/50. I tried an experiment, how long I can stay fluid and happy in post-soviet environment. 2 months only. Then I fall back into the old cycle and my completely body mixed with the energies of the neighbours and cities. 1st days come back after my trip in South I was super open to communicate and collaborate with people I met on the streets. Almost all of them offered to me something valuable, either a place to stay, a ride or a cigarette. My energy body was vibrating high, fluid. I thought to myself that stagnant people living here needs transformation, so I started organising a festival. Each day I found a new person who can contribute to event in a some way. Investors, artists, vocalists, landlords etc. When the organisation process became more serious, I started catching the low vibe of the country, city. It is said that we feel bad in the city if we hold the heavy energies ourselves and then the energy of environment just resonates with us. So I have gone through deep 'cleaning process' myself. And I still feel bad sometimes in the flat. I had such a questions like why I was born in such a city. In other countries people seem to live happier life on average. But I believe some Lightworkers were send to be born in a very low vibrational environments to transmute the energies of collective. It usually feels shitty on daily basis, but I accept it as a mission. I feel almost always better when I leave the country. But family lives here and they struggle. I learn not to resist the energy of city. I used to hate the view through my window as it seemed like people are caged in small flats, the view is very grey. No wonder many people have depression here. However, general situation is getting better in the country as there are such raising stars like Aida and Rytis, they are doing important job on the collective, helping people with the worst stories ever to deal with their feeling, let go and uplift. Slowly country is transforming. Maybe it is going to be the last one in the world that transcends to 5d, but it will happen sooner or later. Other option is that it will go through quick and unexpected shake that will cause old system to collapse faster and that would be called war.