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  1. If you want to develop that skill, talk to yourself all the time. I've done this for 12 years and I can tell you it really helps develop the connections in your mind and articulate them. It takes practice but just follow whatever chain of thought you're mind takes you on. Have some "central point" you're trying to approach, but know that you probably won't get there... it's the contemplation/speaking itself that's the fun part. Alan Watts and Leonard Bernstein were also amazing at giving extemporary lectures.
  2. @Leo Gura I have 3 questions: 1. Are you aware of/contemplating methods other than psychs that move you in the "upward" direction such that the finite mind gradually expands until it becomes infinite? Is contemplation essentially this? 2. How is the "downward" movement, which is focused on removing mental labels, not the same thing as the deconstruction you advocate? Is it that the "upward" embraces construction as a necessary part of Deconstruction? 3. I understand radical aloneness, that there is no one to help and nothing to do. Why do you think so many cultures advocate the bodhisattva approach of withholding one's awakening to help others, and do you think there's any wisdom to it?
  3. Don’t moralize when you inevitably do get stuck in one of them. With time your attachment will loosen.
  4. Thanks all, this is good advice and I’ll reconsider what I tell the campers about SD, if at all. I would still like input on what kinds of things I might do during May to integrate and understand each stage.
  5. @fridjonk I've thought long and hard about that point in planning this but I've concluded that it is important to teach. This is a leadership program I'm doing with only 10-15 kids. Giving them this model as a tool for understanding themselves and the world, while being perfectly clear that it is a model and that they must take care not to abuse it, is extremely important for developing leadership. I will, though, be extremely careful to make sure I speak from experience. How else are people supposed to encounter this stuff if no one shows it to them?
  6. Hey y'all! I'm getting ready to teach Spiral Dynamics to my Leaders-in Training for the Summer camp I work at (ages 15-16) and I'll be spending all of May deeply contemplating the model and integrating each stage so I can know that I'm teaching from my own experience. I've studied this and other developmental models for 3 years, and I want to get into the heart of each stage, reflect on my own embodiment, and understand how to effectively teach it. Please help me answer any of these questions as I plan this journey: 1. In addition to studying the book, Leo's videos, and the mega threads, what are some exercises I can use to understand and integrate each stage? 2. What are the most essential films to watch for each stage? Ones that show the benefits of each stage in addition to the limitations? 3. How do I get teenagers interested in a psychological development model, given my age group and the fact that most of them are stage high Orange/Green? (It's a nature camp in Massachusetts and most are from schools that stress equity and diversity) 4. What happens if I get someone from a stage Blue background (unlikely but possible) or otherwise people who are very closed-minded? 5. What are the positive aspects of Purple, Red, Blue, and Orange that I can stress? 6. I'm concerned about pointing out limitations of materialism. I don't want to fully deconstruct science for them but I still need to explain how and why the materialist paradigm is not sufficient. How do I avoid giving them existential crises and looking like a crackpot while still addressing the issue? 7. I'm even more concerned about talking about the limitations of Green, as they may confuse the self-centeredness of Yellow for that of Orange. They're also likely to think I'm constructing a hierarchy even if I tell them that being at a higher stage does not imply being better. I also don't want it to seem like I'm excusing anyone's actions by asking them to understand and have compassion for racists, sex offenders, capitalists, Hitler, Trump, and anyone else Green demonizes. Leo is able to be very direct in this way but I'd immediately lose credibility if I say that, for example, Hitler acted out of Love. How to manage? 8. What are some engaging exercises I can have them do to for each stage, especially Yellow and Turquoise? I want to hit them over the heads with the depth of self-actualization and self-transcendence, but how far do I go? I want this to be maximally impactful and memorable for them, but there are dangers to talking about this stuff with teens. It is, however, the best time for them to have an introduction to it. I want to give them a taste of what's really possible for them in life that I wish I'd gotten at their age. Thank you!!
  7. I've come to the same realizations and am taking a good long break from weed for these reasons. It is really only helpful when used like a psychedelic, where you set intentions and focus on insight. At this point with my psychology and understanding of metaphysics, getting high is more like being on low doses of lsd. Which can be nice, but at the same time, why not just "graduate" to lsd as my primary substance. Weed is extremely effective for opening newbie's minds to spirituality, irrational truths, mental unification, and the importance of contemplation, but it can only take you so far.
  8. Go meta on the process and accept the Ying and Yang of it. You cannot have endless growth in one direction. The solution always lies in accepting both sides of what can seem like a war inside you. If you are in a "low", it is probably because there are emotions that need to get sorted out and expressed before you can move to a new "high". Allow yourself to try different tactics in life, different practices that suit a different set of needs, and radically accept every thought/feeling/judgement that you find.
  9. If you do, smoke toward the tail end of the trip after 4 or 5 hours. I'd use an indica strand as I've found sativas can give me anxiety when on shrooms.
  10. @Depersonilized this is almost paranormal; literally minutes ago I just came to the exact same realization. I have been a composer for a while and am trying to turn it into a life purpose, but I realized that what is stopping me in being truly authentic and creative in my work is my attachment to music, my identification with being a composer. I realized there is really no such thing as "my" music, and that I have an unhealthy obsession with originality and individuality in my work. In truth, music is music. And music is everything. Trust that if you let go of this identification as I began to do, you will come to a deeper realization of what music is and how it can be used to find truth and love.
  11. This jigsaw puzzle is 1 million pieces that are all blank... do NOT think that you will solve this quickly.
  12. I find truth in both points. This forum is certainly not therepy, in fact you may find the exact opposite of the advice you need at this time in your life.... And yet most psychologists aren't aware of the spiritual dimension of life, though they are perhaps more likely to be open to it. OP has good advice, but I think if you've gone down the route spirituality long enough to understand existentiality, you won't be satisfied with "just" a therepist. This forum isn't always the best for people who need serious emotional help, but it can give people guidance and a higher vision.
  13. “Guided exercise for realizing you are God” *2 months later* “How to Get Laid”
  14. It’s a distraction if you get distracted by it Try to remove all labels you assign to it, like it’s name, function, whether it’s a help or a hindrance, etc. Just experience it as it is and you’ll know whether to deepen it or leave it alone.
  15. Not to @ you specifically but I’m getting tired of all these threads asking when Leo’s gonna post again. Have you noticed he doesn’t respond to them? The guy deserves a break, if the 500 vids he’s posted so far aren’t more than a lifetimes worth of self help then idk what is.