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  1. Haha no. I meant that I would draw upon insights that actualized helped me come to in answering some question. But not necessarily quote Leo directly or copy his intellectual property.
  2. Hi all, I'm writing for a philosophy essay competition. What are some topics you'd suggest writing about? It can be on any subject; logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, history of philosophy, politics, etc. I want to drop some truth bombs that I've learned from but in a way that won't give the reader an existential crisis (if possible). Thanks!
  3. I got rid of anxiety, still working through depression. And I mean like, for good... I will never face issues with anxiety ever again. The key is to get extremely curious about what it is you're actually experiencing and learn to divorce the experience from the story you tell about it that perpetuates and justifies having the experience.
  4. Give more info on these daydreams. Generally they're a distraction technique from some trauma, creating a scenario that parallels the emotions you're avoiding in a fantastical way as a way to help you process them.
  5. You're asking your value to be given to you by the "7 billion people" that you're imagining. If you can imagine 7 billion people and you get to be one of them, how cool is that? Don't export your value to any one else.
  6. It seems like he often just answers the first thing to come to mind. Sometimes its very unhelpful, other times it does its magic by getting you to stop overthinking things.
  7. Avoid any acid on an empty stomach. Unless you want ulcers.
  8. I'm sure there is a bias on our part because we know about spiral dynamics already, particularly Leo's 5-years-ago-explanation. But being aware of that bias is itself a yellow thing
  9. Any altered experience can give you insight if you are looking inside and noticing the changes it creates. You might as well do the same thing with windex.
  10. Or go outside. Talk outside, dance inside.
  11. Tell your gf how you've been feeling. Don't overshare or turn into an emotional puddle, but she needs to know this is how you've been feeling or else she'll mistrust you.
  12. Low dose can be really good for you if you haven't tried them already. A high dose (more than 3.5 grams) could be horrifying.
  13. Yeah idk about this whole burning through karma stuff... it can be misleading and be used as an excuse not to stop. I think mindful usage is supposed to be an unbiased noticing of what benefits/drawbacks you are getting from the addiction and ultimately observing for yourself that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Easypeasy method is great^.
  14. Hi @Loving Radiance You really don't have a choice to create the illusion of separateness. If you're experiencing at all what I've been experiencing, concepts, labels, judgements, and separations have been loosing grip over you over time. In a few months from now, you'll be completely immersed in a deeper oneness than you thought possible. If you try to fight it and create the duality, you'll suffer. I understand the strangeness of the realization that "no one's there", but ask yourself, who is there to judge the strangeness of this situation as a bad thing? Nobody! I have an uncomfortable sensation when I "merge" with everything if the experience is only a visual or mental one. The more in touch you are with the senses of touch, smell, and sound, I think you'll find the experience more pleasant, at least i do. Also get in touch with beauty, gratitude, and bliss by learning to fill yourself with these emotions at will. Right now you're asking what you need to "do" to "manage" your awakening. Stop listening to those thoughts and enjoy the experience. "A bottomless pit is the safest place to fall into" - Sadhguru