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  1. yes I've experienced this. Hint: it means you've been trying to run away from something.
  2. Most therapists are stage green people beholden by the DSM-5 to hold a certain approach to mental health and to ignore its spiritual underpinnings. Most of them will teach you mindfulness but will woefully underestimate its importance and will not have a clue what you're talking about if you've accessed mystical states. They are compassionate and skillful people, but I think it should be clear that their specialty is in helping people who have very limited awareness of their emotions and thoughts to develop basic coping mechanisms. They will NOT guide you along a spiritual path. What benefits people who have stepped into mysticism and the integration work that comes with it is either a life coach or a transpersonal psychologist. I've been working with transpersonal and it's wonderful. It's like having a weekly chat with Eckhart Tolle. Also don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you don't have a mental disorder that a therapist wouldn't want to work with you.
  3. ^^^^^ your only mistake here was romanticization. Learn not to trust your romanticizing mind. Treat it like a toddler telling you about Santa clause. Compassionate disbelief.
  4. Lol the cat is fine. You’re more likely to get hookworms up your ass from the bucket toilet. Outdoor toilets should be at least 6 feet deep because if it’s shallower hookworms can get to you. And yes oral sex can give you diseases but rarely.
  5. @Leo Gura What do you think about studying philosopher's ideas as though you're studying animals at a zoo? i.e. not expecting to get a very profound understanding but still learning about what "very smart" people have thought throughout history and how that affects the minds of people today? I find it exhilarating and somewhat useful, even though it has nothing to do with truth. Or sex.
  6. The key is empathy, if you were in his situation you may very well want a friend to give you a compassionate kick in the ass, but you don't want to be shamed. The right time and the right words will come to you, just focus on having the right intention.
  7. Looking for resources may be a tactic for the patterns to continue by filling your mind with more content. Chances are your mind is too filled with noise about personal development to actually hear yourself. Pay attention to how you feel and how different chemicals you consume, things you watch, and people you talk to enhance or sabotage your energy. This takes mental silence. Compulsive, sabotaging behaviors can't happen consciously. Currently I'm working on talking to myself less, or writing instead of talking, because I've realized that I've been doing it for a decade and it creates various sub personalities that fight with each other. So when it comes to making decisions that affect my energy and focus, I can't think clearly because my mind is pulled in so many directions. When I instead be the unbiased, non-judgemental listener of the mental chatter, it's no longer able to control my actions and I make more rational decisions.
  8. Silence is the best part of being with a girl. Cherish it. If you show you're comfortable with it, she will be too, and that's when the connection with her can get really intimate. Don't fill the void with mindless garbage. Enjoy her presence. That's because you can't do small talk anymore from the place you used to do it. That version of you was anxious and obsessed with your appearance in the social matrix, and this version of you is calm and detached from the social matrix (if I'm understanding correctly). Small talk now is not going to be random shit to fill the anxious silences, it's going to be spontaneous and playful banter that emerges from feeling joy in the Now.
  9. This blew my mind, these things can think with their arms!
  10. I've had all these same realizations on weed, be warned though, they're primarily mental. Unless you combine it with yoga or something body related, the chain of insight is happening only in your head and produces a rather shallow insight. You can get more bang for your buck with lsd. I find that weed is also addictive, distorts my thinking for days, and not easy to integrate. But awesome insights!
  11. The only solution is to start doing things you don't really want to do but which are simple enough that it doesn't take much effort, then you'll naturally (NOT by force) want to do more things. Make your bed, run around the block, take a cold shower for one minute, read one page of a book. You're suffering from a perceived lack of agency because of how debilitating the tasks in front of you seem. You may be a pluralist in your thinking but you haven't integrated the discipline of the conformist.
  12. I'd rephrase this as: to actively practice and develop the SKILL of detachment, one needs CONTENT in one's life to practice it on, such as a career, relationships, and personal projects. I too have been trying too much to strip my life of contents and see what it's all about, and I agree that it's not the best strategy. Spot on!
  13. Not the clip you were talking about but he's crying in this one ^