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  1. Thanks for that, that was great.
  2. But what if it's all true. Respect your elders and love the young guns. No pedo.
  3. Wow. So true. So good. Thank you. I think you are so beautiful in both body and soul.
  4. Why you asking me I don't know?
  5. Yes. This is my favourite painting of Hitler the Artist. I wish I was a high as those mountains. Maybe Leo is he loves 5 5-MeO-DMT.
  6. The fear of the conditioned fighter is that if they use their Martial Arts outside both octagon and the ring is that they will lose their licence for discharging their weapons. I don't know about other countries but here in the United Kingdom when you turn professional you enter into a licence agreement to not engage with your Martial Arts on the street and anywhere outside the sporting venues. It must stay in the ring or octagon. Unless you're Conor McGregor of course but Khabib Nurmagomedov beat him in the Octagon. But, hey, Ireland is not part of the UK.
  7. Sorry if this is inappropriate because I couldn't bare reading your posts. But maybe listen to Billie Eilish? She went through it all too and so did Dua Lipa.
  8. Are all females born enlightened and then us men find our first love and then f*** the female up and then we learn from our suffering. Or is it just me that it happened to? Thoughts?
  9. I think I could get quite into lesbian porn.
  10. Oh right. Well... well... we seem to have a legend on the forum.
  11. Enlightenment doesn't exist he just made it up to make loads of money. Na I'm just joking but then I'm joking about being joking x10^∞