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  1. You are being too logical. Just feel into the present.
  2. Lmao this is too autistic to work.
  3. Yea, I agree. Do you think that if the people were green those problems would solve itself in whatever the system or that capitalism would stop it.
  4. Found it. Great show btw. It grows on you. Spoilers ahead.
  5. I bet he got that analogy from Hajime no Ippo. He loves anime.
  6. While I agree with Destiny more than the leftists on this one he is mostly orange/green. Bookfucker has the highest perspective that I've seen.
  7. You might have low imagination. Try talking to manual workers about the third world. They'll look at you like you're off. Most of them are at blue/orange. Since they can't empathize with the world I don't know why do you expect them to vote against their own interests.
  8. His attacker said the same thing. Oh wait I forgot he was left wing so it doesn't count. Never mind.
  9. I read this article. https://www.insider.com/brothers-say-they-never-asked-rittenhouse-to-guard-car-source-2021-11 Kyle said that they asked and they said that they didn't. Looks like it stopped there. This below didn't look good for them but in the end who knows. "Chirafisi also repeatedly asked Anmol whether he was fearful of being sued if he admitted that he requested armed protection on the property where Rittenhouse ultimately shot Joseph Rosenbaum. Anmol appeared not to understand the question."
  10. There's no need but it's fun. Get out of the left wing bubble. Here is him testifying.
  11. I agree that he was somewhat responsible for raising the tension but you have to be retarded to agree on this and then dismiss the responsibility of the attacker who pointed the gun at Kyle.