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  1. I need to log off and I don't remember the password. Love y'all.
  2. Yea, very common. There was a video that explained it nicely but I can't find it now.
  3. I'll take that person and raise you someone who believes that all governments and major institutions are working together to kill us all.
  4. There's a yt channel called street epistemology. Try that approach. Maybe start with this below before you go to other people.
  5. This is all a plan.
  6. Sry I triggered you. Biology proves that men can grow beards easier but it doesn't say anything about who should or shouldn't grown one. uwu
  7. You shouldn't throw away male and female. Just add 50 more genders to the pile so you can be more accurate.
  8. Keep updating us on the results of this.
  9. No one cares about biology. It's a construct in a way that says beards are for men.
  10. White people are not 100% in power. So minority bosses with your mindset can still hurt people. Racism has a bigger impact than just employment. You are trying to justify your own racism with statistics in the same way conservatives do when they start quoting 15/50.
  11. So Elmo can say it in private?