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  1. Annihilation is an excellent movie very clearly about enlightenment, but subtle enough to be taken as sci-fi by those that don't know what to look for
  2. Well, because the answer you are looking for is simple: JUST THIS. But those simple words are ridiculously deceptive, in that they are so much radically deeper than you think that you will likely stop looking long before you have understood that. Meditation keeps you right now, for long enough to wake up to what I'm talking about. Psychedelics simply don't. The mystical experiences and mind-blowing "realizations" are just that--experiences for the mind. They are not enlightenment, and Leo does not understand this. But then, everything is enlightenment when you truly see, so that ground will fall away eventually too. But it probably won't fall away without meditation.
  3. Spoiler alert: JUST THIS If that doesn't seem profound, keep looking That's all I have to say about that.
  4. My perspective is that meditation is not about controlling the mind (e.g. Adderall), but about learning to be present and equanimous with what IS, whatever that may be. So even a fatigued, distracted, wandering mind is still a perfectly valid subject for meditative work. Stimulant drugs "speed up the river" if you will, and will enhance the challenge of actually paying attention to the flow. It can be done and I've heard of people reaching various stages of enlightenment while using ADD drugs, but I strongly recommend you don't fall into the trap of thinking meditation is something you "do". Meditation is the undoing of doing. It's realizing that doing and not doing are the same thing. The drugs won't help you with that.
  5. Nope, the most clever wish is for you to never wish for anything
  6. Also, with ANY spiritual teacher, followers absolutely love to talk about the stuff the teacher says with slight variations in wording or language to make it sound like they both understand and are at/near the same level. There are plenty of these people on this forum, many in denial about it. I occasionally do this myself, though I at least try to be honest about when my understanding is "intellectual" vs experiential. Fortunately, there's also some really great authentic and realized people here, so you just need to apply some wisdom in who you listen to.
  7. You sound like you're in the pit of the dark night... Just remember the 6 sense doors, and to see them with clarity, concentration, and equanimity, NO MATTER WHAT arises, and to notice the 3 characteristics in all things. Be so sure of that that you will face death itself head-on if necessary. The only way out is forward. Keep taking one step after another. Rest when you need to, but keep going. Remind yourself that in a way you're lucky... this despair precedes something truly wonderful. You've gotten this far, and braving this darkness is the key to the next sunrise. Everything is impermanent, even this. Look for what you're clinging to, as well... there is no suffering without clinging. Find it, see it, and let it go.
  8. The book "Time, Space, and Knowledge" has some very good exercises for this phase of the path. It is however probably too advanced (perceptually) for anyone pre-stream entry or 2nd path maybe (aka me). It seems like later path progress is basically impossible to understand or visualize until you are entering that territory. Would you agree?
  9. @OBEler I literally fried my brain after a single use. It has caused me HUGE amounts of suffering, and I was trying very hard to be responsible and safe. I'm just trying to help people not take stupid risks for a feel-good high. You do you bro.
  10. I took a 120mg and a 50mg re-up. Very moderate usage and in a safe calm environment. The pharma-huasca was 2 weeks later. I don't know what to tell you, but I'd never had any issues with psychedelics before, and that pharma trip messed me up big time. My brain was fried badly enough that I couldn't even do a light dose of shrooms 6 months later without significant suffering. MDMA, for some people, does NOT require a large dose or multiple uses to cause long-term toxicity. Read the whole article.
  11. @WokeBloke You just keep trying to back out the "self", but it's not there. It's like a sneaky assumption you're making that because something arose, something else had to have caused it. Your experience will not reveal that. Even intention is a thought, as is agency. You think you moved your hand to grab your cup? No, the thought "I" took credit for the intention/movement AFTER it was created. This is a key insight from close mindfulness. ALL thoughts and sensations arise from and return to "nothing", in no time, for no one, no where. No perception can perceive another perception; taking credit is just another thought. Time, space, distance, and self are all illusory constructs and reflections.
  12. There's no thinker. It's just a mirror that reflects experience with no substance at all. But this is the end of the path, not the beginning. It will take a lot of work for this to be experientially true for you, as this subtle sense of self is highly entrenched and solidified.
  14. Personally, I'd avoid MDMA unless you really need it for a specific and serious trauma (like bad PTSD). It can permanently alter your receptor functioning, and in my case, contributed to a pharma-huasca disaster 2 weeks later in which my receptors got badly fried. While it feels amazing to be wrapped in Joy, it isn't worth the consequences, in my opinion.