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  1. Point 2 feels very self-biased to me, Leo. Time may technically be an illusion from an "absolute" standpoint, but we are not living that in our day-to-day experience. Regardless of our true nature, we are living these human lives from the perspective of these body-minds. Within this limited context, the only time that matters is NOW, and psychedelics only leave you with a memory occurring NOW, which is conceptual, flawed, and by definition Not It. How you can you so fiercely defend this? Your own warnings of self-bias seem very appropriate here--you have experienced non-duality/etc. with psychedelics and haven't achieved permanent awakening through meditation/contemplation. Is it not self-biased to promote the former and downplay the latter? I don't think it's healthy OR true to tell people the NOW doesn't matter. It is the only thing we have within this human experience, and personally, I want to awaken in the NOW. You're right that it's very hard to do and that people have to be committed to do it. But it doesn't take 40 years, nor is it impossible, and I think you really downplay the spiritual journey that happens within that process. You will never be free until you are free right now.
  2. You must be extremely conscious of how you can run people over with your logic. I have found developing my feminine side / empathy / listening skills to be extremely important to balance this weakness. And you'd be surprised, when you let go of dependence on logic alone, the world gets a lot more colorful and rich.
  3. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Path or maps of it, so forgive me if you already know this... but there is MUCH more beyond Stream Entry, so don't rest on it, even if it feels amazing (and it is an awesome accomplishment). But many have said it is less than 1% of the full thing, with huge shifts in your everyday experience ahead of you. Also, after your first cessation you should be capable of "cycling", or going through a full spiritual high/low cycle (including dark night) in a much shorter period of time (like sometimes less than an hour), ending in repeat cessations. This "review" phase can continue for some time, but will eventually begin another macro cycle which will put you through the full process again. Completing that will land you the next "Path", and another major shift. Really recommend reading MCTB if you haven't already.
  4. I've watched it 3 times and cried every time. Watching it with your own mother is a particularly moving experience. Pure, genuine, human truth and love <3
  5. Sounds like you had one, congrats. Stream Entry How did you get there, if I may ask?
  6. You should definitely read the book Radical Honesty
  7. I can only speak for myself, but I started my journey weirdly by awakening my third eye almost right away. It literally went through a very painful 6 month process of decalcifying (during which I had crazy storms of electricity and vibration in my head, tons of insomnia). As it eventually matured though, my sleep started to get really wild, with mystical visions and entrance into other realms becoming a common experience. Some of these felt like breakthroughs and had lasting effects in waking life--for example, my vision got super clear and kind of holographic in early January and has remained so permanently (like halfway between normal and Mushroom vision). I have awoken at night several times to Kundalini surges happening through my spine. It's hard to make sense of these, but based on the follow-on events, I think the January shift was crossing the A&P stage, as it was followed by a pretty solid dark night. I have continued to vipassana since then and am still working my way through cycles of Re-Obs / Equanimity, still feel like I have a ways to go to cessation though.
  8. Sam Harris has glimpses but is probably not even past stream entry. I read Waking Up and wasn't impressed. He falls into many of the traps of materialism (implicit beliefs in science / materialism). But he has his purpose, just like Jordan Peterson. Sam Harris is PERFECT for hardcore stage Orange people who are looking for something "more". He is relatable enough to them to have credibility, yet encourages subjective exploration of consciousness. With some luck, they will open their minds a little after hearing him speak, and as they explore they will eventually start growing out of Orange.
  9. Awesome thanks for sharing!
  10. Glad to help! Not Knowing and MCTB are totally different approaches, but ultimately complementary. I struggled to integrate what I read in MCTB for several months, especially if you're a Leo fan. Shinzen's "Science of Enlightenment" and Frank Yang helped me eventually reconcile it, mostly. Let me know if you get stuck on this like I did. After MCTB you will finally understand what meditation really is, but even then, there is a long way to go. But that will keep you busy for quite some time
  11. To learn concentration, read: The Mind Illuminated To learn insight practice, read: MCTB and Seeing that Frees For peak experiences: do many different psychedelics and different dosages, combine with integration and contemplation and intention. To unravel the self, I'd combine Ralston's Book of Not Knowing with contemplation, journaling, shadow work, and self-inquiry. Keep mixing the self-inquiry with meditation as well, as it will get more effective when you can enter higher jhanic states. Finally, accept NO GROUND. Whatever you realize, let it go, and keep going. Do this forever, even if you think you realize God. This is the key to not getting stuck somewhere.
  12. @Being Frank YangFrank, at some point would you mind doing a detailed video / blog on how you actually did the meditative practices that were so effective for you? I'd love know what you mean when you say things like "Vipassanize the air, go from solid to liquid to gas, expand to infinity and collapse to nothing, drop the center", or more detail on what your day-day practice was like, obstacles you encountered, traps you fell into, etc. Some of your language is difficult to interpret when it comes to the actual practice Especially in the 3 years you spent prior to Stream Entry, what was that progress like? I'm working very hard on the path of insight but it's challenging to know if I'm really doing it correctly or making real progress to my first cessation. Thanks again for posting here and adding to the discussion, it's extremely valuable.
  13. @Leo Gura How do you get around the fact of the NOW being the only thing that exists? Your own teachings have given me incredible illumination into how the mind works, especially when it comes to recognizing concepts vs present reality. This is inescapable when you talk about psychedelics--all psychedelic experiences are immediately relegated to past experience, which is merely a concept occurring in the NOW. Thus, they become maps of the territory as soon as they end. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say you have experienced God than to say you have realized God, because in the moment you are reading this, that is not your momentary experience? (I would only define realization as something I experience right now, always) I have heard you say that time doesn't matter when it comes to enlightenment, but I simply disagree. The now is all there is, and if it isn't NOW, then it is just thoughts, concepts, and feelings occurring in your mental stream.
  14. Yup, this is one of the great combos. LSD is like the golden road to a great DMT trip, possibly because of the synergy in 5-HT2P receptor action. I don't generally advocate mixing drugs, but this one might be a worthwhile exception.
  15. Frank, I love this and it has cleared up a lot for me, but something is still confusing me. Leo talks about "everything is God", yet you speak of "No Self" (which to me means, basically, not even God exists? that everything just is?) I have a hard time with this because in a way it's coming back to reality being completely mysterious. Is this what you truly mean? Or is "God" still the point, just one that is truly All of the Above, as in Everything AND Nothing, Unity AND separation, Infinity AND dog poop. This makes sense to me, but I'm still trying to understand what you really mean by No Self.