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  1. Try learning meditation. Kriya amounts to an attempt to squish concentration, insight, and energy work into a single practice, while doing none of them well. I think you're much better off with any of the Buddhist traditions. Kundalini will rise when it is ready. Forcing it is a terrible idea.
  2. Deep Simplicity (chaos theory) and Infinity and the Mind (infinity in many varieties) GEB is great for understanding fundamental pure math ideas about the limits of logic, and it's certainly a Yellow book, but it is rigidly materialistic and misses the very heart of nonduality despite bumping its head into over and over. He even has chapters on Zen and just can't grasp consciousness to save his life and tirelessly confuses it with mind. I wasn't as impressed by this book as Leo, it was mostly cute cleverness and a whole lot of work.
  3. The Neverending Story is a deep enlightenment metaphor if you know what you're looking for. Also the Alchemist.
  4. I'd say curiosity and open-mindedness are key. Both nature and context are important for these, especially being in environments than allow continued growth and integration. That said, those of you "born into Green" are likely less Green than you realize, as you probably have a bunch of holes in the Red/Blue/Orange stages, and may even "believe" Green as an ideology rather than truly integrate it, which is really Blue! (e.g. you're Blue about Green values) I had the (mis)fortune of being born into Blue, grew myself into Orange, got plunged by my work environment into Purple/Red (fighter pilot), and then finally had a bunch of smart Green people pull me along. I've arrived at a Yellow that is uncommonly experienced with the lower stages, and hard-fought. Without this kind of experience though, it'd be more like intellectual bypassing. Even then, it's worth acknowledging we all have holes in our development and should constantly be on the lookout for them.
  5. I tried microdosing LSD for work before, and found that it was too wavy and unstable for any kind of decent productivity. You're better off with something like Modafinal or frankly, a good night's sleep.
  6. Such eloquence. How can I argue...
  7. This is a great example of why saying "everything is imaginary" is such a shitty teaching. All that encourages is for you to get stuck in your thoughts. Thoughts about imagining, imagining that things are imaginary, etc. Do you experience things as imaginary? No? Then great, stop thinking that shit. Leo would do well to stop thinking it himself. Your experience is what counts, and until the nature of reality becomes apparent to you, don't go around creating this pseudo-spirituality religion out of it. What you're really doing here is creating a self-concept out of these thoughts, and solidifying that self concept, effectively deepening your separation from reality/experience. This obviously is going to increase suffering. Suffering was used as the primary metric by the Buddha for a damn good reason: it is directly linked to sense of self, clinging/craving, and separation (and hence, realization = no suffering). These all go to zero simultaneously. Start working on that and use your suffering as a guide.
  8. Trust me, you still have NO IDEA DMT is like a hole in your entire knowledge body of reality.
  9. The drop is in the ocean AND the ocean is in the drop
  10. Would really appreciate the share, I have yet to see a method without downsides.
  11. What has this done for you though? How does this affect your "now"? There's a huge part of me that really badly wants to experience this as you have, but when I reflect carefully, that part of me is entirely ego-based. It is only the "I" that wants this, that feels the lack that needs this, that feels incomplete without this. It is the "I" that needs to understand, that wants to experience omniscience or infinity, etc. From a truly ultimate perspective the infinite omniscient "ALL" is no better or worse than a paperclip. All contains one and one contains all. There is nothing that could possibly be more or better than anything else because of this. There's no higher or lower, there's no better or worse. Can you honestly say you experience this kind of absolute equanimity? THAT is what enlightenment and God-realization truly is about. Anything but that is evidence of illusion/delusion remaining. That's why I say you aren't there, no matter how deep your trips are. There is a falling backwards that happens in the heart of paradox, and that is where folks like Angelo and Frank Yang have gone and reside. I am convinced that is much more the point of existence than trip insights.
  12. I'm trying to get you to consider that it isn't BS. Have you considered that during the time you tried all the workshops and classic meditation that you just didn't get far enough to actually start to really get it? To get there requires a really really deep digging into super subtle stuff. You need to get really freaking good at sensing your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. This is super hard, but it can be done. The result is seeing reality as it really IS right now, which has nothing to do with a state and everything to do with what is actually true. I'm talking about NONDUALITY, and you're talking about transcendent states. To truly realize nonduality, radical no-self is foundational and has to be because it's the fundamental illusory split between subject and object. This is not "no-mind", but literally the collapse of all dualities and all identities, leading to absolute ineffable groundless paradox and non-description, and it only ever is this here eternally now. When you go chasing transcendence, you miss the whole boat because you miss that the deepest truth isn't a state or about any kind of content. This is the truth that brings peace and love and happiness. The very seeking that drives you to desire understanding with psychedelics IS separation from real understanding, from Being. I just see your mind constructing this frame in which there is this "high realization", a Leo that should embody it, and a noble drive for understanding. Break this construction and free fall backwards. Radically accept absolutely everything, even your own resistance and craving, and do this until it melts. Accept every dark emotion and thought. Accept the deep powerful NO that reverberates through your being when you try to let go. And keep going. It is so obvious you are not free, and I wish you would stop being stubborn here because it's just ego, and it misleads people who are using you as their primary resource.
  13. Does anyone have a direct e-vape method with links to all the equipment needed that works reliably every time? Every setup I've seen has been very custom and all have had some notable cons. Still haven't seen a "perfect method" for getting the job done.
  14. What do you guys think about the Listening Society's "Metamodernism" take? I bought the book and did some flipping... I'm a little skeptical as it seems to be pretty in the weeds and lacks the sensibility and predictive power of Spiral Dynamics (which is incredibly useful for general understanding, even if it is not always perfect). The meta-question is... how many "lenses" is too much? I suppose a flexible approach is to explore them and keep the ones that help and discard the ones that don't.
  15. I want liberation, in this moment, for the rest of my life. I want to be permanently and completely free from subject-object duality in my direct experience of every sensation. I want to be free of the continuous suffering that referencing a "self" creates in moment-to-moment experience. I've done enough work to see this suffering very clearly, and from here there is simply no other choice. The deepest love is the acceptance of this moment exactly as it is. That's the purpose of this life, and the meaning of happiness and freedom. If I can get that far, I'll be happy to do all the psychedelics in the world and let you know what I find. But they are dubious shortcuts, and frankly not the real work. I've been to the Source on 60mg of DMT, and yes it was a transcendent experience. But I'm still me, and I still suffer. I want to BE that, not reference memories about it from tripping. What Angelo is talking about undoing is something so much more subtle than anything you ever talk about. It is right at the gateway of perception. It is in the finest details of thought and knowing and the subtle construction of time, space, frame, view, real-ness, self, etc. If you don't undo this, literally everything is filtered by it, including psychedelic trips. There is a reason people say psychedelics have nothing to do with enlightenment--this becomes simply obvious. Reality is already becoming luminous for me, and this is wonderful. Things shine with consciousness, and still there is something underneath that. I really hope you go back and look for this when the dissatisfaction really starts to eat at you, because on your path you can never escape that.