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  1. @Vrubel When you don't get what you want or get rejected, this is a great opportunity to release attachement. For instance you may have an attachment to being an attractive man. When you get rejected, this part of you feels threatened and it is in part why it bums you out. But realise that as long as you have this attachment, you will never be free ! And life will continue to bring up situations that challenge that part of you. From my perspective what Leo is describing is just a way to reinforce the ego to maintain your confidence. Maybe it is good advice for some people, but consider an alternative : Simply observe how it feels in your body when you get rejected, then fully accept and embrace what you observe. Love it even if you can. Then you may have some kind of a release or you will simply feel lighter, as a result of shedding a part of your ego. When you do that over an over again it is powerful. You don't really get more "confident" with that process, but you become more conscious, free from outcome and insecurities. More generally, any suffering that you experience is a gift if you can embrace it. Consider the following : if you have an attachment to a particular interaction going well, what is the better outcome ? Getting exactly what you want or getting rejected ?
  2. Frank Yang is simply saying that if someone is identified with being God, then it isn't enlightenment.
  3. @Leo Gura Leo I suppose you research the topic a lot before doing your fast. What is your view on taking salt or electrolytes during a long fast ? If only taking salt how much is a good dose ? Also I think I remember that you used a special kind of salt ? Also what do you think is the best type of water to drink ? I read that bottle water with very low mineral contain is a good option, but that doesn't make much sense if taking electrolytes.
  4. I think 1,5g is a better starting dose for a first time. You just need to have valerian with you for the trip. That way you know you can end any strong anxiety that comes up if you want to, by taking 10 pills of valerian. Best not to use the valerian, but having it with you is helpful.
  5. I wonder if he would be enlightened by now if he was a complete nobody. Being such a public figure probably doesn't help with completely dropping the sense of self.
  6. I remember having an osteopath appointment with a guy who seemed very depressed. I felt down after the session for some time until I released whatever I picked up from him. It wouldn't surprise me if people can exchange trauma when having casual egoic sex. If you are in a relationship and you feel it is improving your life, making you feel better, do you think it is possible to not mourn if the relationship ends ? Isn't that attachment ? I would be curious to ask Eckart Tolle : is your relationship improving your life ? What do you think he would answer ? I don't plan to deny myself ! Getting into a mind blowing relationship would be the best way to face any attachment left in me.
  7. One interesting idea I got from this video is the following: you can "absorb" other people's trauma when having casual sex in an egoic way (more to feel good/better than to give). It is similar to what Sadhguru said about people exchanging "memories" when having sex. It also made me realise that I still have some thoughts about how a mind blowing intimate relationship will make my life better. So that's one more attachment I will let go of with time.
  8. But being around unconscious people is a great way to reveal the unconsciousness in us and then release it or transcend it. Personally I am grateful when people trigger me, as it helps me release what needs to be released.
  9. @AminB501 Suffering is a great catalyst for awakening, so maybe there are more people starting to awaken now than ever before. How can you be sure that it is not the case ? It is obvious that humanity will need to awaken to some degree in the next few decades to survive. If God is imagining everything, why do you think it is imagining all of these major challenges for humanity, if not to wake them up ? Stupid people can awaken too you know
  10. Could it mean that you are repressing the unconscious part of you ? Could you not simply feel compassion and love for people deeply stuck in ego ?
  11. This guy works with the scale if you are curious. Interestingly he says that people who use psychedelics have an unstable LOC : "I had many people approached me regularly to give them RASA. Many of them had regularly used psychedelic or recreational drugs before. I noticed a certain patter between regular users of these drugs. Their spiritual energy is not stable. Sometimes it is hard to assess their LOC. This is especially true for naive younger seekers who are probably susceptible to the drug’s influence."
  12. @Leo Gura So you still think this is the most powerful/profound psychedelic you have ever tried ? How often do you use it compare to something like DMT ?
  13. Thank you for sharing ! This music and the playlist are beautiful. Have you listened to both of Mendel Kaelen playlists ? Do you have a favorite ?
  14. He said scientists couldn't mesure gamma brainwaves in his brain. One possible explanation is that is brain is in full Lamdba brainwave mode all the time (higher brain wave). How would you know that what he is saying is silly ? How about you contemplate the possibility that what he is saying is true, just as a thought experiment. I am not saying it is true, I really have no idea.
  15. When hard work and effort is transcended, then you start flowing effortlessly through life, so how can you say that this is not the end of "hard work" and "effort"?