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  1. To elaborate a bit, it is a beautiful story about the risk of capitalism highjacking the psychedelic movement. A real world example would be the following : the company Compass Pathways trying to patent basic components of psychedelic therapy as basic as using soft furniture and holding hands. Or companies trying to slow down general legalisation/decriminalisation to keep psychedelics therapy within the FDA medical pharma frame only. The story is also a great illustration how ego can influence someone with good intentions.
  2. "If you have any interest in psychedelics or the psychedelic ecosystem, I consider this story to be required reading. It’s an impressive combination of prose and illustration." Tim Ferris Excellent read !
  3. Can you elaborate on the inaccurate view of female sexuality present in pick up ?
  4. It is possible to have much higher "success rate" than that. Actually most women can respond positively to a cold approach if the guy is attractive enough and coming from the right place. Doesn't mean it will lead to sex though. Many women are in relationships.
  5. Thank you for the answer. Yes I remember loving the Self Love video as well. Did you often have awakenings simply watching a video ? How does it happen ? You have an epiphany and then your perspective shifts ? Yes Eckhart is awesome "Francis Lucille, Marianne Wiliamson, Tara Brach" Curious about those 3. Thank you for sharing !
  6. @Striving for more My spiritual awakening had a huge impact on my relationships with women. If you do meditation and psychedelics regularly for the next few years, that will definitely help (Wim Hof Method is also awesome). NoFap could be helpful as well.
  7. @Mips Maybe consider taking some MDMA with your wife. It is suppose to be amazing for couple's intimacy.
  8. Hum I always associated being nice as being a little bit fake, because it feels so bland. Not sure if someone truly in touch with his/her authentic self can be "nice". If a guy has regular thoughts like "I am a nice guy", I think starting to think "I am a kind man" could be helpful. Of course not taking all of the "I am ..." thoughts seriously is even better.
  9. If you had to recommend one or a few of Leo's videos, which one(s) would you choose ? Do you have other "spiritual teachers" to recommend ? Personally I love this girl: And this grandpa: Sorry guys if that is off topic !
  10. If you identify as a nice guy please watch this video :
  11. What you say is true, but you could easily have some trauma related to all of this. It could even create a bias in your worldview. Unless you had very intense healing moments this is kind of inevitable. And I mean bawling or "vomiting traumas" for hours kind of intense. You never talk about emotional healing, so I assume you did not have a lot of those.
  12. Haha I remember that phase ! Don't worry it is not forever Try to go back to that feeling when you have time and meditate, and then just observe it, and try to love it if you can. Like Leo said, awareness is curative. If you observe and love the emotion, you could have some deeply liberating emotional releases.
  13. @Leo Gura By the way I know several people who had crazy healing with DR joe Dispenza workshops. Maybe look it up if that resonates.
  14. I am curious to know if a yogi could take a massive dose of 5 meo and stay sober