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  1. Reiki is useful to help with my kundalini awakening. Help with healing and emotional releases (or any energy blockages). Plus it is quite grounding in my opinion.
  2. Just seeing the face of this guy I can sense a lot of ego.
  3. A) doesn't have to be true. Neanderthals could have had similar IQ but special cognitive strengths. But yeah I agree overall it's a shaky hypothese.
  4. Ok so the following is very politically not correct to say : I remember reading in Sapiens : A brief history of humankind, that our descendants mated with neanderthals in europe and other type of humans in Asia. (because of DNA presence) "The percentage of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans is zero or close to zero in people from African populations, and is about 1 to 2 percent in people of European or Asian background" Obviously history and geography played a huge role, but could this not explain a difference in IQ as well ?
  5. I thought this video on this topic was fascinating
  6. When someone has issues with or a weak thyroid then what are solutions to get better ? Like what do you personally do for that ?
  7. Hum can you have no ego but still feel vulnerability ? Another question is can you feel vulnerable if you have no fear anymore ? I had moments in my life when I felt an unshakable peace and love, being very open but not feeling any vulnerability or fear at all. Enlightened masters don't seem to feel vulnerability either. Maybe what you are calling the authentic self is just a deeper layer of our ego. Or it could be who we are at the soul level.
  8. Hum I see what you mean about objectification. Thank you for the clarification. I had this idea that anytime an man focus on the girl's body and his own pleasure that is objectification, but you can do that and still care about what the girl is feeling. How do you define the authentic self ? Maybe that is the vulnerable part of people that wants to be seen and loved. That would still be ego.
  9. Also I recommend to try it first on a moderate dose, because it really intensify the trip quite a lot.
  10. It seems to me that most women who feel like you do are either not really in touch with their feminine energy or have some specific traumas relative to masculine dominance. As an extreme example, I had an girlfriend who had issues surrendering during sex and she had lost her virginity being raped. But the traumas can be more subtle.
  11. Isn't it very common for men to tell girls what to do in bed ? Don't you already know if you typically like it or not ? If not, imagine you are kissing passionately with a man you trust deeply and he whispers in your ear "spread your legs". How could that not be a turn on ? Also the "threat of discipline" can be done in a playful way. Hum I am not sure that is a strong dichotomy. Many women can enjoy both feeling like the object of a man overwhelming desire and also very intimate and loving sex. For instance have you never enjoyed feeling the lust and passion of a man for your body and having him focus on his own pleasure ? We all have different parts to our personality that can surface at different times. The following video was hopeful for me to understand that point :
  12. Yes Wim hof breathwork work and cold showers are so amazing during trips ! The combo as been so key to my spiritual awakening. Watch this documentary it's fascinating. It explores how the Wim Hof breathwork could increases DMT levels in the brain, Just like classic psychedelics like LSD or mushrooms do. So of course the combo is going to be powerful.
  13. Yes it is very good as well, but the key is to listen to your body and not force anything. I recommend reading this: