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  1. You cannot ever be separate from god. Whatever seems to be appearing and happening right now is what needs to be happening. <3 much love
  2. The Ta-Da gave me a giggle. It seems that nobody actually wakes up, huh. Haha. I remember once someone told me... All I can do is play now, cause all life does is play. I can relate to that.
  3. I find a healthy relationship can be one of the greatest means to achieve mastery. It can be a safe place of support, motivation, reflection and growth. Ofcourse everything can be used as an distraction. But when you notice that you are using the relationship in that way, you have a chance to go beyond that. And this leads to even more growth. ✊? Yaay
  4. Hey there, This question may have been asked before. Yet I am curious anyway about everyone's morning routine. Do you have one? If not, why? And if yes, feel free to share. <3 Much love
  5. Yeah, I like what you said. We do always have the choice to close up the relationship. I notice we often go through phases where we are very very deeply involved only with each other. And it's the best thing ever. And then we have phases where he is more interested in other girls. And he wishes to explore that. The funny part is that in these 8 years, he only had actual sex with another girl just once. He does flirt a lot. And I always feel very grateful when he tells me how he feels. He also often shares with me the insights he has regarding projections he has on other women. Like making them be something they are not. We are both quite philosophical. So it's a bit of a learning experience. I notice that I actually never really feel like being with another guy. But I have the same freedom he does. I just don't feel like it. I do like being on my own sometimes and just reading a book in the sun. haha. I agree that a third person involved can get messy. But the weird and interesting thing about our relationship is that there is just no guarantee that he won't catch feelings for someone else. Or that he might leave. We are very aware of this. And I believe that if that's the case. The relationship ends naturally. Or not. Who knows. When not doing this all according to "normal" relationship ideas.. it often leaves me a bit like... Okay, so what do I do next? Nobody can really tell me? And yeah, the needs we have, they pass. We don't have to follow them blindly. And funny enough, I feel there are still a lot of lessons my partner needs to learn regarding his sexuality. And this is also my view on it. We learn through experience. So if he believes something about other girls, then it is his journey to explore and see if he believes are true? Most often our expectations and beliefs are not true. I just don't like the idea of telling him. Okay, we are in a relationship. So now you have to live by these and these rules. It is a gift. I am very very grateful for all the experiences I am having. Sometimes I do feel fear, jealousy, a lot of things actually. But I explore these. Talk about these. And gain great insights from these. Things change. The relationship might end. We can't know what the future holds. But we also might stay together. Thankyou for you time and for sharing your view.
  6. I do have personal insecurities, as a lot of people do. Not all the time though. But I noticed that self-reflection, and honesty and communication help very well. Thank you for sharing your view. I appreciate it.
  7. Hello, thankyou. Yeah it is consensual. He wouldn't do it if we both did not agree on it. And it often leads to very very interesting conversations. I wouldn't want to change it for a dime. The honesty part is for me the most important part. It's key.
  8. Goodmorning (It's 7:20 AM here) I am in a relationship for 8 years. We have built quite an interesting dynamic over the past years. And mainly what is always interesting is that we always use obstacles as fuel for growth and personal development. I always reach new heights with the amount of satisfaction I have within myself and within my relationship because of it. Another thing I really appreciate is the radical honesty we both practice. My partner even talks with me when he is interested in other girls, he talks about his feelings, he literally tells me everything. One thing however that keeps coming up is sex. I know we care about each other very much. Haha. I find it funny because it's kind of cliche. I have always believed << that a relationship should be permanent. And that the man should only love me and want me. Very quickly, I learned that this is...not really realistic. I learned really fast that both my partner and I, even if we love each other, still get attracted towards others. First I struggled with this. I thought this must mean we don't love each other. This means I am not good enough. But through a lot of talking, we realized that this was not the case. Over the past 2 years, It has become natural for us to allow flirting, attraction, and such things to happen naturally. it actually caused the relationship to become even better. Because there were no feelings of bondage. We just really enjoy being with each other, we always come back to each other. So it's kind of like an open relationship. However, it's mostly my partner (who is male) that has this need. I remember I read in a book by Osho that I am reading, that sometimes it can be good in a relationship to have an affair or to go and have fun with someone else. It can make you appreciate your partner a lot better. And I can see some truth in this. I feel like I am very much breaking old conditioning of what it means to be in a relationship. And sometimes it's a bit scary. Sorry for the long ramble. But Then it's easier to understand the situation. So, I am mostly just curious, if anyone else has tips or useful commentary on how to deal with this consciously? What is your experience within a relationship with this?
  9. Thankyou everyone! I am always very grateful for the information and nuggets I get on this forum.
  10. Hi! So I am curious about tips on cleaning up my information in-take. I have just finished watching Leo's new video on society. I think cleaning up the information intake of course is both the things you consume, but also the things you have already accepted as 'truth'. Even though they are just beliefs. So I am just curious about tips. Experiences. etc.
  11. Hello there, I am interested in learning about tantra. But mostly what I find is just about sexuality. It's interesting, but it's not the only focus. I would like to see does anyone has any tips for beginners to start exploring and the spiritual science of tantra?
  12. Hello friends, I had an enlightenment experience into my own true nature. But I am wondering how the F*CK I am going to embody such a thing. Are there any resources on this? Any tips are welcome.
  13. What are the best quality books to study regarding the topic of enlightenment and beyond? I am currently studying " The book of not knowing" by Peter Ralston and "Lectures on the ten ox herding pictures" By Yamada Mumon. Thankyou in advance.
  14. ....That moment when you realize this is going to take a shit load of work. I mean, I was already kind of semi-aware of the difficulty of embarking on this journey. But the more I am becoming aware of this web of shit, it just baffles me. The ignorance...and the blind faith in these concepts. Pfff... I definitely understand why Leo mentioned this is gonna take 10000 hours and a lot of suffering. And that there are so many traps you can fall into. Nonetheless...I can see that this is worth it. If anything, it seems like the only thing worth doing. Everything else just seems like an endless rollercoaster ride. Life at the moment just seems like a big LSD trip... A overgrown garden, for sure.