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  1. @Vivaldo Yes because the way Leo presents is so blunt and sometimes emotionally disturbing for newbies. (Like it was for me. ) Most people won't take these ideas seriously (let alone do any growth) so it's a waste of time. The only way to share Actualized is to do it after slowly (over weeks and months) building-up a critical mass of interest in somebody who is already predisposed for this work. You don't need to share this channel per se. There are plenty of other teachers and books that talk about the same exact things.
  2. That's gonna be challenging! I stopped drinking over a year ago (never had a craving for it anyways). But recently I've picked it up just a little as it's impossible for me to keep up with drunk folk when out on the town. Literally all my friends do it so I've got no choice. Talking to a hyped-up drunk person is like trying to rap battle fuckin Eminem...you're on a totally different level.
  3. For me it's weed. I still smoke now and then, as it's a jarring way to alter consciousness. But anyways, for two years (Jr & Sr year of college) I smoked 5-6 days per week. After a year and a half of doing it intensely, I became disgusted by it. But I made friends over it, so giving it up took a clever strategy. In the end I was happy to go through the journey as it taught good lessons that eventually lead to self-actualization. In fact weening off weed was one of the first changes I made in Oct 2019 at the beginning of this work. Then came the spiritual rabbit hole starting in Feb 2020 just before COVID slammed us. I began to meditate a lot due to lockdown. Then became inspired to take a journey toward Truth--whatever the hell that is--at the year progressed. Then... Jan 2021: first glimpse of "nothing" on LSD (was terrified yet excited). Mar 2021: Sober awakening that lasted several moments. Since then I've been working with a coach on seduction/dating and showing up to the world in a more authentic way. To be honest this part of my life is more important than a direct spiritual path, even though I tried that. I can't speak for everyone, but I think this was Leo's best video yet. It addresses the human condition of being animalistic. I especially appreciate Leo's vulnerability and honesty about not being fully 'there' yet; I think sometimes we as students of self-actualization tend to delude ourselves into thinking that Leo is above it all, as silly as this sounds. Anyways, I burned through all of my weed. (Craving resolved!) What's a craving you've burned?
  4. @SamC Hey man, I can relate quite a bit actually. I'd peg myself up at green/yellow with some big-time shadow material in the 'belongingness' rung of Maslow's hierarchy, as I got bullied for about five years straight as a kid. I don't know how old you are but I'm 23. Some of these other comments seem wise--I think part of our predicament is a matter of age. (Another way of putting it is relative lack of experience.) Remember to keep the long-term game in mind when you have your setbacks. I'm not sure that I totally understand this, but it sounds like you were hurt when you were younger and this has stunted some of your development. PM me if you'd like. Peace
  5. @Godishere Okay, so you're scared shitless. So what? You're fucking God, you can handle it. Look, going through what you did is one of the risks associated with this work. Really, some degree of horror and freight is mandatory upon pursuing consciousness. I know this sounds harsh, but just hang in there. You will develop one hell of a character over the coming months and years. I don't blame you for saying this. Or this especially, lol. To this I would say that in the long-term awakening is cool. But in the short-term it is torturous (especially if you take a strong psychedelic which blasts you there rather quickly). Much love. P.S. What psychedelic did you take?
  6. 1960's USA Blue & Orange: *yawns* We are bored, what's next? Green: Wussup wussup, want a hit of this J? You'll chill the heck out Blue & Orange: FUCK NO GO TO HELL Green: Ok, maybe next century :'( But in all seriousness, basically what Leo said. It's not something you can put a date tag on, but rather society is going to drag itself into Green slowly over time. Orange's demise is going to be manyfold, including, just as an example, privacy problems. Isn't it interesting that under the principle of libertarian freedom, we create business systems that end up owning data on each of our subconscious consumption habits (thereby making us less free)? I live in a relatively green city (Bernie Sanders lives here) and it's still pretty damn orange. I think that it's going to start in the cities and then spend outward (already is, of course). What's also interesting is that even Red/Blue/Orange people seem to have caught some Green aspects that 'true' Green people embody; it's fascinating how dominant psychological stages are like a collective flu if you live in a place where it's quite prevalent. I think the countries that are already at the apex will continue to lead. Iceland is very sustainable with its geothermal energy grid. As a geologist, and this is just from the theoretical side (I don't actually know the nuances of processing geothermal energy); that nation can basically just coast off of the fact that their power needs are taken care of. They are also the healthiest nation in the world according to Bloomberg health index (U.S. is 34th). But the thing that the U.S. has is population size (which might or might not help). Who's to say? I'm just riffing out my butt... Let's see what comes of the technology race and climate change. The world changes so non-linearly and unexpectedly that I always feel that 'anything' can happen!
  7. Mother earth, planet earth, the blue marble, Gaia, la terre. This rocky, dirty, dusty, lush ball of magic that we live on ... It's. Just. Beautiful. So complex, yet so simple. It's simply delightful. Take to the forest and grab some soil. Touch and inspect fucking rocks. Maybe you think I'm kidding, but this is actually the most absurdly wonderful gift of existence to me. This why I became a geologist. And with the help of resources like Actualized, I hope to take humankind's understanding of what the earth is doing and our relationship with it to the next level.
  8. @Michael569 Thanks Michael, I am pretty healthy. Strangely I go for runs all of the time with no issue whatsoever; the asthma only kicks in when I'm doing ordinary things.
  9. @JohnnyAb Yeah, I get fatigued pretty often. I'll give C a shot. For the breathing, I have had asthma for most of my life and usually it's because my throat gets quite mucussy. It's just really annoying because it fucks with baseline consciousness in my day-to-day (especially combined with fatigue) so I'm looking into supplements as a possible way to help it. Frankly ripping the asthma inhaler doesn't work anymore and is only a quick fix.
  10. So I just began part-time work at a health-foods store. They have a gigantic array of supplementary options I've been browsing lately. I already take B12 as I'm a vegan and D3 because I'm in those elevated latitudes. But lately I've been considering respiratory health. In various web searches, I've found that Vitamin-C and NAC (N-Athytl Cystine) have come up repeatedly. Have any of you tried these and if so did you notice better immune health ± less mucus in the lungs? Cheers!
  11. @Tyler Durden You don't actually know how you imagined it. It sounds like you are confusing the teachings. When Leo talks about imagination, he means that literally EVERYTHING (reality itself) is imaginary. Even imagination itself is imaginary, hence you imagining that you imagined a goddamn earthquake. Get it? I'm a geologist by that way, where are you from??
  12. Who said that death is an illusion? Do you know this for yourself? Personally, I don't (although I'm expecting it to be the case, as I've realized other facets of awakening like "everything is nothing," "no free will," and so on). I'd say that until you know personally that death is an illusion, you cannot have a satisfying answer to your question. In the relative sense, yeah: survival is important. I wasn't sure if "survival is bad because it's ultimately an illusion" was an implicit assumption you have based on your post. If it is, I'd drop it, as I used to carry it around myself and it stunted my development for a little while. What's so hard about this work is that many of the ideas that Leo and other gurus talk about are just too advanced to 'get' without proper experience. The mind will not understand the higher mind/spirit ideas without some semblance of mastery in the gross, material domain first.
  13. Facebook is aware of the negativity bias that is hardwired in the human organism (see Jon Haidt's Happiness Hypothesis). Their algorithm is a function of the content you engage in with the most, and because our brains can't help but look for the negative, we end up engaging with such content the most. This then tells the algorithm to show us more divisive, low-consciousness content like before, which compounds over time makes us cynical. Facebook knows that these tactics have a negative ripple effect on on society at large, yet they put business first. The interview below highlights exactly that: Personally I don't deal with Facebook (or Instagram) anymore. It's so toxic that anything is better than it at this point. For all of you "no-fappers": if you think NoFap is great, try going without social media. Once you do, you will have more time to focus on life-purpose and you will feel so much more alive!
  14. Not gonna lie, the positive support for this post has increased my forum use. Check out bullet points #3 and 4: Isn't it stunning the lengths the ego will go to bask in empty glory? I've come to realize that a ton of us on this forum act like enlightened stoic battle soldiers with philosophy PhDs, but we forget to show our human-ness. We are afraid to let others see that we haven't got it figured out. I'm personally many hail-marys behind some of y'all. Here's an idea: Let's try to be students in a classroom, collaborating with and encouraging each other. I think that's how we can reap the maximum possible benefits of this forum.
  15. Yeah, web-search the correlations between chakras and psychological levels of development. Ken Wilber matches them in his work as well.