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  1. I was having trouble with my back, neck and shoulders and decided to visit a chiropractor, thinking I would be bent in all shapes and have my back cracked to relieve me of my aches and pains. But no, she did some weird movements, pressed on my face and lifted my legs up and I felt nothing. This was supposed to realign my body and then a test would be done to see if the procedure had stuck. She said this has to be done repeatedly until the test comes out ‘positive’ (I remain in Alignment) Took about 15 minutes and cost 70€. I gave it a chance and went back a few times where she did the same procedure, and each time the test was ‘negative’ (still misaligned) I kept asking for advice on my posture and how I should stand etc but she would tell me ‘this isn’t important yet, first we must get you in alignment’ After 5 times of doing this procedure I didn’t get any relief so I decided not to go back. Is this just mostly quackery?
  2. Marilyn Manson on a talkshow in 1995. They are discussing 'moshing' with other young people and parents. Marilyn appears very smart and aware for the time, he's also very emotionally calm and articulate during interviews. Apparently he has a genius IQ of 148. what stage do you think he's at here? the older generation in the audience are probably at stage blue? P.s I wish there were still talkshows like this, everyone having a discussion respectfully. another interview in 2001:
  3. I have pain in my neck and shoulders which usually can be helped by exercise. But anyway, I got a heavy cold back in April, which took a few weeks to shift (I suspect it could have been Covid but I only did one test which was negative) since then I have a pain in the right side of my neck when I turn my head side to side. Can’t get rid of it. I have a lot of deep rooted knots and trigger points in my neck and nape/back of head. I’m working daily with self massage using either my hands, a ball or a neck massager. They don’t budge. It’s becoming exhausting and this sharp pain when turning my head remains. Went to the orthopaedic doctor who confirmed the pain is down to inflammation, since I still can use my arms normally without weakness or pain. He told me to take ibuprofen, which I of course don’t want to do long term. tried different types of massage but nothing helps my neck. Most massage is on the back and shoulders. Tired of paying for treatments and feeling no relief. Now I’m wondering about supplements to take, I’ve been reading mixed things about creatine and glucosamine? What about acupuncture? Again it’s expensive and I’m concerned about having needles stuck in my neck and how safe that is…? things I’m doing already: body weight excercise dumbbell workouts targeting the traps and shoulders yoga/chi gong routines neck stretches self massage tiger balm Lying on acupuncture mat applying heat breathing excercises, pressing on painful point and deep breathing into that area All of these things help short term but it keeps coming back again. Any other ideas?
  4. @Jannes hi since you are in Germany I can recommend you this website. For example this is a protein powder they have. I didn’t try the protein powders but i order other supplements from them. They have a lot of stuff all high grade/organic and lab tested. You can also request the lab results from them.
  5. Sorry for your situation. Have you thought about trying to learn a skill rather than trying to study full time? You could try and get an apprenticeship where you work and do 1 day of college. Low wages to begin with, but it would be a way to get out of the house and have a job whilst learning at the same time, and without the pressure of studying. There are so many apprenticeships out there you just have to look at options and see if anything resonates with you. It also gives some stability and structure, you have someone mentoring you and a motivation to go out every day and will also help you with socialising. Do you have any other family you could stay with?
  6. Aesop products. A bit on the pricey side but high quality and smell divine. vegan and cruelty free ?
  7. You guys act like the forum is over run with females lol there is literally a handful who actively comment. It’s a total cock fest in here.
  8. In the U.K. there is always people hookup going on in the clubs and bars. The drunker the people the more hookups.
  9. I don’t see any women making them.. Which ones you on about? . Most posts I see are made by men either talking about other men or women lol.
  10. I got my first shot of moderna on Saturday. Was fine the first day but next day had an achey arm and felt super lethargic for a few days afterwards.
  11. But sounds like what you are talking about comes from a collective lack of trust in themselves and men. Not feeling secure. It used to be the case that men would protect and lead their women, but now it’s changed and women find themselves ‘alone’, they are living more in their masculine energy so become more defensive and competitive etc. So if you find the women in your life being catty and skeptikal towards you ask yourself what part you are playing in that dynamic.
  12. Why do forum guys always make threads complaining about women?
  13. @Arcangelo if someone is going to be unfaithful they will go out and look for people to be unfaithful with, it's not just about options. It's about having lack of self control and wanting to fill the void. Or their relationship is miserable. Plenty of people who have options don't cheat. people who cheat, whether it be male of female do it uncontrolably like an addiction. if you are a healthy individual, in love with your partner and care about their well being you don't go cheat first chance you get. But you would have to experience being a healthy individual in a loving relationship in order to understand it, until then you will only resist it.
  14. ? I’m also surprised that video is still on there. It’s 7 years old, I wonder if Leo’s views have changed since then.
  15. Yeah, Devils won’t admit to being devils lol anything said to challenge ones belief here will be shot down, because this section of the forum is very masculine dominated and pickup oriented. People only care about being right and proving others wrong, and there is lack of empathy. It’s more of an echo chamber for pickup ideology. *now wait for attacks*
  16. Thought I would share a new documentary film from Gabor mate, it will be shown from the 8th June. If you sign up you get free access to the film, and you can get other content for an extra donation if you want... The wisdom of trauma
  17. If you haven’t met eachother yet, then better to text less often. Meet eachother sooner rather than later.. after that if you like eachother and want to keep going out then 1-2 texts per day is normal. Then as it gets more serious maybe you would call eachother rather than text all the time. I think the pace is different for everyone but I guess after around 3 month of dating and seeing eachother often you might become ‘official’ this is a good amount of time to get to know someone but I guess some people do earlier. It really depends on the situation, my boyfriend and I dated long distance. So our dates consisted of flying to each others cities for the weekend and staying with eachother about one weekend per month. We took a holiday together after about 3 months of knowing eachother. We would check in with eachother daily and talk on the phone for a few hours once or twice per week. We didn’t become official until after about 9 months and by this point knew eachother very well so it felt natural. Had we been in the same city we probably would have became official sooner.
  18. Another thing women do, which I don’t know if this in emotionally unavailable or not or just from suppression. But they won’t speak out of they feel their emotional needs aren’t being met so they will use manipulation to try and get it or just let keep it all inside. with my mam she suppressed her feelings for her whole marriage and her coping mechanism is denying there is any problems, but then complaining about it to other people or brushing things under the carpet. she’s actually having somewhat of an awakening now and is getting divorced. She’s 70.
  19. Hmm no that’s not truth. I have a great emotional connection with my boyfriend. Maybe your idea of emotion connection is different to mine. when I say emotional connection I pretty much mean someone who you can be present with, be yourself with, have trust with and feel safe with.
  20. I agree. Fear of intimacy is a human problem and not specifically gender problem. But this emotional unavailability is more apparent in men because they will use sex as a way to try and get that connection. But women sometimes do this too. But I feel like the only difference is that men would be praised for it, and are more capable of keeping emotions out of the picture. whereas a woman would feel more insecure for it and be labelled a slut. so both genders with intimacy issues would be more likely to engage in casual sex, both of them are craving emotional connection underneath, but are too afraid to open up to it.
  21. Lol. The funny thing is that men like to ask this question ‘what do women want’ when it’s plainly obvious they want emotional connection. But because guys aren’t capable of that they just pretend they don’t know. (Spoilers ahead) in the show madmen, the main man Don Draper cheats on his wife and is never present with her or meets her emotional needs. She becomes really depressed. But he still acts like he doesn’t understand her. She knows he cheats, but she supresses her hurt and ultimately turns into depression. That show is an example of toxic masculinity and unhealthy marriage/relationships (and how most marriages were until recently)
  22. Not often but it’s something for conscious folk to work on. I just found this for ideas on how to bring more feminine energy in to your life.. ?
  23. My example was just an extreme one, and let’s be honest most normies doing pickup aren’t doing it ‘consciously’ like people here try and do. So I’m talking about them, not the ones who are trying to better themselves. And of course women manipulate too lol no denying that.