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  1. Doing it habitually for two years you should have a good idea of what happens, when, and how. Have you tried preparing for your session in any way? Quick 5 min breathwork/pranayama to clear your thoughts, a cold shower, yoga? Are you sitting down motivated to meditate? Do you tell yourself that for the duration you're really going to concentrate on that thing you concentrate on? Do you maintain a good posture and a relaxed body?
  2. Basically all major cities in the UK, Germany. South of Spain is superb in my experience - incl Balearics. Eastern Europe - Poland - Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw - Prague, Ljubljana, Budapest. Croatia in the summer - especially Split, Makarska - the girls are out of this world. Malta and some major Italian cities. Stockholm is great. Loads of options really.
  3. That is literally the purpose of an altar in any shamanistic practice; what's there to find out? Get grounded first and foremost. You seem to be flying very high at the moment - balance is necessary with these things. But that's to be expected since you've done Aya recently. That is also literally the case Take it easy, you'll be fine
  4. You can't go wrong with good old bullet points and journaling I guess. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How do you feel about taking/not taking this promotion? Are you actually on a good track with your LP/side business? Perhaps you need some extra push in the form of more responsibility in your day job to use your time more efficiently. Maybe the change of status quo could do some good. Or perhaps any more time at work will affect you so much that it will put you off track too much and you won't be able to work on your business at all?
  5. What are some issues or problems in your local community that need solving? What stops you from solving them?
  6. Sure, if that's how you like to think about it, so? I don't see your point.
  7. Because he provides a significant value Money doesn't exist It's a derivative of the value
  8. @UDT That makes sense. I couldn't do them this way - we were in a lockdown so I just grabbed random before-after pics. I'm not sure - I never went that in-depth with diet/fitness as I have superb results only doing it as a fun necessity/hobby. But I did calculate my TDEE and stuff, cut some kcals off it, and just went with it. Easy peasy. Helps me a lot with my life purpose/career in terms of cognitive health/stamina etc. I'm not trying to prove anything with pics or anything, I was genuinely curious as to how it could possibly be not easy to expect someone to continuously lose 1kg/week as I and plenty of others are repeating that time after time. And also how consistent change in eating habits could not result in weight loss (even funnier how can 90% fail?).
  9. @Kalki Avatar not sure. That's the thing with shamanism, it's an oral tradition. Written sources started with Michael Harner in late XXth century. It's best to learn directly from a shamanic practitioner. I'm not sure whether that's something you can do in the place you live in. Perhaps try 'Healing Ancestral Karma' by Steven Farmer?
  10. I'm not sure whether you're speaking generally or about some specific example, but 1kg per week is around what I, and a significant amount of my friends, were usually aiming for during our cuts? And it's always worked out perfectly so I might be misunderstanding you. I used to track my progress using graphs at some point and they were pretty much linear, but i can't find them anywhere. For example, when I started my gym journey at some point around covid starting out it went like in the uploaded photo. It was around 12 weeks and I was cutting practically 1kg per week no more no less (of course within reason +-0.2kg). My last two weeks I've done some carb cycling as my friend advised, but other than that, the weight loss was super precise and sustainable? Same with quite a lot of people I know, that's why I'm wondering where you're coming from, but I think I might be missing a point here somewhere? At this point I'm quite bigger overall, but even now if I'm trying to cut some extra fat I'm easily doing 1kg per week still.
  11. Depends on what you mean by truly discovering. When it comes to healing ancestral patterns/re-discovering some past life trauma usually I'd go for shamanism - super straightforward and no mystical woo woos.
  12. Well that's what I'm doing so I'm a little biased here. But other than that, when it comes to hiring, it's far more likely to get hired having a diploma in a relevant discipline. Or often any discipline. Sure, not important when we talk about entrepreneurship (although nowadays most exciting startups are very often led by PhDs), or sales, or whatever - coaching, manual jobs, healing, crafts etc. types of careers. It's simply that a lot of things got really, really complex. And the goal of the degree often is to familiarise you with that complexity and develop your skills in maneuvering in this specific world, continuously learning, staying up to date, and developing.
  13. Obviously. Universities are not meant to teach you sales and marketing. Or many other necessary stuff. Entire education system is far from ideal. Take some responsibility and learn them yourself. It doesn't change the fact that some careers are simply not possible/made significantly more difficult without a degree.