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  1. I live in gouda and i would be interested in a meetup aswell, i just started this journey and also have nobody to talk about it. Maybe we can all meet, im free from work the next 3 weeks aswell, cool idea
  2. Heu guys post your best music for mushrooms lsd or dmt trip. i like it when nobody is singing or talking and you just hear a beat or electronic sound and you van make of it what you desire. My best song for closed eye visuals is: I like that it just keeps going and the fractals move great with this one. Its good to do with the come up. This kind of music i think is nice when you come down Whats yours?
  3. 2 weeks from now i have another high dose of psylocibin truffels combined with 4 ho met planned, and i cant wait for the fractal world to open up again to me, its just so beautiful... i wonder if everybody sees the same fractals, with me there just incredible, filled with colors amd changing shapes.. its a whole world. I had some different fractals in the beginning, it was like dna strings filled with color twisting around and reacting to the music. But the last trips they became more like an entire world and changing not by movement but by enviroment, however i still notice that every trip they look the same and i find it so fascinating what other people would see or if we all see the same Its hard to explain how it exactly looked but would love to hear experiences
  4. ??? Thats just rude brah, what ever im not answering anymore
  5. My first time on 5 meo i died, but only after 3 hits on the vape, the first 2 hits i also didnt feel anything, but the last hit when i had a high dose i asked my friend " am i dying?" And 2 secs later i blasted off and screamed my lungs out. So i would say its dose dependent and when you have to less of it, you wouldnt know anything is happenening but a dose a little higher you blast off trough infinity and die and wake up in nirvana and infite love
  6. You wanna be talking boot dam racial thing man.. Well here me present ya with da big man psychedelic things man.. big man things.., ya hurd?
  7. @Serotoninluv a glass bolpipe is better because in a vaporizer its difficult to get the dose right because youre never vaporizing the whole amount
  8. @Leo Gura i would love to hear your view on taking 5 meo in combo with 4 ho met, i personally think it goes well together and sets you up nicely for a non dual experience, have you ever tried this?
  9. @Leo Gura when would you consider its to much? Do you die every time you take it?
  10. @Aaron p that is the most interesting part for me aswell, very curious to hear what he started and ended with and how the volume and upping of the dose affected him and the trips
  11. Quite brave to take 5 meo dmt every day for a month increasing the dose every day. I would love to know what youre dosages where every day, and if you had side effects and some general explaining on youre trips Thanks in advance