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  1. I would love to hear your experiences with dopamine detoxes. Please share any useful tips. A dopamine detox is when you take a break from stimulating activities for a period of time. (A few days to a few weeks). Some activities to avoid while on this detox include: Social Media, Youtube/TV, Music, Video games, Porn, basically any screen time, Sex/masturbation, games, and stimulating foods. The idea is that this will sort of reset your dopamine receptors, and you will be more motivated to do things that used to be boring like working on a project or exercising. I haven't done a dopamine detox before but I'm starting one tomorrow. I would love to hear about your experiences and any tips
  2. I would love to see this. Leo's OG self-actualization inspirational videos were honestly a major turning point in my life. I would love some awakening inspiration from Leo's perspective.
  3. To better help you, what do you feel is keeping you stuck? To start, straight up contemplation helps. Take a moralist duality. Create a story that proves your conventional mortality wrong. Do this over and over and over until you really start to get the point. This can be done with any duality. For example, let's look at "killing is wrong". Make up a story to prove it wrong. Would killing Hitler be wrong if it prevented a genocide? Would killing a dying animal or person in excruciating pain, begging for death be wrong? You get the point. This takes care of the logical side of this problem. The other main problem is the emotional barrier to transcending morality. Again, I could help you better if you provide more information, but the emotional barrier will likely boil down to fear.
  4. @Pilgrimage of Self Thank you, my friend! I'm happy to be of service. And welcome aboard, I'm happy to have you along for the journey
  5. Honestly, ego develops around anything you do. Notice that right now, you have an "anti-new age" ego. All spiritual ego really means is that you identify as someone spiritual. Certainly, some people develop excessively spiritual egos and turn into a self-righteous douchebag with a superiority complex, but mostly, that happens as a result of people doing fake spirituality (according to my intuitions lol). This means people are taking on spiritual beliefs as dogma without actually doing an empirical investigation into reality for themselves. Patrick, I invite you to question that resistance because it sounds like it might be preventing you from developing healthy spiritual practices that can actually help you heal. Maybe ask yourself if there's a parental figure in your life at some point that would not be accepting of a spiritual identity. Just some food for thought
  6. Well said, my friend. I'm certainly taking advantage of this opportunity to turn inward and I think a lot of other people are too. I'm just spitting bullshit here, but my intuition tells me that right now is the biggest period of awakening that Earth has ever seen.
  7. Oh yeah. Doing Kriya concentration every day along with some exercises from Leo's life purpose course. Also, sometimes doing the do-nothing technique.
  8. Right on. Through learning Kriya Yoga, I learned two easy practices that are phenomenal for calming the nervous system, body, and mind: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama and ujjayi breath. These are literally the first two things taught in "Kriya Secrets Revealed".
  9. The people that say believe that nobody should be using psychedelics hold this belief dogmatically. Even within the scientific paradigm, it's obvious that psychedelics can be valuable tools for personal development and pivotal for treating conditions like depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. If you're confused, just take a look at some studies. There are plenty. Nevertheless, people cling to their beliefs, ultimately to preserve their ego. The force behind this self-preservation is ultimately fear. Now, this doesn't mean that psychedelics will definitely help you, but theorizing and taking further advice on the issue won't help you figure that out. The only way is to try and to do so responsibly and with an open mind. By the way, what's so terrifying to you about the possibility of developing a spiritual ego?
  10. There are many ways of having these experiences. You can have them through meditation, self-inquiry, and yoga. Consider that it will likely take years or even decades to have these awakenings from these practices alone. The fastest way to have these experiences is by combining these practices with the responsible exploration of psychedelics. Also, it's very important to use contemplation with your psychedelic experiences. Some other practices that can create these awakenings, from what I hear, are tantra and holotropic breathwork. Hope this helps.
  11. I thought you guys might appreciate this. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have about the course and my experience with it!
  12. Even doing self-inquiry once can point in the right direction. You'll at least get closer to the truth even if you don't have an enlightenment experience. Just watch the Neti Neti video and follow along with the exercise. It will be so much more helpful than all of this theorizing. Theorize again after you try this lol.
  13. Do you have any important messages for me, my friend?
  14. You are the perceiver, and the perceived. You are just as much the screen in front of you as you are your body or the brain. This confusion is a great sign. Nobody on this forum can give you the answer to what you are. It cannot be communicated. We can only point you in the right direction. I highly suggest you try self-inquiry. You can start with Leo's Neti Neti technique video, and then "how to do self-inquiry".