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  1. It's a strange loop. The difference between 'real' and 'apparent' is apparently real.. it appears to be real. Differences are 'real' because they are 'imagined' to be.. they 'seem to be'.. they 'appear to be'. I've said it 100+ times now... Is this forum 'real' or does it just 'appear to be real'? What's the difference??? Is there a 'real difference' or is it just 'apparent difference'? What's the difference?
  2. Zen Devils occur when they do, and they don't when they don't. Just like a whirlpool in a river, Zen Devils are not the cause of themselves. There isn't even really such a thing as a 'Zen Devil'.. Ego doesn't do anything.. it's imaginary and arbitrary. It too arises when it arises, and ceases when it ceases. Ego is not the cause of itself. Ego can not get rid of itself, but it can exist in such a way as to destroy itself. Ego IS something (thoughts).. it doesn't DO anything. There is only ever what is occurring, and there's nobody who's 'doing' any of it. Ego is a whirlpool thinking that it's the one swirling the water, without realizing that the whole river is just occurring how it is, and no part of the river is 'doing anything' beyond being how [the whole river] is being. (the whirlpool can't stop itself from swirling because it's not 'doing' it.) There is no whirlpool separate from 'that which is not the whirlpool'. You can't take a whirlpool out of a river and show it to me. You can't show me your ego.. There isn't one. What is often mistaken to be the thinker of thoughts is just more thought. What is often mistaken to be 'the doer' of what is occurring, is just more what is occurring. Nothing to do, no one to do it.
  3. @King Merk whatever you decide.. you should do it sooner, rather than later. Consider your partner.. if you care about them, and understand that life is short, you can see that it's not fair to them to continue a relationship that has no future. You are wasting their time.. time which they could be spending finding what they want.
  4. There is 'creation' which is what is occurring. Creator/Created is a (relative and arbitrary) duality. Just as there isn't really 'the front of a coin and the back of a coin'.. there is just 'the whole coin'.
  5. for the same reason you think you are 'the whole body'.
  6. @WokeBloke let's go back to my question about the trees. Do you think trees are aware of the Sun?
  7. @WokeBloke And you are not 'part of the Universe'.. you are the whole Universe seeing parts of the Universe.
  8. 'Awareness' is sort of an abstract concept. Are trees 'aware' of the Sun? If not, how do they know what direction to face their leaves?
  9. You - I think no part of the body is aware of the body. Also you - I infer that I must be seeing my body with my body as my body.
  10. "There once was a boy who said though, it seems that I know that I know. But what I'd like to see, is the I who knows me, when I know that I know that I know." - Alan Watts
  11. @WokeBloke you certainly have a way of putting words in my mouth. I didn't give my thoughts on whether or not the body is aware. I asked 10 questions.. none of which you even tried to answer. Where is the 'you' who is aware of your body?
  12. @Shambhu yes, that is a strict definition.. If I told you there was a cat on my coffee mug.. I'm being very literal.. but there isn't actually a cat on my coffee mug.
  13. @WokeBloke you seem to be getting in your own way of understanding this, that's for sure. What part of your body is aware of your body? Is it your hand? Your blood? Your brain? If it's your brain that's aware of your body, is it the whole brain? Are the cells in your brain aware of your body?.. Is it the neurons? The frontal lobe? The amygdala? Where is the 'you' who is aware of your body?
  14. @Shambhu On Metaphors- All words are metaphors. This is why we can say the exact same thing in different languages. "One" and "Uno" mean the same thing. The word 'cat' is not a cat (two cats can be different from each other, but we call them both 'cats'.. a cat with no tail is still a cat... or a cat without claws.. or a cat without fur.. none of these qualities individually are 'what a cat is'.. 'cat' is a word.. a map.. a representation.. a metaphor.. the metaphor 'gato' means the same thing, if you understand the metaphor 'gato'). Some metaphors are more complex, containing metaphors within metaphors. 'It's raining cats and dogs' is a metaphor for 'it's raining very hard' that contains the metaphor 'cat'.