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  1. Heres death cult luuul
  2. I know it is not the end And language always fails to explain it so
  3. My 17mg rectal dose has brought me some awakening haha 5meodmt is really potent in Enlightenment work Key insight was that 1.Ego death does not exist, i was looking for ego death, but it did not exist. Realising it was my ego death 🤣 2.enlightenment does not exist 3.God does not exist (because i experience it, because also god is transcendance of being etc) 4.it is not the end as well Last two 5meodmt trip were just constant laughing that it brought me laughter that i never had in my life!! Socially i became able to socialise much better, still weirdly but confidently.
  4. about a week ago i had solid 13mg~15mg 5meodmt and yes it was too intense, it is 5meomalt but much shock and aftermath is also huge haha I loved it but i am also just afraid to do it again. after that I was just laughing and laughing like some of Leo's awakening Maniac videos and just how leo laughes usually there is always intense feeling of nihilism/annihiliation of what it means to be alive, (both on 5meomalt and5meodmt) existential crisis that was difficult to bear, what it means to be human? and being human is, also funny, being human is also, Weird, it felt like the consciousness of bilions years constantly evolving, I felt like i was dying. so i went to swim in the ocean. still i was consciously cautious to not get drown. and i started laughing and laughing, about geniusness of universe that is designed to preserve itself, to protect itself, to love itself and to grow up, including my inner fear and anxiety that are meant to be cautious, i accepted it my way of playing in this world. many people i happen to meet, not everytime people are kind or helpful, still there are plentiful people who are designed towards pro-socially, as myself, i must be quite egoistic, but i am programmed to help others unconditionally. that is love embedded in hardened way like a structure, or a building, (apartment or house itself is also consequence of love as well).
  5. So yes, idea is simple, dissolve all psychedelics into liquid. Water/vinegar/aloe gel and so on that would not go bad Benefit from storing all psychedelics in water is that it is easier to measure doses, if you had 250 mg 5meodmt dissolved in 10ml watter, each 1ml is 25mg. So if you wanna take half, with 1ml syringe you can take 0.5ml. So it seems very accurate than microspoons This way plugging is possible, snorting is maybe possible(i am not sure) Its been a month i have put 5meomalt in aloe gel, still potent and no problem
  6. Yeah, first time was too easy, stable It just showed me "okay 5meodmt you dont blast me with love, but just fact truth"
  7. So i am on it, and tbh I am just much stable than 5meomalt. Weird ;(? On 5meomalt, even on microdose i am fucked up that i have god realisation Which makes me quite unstable but also holistic But on 5meodmt i am just stable and holistic, good and bad, good that i am stable, bad that it is less potent than 5meomalt. People know 5meodmt as stronger than 5meomalt but in my subject experience it isnt. Hm,, i am tripping, maintaining fair amount of language ability. So i havent dosed maybe enough, need more, i guess. I was too conservative, as god. Half joke.
  8. Okay haha so i should expect ego death that i havent expected Damn i am already experincing handshakes like 5meomalt I havent any yet btw
  9. I have been on 5meomalt, not the 5meodmt :0
  10. I am quite hungry empty stomache enough, gonna eat fruits after. Meditated, gonna meditate more too Rear plugging method, mood quite okay Alone in my room, bed etc. Room status, not super clean. Let me clean up Dose 1 micro spoon conservatively, 10mg. Some nervousness as a respect haha
  11. Ohoh, mixed, lol I just got fresh concrete powder like 5meodmt I am scared to try uh. I have been on 5meomalt Idk whats gonna happen with 5meodmt so.. lul.. any advice?
  12. Alright, i had to know if it was good choice to hangout with them in the first place.
  13. yeah the surrounding environment seemed so not so accepting and actually full of ego i felt, a good realisation there was, it becomes obvious if i am with toxic/unconscious people or not when I take silght dose on it, when i take on 5meomalt and it makes things obvious how much consciousness others around me. ironically, it is a good detector.
  14. Set and setting and how much i dose haha, I did microdose to low dose knowing that i will be fairly controllable.
  15. I want this though, especially psychedelic combination with meditation, exercise, activities are extraordinary.