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  1. I like what Ra said: Consciousness sleeps in the rock, dreams in the animal and awakes in the human.
  2. Oh, yes, I cant stop having chills all over the body. .... exactly ...lovecraftian twilight zone ...... I also had similar experience with NO2 + acid combo. Loud, telepathic and invasive I SEEEEE YOUUUU!! Sauron like presence ....
  3. @ShugendoRa Try this I might add, as far as I understand it, its the force that creates otherness, the force of creation per se, the Its the point when god saw himself , and the separation between watcher and watched began. That is why in the beginning there was the void and than something happens, the thing that happens is the Logos, regardless of which mythology or religion it is from, it can have different names. That is how I understand it.
  4. Yea, watched it two times, it was quite enjoyable. It was interesting to observe how the hardcore ends of communities reacted to this. You first got the ends of - this is the debate of the TITOns, one will destroy the other, like some green and blue tossing shadows to each other. And after it was done many of them to which it clicked that it wasn't much of a debate, they actually agreed to a high degree on most of the things being discussed. They puked an orange shadow upon them, oh, they weren't here to debate, it was all for business......it was weirdly enjoyable to see this.
  5. @remember Yea, it can differently work with friends, even with strangers, if done correctly that is. I see it as more of a bounding and re-tribalization prevention trick. It has the lightness of heart, humor, slight detachment and playfulness build into it. Something you find very rarely when dealing with these fueled topics, like race,ethnicity or gender. When it comes to larger social change and dealing with these issues of power and oppression it is defiantly a whole other more complex ball game. But as something done in between regular joes, it can work, if the line is not crossed. And i believe it is crossed when ill intent comes into play, intended or projected. If done in a playful and exploratory manner it will have a bounding effect. its a funny thing, it always makes me laugh..
  6. We have this here on the Balkans as well. Sometimes even the whole conversation can be made solely out of jokes. Some of them dark, dirty, homophobic, racist. People also speak very loudly, passionately and sharply, regardless of if there are jokes in there or not. Its almost if the conversation is not happening on verbal,technical,practical level... for the lack of words.... but more on a mood based level. People poke into other peoples moods by throwing jokes, friendly or invasive, depending on where do you want to get. -Me and couple of friends even took this to a next level, where we could talk in an almost something like a code language made out of jokes, mixed with verbs and made up words, where insulting is a key component. Its extremely implicit, it even feels telepathic haha. We'love it, it feels like.... too much ...blotter paper. Its funny when American or western/northern European friends come here. They are always: Why is everyone arguing, is there something wrong, what happened, that guy insulted the other guy by throwing him a racist joke about him and he laughed like the he was given a compliment. Why did you make joke about his 21st ancestor ect ect. Its so funny how we communicate and use language in such a different way here. I assume that from thousands of years of persians, greeks, romans, tatars, huns, mongols, normans, turks, italians, goths, saxons, maygars, scytians, slavs, thracians, illyrians, macedonians, epyrians....and so on.... screwing around here, It is only natural that this kind of bounding and conflict avoidant mechanism would evolve. I'love how Zizek touched upon this. He being from around here as well
  7. Yea, this clicked with me in a post he wrote somewhere recently. The escape hatch leads.... right ....back here. Wo..w.. hahah, yes! haha..haha
  8. Here is something to de-compile you. Chiiiiiiuu.u.u.eers..s...sss. @AleksM Oh yea, Merkaba is powerful stuff man...good call. +1
  9. I like what old bald grandpa Wilber said about t2: -Hurts more, bothers you less. Having that in mind, from what I have observed: -t2 has a more of detached form of passion. It is branching, free flowing and expanding. It can reach to so many different depots of different juices. I Imagine it like roots, freely going trough the soil and branching where needed. -t1 has a more attachment based form of passion, one that is more narrow, constrained and one-directional. It usually reaches to one depot of juice. I Imagine it like roots going trough a narrow pipe. t1s drive and passion can feel so big just because their world is small and their consciousness is dense. Btw there actually was... a certain dryness when I hit yellow.... As if the spell was lifted and the magic was gone. It felt like I knew what is going on and for what reasons. But that got fixed quite quickly, especially after some good amounts of micro-grams.
  10. @Husseinisdoingfine I can see where you are going. Remove all capitalism, add good socialism and all will flow nicely, am I getting you right ?
  11. Why not look at what the Scandinavians are doing. They seem to have worked this thing out the best and extracted the useful components from both the socialist and capitalist systems in a manner that actually does not devour everything . Why bathe in the blood of the soviets or the propaganda of the west. When we have things that are up-to date and actually work I wonder ?