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  1. A confident masculine man will want his woman to go wild and express herself free. But statistically, more man are more masculine than feminine, so probably at least more than half of men will want to be on-top of the situation. What turns most men on is submission, fearless embodied submission. Statistically you are at disadvantage. It doesn't mean you can find someone compatible, or find compatible men early game, it just means the chances of finding a submissive man is somewhat lower.
  2. In my last 15 years of working with music and game art ..... I've just seen way too many beginner folk that were either lazy or untalented go and settle for some sloppy and unrefined style just because they cant perform better and hide behind "this is the way I express myself" , or "there is no quality in art, its all expression" types of quotes. They do not want to do the work, but want to get the same level of credit and do it faster. Its not that there is something wrong with the mindset behind the quotes, its that many use it to hide their lack of skill. I would say there is such a thing such as a "conspiracy theory" version of art, or a "pseudo science" version of it for the lack of better words. Its just way too abstract and open kind of an discipline for one to be able to really put his finger on the funky stuff. Btw pop is template based music, you just fill the template with catchy stuff and you are done. Its like cooking brownies with pre-made store mix and calling yourself a cook. Most musicians with composing experience of 1-3 months could make a pop song worthy of world fame on the spot without even trying, They will just need to have the connections in the industry and the name to make it popular. The quality would still be the same. It is designed in a way that it acts as a pleasant virus for the mind, its invasive. It pop-ular, because it is designed to be invasive. Ever tried to get rid of a catchy refrain looping in your head, yeah, not an easy thing to do, that is by design Speaking of apophenia, this is an interesting video.
  3. lol ...... Shitting more on-top of the existing shit. Just what we need Entertainment is getting bizarre. But after all the holy-wood leftist ctinge BS that was injected in movies and games in the last half a decade.... It doesn't really surprise me. In a way it feels like the right response.
  4. Oh, there is a guy in porn ? I thought there was just a dick and a chick. Good catch man!
  5. The whole "socialism" thing works fine and makes perfect sense in concept land. I do not know any examples of it working in the real world. I tried to find, but couldn't. This is what I feel is the greatest mistake. Its people wanting to implement the whole thing, or huge chunks at once. Imagine having a great and huge business plan, if executed well, you are going to be the most successful business man in the country, its a big and complex plan involving many things, on paper all the systems are in line, everything makes sense and fits well together..... now you implement it and something goes horribly wrong, How do you know where is the fault, you cant, you implemented 100 things at once and now all the gears are turning, you try to move one piece to fix it, everything moves along with it resulting in even more damage. its almost guaranteed to fail if implemented in this way. Historically this is what we have done. So what we need is, to slowly inject the system with such policies and see how they really stand. Test, refine, QA, build upon it. In some time we will have a socialist-capitalist blend.
  6. When you make a mayo, you stir that egg, and while doing that you slowly add oil, drop by drop, slowly. You don't just pour the whole bottle in. The end result is nor egg, nor oil, its mayo!! Mayo is comprised of 80+ % oil, but the oil as we knew it previously. I think socialism is more like a mayo and less like an oil. Damn I want to cook now!
  7. But but... aliens said we are doing fine
  8. As I understood the very problem they are trying to address is reducing the amount of land and water that is used for agriculture. Right now the greatest problem are plants raised for feeding livestock. But still the same problem remains, its ruining the land by agriculture and spending a lot of water. As the world develops and more and more people rise to middle class and the demand for nutritious foods scales bigtime, by using land based farming, we might end up where we are now. At least that is my interpretation. According to what the guy said in the video, it turns out that this is one of the most environmentally friendly, space friendly, water friendly, energy efficient, nutrient efficient and not to difficult to implement solutions, Mostly because of the farming location and the nature of aquatic/insect life. There are seaweeds and kelps on the menu too.
  9. A worthy watch. I never knew these were an option. And a huge pdf on "the blue revolution" by nature.org
  10. In a weird way I see it as a step forward. I feel that at this level of development .... we have almost no choice but to do it. The collective psyche is out of whack and we are out of tools. Its a crude solution and a bandage upon a deep wound, but I do not see what else do we got. Another important think to take into consideration is that censorship is by no means "removal", its pushing stuff into the collective unconscious. Its basically collective suppression. In due time this repressed material will rot and fester, create other types of societal pathology and swing the pendulum in the other direction. So having this in mind, It does not look like a good thing in the long run, its just a quick fix. Btw we do not know if this will be successful, we'll see that soon. Its very likely that there will be collective ego backlash, far bigger than what we got right now.
  11. I'd love to dance. On the graves on my enemies. Imagine they pull off that joke one day.
  12. I would make a difference between the primal animal like masculinity and toxic masculinity. To me toxic masculinity is based in fear and insecurities. The animal part is more spontaneous, aggressive and exploratory. Just like a toddler smashing ants to see what happens.
  13. I don't get it. 10k signatures and "they" stop immigration. Is that the deal lol. it looks to me, that in order for something like this to succeed, you'll need to get humongous amount of signatures per country. Something in the scope of a referendum. Which will ofc need some heavy marketing and cash. Or am i missing something and being stupid ?