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  1. I am going to share this mega resource here. This channel is probably a mega-thread by itself. It has hundreds of UFO-related recordings from the past 50+ years on it. I think @Leo Gura might particularly enjoy this The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@EyesOnCinema Some videos I found interesting:
  2. Sad also, they always manage to tear me up
  3. No no You should be listening to orphaned land now
  4. And some senators bringing more info.
  5. Erdogan seems to be getting ever pissed. And some likely motivations:
  6. @OBEler Where did you find this official DNA report, couldn't get anything on Google or YT.
  7. I don't get it, They said that they compared its DNA with millions of earth species, 30%+ was quite unlike anything we have around here. It also has some reptilian, birdlike anatomical features. Btw I remember Greer saying that their disclosure group is cooperating with other governments across the world and that some will step forward. So this could be a part of all that.
  8. Anyway, couldn't help but notice this. Steven Greers narrative in the past: -Lue Elizondo = Disinformation agent -The secret government is planning to unite Earth against an alien threat in the near future. Lue Elizondo in 2022 TLDR: -People and nations will have to unite. -We are not no-top of the food/alpha chain. -Greer and the other charlatans will have to change their names and dissapear.
  9. Didn't know who she was, but if that's the case it's not a good look on them.
  10. Wtf...... It's beyond me how this event took place, yet no one has ever heard about it, nor do I remember it being covered by any of the news. I accidentally found it a few days ago, after some heavy scrolling and typing on YT. Thought it was something new related to the Congress hearing. But it turns out this happened 10 years ago, in 2013. Below is the playlist of all the videos. It's 20 videos, each ranging from 1h, to 2h. So we are looking at about 30 hours of UFO-related hearings. The full playlist: And a carrot :
  11. This is probably the event worth following this year. Whistleblowers start talking about the 47 min mark. There is also another documentary made by them that came out this year, just found about it in the video above.
  12. Re-editing dead authors to fit a certain ideology in 2022 just doesn't look good for the left. Sadly with this kind of move, they'll only push more and more authors to go "anti-woke".
  13. No one is allowed to feel bad on the far left. So anything that might hurt or offend anyone will be policed and a new word will be invented about it. Ironically enough, the only people that will get offended by someone mimicking their culture are the less healthy people on the right. So in that sense, "cultural appropriation" is protecting, even empowering toxic right-wingers, without even knowing it. Both sides are actually doing the very same thing, just for different reasons and aims. Anyway, quote wise: If you do the right things for the wrong reasons, you'll still get the right thing. If you do the wrong thing, for the right reasons, you'll still get the wrong thing. I believe the latter to be the case with both left-wingers and right-wingers in this situation.
  14. The first part seems true for sure. But I think he understands that science and religion are both wrong from a multi-perspectival view, he can hold that, at least in "SD yellow" sense, he also actually seems to understand that the pursuit of the ultimate requires relinquishing them. Some light turquoise vibe there. It looks to me like he is in big part utilitarian and is aiming towards using known things/tools that work and humans can grapple with. So in that sense, everything he is doing is elaborating on known psycho-utilitarian ideas that can be applied and lead to predictable results. Science is good for that, and so can be religion, if applied in a good way. Probably one of the roots of his order and "clean your room" thing. You can understand things deeply. But still chose to use human/monkey tech. Isn't that, in part what T2 is about when dealing with T1.