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  1. Re-editing dead authors to fit a certain ideology in 2022 just doesn't look good for the left. Sadly with this kind of move, they'll only push more and more authors to go "anti-woke".
  2. No one is allowed to feel bad on the far left. So anything that might hurt or offend anyone will be policed and a new word will be invented about it. Ironically enough, the only people that will get offended by someone mimicking their culture are the less healthy people on the right. So in that sense, "cultural appropriation" is protecting, even empowering toxic right-wingers, without even knowing it. Both sides are actually doing the very same thing, just for different reasons and aims. Anyway, quote wise: If you do the right things for the wrong reasons, you'll still get the right thing. If you do the wrong thing, for the right reasons, you'll still get the wrong thing. I believe the latter to be the case with both left-wingers and right-wingers in this situation.
  3. The first part seems true for sure. But I think he understands that science and religion are both wrong from a multi-perspectival view, he can hold that, at least in "SD yellow" sense, he also actually seems to understand that the pursuit of the ultimate requires relinquishing them. Some light turquoise vibe there. It looks to me like he is in big part utilitarian and is aiming towards using known things/tools that work and humans can grapple with. So in that sense, everything he is doing is elaborating on known psycho-utilitarian ideas that can be applied and lead to predictable results. Science is good for that, and so can be religion, if applied in a good way. Probably one of the roots of his order and "clean your room" thing. You can understand things deeply. But still chose to use human/monkey tech. Isn't that, in part what T2 is about when dealing with T1.
  4. Yea, makes sense, still I am trying to wrap my mind around what planetary geometry means. Closeness, relative movement, angle. I have no clue. And another big one
  5. Damn ......... people yelling "god is great" while rescuing and seeing buildings collapse. ... SSGS describes itself as a research institute for monitoring geometry between celestial bodies related to seismic activity on Twitter. What Was the Prediction? After Frank Hoogerbeets’ prediction went viral, he responded to the earthquake, saying, “As I stated earlier, sooner or later this would happen in this region, similar to the years 115 and 526. These earthquakes are always preceded by critical planetary geometry, as we had on 4-5 Feb."
  6. Caves seem to be popular for coral too. Btw I must add Copenhagen to the thread list. Living in that place made me transition into green in just a few months.
  7. You really have to push the bot sometimes
  8. For anyone that hasn't watched this, or does not know the channel. Some gold for yah
  9. @Tudo I am just comparing the end of one type of life form to another, without placing pain or suffering in the mix, for the reason them being influenced too much by our own bias of avoiding pain and suffering. We know it in ourselves, so we see it in the world, I don't mean that it's pure projection, I mean we are able to see it because we know it. It means, yes, it is there, in other human beings and in some other life forms. But we can not accept it, if we were to, then we would accept it in "others". That is just unacceptable for your ego. Anyway, I do not see why put one type of a life-form over another, nor do I like the ethics of prioritizing beings based on closeness/similarity to ourselves, even if it's based on compassion. I like more to marvel at the ways the cycle of life works in nature. But don't get me wrong, I like everyone else do have the same bias, I am against factory farming and for reducing other needless forms of suffering that we create, but also I don't like buying into my own BS, on both fronts of this talk.
  10. @Jannes Why are eating habits a crime? You will kill in order to eat, be it spinach or a chicken. Why is a chicken more valuable than spinach ? Just because you can relate to it more, doesn't make it any different. Plants do not want to be eaten just as any other being on the planet aside from parasites.
  11. @Frosty97 It's partly right, if you look at the other side of the coin, it will look different. Insights are alright, but if you don't try to counterbalance them, they will turn and grow into ideological stories that will end up making a lot of sense to you. In that case, half a rotten apple will amount to a rotten apple, despite there being truth in the whole thing. Let's say, in the brutal face of survival, both men and women held together the best they could, collaborating together the best way they knew. Women and children were spared in most sieges and they were protected by the defenders and even left alone by the besiegers. Some powerful leaders were more oppressive, but some focused on building a better society, one that everyone can benefit from. In certain societies, like the "vikings", women enjoyed more rights and freedoms. You can go with this narrative all day long too, bringing endless examples, but it would also be wrong.
  12. Gives me these vibes, similar music playing in my head too
  13. Yea I've dreamed of tripping on acid and changa, but it was quite unlike the real thing.