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  1. @DrugsBunny Why not try to see what he is trying to say, using his ways and his understandings and why smuggle yours there, prior to understanding his? What are you trying to do there?
  2. @trenton You might find the "Close encounters of the 5th kind" documentary interesting.
  3. That's what happens when you try to replace extremely old archetypes that had withstood the test of time, generations, cultures and populations with a 20/30-year-old wanna-be archetype memes and think it would work. If I told you that you won't boil an egg in cold water and yet you try to do so. I wouldn't blame it on your hungry family, nor find their reactions as something out of place. This is what green is doing in regards to storytelling, boiling eggs in cold water, claiming that they are boiled just fine and trying to feed people. People just won't buy that. Just saying, it's bad craftsmanship on the side of green. They could do better, there is a plethora of good green movies done the right way.
  4. The only thing that helps me to get out of a rut is a complete internet/digital - unhooking. I figured that the biggest contributing factor that led me to laziness and got me stuck was pure PC internet and games at most. I got stimulated by those so much, that I got lazy to do even basic things like, taking the dishes to the sink, let alone wash them. The most basic things became so hard, every single one of them. So nowadays to avoid all that I block my browser, steam, chat apps, and movie folders, I can only get to them by typing a series of very difficult and long passwords. If I really need any of them I will have to be willing to go through the painful process of typing that. If I do so, I get a 30 min session to use the browser and it locks itself again. In the 2000s when the internet was getting popular, we had the expression of "internet junkie" and people were really aware of its addictive potential. Even families would argue about how much this internet was consuming their partner's attention and making them lazy and not caring for the kid ect. Nowadays, we have forgotten that, to the degree that we give little kids and even babies smart phones with all this addictive mess. Think about it, you are probably affected by the very same thing, as most are. And it's a HUGE sink for energy and motivation. Your motivation will suffer big time if you use your smartphone/PC/internet carelessly and on a whim. You need to learn to use the internet and other digital stuff very deliberately. Btw check out this channel. It might help and inspire you
  5. It can also be a shadow of a person in an individualistic stage. At stage orange, women become more independent and self-centered,if it happens that males around them are denying this, they will form a group shadow around men. Shadows work best when they are asociated with groups and that goes across stages. Generally, by the looks of it, most feminists start at orange as a movement, the movement may be based on orange values, but this does not mean that you wont find stage blue transitioners, red, green, blue, or god damn, even a beige in it. At blue, everyone is really preoccupied with the collective of the nation, religion, race, or the "greater than us" group ideology of choice, so much that feminism as a splinter group in that unified blue collective will not be allowed at best, and won't be even perceived as an idea at worst. While red has too little experience working with groups and is way too individualistic and contrarian to organize and hold a stable group, especially when it comes to females. Its a power game, and it so happens that males are more powerful, so they are the ones forming up the ganks and warbands, females help and support them and the ones that are not your females are "enslaved" in the manner of the time. Yes, women might rebel, but they would be seen just as that, as rebels, not feminists or women's rights (wtf is this) activists. It makes sense to me that feminism as a solid thing in a stage can only be started at orange and progress into green. With, or without all the shadows. But still able to attract people from other stages, since we live in an interconnected age.
  6. Damn can't get used to seeing Wilber with that wig on, there seems to always be something off about it. It's an interesting take for sure. Nice share
  7. @Danioover9000 Hm, idk, to troll means you need to have fun and get the lols. But I think OP was after a bit of sick pleasure and wanted to lure others on the team. As far as I can tell, it's a success. If you fuck up by setting the intent and the vibe of the topic, you'll fuck up the whole thread. Starting from bad faith posts, leading to inter-personal squabbles and off-topic journeys, just like the ones we are engaging in now. Now, let's return to the spirit of the forum, what can we learn from this?
  8. Neat You might enjoy this one as well.
  9. Use that to your advantage. You just need a better mental commercial about it playing in your head. I also do things in an inverse way, even talk in that way at times and definitely read, look for a folder, or go through a list from the bottom>up. Also in school, I would never solve math problems by doing it on paper, but abstractly guess the answer, a lot of times I was quite near, or on point. But the process was abstract and all over the place anyway, I couldn't tell how I got the answer. Anyway, so far I've never seen it as some kind of a chore. Nor have I observed any negative effects. I hold it now just as a personality quirk. If I can leverage any of those, I would. I am sure there is a place in the world for any kind of quirky traits.
  10. You might get muscles revealed, due to water and fat loss. But if you are not maintaining your muscles with enough protein and enough exercise they will start degrading. Your body will take protein away from muscles and use it elsewhere in the body, or turn it into sugar if needed. This is how you are surviving during a fast. Your body is still using resources, but they are coming from within. It sees muscle as a liability and will take any chances to reuse that muscle protein if the muscles are not needed.
  11. As with most things, don't overeat the same thing and you won't experience many of its cons. Most cons you get from foods come from that. Overconsume and you'll get heart disease from pork, kidney stones from spinach, or serious intestine problems from potatoes. Most scientific studies are done in isolation. You are only given certain food to eat under certain conditions, for a certain prolonged period of time, they measure stuff around and give you some pros/cons. The fact is that if you eat foods in moderation, you will be forced to have a diverse food palette. This means nothing is overconsumed, nor is it eaten in an isolated way. I say, research, but don't think much about the cons. Instead, eat in a way that won't lead to their manifestation.
  12. I live naked, good for air circulation around critical parts. We also got our first tornado here.
  13. -Paste the link directly from the URL bar and not from the share button on YT. -After you paste it, wait for 10ish seconds, it might embed. -If it doesn't work try re-pasting it multiple times, or refresh the page.