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  1. Neat, lot of far lefties around here, its almost the perfect place to ask the ever-dodged question. I am not teasing, just genuinely interested. -Lets say on societal level, right wingers go too far when they start talking : ethnic/racial differences being key differences, ethnic/racial superiority, antisemitism, our victimized position justifies violence, separatism, severe and forced immigration restrictions, sex differences are written on stone. -Left wingers go too far when they start talking: (?)
  2. You carry all the lessons and wisdom from the stages you transcended, ey. I think there are some key points that are overlooked quite often regarding this. This might clear up some common confusions, in case I am right about it. -The amount of time you spent and the effort you put in while being in a stage will influence how much juice you will milk out of it. (duh) -Ego,Shadow and repressed material that you picked up will also have an impact on this. (duh- but lets not talk about it, it hurts) -Transcend and include is very rare while moving trough T1. Transcend and repress seems like the norm to me. (might be) So taking this in mind while creating an imaginary RPG world scenario. Player 1 might have: -4 years in orange. -did shit tons of self work, nutrition, fitness, career, psychology -transcended and included a lot of healthy blue and red. -realized there was smt more to life at some point. -slowly got and spent 1.5 years in green -screwed around with some new and cool concepts there -was amazed with all this new world -learned new things, but did not put much effort -did not repress his previous orange -a new crisis came, something clicked -gathered his points and got to yellow. Player 2 might have: -2 years in orange -did not do to much self work, was a toxic materialist -transcended, repressed and judged stage blue -a friend gave him acid once -his world fell apart -gathered his shit and started working in green. -transcended and repressed stage orange. -spent 4 years in green. -did ACAB activism. -realized its not going anywhere -did deep and dedicated healing work -got to yellow. P1 - stats blue: 8/10 orange: 9/10 green : 5/10 P2 - stats blue: 5/10 - thanks to shadow/healing work at green orange: 6/10 - thanks to shadow/healing work at green green: 9/10 You do not have to have all your stats 10/10 in order to be T2, when you get in T2, you will still need to do lower stage integration and learning. This may be misapplied integral theory, so take it with reserve. This is just me thinking loudly Hope it helps And btw, welcome
  3. @The Lucid Dreamer Got couple of questions on mind fellow psychonaut. My questions are: -Do you have any experience with astral projection, or are you focused exclusively on lucid dreaming. -If so, how do you even distinguish between them ? (The thing is, I had a couple of spontaneous of these experiences and I never got to know what was an astral projection and what a lucid dream. ) -If able to, do you find it more efficient to go into a lucid dream and convert it into projection. (I've heard people doing this, not sure if it is a shortcut, or if it is energy waste, aside from trying to convert an already occurring spontaneous experience ) -Do you know of any legit supplements ?
  4. @Emerald Hoy. What are the next key lessons I need to learn ? Btw its a fun self-exploratory thing. I don't think folk around here is taking it way too literally and giving away their power. I see tarot as a deck of mirrors. The interpreter just helps you do your self inquiry. Its more like a therapist than an oracle.
  5. Nice work guys, had a good time These also deserve to be here.
  6. Man I don't know if I am entering into tin foil hat territory. Also the title looks like a conspiracy theory heavy click-bait. But when I look at the research, senate hearings, the law ect..... it relay makes me wonder if its a fox guarding the hen house. The people speaking in it also do not look like they are into tin foil territory and some have years of experience in it. Has anyone done any serious research regarding this ? I've watched tons of conspiracy theories in the past and by now I can smell both them and the mechanisms forming them from a mile. But here, it find it difficult.
  7. Its alright. I don't think it is at odds with what we are doing. I'try to clear it up the terminology of what he is saying a bit, with some extra spices of mine. I've been exploring this level of being quite a bit, so I think I might have something valuable to say. By happiness he most probably means: - Pleasure, instant, even delayed. - A constant state of comfort and joy. Its the rat in the wheel. A cat chasing its own tail. Its what 99% of people pursue. By suffering and sacrifice : (with some extra spice, it also is not a coincidence they are used in pair) -Suffering - the states of absence of pleasure, comfort or joy. -Suffering - the urge and the will to hold on to known comforts. -Sacrifice - deliberately letting go in order to transform. -There is no gold at the bottom of the ocean. There is gold and a kraken. -There is no gold in the darkness of the cave, there is gold and a dragon. -Something valuable in the midst of the dark, protected by unknown chaotic wisdom. Accept that there will be suffering, accept that you will sacrifice and that that is the way to grow. You can not change and remain the same at the same time. Something will have to go, and you will want to hold on to it. Even when you transform and lets say let go, you will find ways to hold on to those new things, a new transformation will be on its way, you will yet again hold on before letting go and transforming. Point is, do not avoid suffering and sacrifice. Embrace and own them. Most of what seeking happiness is the fear of these states. Seeking happiness will create suffering, disowned suffering, lurking beneath the surface, eating one away. To folk interested in astrology this is Neptune and Pisces, it is the gateway to Pluto, The guardian is Neptune, the gate is Pluto, to tarot folk its the Hanged Man. The archetype of Jesus on the cross, or even better Odin on Yggdrasil. I know that I hung upon a windy tree for nine whole nights, wounded with a spear and given to Othinn, myself to myself for me; on that tree I knew nothing of what kind of roots it came from. I did add and interpret things ofc. But I am sure if Elliot read this he would nod in agreement. Also I might not be there yet, but what I've seen Happiness is, is the radical acceptance of Love, and Love is everything, its the master emotion, one where-from everything originates, it contains everything, its not pleasure, its not Joy, its everything.
  8. This may be a stupid idea, but here it is. If there is a way for him to stream on his website... while being able to link the users with their forum accounts, that would be great. If anyone is there to monkey around, perma IP ban. And there you go. This is far more difficult to do with you-tube or twitch. You can't moderate thousands of accounts, even with AI, its better if the creation of those accounts is in his hands and that will be on his website or the forum. This will also lead people directly here, instead of youtube. Simple 1 hour QnA streams might do. Sometimes it is difficult for people to read of what Leo means when he does a 3-5 word replies on the forum. No voice, no face, you've seen it.
  9. Mostly neutrally. Plus some added neat bonuses. -It outsources my excuses to go outside for minor reasons. -Big food stocks clear up a lot of mental baggage regarding nutrition. -Toxic internet environment made me hook off from social media. -Daily workout/nutrition habits are easier and way more desirable to maintain. -Meditation and other spiritual practices are easier to maintain, plus there is more time for more of them. -My apartment is cleaner than a baby ass. -More time for reading. -More love and focused time on the art/music project I am doing. I am loving this. Pickard - Damage report!! -PC repairs have been delayed quite significantly and is affecting my income, found a semi-replacement, I'll make it. -Insufficient psychedelics, insufficient tegridy weed. -Chillin around with some very potent alcohol. The idea of me going somewhere away, isolated from the city, stocking up and doing my work/s, while going out once/twice a month for a restock, or for some trance/goa, dnb/neuro or metal show/festival started to grow on me.
  10. There is just something wrong with these internet tests. Anyway, here is what came up.