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  1. One of the main features of the dreamer/sleeper is the conviction that what you have in front of you is "the reality", not "a reality" The ego mind likes things to be predictable and in control, something that we can find very easily and abundantly in "this reality", or the physical world. You go home, the door is at the same place, you eat food and than you poop, you fall off the balcony, you suffer physical damage, your friends can be found at the same place, there is a sense of temporal continuity, things are quite stable. Now its easy for the ego mind to brand it as "the reality" given its attributes and needs and on-top get addicted to it. The creation of "the reality", by default creates the pole of "the fake/not real", which is comprised of things that are not stable, lack the sense of temporal continuity, can not be controlled. Something that is often attributed to the imaginary. Going by this logic, the imaginary is fake/not real. In actuality the distinction of the real vs the imagined is not there. Its something that we make with our ego. Dissolve that and there wont be a difference.
  2. Gratitude is prerequisite for forgiveness, try practicing general gratitude mate. Also shadow work would be no brainier. If you have a grudge against a group, there is most definitely a solid shadow there.
  3. I draw an arbitrary but fun language distinction. Alone (all-one) - to be with oneself. Lonely -to be without oneself.
  4. Mind boggling. Dystopia 2.0. The future is same as the present (not worse).
  5. Deserves re-read. I like the emphasis on "choice".
  6. Hope it satisfies your dislike hunger Or we can go completely meta and dislike dislikes
  7. Maybe I was super naive, but I expected more user features with which we can interact with the content, not less. Something akin emoji likes that discord or slack have, or something new. The more ways people can express themselves about what they think about the content, the more realistic the content reaction. But no, we are going for the money, yet again, doubling down on the same dysfunctional shit and singing a very familiar song. I doubt this has anything to do with users, harassment, toxicity or anything of the kind. PS: For those that do not like to watch 20 fake videos on "how to unfreeze start menu" and go trough the like/dislike ratio to find the best video, you can return the dislikes with an browser add-on for the time being. Guides here:
  8. He is just talking about classic shadow integration, with the focus on ID integration. It means that you need to integrate your already existing capacity for cruelty and own it, this is about it. Either you will own it in a conscious way, or you will be possessed by it. I do not see another way around it. The trick is, if you have it integrated, there will be less of a need to act it out, or even if there is, it will be done in an integrated manner. Think of a stereotypical martial arts master, he is the best one at it, but has the least need to use it, even prefers to go trough matters in other ways.
  9. There wont be "a thing" without comparison, having a "thing" requires at least 2 things so you can make the comparison. If there is only one thing in total, comparison is impossible, you would have nothing to compare it to that is outside of itself. No comparison, no thing. Do not mistake "everythingness" for "infinite many-thingness". Contemplate more on what makes a "thing", a "thing" I would say.
  10. I do not really see the point of the hypothetical experiment, except if it is for fun. In most realistic situations people lived in mixed communities and divided tasks as needed. It turns out that most of survival requires physical strength, endurance or resistance. Which men had more of, so they did the activities that required those attributes, as women cared more about the household, distribution of food, taking care of people, we all know this, its not rocket science, is probably not worth repeating around. It would be wise to add the common pregnancy periods into the mix too, as babies and children died often, so more had to be produced if the tribe is to survive. History is a monument of men and women cooperating to meet survival needs and it was brutal on both ends. Which is one of the reasons why I don't buy 90% of the "patriarchy" narrative that you mentioned. These ideas can come only out of modern people isolated from "real" survival. A way to heal this of would be a just few days of camping in the woods with a mixed crew.
  11. True, good that he eased out. Still I found the critique quite warranted, someone had to slap CNN for all that "horse dewormer" language game. Leo seems to think its mainly because the group think and their echo chamber, which is probably true, but it seems to me despite that... it takes less than few minutes of research your way out of it and a serious news network can and is obligated to do at least that. I think CNN knew, or at least the ones making the decisions and decided to roll with it despite knowing the truth. Might have been told to do so, who knows. Don't want to place the blame solely onto them, it is surely way more intertwined and entangled than it looks