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  1. Judging by your writing style, quite unlikely. You seem more like an IxxP. Good textbook examples of Ni dom writing (thinking) style around here would be Emerald or Forestluv.
  2. @EddieEddie1995 @iTommy Thanks for sharing it man, I'll check it out. Sometimes I tend ti get worried a bit, because if I get a spontaneous kundalini awakening and end up frozen and twisting on the floor, there is no serious yoga master in the next 1000 km from here to assist me. I guess I have to set that in place in case anything serious happen and also educate myself on krya yoga. I also have the free books that were shared on this forum few years ago.
  3. About time, a warm welcome
  4. 1. Unification. Unify you mind until there are no voices, get into absolute focus with no thoughts and "characters" chatting in your head. Meditation is great for this. 20 mins will probably cut it for most. Your state of consciousness should be pure presence and observance. You should be just seeing stuff, not saying in your mind: oh a flower, oh a river. But even if you get those its alright, the most important part is that there should not be any sentence like conversations in your mind happening, a little language after noticing stuff is alright. Note: By default, in your waking life your psyche is fragmented, but you do not see it. There are all sorts of characters talking to each-other. But you are unconscious and perceive it all to be one voice, your own, you are talking to yourself. You do not see them as separate characters. Its a good example of unity trough unconsciousness opposed to unity trough consciousness. 2. Dial. Dial up the address with your mind to whom do you like to speak to, trough intention. Say it with words, feel it, think it. You can be specific, you can be very vague, or somewhat in between. 2.1 Dial Parameters. You can also set up parameters in this stage like: beings that have both mine and their best interests in mind, are on a same or higher vibrational level than mine ect, are aligned with my mission, want to talk to any pleadian group that is willing to exchange information. Customize it as you will, it will serve as a filter. 3. Controlled fragmentation. Deliberately fragment your mind into 2 voices by starting to ask questions and letting your own voice in your head auto respond them, the auto-responding voice is your destination. You do not want to wait in between questions and responses, you let yourself shoot an answer right after you have finished the sentence, whatever comes trough your mouth. Sometimes answers will come to you even before you have finished the sentence. It depends on the person, but whatever response you get just accept it, it may be a literal voice, it may be a feeling, a combination, cartoon character, whatever, you accept whatever you get. Suspend all disbelief and attempts to analyze what is going on, have the experience first, analyze after. Be aware of your feelings in regards to this. Analyzing will break the state, or to the very least place unnecessary filters so things will come to you in a distorted way, you may also lose the capacity of this second voice to auto-respond, it will just vanish. Or in other words you are hanging up the phone if you are analyzing. 3.1 Calibration and stabilization. I start the fragmentation process by asking a series of simple calibration questions to solidify and give autonomy of the voice, you are stabilizing the trance by doing this. When I feel its stable. I start with my intended conversation. What I usually ask is: -Who am I speaking with -How do I know I am speaking to the right thing. -Can you prove you are the right thing. -Why did you chose to get into contact with me. -Have we met before. -What should I do in regards to something (your higher self and developed beings will not infringe upon your free will and will not tell you what to do), its just a test. Again, you ask a question than let yourself shoot back whatever comes. If you say dick, so be it. Go on questioning. 4. Dialogue. By this point the voice should become autonomous and get its own personality . You will also be able to spatially distinguish the points where-from these voices are talking to each-other. For eg one is in the middle of your head and the other is 30cm above it. You'll be able to distinguish it by temperament, personality or their level of development. Talk speed, pitch or flow, it will be different than the way you are. In this case you are the questioning voice that feels like you, your ego, so the difference should become apparent. I suggest trying to contact your higher-self first as you are familiar with it because it is been speaking trough you all your life. The only difference is that with this exercise its fragmented and a separate voice, its not glued to your psychic mess. Its always been speaking to you, trough you, but now its on a separate microphone. Its a great way to extract bombastic, super giga, quadro tera mega insights. This is the bulk of your session. I usually do no more than 20 mins of it, as it feels the whole conversation has reached a conclusion. In short: -20 mins meditation. -3-5 mins of dialing, setting parameters and calibration. -20 mins of dialogue. -re-listen it and ask yourself wtf just happened. Extra notes: -While you are doing this it helps if you are walking because your trance will be deepened. -Haven't tried it yet, but theta binaural beats should help. This process is happening in low theta brain state. -It also helps to whisper , or loudly talk to a voice recorder so you can have something specific to analyze later. It helps with the whole, "ask and shoot out an answer right after" thing too. It feels more natural when its done in voice, opposed to just hearing it all in your head. -You can skip step 1 if you are experienced. But if you are not, you wont be able to get a stable link. Your mind and all the "other character" fragments in it will get in the way and influence "both voices", that is why you want to unify your psyche first and than fragment it in a controlled way. -The voice will at first feel like your own voice, as if you are talking to yourself, it takes at least few minutes of build buildup so it can become autonomous, once you are there, just stay and talk to it. In the case of your higher self it will continue to feel like your own voice. Its like talking to a long forgotten and "perfect" version of yourself. There you'll also find out much about the ridiculousness of yours (the egos) questions. -The second voice will ask questions too. Or you may ask it to ask. It may also correct your questions. Just like having a conversation with anyone. -Fun note: Do not channel the pleadians if you can not rap at 200 bpm. Warnings: Do not overdo it and have other practices in place. Also don't be cocky and channel negative entities, god forbid wrathful gods, things can go south rather quickly in such cases. You don't give your address to gangsters and criminals and stuff.
  5. @intotheblack Wow, I love those, especially the graph. I got a thing for graphs. Ty @7thLetter Ty you for sharing too. It looks to me that your question has been answered. Btw, just some after thoughts on it. If you focus on developing yourself and rise your consciousness further, most of these issues will slowly stop either existing for you, or at least stop bothering you. Even if someone else is toxic, it wont bother you much, as you will understand them why they are the way they are and that they couldn't be any other way The solution is quite simple: its fuck all of this stuff and work on rising your consciousness Shadow work is also great for unclogging psychic pipe works.
  6. I've been googling it a lot and even posted the same question here, but found so little information and responses. If I found anything it was short and vague. So I'll just post what my experience with it is in as much as detail as I can and hope all this info and interpretation helps. So here is my essay: I get this on at least 90%+ of my meditations, I rarely not get this. This started happening in the last couple of years, or to be more exact, when I changed my meditations to be more "surrender everything" like and less of a "focus/concentration" like. It seems that I wasn't actually meditating prior to that . It usually happens around the 10th minute mark and lasts until about the 20minute mark. Or process wise, after I go trough the entry phase (relax and silence my thoughts and attain a stable focus) and my personal prayer phase (gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, humility, empowerment, wisdom seeking and love embodiment) that I do after that. When that is done, around the 10 minute mark I just decide to surrender as much as I can bare and as a result I get swarmed by these various effects. When it comes to body movements I get them in various forms: -Back-forth rocking originating from my sacral bone. Just like it would happen while you are rocking on a rocking-chair. -Left-right variation of the same thing. -Counter clockwise circular spinning, pivitoting from the same point. -Back-front, non rocking, but more of a directional, 1 dimensional movement. Like someone garbed my sacral bone and moved it back and forth along with most of the body, or at least the lower portion of it. Its a "fucking" motion. -Aggressive and shortlisting up-down movements of my knees (I sit either in full lotus, or in half lotus) -Counter clockwise spinning pivoting from my chest area. -Fast left-right spinning of my shoulders. -Fast non articulated, arrhythmical left-right spins of my head. -Circular spins of my head. -Back forth rocking of the head, -Let right rocking of the head. -Wrist left-right movements. -Fingers moving and stiffening in weird ways. -Slight or hard pressure on either the middle of my forehead or the top of my head. -Teeth or bone buzzing. Especially at joint points. Other accompanying effects: -Urge to vomit, especially if it is happening from the chest area or the head. -Hypnagogic imagery. ( Color clouds/ spheres, branchy tentacles, unknown but familiar faces flashing in and out, weird 6 eyed faces) i get them lets say 10% of the time. -Vibration layers, not thicker than 1cm, moving across my skin, especially starting from the area exactly at the point between my nipples and my armpits and wrapping around my face, arms or back. -Intense chest/back area or full body shivers. -Face twitches and grimacing. -Feeling of ever increasing fullness and joy. -Feelings of slight inner body fluid like movements lasting less than a second. Many moving from my chest area and radiating across. All of these can be very light, but sometimes they can get very aggressive and intense. The very process, especially at the end feels .... orgasmic, its better than sex. After it is done I might just straight out end my meditation, laugh like crazy, even cry from joy while laughing, or start laughing about me not knowing why am I laughing. At that point I am in the present moment and can see everything as still, frozen HD. Time seems to be slowed down , or at least it runs at 10% of its capacity. I have smooth and controlled focus too. My interpretation is that this is energy moving trough the body. And the body itself has an intelligence of how to deal with this. It will do whatever it needs distribute the energy wherever needed, it will help you clear blockages and push out any stagnant or "negative" energy. What I do when it starts happening is, as my mind focuses on any of these movements or effects, I just notice them and !!gently!! move my focus back on my breathing or on my forehead and keep surrendering, note that there is a body component into this surrender, its not all a mind game, you need to surrender with your whole being, or at least as much as you can grasp from your being. The surrender needs to be honest and not fake/forced. The more you can do this, the bigger the yield. Aggressive movements of focus and trying to control the body feeling = fighting it. If you want it to stop you can certainly do it, I've done it many times, but I like it way more when it happens. The reward is just immense, I don't want to spoil it so I just keep surrendering. I also noticed that the body movement effects start from your pelvis area and move upwards, many times in the same session you can get spins from different parts of the body. Pelvis>chest>head>no more spins. And in some sessions they will start from the chest and go for the head next. Regardless of what is going on, I do the same, notice, gently move my focus and continue with the max surrender of my whole being. These movements are also called "spontaneous kryas", evidently, judging by the name, there has to be more about it in krya yoga books. I haven't done any krya yoga yet. If anyone has anything on it. I would be delighted to hear about it.
  7. Maybe we can turn this into a tiny fun game. Whenever you watch a historical video: 1.Extract the main lessons from it. 2.Post the video here. 2.Post your lessons as a 1-3 liners.
  8. Don't forget that you feel compassion for these animals because you are wired to do so for the biggest part. They are evolutionary and more importantly anatomically similar to you, so you can read them easily, read off information out of them, out of their eyes, sound, mouth, movement, breathing, skin, smell. But on the other hand, you'll "torture" and skin a potato like it was nothing, with a blank face, engaged in whatever you are cooking, You know nothing about the "being" level of a potato, so you do not even consider it. To you its dead object that you eat, or at least somewhat alive, but regardless the case, you are not getting all the input you would as from lets say, a mammal, so its not enough input, or not the right inputs to trigger something as compassion. I am not saying that a potato feels the same stuff as cows ofc, its somewhat of a crude example, but on the contrary I am saying that our selfish wiring, by default allows us to feel the cows but not the potatoes. Or more broadly said: Our body is lobbying us to feel and empathize with the ones that are the closest to us, you can say its the same pattern that makes people Nazis, but on a more deep and bios depth kind of level. Just a re-contextualization example.
  9. Miler in "The Expanse" kills the scientist because he was making sense, not because he wasn't. Some ESTP integrity. Neat scene (timestamped):
  10. Maximus Decimus Meridius And his covert buddy Quintus: (timestamped), his actions, combined with Maximuses turning Rome from a tyrannical empire into a republic. Hector: Saladin and the baron of Ibelin.
  11. Watch this documentary fellow humans and try not to cry:
  12. Omg, we need to shoot them down, asap! Probably Hillary,Mark and the other reptilians are in it!
  13. Neat, thanks man! I've been so turned off by this tinder thing and all the damage it causes, that I just quit dabbling with digital forms of dating. This will be a refreshment.