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  1. It's really hilarious that as time progresses, it sounds like the frame of masculine and feminine are reversed and these days, women misuse men and hurt their feelings and this time men should think of maintaining and locking her down and getting jealous while one or two decades ago these were the traits of women!! I have no idea why this happens to men, but I can imagine what things can contribute to disempowering men like this. of course, I didn't mean to mock you, but dude, if there are better magnets than you, this will happen so you have no other way than getting more masculine and powerful.
  2. I'm sorry but you can't have your cake and eat it too! If you want a healthy productive day, at the very least, you gotta be able to hit the sack at 1:00 am.
  3. OK, as a man, being a provider is not a bad thing in a relationship, but when she sees you ONLY as a $ sign and not as an eggplant, that's gonna be problematic, because ultimately, she will get her money from you and the eggplant from another man. so, be aware that you balance out those dynamics.
  4. this is exactly coming from your own bad projection! in fact, I have loved a girl more who slept with me on the first night and didn't play unnecessary games with me.
  5. of course, it should involve drama and some complications in order for her to accept that the sex she's getting is worthful. duh.
  6. hmm, what a beach! those girls who show up topless are the ones that have more confidence and would be a great catch for cold approaching.
  7. well, dating coaches always give a frame, like don't tell this before she does this, don't do this, before she tells this. it's not a video game with strict algorithms to act within a certain frame. but ultimately, you can say that I'm not going to say her anything because she would feel pressured into having a relationship, but always make your interaction as a male sexual being to a female sexual being, not a brother to sister.
  8. I'm not gonna really blame those 9's and 10's for being arrogant that much. coz since they became adults, all sorts of simp males have favored 'em in order to get into their pants. every desperate guy has put her on a pedestal like she was a gift from the sky. so part of it is because of it. well, if she's gorgeous and has some decent behaviors at the same time, she's the one and maybe, who knows, a wife in the future!
  9. just empty bullshit words! those are excuses like saying I've had trauma, I'm on my period. if they ain't give that pussy, It means that you haven't still made them fully attracted sexually to drop their pants for ya. coz if she wanted to have sex with ya, she would do it with dripping blood from her pussy. indeed, I fucked a girl on her exam night while she was able to ditch me and say no!
  10. that's the biggest lesson in your life going to show you to never be an emotional man in relationship ever again!
  11. that's the tricky part. right now, my goal is to gain extra amounts of weights since I'm showing lesser than my real weight due to my height. yet at the same time, I'm fighting with the unnecessary fat around my belly and other parts. I eat as much as my caloric amount for the weight per kilogram requires, yet at the same time, I drink lots of coffee and green tea which burns the extra stuff. but all in all, you're gonna have some fat in your body when you decide to increase your weight. so some fat is natural and even plays a necessary role in your erection.
  12. they're not bad people, they're just lame weak-minded people. I love how selfish genes in human beings especially in women play out. women hate weak males and that's a biological mechanism in order to not get impregnated by those weaklings out there. welcome to ruthless bad-ass natural selection in my biology class.
  13. Exercise or Sport is better especially a heavy lifting workout but the problem is that you feel like a horny bull again after post-workout but this horniness still feels better than sedentary horniness.
  14. No, thanks, man, I have a slice of cottage cheese in the refrigerator...