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  1. coz fear is hard-wired and it makes such a long consistent effort to make it go away. don't stop, try as you may!
  2. @Ineedanswers I don't know his opinion, but in my opinion, you need to pull yourself together in material world in order to get better in other side which is spirituality. how would a homeless or jobless person be able to make progression in higher realm? sorta yin yang.
  3. absolutely. find your life purpose and gain a huge momentum. don't join ashram or something similar for now.
  4. just interesting, thanks for sharing, man!
  5. I guess you've confused me with a male family member of yours, you lil cat! 😜
  6. that's why old people say don't look too much into the mirror, you'd get crazy!
  7. who gives a heck about stages when you can live like dan bilzerian with poker 😜
  8. compete with that henry cavil!
  9. getting triggered is not normal. but it's your choice to be or not to be in a specific way. also don't get engrossed in the spiral dynamic stuff. you're a human having multiple personalities for different situation.
  10. we can be all spiritual and still have different ideas about different stuff. it's not important, if you see a few guys who are redpillers or pickup artists here on forum, what is most important is lowering down ur sensitivity towards some type of people with specific mentality.
  11. I can be so calm and deep home alone and the next hour in the party I can be the guy who can introduce himself or other people and get the conversation going for an hour straight and flirt with gorgeous girls with ease so I consider them as identities for myself coz I can switch between these two at the drop of the hat!
  12. when I'm busy pursuing progression in my life in any aspect which makes me feel alive!
  13. I'm 6'2 and more than 200 pounds, so calm down boy!
  14. I just have zero tolerance for any kind of stupid sarcastic remarks, so watch out what comes out of your keyboard!