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  1. don't bring up the commitment subject. in any relationship that I have been, I always wanted to decide whether I wanted commitment or not. of course, show him your good feminine qualities and show him you're a keeper, he will come with his commitment.
  2. look, you might feel not to do things because your passion is not there, this is the one that shouldn't do at all. but sometimes you have passion in something but you feel lazy and suffer when you do it. in this case, you should be able to push through your limits to get that shit done.
  3. don't escape from 'em by resorting to instant gratification activities. when it comes up, be with it, feel into it and allow your inner consciousness receives it in order to process it. the more you are alone with it, the more you decrease the repression.
  4. If it's real I wanna shift myself into the body of kratos
  5. oh you made me think again that our existence is so sexy!
  6. another myth by mainstream brainwashing machine.
  7. Nope, testosterone is not like that. that's why you feel so. anyways, you are free to choose whatever you like. The sky is the limit
  8. AND another part of datura trip happens after your death 😜
  9. you get lost in many thoughts. mindfulness and slow living is the key.
  10. stretching is just screeching some part of body. but yoga consists of stretching some part of your body in order to aim a specific organ for stimulation, energy and blood flow, plus it has some deep breathing magic.
  11. some part of god is dan bilzerian now. jus' sayin'
  12. don't escape, embrace it and allow yourself to suffer and burn in order to grow more.
  13. become aware of this fact that you may be experiencing the lower amount of testosterone secretion. check out your testosterone level. change your soft mindset and become more like a man. then, the smell and energy of femininity would attract you like a drop of blood for the shark in the sea.
  14. slow down your thoughts and body language and see how time behaves with you like a lil snail!
  15. if it gets comfortable so it's not good. relationship has its ups and downs. joys and challenges, you don't want to get away from this real fact, would ya?
  16. show some aggression in a nice and relaxed manner.
  17. how about a hysterical laugh when you talk about it? 😜
  18. Yes, I'm batman and I will coincide with a perfect girl that I'll make her a catwoman 🦇
  19. this is the problem of most university/college guys. having a paper but not practical. try to find a passion inside passion. what I mean by that? psychology is your passion, so find a sub-field in it that that would make you more passionate so much so that your home would burn down to the ground by your fire!
  20. @impulse9 dude, get comfortable with the paradoxes of universe!
  21. start walking on your all fours. what thoughts are generated in the process while you look at yourself in the mirror behaving like an animal? get comfortable with your naked animalistic body and sexuality 100%. of course, social conditioning has made us think we're not animal but we are animal with a complex brain.
  22. stop talking with yourself throughout the day, it originates from that. it's not natural to talk with yourself, that's why we often see crazy people in the street mumbling with themselves constantly.
  23. not physically, but everything can be psychologically addictive, it's because your ego mind can attach itself to everything it's interested like a super glue.
  24. Yes, it's always running on autopilot mode to save you energy and generate thoughts based upon the identity you have so far. so you can still change the content overtime but you can't stop the autopilot mode, coz it's the main mechanism of the mind.
  25. disagree 100% enlightened person finds self-worth in his essence so it might be okay for him to be in every kind of situation but still chooses to be in the right one.