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  1. At minimum, take a methyl b12. Also track you're macronutrients and make sure you're getting enough fat and protein. Make sure your protein is diverse and covers the complete amino acid profile properly (not necessarily in every meal, just in general).
  2. Is that the only aspect you don't like about the trades? What did you do and what did you like about it?
  3. You're certainly not at the end of the road.. keep going. A true understand of the nature of reality will not leave you feeling perpetually a loner. It will do the exact opposite.
  4. Meditation is many things.. to me the essence is in being able to embody your awareness into the present moment, as opposed to our default which is ego/thought embodiment in past/future. The more you refine your ability to do this, the more you read/understand the teachings, the more you will experience the fruits in the everyday moments.
  5. Whatever advice you receive here or elsewhere, maintain your willingness to experiment without attachment to results. You will get better at it over time.
  6. It sounds like you were resisting the experience and I don't blame you.. I've never entered "no man's land" myself. Though I think there is always opportunity for insight and understanding from any experience. Had you been able to let go fully, you may have received a much different experience.
  7. Don't ask why not rest bananas all day and then argue with everyone who explains why not. If you've already made up your mind and don't want to listen to others then just go do it. You'll learn the truth for yourself by personal experience.
  8. Being a doctor is a disorder to you? All of them?
  9. I agree with you there.. it's your process. But degrees of devilry are in all of us no? So can we not give credit to the good in others. Otherwise how could we love ourselves fully? Stamets would have to be pretty awful in your mind not to at least recognize the good parts.
  10. I'll take a shot at what I think Jed means. Life inherently has no meaning. You get to make meaning out of nothing. To some, that in itself is Meaning. As far as people coming along your path to help you grow, that is not mutually exclusive from meaninglessness. Perhaps some part of you (your subconscious, your soul, etc) wanted to learn a specific lesson, so you manifested the person or thing to come along to help you without your ego realizing what's going on (it's all random to the ego). In short, you alone create the meaning and the circumstances to help you along your path. It is all you.
  11. Fair enough. After all, only you know how you're reacting internally to all of this. I can only assume, and I have not much basis for that.
  12. Okay now your irrational paranoia makes sense. For your sake, I hope you're at least smoking organic.
  13. For me "wrong" and "right" simplifies the essence of his teachings far too much. With anything in life, you take what resonates and you leave the rest. Leo can be (and is) "wrong" in many different areas but I'm still able to extract tremendous insight and understanding from listening to his words and creating my own meaning of them. Having said that, it's not a good sign that he feels the need to defend himself in this thread. It's not necessary. But I honestly don't care. He's still kicking ass out there.
  14. I would maybe at least start with reading books in addition to pursuing training. Leo has some good ones in his book list.
  15. Hey, if you ever want practice editing some raw content on this topic, I have the content (or am willing to make more on similar like-minded topics). If I could afford to pay you I probably would, but the point is if you wanted to create a niche in this area, there's probably enough content creators out there doing this that you could approach. Like seek out their videos and offer to make one of your amazing montage's. All your past work can be in your own channel so you can just point them there to see. You could also leave a watermark throughout each video or your signature at the end so if people liked a video they saw organically, they know who did it and where to find you.