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  1. Here's a fun and informative, juicy topic ~ Calibration List made by David Hawkins - his estimated frequencies of energies, specific people, groups, animals species, books, music, concepts, activities, movements, and so on. Books: Power vs Force Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
  2. States of awareness/consciousness/presence instead of mechanicalness/automation/sleep? Oh, I never realized it as a purification process. That's very motivating.
  3. I just wanted to know hypothetically, to see whether I understood you right. The degree to which you're present in any given scenario is how much of a meditative state you are in ?
  4. It wasn't my idea but that's certainly a great technique. Are you thinking of a blindspot? As far as I know, lacking outside the box thinking is not a shadow many associate shadow with something dark or inferior while it doesn't have to be the case.
  5. Because it's a context we all share and have direct access to. We all have an experience of humanity as a whole of course, but it's more individual and depending on where you look. I'm not opposed to those posts though. There is not, and I happen to subscribe to the law of Mirroring which says that everything in your environment is a reflection of you. So for example, your response tells me there was an inner protest in me about posting this that I pushed away from consciousness. And it tells me to reown and integrate the part of myself who identifies with and needs to defend people who I perceive to be wrongfully acted upon. I think that's a good practice, neither do I, except in contexts where everyone who participates are willing.
  6. So if you are in a conversation with someone or doing anything, would it be meditating if you're present with yourself and them and your surroundings?
  7. That's a great idea, I hope someone makes a board for shadow work. Shadows mostly just show what you had to do to survive your initial environments. In a different family we'd have different shadows.
  8. @Lento This is what I hoped for from this thread you mention a great method of checking oneself. As for me, you're right about perfectionistic and critical, so maybe you're right about superiority complex as well. I'll look out for feelings of inferiority, which would be something I own a bit more, and that'll be a potential indicator. @Serotoninluv huh?
  9. @cetus56 Though by definition you can't see your shadow. You may be able to see a few shadows in earlier posts, and I guess that's a more gentle method
  10. @Bill W I'm not steady on esoteric terminology but I interpret being aware of nothing as aligning one's being with Source, with non-duality - or as close as we can get. Stripping your awareness of somethings. With mindfulness I interpret it as the degree of awareness you allow into consciousness. So, how well you are aware of some-thing.
  11. @Bill W Since I made the thread, I would be the main target for being called out for a shadow, don't you think? I see how this can be used to direct attention away from oneself, but it can also be a great resource. If it's being used as an excuse to gossip, you'll be called out on it since it's exactly what the thread is for.
  12. @wesyasz In what types of posts do you see that shadow?
  13. @Bill W The reason I don't like it is because you can engage in reflection without meditating. So while it's accurate it's not precise. How is the other one a cop out? (With that definition many meditations would rather be mindfulness exercises, including mindfulness meditation).
  14. Choose environments who can see the difference between power and force.
  15. By shadow I mean unconscious drives (what’s not "shone upon with the light of consciousness"). I don’t mean selfishness or negative aspects. Let’s discuss what kind of shadows we (think we) see in the threads on this forum