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  1. Your third "I" is your physical self that you identify with. The fourth "I" here refers to the same consciousness which is in you and everything else. This self doesn't die with the body. The continuity of experience that is your configuration dies with the body. Other I's (like in your third I) are here and experience the universe through their own limited, distorted experience.
  2. On a related note, does the universe prefer us realizing ourselves or does it want the experience ordinary life brings? Ouroborus, it's just a cycle.
  3. No, most of her audience is Green. If you are in a position to transmit esoteric knowledge to the public you will see how misinterpreted you get unless you tailor your lessons to the listener.
  4. I don't know if this helps, but remember that not wanting to be alone arose out of the perception of separation.
  5. watch this too.
  6. @Apparition of JackI forgot that he was anti-industrialist. But I don't believe he was below Orange, I guess his Orange expressions were more in academic excellence then. I've heard he was brainwashed as well. First praised and encouraged, then broken down in crushing ways. And I think the way in which he was lead to snap necessarily affected his spiral development. Those experiments I would say were Orange using Orange (ranking him highly, then belittling his thoughts) and Green (accept and inclusion, then being cast out and alienated) means.
  7. Hey I was thinking about stage Green and the values of empathy and compassion while still being primarily in the sustenance level. So I was wondering did the Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) manifesto in part describe origins of the receptivity to this stage in his attack on leftism? Perhaps the part of Green that is still in level 1, as I seem to remember the cut/off point to level 2 was in the high stage of Green. He attributed leftism to oversocialization, which causes unbearable guilt, and feelings of inferiority, which leads us to identify with positions of lack. I won't speculate too much on Ted Kaczynski himself, but he comes off as a systems thinker to me. Perhaps he felt conflicted integrating stage Green as he was so isolated and on the outside, but not in a way that Green valued, so that his original, probably long-lost wish to belong turned to hate.
  8. A browser that finances planting a tree on average every 45th search you make.
  9. Yes, but without any of the human associations to responsibility, as well as the goodness or badness of outcomes.
  10. @pluto Ah, thanks for the preview Is there a difference between the ones of Hermes and Thoth? For me the texts seem difficult to extract something from if I don't already recognize the truths in them. I suppose if you recognize enough, the rest can hint to the missing links and pieces. Or how did you learn anything from them?
  11. @pluto What are the Emerald Tablets about?
  12. @Zigzag Idiot Thank you, your review both dissuaded and interested me
  13. I take phyto plankton with superoxide dismutase If it's enough to sustain a whale it must be good for something. Sidenote - I can no longer intake caffeine as it makes my bones ache (anywhere on the skeleton, not just joints). Any clues as to what it could be?
  14. What did you think of it?
  15. Being trapped in suffering in life, with no way to quit.