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  1. Hmm I think you have a better chance if you show that you read the signals. Otherwise it's like you aren't even affected by anything she responds.
  2. But why do many men keep doing something when the woman tries to discourage ?
  3. They rely on the stories sounding absurd to people. Children who have been abused by these rings, who wear a Mickey Mouse costume or something, try to tell their parents "Mickey Mouse touched me" and the parents think the child is crazy. The first thing you would do if you planned any crime is to cover your tracks and delegitimize the victim's chance to tell on you. "The conspiracy theorists achieve the exact opposite of what the seek, they create an environment in which any valid concern is put into the box of conspiracy theory." Someone I knew who wanted rumours of them to stop, spread additional rumours about themselves and people stopped believing in any of them. Bill Gates drinking babies' blood may not be quite it, but there are esoteric properties to blood, and in the occult children have certain qualities that dark occult groups think they need. This may have sparked those claims. See the source in I posted In Plain Sight if you want a sober, grounded perspective behind these conspiracy theories. Note that the series started a year ago.
  4. Wow, I'm so sorry. You do deserve all the respect and care you want. Your mother's response was not the one you deserved. Please know that this doesn't reflect on you. Most people are not at a consciousness where they are capable of loving and seeing someone different from them. The universe is in constant creation and wants to learn your perspective. We choose our challenges before we are born and there is a purpose to them. And you will never get a challenge twice when you have fully processed the pain that came with it. Each time you stay with the pain until it transforms, it will diminish in strength. When we are present with pain it will transform. It's very hard to have the emotional resources to process pain in a neglectful environment. But when you are safe, try and see the difference 20 minutes make. Don't decide on beforehand what feeling to stay with, be present with whatever is there. If there is resistance to feeling, feel that. It is a physical law that our vibrational frequencies at any moment will be mirrored back to us. This doesn't mean with concrete actions, but the underlying feeling state. Feeling a certain way attracts more feelings of the same. Suppressed feelings especially are continuously creating points of attraction. So the way you are being ignored when you are in pain don't mean anything about you. And please don't define your life potential by how it is while you are still living in your childhood home. There can be a world of difference you could never imagine. I will meditate presence with you.
  5. Oh same! I just want something to brighten the day, I don't even like the taste much
  6. They are seeking technological powers we lack the wisdom to wield. There is incredible danger in developing lopsidedly. Synthetic spiritual progress is not the same.
  7. Is that explanation Gurdjieffs? Gurdjieff said that no one could reach enlightenment alone, actually. To gain one's own will he said we must surrender ourselves to someone who has already developed theirs. Can I also theorize that the parable is not meant to be taken literally, but that to enlightenment you can go two directions, towards all and towards nothing, and one is more compatible with masculine energy and the other with feminine energy, and man or woman is just the vessel?
  8. To me it makes sense that plateaus happen when we have gotten all we can at the time out of one area in life, while another is behind. When you find the neglected area, your progress will unravel. I believe we are meant to grow through daily life, not despite it. Spiritual progress and self-actualization are not separate from the ordinary. Maybe you are being called to work on precisely those things that are showing up in your life at this time. "The obstacle is the path".
  9. Thought is made of consciousness, selectively focused? Consciousness is the God state of identifying with everything. For the separately identified (sounds like a veiled slur) the survival impulse shapes the focus. A thought is split consciousness. It's the aspect of reality each being considers relevant for their survival to have awareness of. Just like conscience is objective feelings, consciousness is objective thoughts, at the point where everything is the same as nothing.
  10. In Plain Sight by Gigi Young Great video series on occult practices in plain sight. She gives insight into how to recognize occult symbol and ritual in daily life, and learn to analyze intentions and uses. The most powerful people in the world have occult beliefs, and for all our discussions we can never get the picture of what is happening without also considering the esoteric aspect. Symbol and archetype are the language of our unconscious. Even dark occult practicioneers can't violate the principle of free will. When something is made visible to us and we don't object, it is considered as giving them our permission, and our energy is added to strengthen their practice. Non-dark occult practioneers don't need our energies because theirs is creative, not destructive. So what are we giving our energy to while we are ignorant of destructive occult practices? What creative powers are we missing by dismissing a whole dimension of life? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Gigis videos.
  11. I'm looking for the best sources on the mental/emotional components of illness. The idea is that illness is formed by thought, fuelled by emotion and becomes physical if not taken care of, that everything physical started out metaphysical. Louise Hay metaphysical causes for illnesses
  12. A few instances where this could be motivated: - a child wanting the experience of being smaller than their caretakers (parentification) - a sexualized child may want to highlight that they are not mature - a son wants to signal to his mother that he will not harm her like his father harmed her or that he is nothing like the men she despises
  13. What shows up for you when you abstain from a coping mechanism can tell you the reason it's there and what it covers up. For instance, feeling unloved, feeling powerless. You can slowly familiarize yourself with these feelings; when you start wanting to eat junk you wait just a minute or however long it takes for it to show up. It can be done as often and for as long as you are comfortable with. Wish you both well.
  14. Omg I'm a lateral impressionistic thinker. I'm really glad to know of these. How do the lexical/impressionist dichotomy relate to visual vs verbal vs unsymbolized thinking?