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  1. Hey, if you ever want practice editing some raw content on this topic, I have the content (or am willing to make more on similar like-minded topics). If I could afford to pay you I probably would, but the point is if you wanted to create a niche in this area, there's probably enough content creators out there doing this that you could approach. Like seek out their videos and offer to make one of your amazing montage's. All your past work can be in your own channel so you can just point them there to see. You could also leave a watermark throughout each video or your signature at the end so if people liked a video they saw organically, they know who did it and where to find you.
  2. Okay, you are going to have to become aware of your own limiting beliefs as you go through this process. What you just said had little to no merit, yet you're allowing it to have significance. You knew some people who tried it and weren't successful. Ok. Get to know the ones who are. Or at least, focus more on that potential rather than the failures out there. That's a choice.
  3. Summer camp counselor came to mind just to gain experience as you do your schooling. Just a thought.
  4. The pain you feel is all because you are still a slave to your ego. Whatever path you take, prioritize mastering your psychology along the way doing all the things Leo and others like him suggest. Get a daily routine going with good habits and share it here. I would also suggest seeking a mentor that you like to help guide you along the way. In terms of your job seeking, stay positive and stay the course. Don't take rejection personally. Find a meetup group in your area that can help support you. Your job is more likely to come from networking than simply throwing your resume out there.. but do both. Good luck to you ♥️🙏
  5. Got a few porn related ads clicking that link
  6. Hope this helps:
  7. I made a video on this topic, let me know if it helps:
  8. You don't have the motivation to get better, that's understandable.. but you do have the desire it seems, and that's huge. You just don't know how it's possible. Without getting too much into it.. it's possible. Believe it. I suffered for 17 years from depression, anxiety, lots of medication, many suicide attempts and plenty of ideation. I thought it would never get better. Today this is not the case. Seek another therapist, one that you really resonate with and respect. From there you will build up the motivation to do more things that help you rather than hurt you. Also reconsider medication. If you find the right one for you, it can be a tremendous crutch to help you get through the shit while you're putting in the work. Just don't make the mistake I did and see it as a long term solution. Good luck to you and please message me if you want someone to talk to.
  9. You have to put effort into identifying your strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, joys, hates, etc.. then you can narrow down options. From there you gotta try different shit one by one on the side of what you currently do. Also read about it, volunteer, hang around people already doing it, etc. This is more or less the process. Nursing doesn't sound like the one.. it's an intense profession from what I hear with high burnout rates. Choosing it and going through the schooling just for the schedule you may or may not get is not the best idea IMHO.
  10. I use to have nightmares about work for a full year after I quit one of my jobs. Since that time I've started a business, stopped the business, took one more contract job doing similar stuff, traveled minimally on/off for two years using savings/side jobs/parents help, got educated in a new field of study, and am now currently working a very low wage temp job in that field as I build up another business/project on the side. I hear/feel you. Take this as a sign. Dare to do different things than you would normally allow yourself to consider. Take risks. Take a pay cut. Continue working on yourself and your connection to the universe. Be bold. Be patient. Good luck to you my friend.
  11. Does anyone here have experience with quality educational courses on natural/alternative health? I've developed an interest and understanding in natural health, which includes nutrition, supplementation, alternative therapies, etc.. and I even attended a 10 week training course at Hippocrates Health Institute a couple years ago. But I would like to go deeper in my knowledge. My goal is to deepen my knowledge as I continue working in the vitamin/supplement department of a natural health food store. I can then work this knowledge into my side project where I create content to help others improve their health. I don't know if this is exactly my true path, but I would like to go further in order to find out. I have a feeling I should just be reading more books on the subject, but I just haven't lately as my reading time has been spent on other books. Do you feel like more reading and self-study is the best course of action, or is it reasonable at this stage to at least consider some online courses? If so, any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. I think it's in need of a paradigm shift. To somehow get from where we are now ("The Game"), to once again seeing women as no separate from us as men. There is no need to trump up all the differences and how we need to be in tune with them and play to what women want so we can better "obtain" them or win them over. Women and men are both "I"... in all our heads we are just "I". It's tough because women too are locked in the same separate way of thinking, and it's like everyone is aware that this "game" is being played. But this takes us away from being truly authentic and just natural, not the forced authenticity that is layered on top of deeper desires/fears/insecurities.
  13. I recently started a channel as a fun way to express my thoughts about what I've learned along my path and hopefully help others who are struggling with similar stuff I've been through. It was super cool to hike up a mountain nearby and be alone in nature. I just started speaking from my heart as opposed to try and script or structure what I want to say (which I've attempted in the past). Leo was a huge inspiration for me even attempting doing videos in this way. And so I apologize in advance if any of Leo's style comes across in the videos (I noticed it myself). I'm still trying to find my voice/style and at the moment I'm probably borrowing here and there from the many teachers along my path. Anyway here is a video I made on meditation:
  14. Nice, thanks for the recommendations. I'm currently living in a new state for the past 4 months or so. Everyday I have a new opportunity to practice breaking out of my comfort zone, as I've been doing. I'm just looking for some theory behind the practice, because I never really bothered to research this topic. I'm open to any other recommendations as well!
  15. This has always been an area of weakness for me, and while I've developed tremendously in other areas, I'm still very aware of my limitations and fears around social interactions. Can anyone recommend some good YT channels or books around this area? I saw someone post RSDTyler but his style is geared more towards pick up game, and I'm not as interested in that (although I see the value). I appreciate any advice, thanks!