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  1. Hmm, but what about the consciousnesses above even "high consciousness"? Same you feel?
  2. @Parththakkar12 That sounds like a healthy perspective 🙂 For sure! I'm (partly) in the mind space that reflects all the questions asked. I also believe it's good for everyone to consider these questions from time to time because I know how easy it is to take this stuff too seriously.
  3. When I read through the topics on this sub-forum, and the debates and the arguments, and the "I'm right, you're just deluded.", etc.. it brings up some questions for me that I think can be healthy to discuss. Is this all just ego stuff? Are we taking politics/government/social issues a little too seriously? Does spending countless hours debating this stuff enhance your life? Do you feel like you're "winning" or "enlightening" others to your level? Has this become an echo chamber? A circle-jerk as they call it? Is all this focus on spiral dynamics and labeling people this color and that color helpful? Is it racist? Are we too sensitive? Do we over-value safety and security in our societal views? Have we become close-minded in our ideological "open-mindedness"? Do we have a stake in the game? Are we too dependent on our survival? As if we forgot this is all just a dream? Does reading this stuff raise your vibration? Does it make you feel hopeful? Depressed a little? Do enlightened people even go on the Internet as much as we do? Or are they just out life-ing life? Anyway, these are my questions and thoughts. What do you think?
  4. @DrewNows I've seen it all man. Not all, but enough You seem to have a particular focus on this darker stuff (powers that be, conspiracies, etc). I know this rabbit hole very well, and I'm very conscious of myself not getting too caught up in it. My question to you is, how does it affect your ability to experience life? I know it has benefits (MANY benefits), because they apply directly to my experience of life as well. But I also know it can have some negative effects if you focus on it too much. Does that happen to you? What is your relationship with this reality? Does it make you depressed? Hopeless? Invigorated? Just curious. This is a super interesting topic for me as I've written here: https://divinesoda.com/conspiracy-theories/ Thanks for sharing with me : ) EDIT: Also, here is my Truth playlist on YouTube. Still have a lot of work to do on this one to up the quality and diversity of the videos:
  5. What's your source for that?
  6. I think the market/world is in highly volatile times. Like unprecedented. Just consider that added risk when investing.
  7. Nice 😅 .. being able to laugh and keep things light in the face of such a shit situation is super important. I'll play, here's another:
  8. Yes, if you just focus on those words taken out of context, it is wow. I'm saying we should be outraged at all pedophilia, but it's interesting how we care more about a musician on YouTube rather than the systemic issue of pedophilia in positions of significant power all over the world. Remember Epstein? He had a lot of friends in high places. You would think there would be more discussion around that, rather than this relatively insignificant YouTube character.
  9. I don't see this as a step in the right direction at all. But it's nothing new for social media platforms like Reddit. I'm all for removing hate speech. It's sounds fantastic on paper. The problem is, what is "hate speech" and who gets to decide that? You would think that's a simple answer. This is not about controlling hate speech. It's about control. They fear social and political dissidents the most. Remember, Reddit/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Google/etc are not merely independent corporations. They are highly influenced and connected with government (this is publicly know, mainstream information). So there you have it. Another slippery slope we've created for ourselves. Pile em on.
  10. He's just a musician. More importantly, why are we not outraged by the pedophiles and sex offenders in our government and other positions of power?
  11. What does that mean to you?
  12. Yea it's called societal collapse/revolution I never said anything about liberatianism. That was a Ben Franklin quote yes, but I'm just referring to his words. I don't pretend to support anything else beyond just those words. Libertarianism is an ideology. All ideologies are inherently limited in their thinking and nuance. I'm not a fan of any ideology except for the one that says "all ideologies suck" lol.
  13. You can justify a whole lot of authoritarian shit under that same logic. It's about balance. The question is, have we become imbalanced? If you look at the road we've been going down since 9/11 (and arguably before), the answer is obvious. There is no end to these ever increasing measures we take in the name of safety and security. And once you take away a little freedom here and there, you'll never get it back. Extrapolate that, and you get a good look into the future we're heading toward (it's actually already here). "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin