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  1. Toxicities are everywhere. Our immunity is shot. That's why coronavirus is as deadly as it is. This is the trend. Medicine will not save us, nor is that it's goal.
  2. Yea we'll stop. Much sooner than that. Infertility will be the cause. Something like the movie Children of Men.
  3. Democracy works better when it's not fucked with from every which way. Educated people would make the difference, but not because of their vote. They wouldn't accept such a corrupt election process in the first place.
  4. Is it possible to have an unbiased political arbiter of truth? Should we even delegate this task to forces outside of ourselves? How do we know what is fact vs 'fake news'? Saw this on my feed this morning regarding Snopes.com:
  5. Yes! Truth is resonance. And that truth evolves over time as you raise/lower your vibration.
  6. I think the whole free will philosophical debate is misleading. You can have both free will and determinism. You can be both a self and a no-self. It's not one or the other. You are the awareness, the watcher.. and you're the do'er.
  7. "Now I don't know if he is genuine or just theatrics." We're all like traumatized children when it comes to politics and politicians. Every election cycle we get our hopes up and tell ourselves "This time it's going to be different." So we listen to their promises of hope and change. And we believe them and hang their campaign signs on our lawns. And then what happens? They get into office and change their tune. We continue to bomb other countries, drive our nation into further debt, and prioritize wall street and corporations over the needs of the people. Over and over again, no matter who is in office. Rinse and repeat. The moment we stop giving our power away to lying politicians and realize the power we had within us all along, that's when things will finally turn around in a meaningful away. Until then? More garbage in, garbage out.
  8. Ha, best answer you're going to get here. It won't be for long however, as we're gearing up for a new global standard (whatever it'll be called). This is why we have countries like India testing the removal of certain paper notes. And now in the U.S. during coronavirus, they say paper money is dirty, so card only. And at the same time, they're running out of small coins. So this is all to prepare us for a purely digital currency. But the dollar as we know it is done. It's a house of cards that will crumble under the weight of it's own debt (@ 26 trillion now).
  9. I'm not going to share specific sources here on this forum, I've tried that before. All I can say is, nobody has it all right. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. You have to take in a wide variety of sources, even the fringe ones you want so badly to label as "conspiracy theory". Trust that you can discern what's true and what's not while keeping an open mind. And allow yourself to revise your own beliefs from time to time as you evolve. Don't let anyone, no matter who it is, ever tell you something is crazy or delusional. It's all perspective and everyone is at different levels of development (and no-one knows what level they're truly at).
  10. Good question. Unfortunately I am not free to share my opinion on that matter here on this forum. However as a blanket rule, stay away from mainstream media. And by mainstream, I do mean a lot more than just Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc (but that's a great start). Most of the stuff shared online and especially here on this forum would fall under MSM. Wise men since the beginning of media/newspapers have warned against this trap. And you can label me all the things for saying that, I don't care one lick (stage red, dualistic, no nuance, close-minded, delusional, binary, hyper-simplistic, non-woke buffoon). @John Doe No sir, none of what you listed I would consider good sources of news. You're only looking surface level, so you're going to get just a better "sounding" surface level news. At the end of the day, you'll still be complaining about the same things everyone else is regarding the world, which will continue to distract you from the issues that really matter (the root causes to all our problems).
  11. When I read through the topics on this sub-forum, and the debates and the arguments, and the "I'm right, you're just deluded.", etc.. it brings up some questions for me that I think can be healthy to discuss. Is this all just ego stuff? Are we taking politics/government/social issues a little too seriously? Does spending countless hours debating this stuff enhance your life? Do you feel like you're "winning" or "enlightening" others to your level? Has this become an echo chamber? A circle-jerk as they call it? Is all this focus on spiral dynamics and labeling people this color and that color helpful? Is it racist? Are we too sensitive? Do we over-value safety and security in our societal views? Have we become close-minded in our ideological "open-mindedness"? Do we have a stake in the game? Are we too dependent on our survival? As if we forgot this is all just a dream? Does reading this stuff raise your vibration? Does it make you feel hopeful? Depressed a little? Do enlightened people even go on the Internet as much as we do? Or are they just out life-ing life? Anyway, these are my questions and thoughts. What do you think?
  12. I know! I can't get past a guy opening his video with strobe lights, swigging bottles of vodka, smoking a huge blunt, telling people to kill themselves, and slurring his speech as he breaks down truth. I barely watched those videos, I admit, and I already gathered that much. I guess it's judgement. I haven't nothing against him other than I feel like he doesn't have an effect "presentation layer". I can listen to his words and be like "yes, the information is good." But others won't get past those superficialities and will be trigger, rendering his style ineffective. I'm completely open to have my mind changed though. I just feel there are more universally resonant delivery formats that would reach more people. This could very well be my own shit though, I realize. There are many many resources that resonate with me that I don't share because I realize people are not ready for the 0-100 full blown truth. You gotta ease them into it gently sometimes. But who knows, I'm still figuring all this out (and will be for the rest of my life!). @louhad The fact that you and others here don't similarly post outrageous stuff from the other MSM outlets tells me that you don't see how corrupt they are. They are just as bad and that is my assertion. Just bad/corrupt in a very different way. Which is worse is subjective I suppose, but all you have to do is look at the state of affairs in the world to realize that MSM (left/right/up/down) has failed us. Nobody knows what the truth is anymore and everyone just clings to their ideologies and argues. This is what we get when our quality of information is trash. Garbage in. Garbage out.
  13. @DrewNows Unless I'm missing something, I implore you to find a higher quality source than that guy. I watched a couple of those videos you previously posted and although his information is decent, he still rubs me the wrong way (getting wasted, high off his ass, cursing telling people to kill themselves, etc). @Forestluv I can't speak for your Columbia experience. All I know is that CNN and all the other Mainstream media news outlets lie, deceive, and manipulate. That's the name of their game. It's public relations. It's marketing. They know the lower human psyche. All of them (left, right, up, down, whatever). Raise your standard. There are many higher quality news outlets you can find online (or better yet read books). As long as you're open minded enough to not dismiss non-mainstream by calling them names (which I see a lot here), then you have a hope of reaching a bit of truth. But MSM? Forget about it. What makes him fascist? Why are you so caught up in playing the same left/right name calling game as everyone else? Should I just call you a commie then? This is inherently limited thinking. Let go of the labels man. The highest conscious politics doesn't have a name or a label. It's a blend between many different existing ideologies and then some. When are we going to graduate from this shit? @louhad By the way, do you mind posting the actual video from that screengrab so we can get some context? I'm curious if what he was saying is as ridiculous as we're all assuming.
  14. I'm saying they are not higher stages. They just have a better presentation layer, which makes them more deceptive to viewers that are higher stages of the Spiral (like you and others on this forum). That in my opinion makes them more dangerous than Fox (who appeals to lower stages viewers). Btw I'm personally not a fan of spiral dynamics as much as you seem to be, but I'm trying to speak your language. Spiral dynamics has become an ideology imho.
  15. Fox News is an obvious shitshow. CNN and others are not. Which is more dangerous?
  16. I love you brother. Nothing I said was meant to be an attack or judgement or anything like that. Perhaps I assumed, and I'm sorry for that. This is a very sensitive topic for me. I'm starting to believe that the conspiracies might exist for our awakening. I don't quite know how yet, but it's something like the movie V for Vendetta. Keep being you. And if things get dark, I'll be there by your side to see you through it. We have nothing to fear ❤️
  17. Huh? Vaccines take years to develop. This will probably be the quickest vaccine we've ever developed. That's not the question. Side note: Re-watch V for Vendetta and get your mind blow.
  18. My only advice is to be very cautious with Mainstream Media. They have been the world's primary source of information since the beginning, and are the reason we find ourselves in state of affairs we see today. A lot of what you listed @GroovyGuru would fall under that category. You gotta dig deep if you want truth rather than manipulated half-truths with bias and special interests behind them. I unfortunately cannot advise any specifics here.
  19. That's what a psychopath/sociopath is. They are sadists. They are energized by fear and suffering. It's the exact opposite of the type of neural wiring you're referring to. It is my belief that the majority of the people in power (politicians, high-level military, intelligence, multinational Corp CEOs, celebrities, etc) fall into this category. The suffering you see when you look out upon the world is a reflection of this upper class social group. BUT, it's not all bad news. Nothing is out of balance in this Universe. It's all happening for a reason, I believe.. consciousness waking up to itself.
  20. Me too.. I try and remind people online that it's okay if we disagree, and if ever met up in person, we would probably grab a drink together and just be friends.
  21. Hmm, but what about the consciousnesses above even "high consciousness"? Same you feel?
  22. @Parththakkar12 That sounds like a healthy perspective ? For sure! I'm (partly) in the mind space that reflects all the questions asked. I also believe it's good for everyone to consider these questions from time to time because I know how easy it is to take this stuff too seriously.
  23. @DrewNows I've seen it all man. Not all, but enough You seem to have a particular focus on this darker stuff (powers that be, conspiracies, etc). I know this rabbit hole very well, and I'm very conscious of myself not getting too caught up in it. My question to you is, how does it affect your ability to experience life? I know it has benefits (MANY benefits), because they apply directly to my experience of life as well. But I also know it can have some negative effects if you focus on it too much. Does that happen to you? What is your relationship with this reality? Does it make you depressed? Hopeless? Invigorated? Just curious. This is a super interesting topic for me as I've written here: https://divinesoda.com/conspiracy-theories/ Thanks for sharing with me : ) EDIT: Also, here is my Truth playlist on YouTube. Still have a lot of work to do on this one to up the quality and diversity of the videos:
  24. Lol got it, thank you.