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  1. Took me a while to realize that was a 360 video haha. That is seriously inspiring for sure, thanks for sharing.
  2. Aim to increase the quality of your meditation. Make it more intentional. Just because you sit on a cushion doesn't mean you're meditating. Same goes for the exercise. Take it to the next level. Besides that, as @ajasatya suggested, you'll want to set boundaries on the things that are ruining your attention span. This will be a long a difficult process. Persistence is key. Find someone to keep you accountable 🙏
  3. Create it. You can make your own meetup.com group and have it be exactly as you desire. And you get the added bonus of going beyond your comfort zone, assuming this something that scares you a little.
  4. Take off your shoes.
  5. @Farnaby His style is simply not for you. It doesn't 100% resonate with me either, but I take what resonates and leave the rest. It's healthier to laugh away Leo's perceived arrogance and harsh style rather than take it so seriously and get offended. But you are entitled to your own unique perspective. If this is truly your intuition speaking, then trust it. Just don't think it's some absolute that applies to everyone else.
  6. @Dumuzzi That doesn't necessarily mean they'll go in that direction.. but I wouldn't be surprised. I could tell they were purposely trying to keep the audience guessing whether or not he was the real deal. It's just what you do to make a series juicy and attention grabbing. It's also Netflix, so I don't hold such high expectations that they create actual high vibe content. But still.. what they've already created is impressive and makes people think differently.
  7. I love this show. Just recently made a video discussing some of the spiritual wisdom from the first episode. Of course, if this is against forum rules please remove. But I'd love to know what you guys think!
  8. I'm 35, male, from New Jersey. It's been 3 years since I've worked in my traditional role as an IT Product Manager which made good money but sucked my soul. Since then I've been on a spiritual journey, traveling to different places and contemplating a lot on life and what I'm meant to do. I've accomplished a lot personal development wise in that time, including getting off my anti-depressants of 17 years, finding the love of my life and moving to Colorado to get some solitude while I continue to figure this thing out. I've earned small amounts through side jobs and one temp job at a vitamins/supplements department. My savings are running low and although I'm willing to go back into IT to earn proper money once again, I'm finding it extremely difficult to get noticed with so much gap in my resume (also worked many short contracts before this 3 year break). In terms of life purpose, I'm completely lost. I have ideas of what I'd like to do and have dabbled in all of them over this time.. but nothing feels true. I'm too scared to commit all the way in any one direction. All of them feel okay, not great. I feel like I have a lot of talent and can do anything successfully if I put my mind to it.. it's just passion for any one thing that's lacking. My spiritual/meditation journey is partly responsible for this. Nothing matters the same as it use to. Before I was at least driven by the idea that I could save other people who are in need of help. Now I'm stuck in a place where I feel nobody actually needs saving and everything is all good even if it seems "bad" (the environment, Trump, etc). On one occasion in the past, I've had the experience of feeling amazing about something I'm pursuing.. it was complete and total alignment and flow. Working 16 hour days, feeling like I'm doing something meaningful and having the time of my life. That experience has essentially ruined my expectations for how future pursuits should feel. I like working with tools and fixing/building things. I could be a handyman. Dabbled in that. Or I could buy/improve homes with my father and do real estate investing. Haven't tried it yet. I like personal growth, writing and helping people. Been dabbling in that since the beginning of 2019 (DivineSoda). I could take up a new skill in IT and get back into that in some entry level position while I continue to work on my real purpose on the side. Haven't tried yet. The real issue here is me. I know this. I'm confused, lack direction and although I'm not historically risk averse, I'm still scared of something that's holding me back. I also have been battling chronic fatigue and fogginess ever since getting off the medications (15 months now). I'm stable emotionally which is a tremendous feat, but something else is off that's making me feel so tired all the time. Been to many doctors, cleaned up my diet, do lots of exercise/meditation. Tried modafinil based on Leo's recommendation, among many other supplements and things, but nothing has really worked for me. I haven't taken the Life Purpose course but I think it's about time I do it. I also feel like I need a mentor coach along the way to help me follow though, but I don't know how to find the right one other than to call it in energetically. Anyway.. if anyone has any words of wisdom, or know of a coach who could help, I could definitely use it. I appreciate your time.
  9. If all else is in balance, bread is fine in moderation.. but not in this country (US). Our seed and the way we produce it is the reason why so many are gluten intolerant. It's best to cut it out of your diet completely for a few months and see how you feel.
  10. It can be done right but it takes proper foresight and knowledge. Supplementation helps, methyl B12 at a minimum. Buy high quality, organic, non processed, high variety, get your calories in, continue to exercise, hydrate well, sleep well, and yes juicing can be highly beneficial as someone else recommended. Listen to your body as well. It's not for everyone.
  11. If that's the only reason you could buy the highest quality meat available, which would be pasture/humanely raised, grass fed, organic.. or go directly to a local farm. Same goes for the eggs you eat. Buy pasture raised if you want highest quality/karma. Don't fall into the trap of diets. There is no one optimal diet. Everyone is different. Stick to high quality, nutrient dense food.. lots of variety, lots of vegetables, organic when you can afford it, nothing processed, minimal ingredients, make it yourself, hydrate well throughout day, move your body regularly, rip muscle in a functional way, rest properly. Good luck.
  12. There is an elaborate history to be understood here. War with Iran has been in the works long before Trump. It was only a matter of time. I don't like it either, but don't just follow the herd and use this as another excuse to broadcast more hate out onto the world. Love is the answer. We are more powerful than we believe, so start believing.
  13. I'm about to begin a 14 day solo retreat in my house. I'm also going to combine this with a water fast. Besides the obvious like meditation, no technology, stretching, yoga, etc.. are there any other recommendations to help schedule my days? Is reading okay if it supports contemplation/self-inquiry? Should I journal? Is practicing guitar for an hour each day as a break okay? My intention surrounds life purpose/work and what I will be doing this year. I appreciate any advice, thanks! 🙏
  14. @Jonac Absolutely. Thank you for asking, it's going to give me motivation to get through the hard bits.
  15. @Cocolove Thank you so much, that's what I needed to hear. The reason I'm combining the solo retreat with a fast is for health reasons not mentioned here. The low energy I've had for years is affecting my life purpose and I want to do good things to try and heal from it. 14 days is the goal but if it becomes too much I will of course end either one or both practices early. @joeyi99 I've done both a 5 and a 10 day fast before, yes. If you're not familiar with fasting it's a thing.. and can have tremendous health benefits. The body can actually go twice as long as I'm attempting here but I don't want to condone that for those who are not experienced. It's not something you take lightly.
  16. All the world's a stage.. this is not a Trump thing. Wake up, woke ones.
  17. Your trip sounded profound and very recent. My advice is to get off the internet and do your best to integrate the lessons learned in the days to come. Meditate more than normal, journal, contemplate, avoid technology, avoid excessive interaction with others, do nothing. Just be with the experience a little longer. You'll have the rest of your life to go back to watching porn if that's what you really want to do. Use the urges as an opportunity to identify the ego for what it is.. a devil who just wants to survive and indulge. You can indulge, nothing really wrong with that. But you've been down that road many times before. You know exactly where it leads. There's a whole new life waiting for you on the other side of indulgences. Step through the door just once and see how it feels ♥️
  18. @Leo Gura I've done a 10 day Vipassana, 10 and 5 day fasts and a bunch of other retreats/journeys in between. I hear what you're all saying, it's too much. 14 days is the goal, it could go shorter. Either way I'm looking to make the most of it. I cannot afford to go in nature solo unfortunately. I'm in Colorado (new state) and the house I'm in is fairly new still so it's not super comfort zone to me yet. I appreciate the feedback so far!
  19. I think people are picking up on a genuine change in Leo since his last retreat video. I won't say here whether this is a "good" or "bad" thing.. only that I still appreciate what he's created over the years and that I hope/trust his heavy psychedelic use only serves the highest good.
  20. Big Fish Run Lola Run Good Will Hunting A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Waking Life Matrix ---- I'll edit if I think of some more
  21. @Wyatt I appreciate your response very much, thank you! I will begin a 10 day solo retreat + fast in about a week and will be giving thought and consideration to the things you mentioned. 🙏
  22. We've been doing shit like this all over the globe for decades. It's completely wrong, but it's certainly nothing new. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a Trump thing like many will suggest.
  23. @Meetjoeblack Can I ask what do you do now post-IT world? I definitely would love to do IT at this point, just to build up savings again as I plan for the future. But it seems that the gaps are too much for employers to see past. I know I would do a kick ass job if I managed to find someone who believed in me and took their chances hiring me, but that's hard to find. I'm going to visit with an IT certification agency in my area and see if they can make suggestions on which one would help actually get me the job. My goal? To build wealth doing things I love/creating. The helping others and the world will happen automatically I believe if I'm in my highest joy. Handyman business is one idea. Real estate investment/rentals is one. Building a cafe and creating a conscious place for healthy eating/drinking/community is another. Helping others w/ personal development/mental illness through DivineSoda is another.
  24. Since you seem inclined to do it, regardless of what is said here, I would say go for it. Even if you lose, the lesson to be learned will be more valuable than if you won the money.
  25. These days, Berkey filtered tap water (Colorado)