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  1. Coaching training
    Best life coach training programs?
    Hey guys my name's Aaron. I don't usually post in this section of but I'm here for your wisdom.
    I've basically been spending the most of my time studying Leo's material with a focus on enlightenment for 2 years and a bit now pretty seriously and have made good progress. But I'm ready to take it to the next level and put my conscious skills to work. I want to become a life coach. I really feel my intuition leading me on this path, I would be really good at it. Soon I will be faced with choosing between doing a degree in business or doing life coach training. (Opinions on benefits on the benefits of each). I'm going to have to talk to my course tutor about it.
    I watched Leo's "how to become a life coach" video" in which he recommends to go through a reputable program that provides certification.
    So just a few questions if anyone has any wisdom to share;
    Do most of the well known programs include physical classes, or are most online/is it better to have one that includes physical classes?
    Leo talks about how the International Coaching Federation and how they offer different programs. He said he did a program called "iPEC" which he said was very comprehensive and good.
    So I'm basically wondering if anyone is aware of iPEC or any other really good programs?
    (This particular video was made 6 years ago and he had already been trained at that point so it could be 7 or 8 years ago Leo recommended iPEC. If anyone has any knowledge of better programs that have emerged feel free to drop their names.)
    Also I'm just wondering, if I'm in the UK, would it make a difference it was to be trained online in an American class?
    Any additional wisdom would be great folks ??? and merry Christmas. 

  2. How to get laid by leo
    I feel ashamed about being an Incel
    Fixing your inner game is crucial for success with women. You cannot attract women with your kind of toxic negative mindset.
    You must reprogram your mind with positive talk, positive vision, success, and positive beliefs. Removing all negative beliefs and self-doubt. This is huge part of learning game.
    You will only ever keep the quality of girl you believe you deserve.
    It makes no difference that you are an incel, all that matters is your vision for who you will become in the future.
    You should already see yourself as a player, not an incel.
    The girl has no clue you were an incel in the past, nor does she care.
    Incels and losers never cold approach hot girls. Only players do that. Only winners do that.
    You need to spend the next 6 months, every day, drilling into your mind positive visions for yourself as a successful player. And any time a negative thought enters your mind, you notice it, you catch it, you stop it, and you replace it with a positive one of yourself being even more successful than you first imagined. You have to reframe every failure and every rejection as success.

  3. Bad trip
    Complete Existential Despair After Psybicilin Trip: I'm in Hell
    Hey, welcome
    That was your big mistake. Your dose was 5x too high.
    Yes, yes, of course. I told you reality is just imagination.
    Of course it's all true, the only problem is that you jumped in too deep too fast and your ego isn't properly integrating it.
    There is nothing bad about reality being imaginary. This is the best possible news. You just have to learn to appreciate it and accept it.
    You CAN handle it. There's no other choice.
    You're not in hell, you're in heaven. Stop giving these experience negative meanings.
    Since you are God and you are imagining reality, whatever you imagine will become real for you. If you imagine things are bad, that's how life will feel. If you start seeing the goodness in everything and everyone, then life will become amazing.
    Your ego is just over-reacting. Stop buying it's negative stories.
    If life is meaningless, when why are you giving it just negative meaning?
    Stop struggling and just surrender to the simplistically and beauty of the present moment and of reality being imaginary.
    Just take it easy, distract yourself with something fun, go enjoy nature or a TV show. After a few weeks these trips will leave your mind and you will calm down.
    All that happened here is you had a bad trip. Forget about it, walk it off, and in a month you will hardly remember it even happened.
    This is what happens when you disrespect the power of psychedelics. Your dose was 5x too high. That's all.

  4. If god is good then
    Connor Murphy has Eckhart-style awakening
    Consciousness likes to dream. That's what it does.
    Why would there be any limits upon what one can dream? The nature of dreaming is that it's unlimited.
    You are still judging good vs bad. From the POV of Infinite Consciousness all dreams are valid, interesting, and part of the whole. God is not going to exclude stuff nor eliminate stuff just because a human doesn't like it.
    You can't really appreciate how unlimited and powerful Consciousness is unless you experience some of the nightmares it can dream up.
    Your question is basically the age-old question of: If God exists, why would he allow evil?
    To which the answer is, God sees no evil, but you do since you are attached to finite forms.
    Reality is far too profound of a thing to make logic sense to a finite and fearful human mind. To understand God you must surrender all your judgments and attachments.
    God is infinite imagination, but you are asking God to be something less than that because it makes you uncomfortable. Well, sorry, but God has bigger priorities than you personal comfort.

  5. Awakening and suicide
    Connor Murphy has Eckhart-style awakening
    So did Conor say what he's been smoking? Cause if it's back to back days of 5-MeO-DMT, I can see how he's starting to lose his mind. I've definitely been there. It starts to feel like madness. Gotta know when to lay down the pipe
    I hope people didn't get the wrong idea from my 30 days 5-MeO retreat. For the record, you should NOT do that! It's fucking madness! You will likely end up committing suicide. I only did it in the name of science.

  6. Leo cites for spirituality
    Connor Murphy has Eckhart-style awakening
    Ya'll should closely study and contemplate the notion of Anekantavada:

  7. LEO on awakening
    No self is dual?
    There are two main facets of awakening:
    1) Realizing that you are not the human biographical self who imagines it was born and will die. You are the empty awareness which imagines all form.
    2) Realizing that the empty awareness (Nothingness) is identical to all form! Thus coming full-circle.
    So in the end, you are all of reality. But also you are prior to all forms as Infinite Emptiness. And you are certainly not the biographical human self, which is an illusion. But still, you also are it (temporarily).
    You need to have both of the above realizations. They will probably not occur at the same time. Start with realizing #1. Then move on to realizing #2.

  8. enlightenment without psychedelics
    Enlightenment without Psychedelics
    Here is my recipe which I believe can deeply awaken you - both peak awakenings and baseline consciousness - without psychedelics, or OBE psychedelics. With deeply awaken I don't mean being conscious of all the facets of awakening, but being deeply conscious of them. So that they are your full-blown living reality.
    1. Main Tools:
    - RASA
    People disagree on whether RASA fully enlightens you. I guess it depends on how you define enlightenment. If you define it as being baseline-conscious of all the facets of awakening, then yes. Since I'm at LOC 1000, I've been conscious of all of them. But only subtly. If you define enlightenment as being deeply, FULL-BLOWN, no-mercy conscious of them, then you still have a long way after LOC 1000.
    Nevertheless, RASA is powerful. It would have taken me many many years of daily meditation for what happened with RASA in half a year. Meditation is sooo inefficient when you are a newbie. Currently my meditations are on steroids, partly because of LOC 1000.
    RASA is the best tool to raise your baseline consciousness up to a certain 'level'. It's like a car that gets you a good way up the mountain. The rest of the journey to the peak of the mountain must be done walking and climbing (other techniques) though.
    - Trance
    It's very beneficial (but not required) to be able to change your brainwaves. Most people are almost exclusively in beta all the time. When you do normal meditation you are in alpha, if you are advanced, you get into theta, delta or even epsilon. As well as some high gamma and perhaps even lambda brainwaves. Imo, by far the most efficient way to get into these brainwaves is through hypnosis and brainwave entrainment like binaural beats. Here I wrote in detail about it:
    A side effect of trance work is that your baseline during-the-day brainwaves will be more and more in these powerful frequencies. I wrote about that here:
    This has massive benefits. Your consciousness will be naturally more non-dual. But the biggest benefit I notice is intuition. (more on that later).
    - Self-Inquiry
    Doing Self-inquiry while in deep trance, like the Esdaile State will be insane. (When you are in the Esdaile State, you are so deep in trance that you could have a heart surgery without you noticing it. This was actually demonstrated and used).
    Self-inquiry and Trance perfectly complement each other. They are the only meditation techniques you need, imo. Also the most efficient. Normal meditation techniques are way to wishy-washy. They cover too much and to shallowly. For example, 99% of all meditators will never be able to get into epsilon brainwaves. For epsilon, you need trance work, which is specifically designed for that goal. (The only exception might be yoga. This is a valid alternative, but I still believe that self-inquiry and trance are more efficient for awakening, because they are more direct).
    Intuition is important for self-inquiry. But it has way more benefits. One is telepathy. Do you remeber Leo's two videos where he recorded himself while on 5meo and directly downloaded information? My every-day consciousness is somewhat like that, but not as intense. it's mindblowing nevertheless. 
    Telepathy also allows you to communicate with your spirit guides, spirits, saints, yogis,.... That means you can have astral mentors like Jesus or Buddha. They can give you insights, but also directly help you to awaken, like by giving grace, transmissions or their blessings.
    It's not necessary, but I do recommend you try to contact the spirit world at some point. This can be of much help. If you do the "main tools", your telepathic skills will eventually be good enough. But you actually don't need telepathic skills, just talk with them, give them your thanks, and perhaps humbly ask for help, they will hear you. Perhaps get a book like "Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddesses" by Susan Gregg. lt lists angels, saints, ascendet masters and deities. Flip through the pages and see who you are intuitively drawn to.
    Another benefit of intuition is that you will intuitively know what to do. Like what practices. As well as knowing what your blocks are etc,...
    A good way to improve your intuition is by doing things you need intuition for, like inquiry. Also, I believe Trance work (and to some extend RASA) significantly increased my intuition.
    - Law Of Attraction
    These are the things I do:
    strong intention Knowing: Deep unwavering knowing that you will completely awaken, going all the way. Not a fraction of a doubt. Know this all the time, consciously or subconsciously  Visualizations: I have found that when I visualize having deep awakenings, the likelihood of having one in the days afterwards is noticibly higher. I recently started daily visualizing having deep peak awakenings and a deep embodied baseline awakening. Fake memories: The past never happened. All you have of the past are memories, which are imagined right now. So, just visualize/imagine having a deep awakening (or deep embodiment) and then try to make it a fake memory. Go perhaps 1 week into the past and implant that memory on a particular day. Visualize what actually happened before the fake awakeing and then insert the fake awakening. Visualize it. Then visualze what actually happened afterwards. Do and believe this till you more or less managed to bs yourself. Whether you have a deep awakening or not depends to some extend on your subconscious. If your subconscious believes that you already had many awakenings, and that this is normal, to be expected, then it will be easier to have deeper awakenings. I actually haven't tried it yet, it's a very recent idea, but I'm sure it works (if done skillfully).  
    All of the above-mentioned "main tools" are potent. But the real deal happens when you do all of them, then they may synergize.
    2. More Tools:
    These tools aren't necessary but you can add them if you like.
    - Psychedelics during OBEs
    Taking psychedelics during waking life is somewhat replacable with taking them in OBEs. So in some sense this should be number one on the list, but I think I hyped it enough in the past and this thread was meant to list straightforward tools that are - when combined - a realistic alternative to psychedelics. The problem with taking psychedelics in OBEs is that it takes very long till you are skillful enough till you can reliably have an OBE which is stable enough to take them. My advice is to first learn to go into the Esdaile State (I explained that in my Hypnosis thread) so your number one practice would be trance work. Even when you have crazy OBE skills, psychedelics in OBEs still have disadvantages to waking life psychedelics, like the issue with dream recall (though I guess these issues can be solved also, with some or much effort).
    For me personally, I don't think I require OBE psychedelics. But because I do trance work, I will, sooner or later, be able to easily go into the Esdaile State, which means reliable OBEs, which means tripping every night .  That will give an extra boost to the awakening process.
    - Breathwork
    After psychedelics, breathwork (like shamanic breathing) is probably the most reliable way to achieve peak experiences (though it obviously can't seriously compete with psychedelics). How deep you get mainly depends on the intensity of your breathing, the overall duration you breathe and your baseline level of consciousness. 
    - orgasms
    Whole-body orgasms can get you peak awakenings as well. If you are a woman you are lucky, if you are a man, you first need to teach your dick not to ejaculate. You need non-ejaculatory orgasms.  Look into tantra and daoism. Perhaps start with Mantak Chia. I managed to have non-ejaculatory orgasms a few times, but never went as far as getting a mystical experience from it.
    - More
    Fasting, sensory deprivation tank, dark room retreat, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, mantras,...
    2 days ago I inquired deeper than before (sober, just lying in bed and inquiring). To best explain it, I would try to compare it to the peak of this trip.
    In some sense, the peak of the truffle trip was definitely deeper than my inquiries 2 days ago. Because then I probably lost consciousness (for a brief moment) and then had no access to my memories (for a short time) and was unable to eg walk. But in terms of depth of awakening, I believe the inquiry 2 days ago was a lot deeper.
    I couldn't stabilize my baseline consciousness at this peak awakening, but I didn't drop back all the way either. I perhaps dropped back 75% (so I kept 25% of the peak) (wheras I almost completely dropped back after the truffle trip). Currently I'm doing a lot of trance work and inquiring. I believe I can stabilize my baseline consciousness to around 80% of the peak from 2 days ago, within a few weeks of furtheŕ inquiring.
    I'm telling that to illustrate why I think it's realistic to go all the way without psychedelics. I guess it's rather unlikely that you will for example lose consciousness without psychedelics (but stuff like being unable to stop crying and unable to walk and talk is possible), but I believe you can achieve the same depth of awakening. At least that's what it seems to me.
    And only if you do the right things. I believe I could have done normal meditation 3 hours a day for 10 years and would have made less progress than I did using the tools I listed under "main tools" for one year. These tools seem to be perfect for my awakening journey, the tools for you might be different. But if you want to get fully awake without psychedelics, I believe they are very worth considering.
    I might actually take more psychedelics in the future, but currently I don't have smooth access.
    A daily workplan for using the "main tools" might look something like this
    40 min trance work with brainwave entrainment and optionally hypnosis 30 min inquiry  10 min LOA stuff If you are new to meditation and start using brainwave entrainment and train 40 min a day, your plan might perhaps look like: 5 months alpha brainwaves, 10 months theta, 15 months delta, and then epsilon and lambda. And gamma as much and when you feel necessary. If you combine it with hypnosis you might do it in half the time, idk. But I have little clue how long it actually takes.

  9. Solipsism? how to deal with it?
    Imaginary people
    @Mikael89 the only problem is you can't argue with this stuff. 

  10. creating a high consciousness business
    Help me market this. I'm lost.
    Yes, it's gonna be very challenging marketing high-consciousness material because 99% of the population is low consciousness.
    If you want to do that, you need to build some kind of bridge or funnel which meets people at their low consciousness level and slowly exposes them to higher consciousness material over time.
    It's very challenging to start a high consciousness business as your first biz. You might want to start with a lower consciousness biz just to shore up your financial base, and then build on top of that.
    Definitely nobody will ever care about your life purpose. Your customers are completely selfish and will only care about the survival value your product/service offers them. Your life purpose is for you, not for them. You must invent a way to translate your LP into tangible value for your customers. In this way they will indirectly care about your LP via the value it gives them.

  11. What probably happened
    Is wanting to understand the Truth just an ego-desire?
    The desire for Truth comes from God.
    There is more than one way to awaken. You can awaken through deep suffering, I just don't recommend it.

  12. What to do before psychedelics
    Question about 5 meo toxicity
    I'm not attached to it either way.
    That's right.
    But there are costs.
    I never trip to feel good. Ever. Every trip has valuable existential insight. I tend to prefer heavy trips. I don't see much point in micro-dosing.
    Because it becomes a crutch and you need to rewire your brain thru manual effort to go far in this work.
    Building concentration ability is crucial for this work. You cannot succeed in this work without it. And psychedelics will not build your concentration ability. You need to reach a point where you can enter samadhi through sober concentration.

  13. Wakening by leo
    Is existence conscious of itself?
    @arlin The ego-mind can't really fathom the glory of awakening so it demonizes and judges it.
    Keep in mind there are various degrees of awakening. The initial shallow levels can feel nihilistic. But then you discover God, Infinity, Love, and Goodness as Absolutes and you fall in love with reality. It's truly too good to believe. The goodness is so good you will deny its reality at first.
    It's too good for the ego to handle without imploding. Which is why the ego judges it. Love is a threat to your very way of life because you have been living in fear.
    The ego is like a rabid dog which bites the hand of the doctor who tries to cure it. That is the divine tragedy.

  14. Awakening
    Awakening and Nihilism
    Because there are many degrees of and facets to awakening.
    If he denies he is God, it's not fully awake. Nihilistic awakenings are never complete.

  15. weed and DP
    Understanding Nothingness on Weed
    @Leo Gura When I first smoked weed I had a full blown panic attack because I started to feel out of body and nothing felt real any more. It then lead to a few years of having to deal with depersonalisation.
    If you look online probably at least half of the depersonalisation disorder community have had it triggered by a weed experience. Some people, it just does not jive well with their hardware.

  16. The self
    For those who deny that there is a Self
    There is the Infinite Self.
    The only problem is mistaking this Self as being finite.
    You are the Infinite Self indentified as a finite self.

  17. DP
    how do I get me depersonalization back
    @Nate0068 @Vittorio

    Depersonalization is NOT enlightenment, it is an anxiety disorder and a response to intense trauma being processed within the nervous system.
    Please be careful when in such states, it is not a matter of keeping yourself depersonalized, but grounding back into the body. It has nothing to do with 'higher states of consciousness', it is a response to trauma.

  18. a site
    Experience of the Void - who is there?
    Wow, you did a great job putting that into words. Welcome...I saw you are from Oregon ..I'm from Spokane area ?
    Are you familiar with Robert Wolfe's Ajata Sunyata project?
    Eastern mystical writings often refer to the Void, or to Nothingness, as a name for the Unnameable, for that which in the West is called Infinite or Eternal, that which is “not one, not two” and is utterly devoid of division.
    The nature of this nothingness cannot, even definitionally, be known. Rational exploration can only at best touch hands with intuitive suggestion.
    In a sense, contemplation of “no division” brings into question every single thing which cognitive thinking of man is grounded upon. For example, among our concepts (limited concepts, attempting to conceive the inconceivable) is the proposition that there is a quality and/or quantity which is described as omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. But so thoroughly is it actualized that it is the actuality of everything and has no special, separate, or particular identity of its “own”: un-name-able. Being so thoroughly everything, this actuality does not exist, in itself—as some separate, or discernible, entity. In other words, there is not any thing which can be omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent.
    Put another way, in the realm of absolute nothingness there is no where to go, not anything to be known, not anything which needs to be changed, nor anything which needs to come into, or out of, existence.

  19. Awakening
    Going insane!
    @Someone here Well, happy and sorry at the same time, I hope you will integrate soon, read this, maybe it will help, good luck
    "Enlightenment is being aware, yes, but enlightenment is also much deeper than being aware.
    Basically, "being aware" means finding consciousness, awareness, which also has been called "awareness which is aware of itself". When this awareness is found, it marks a permanent break of the identification with ego and the beginning of identification with this awareness itself. It feels like this awareness is "the real you". Some people feel like they don’t have any sense of identification at all at this point, which is somewhat premature. That's basically self-realization, but it is not yet enlightenment.
    When this awareness is present effortlessly throughout all daily activities, that's what Adya calls the state of "abiding awareness" and what Ramana dubbed Sahaja Samadhi (effortless Samadhi).
    But this awareness in itself is also a percept of the mind. It's the same as identifying with your Being, which is incomparably deeper than ego. At this point, there's still ego. The identification with it is broken, and it's broken for good, but it's not gone. But then the path to enlightenment begins.
    This awareness, or the identification with it, to be exact, is what's needed for the rest of the ego to dissolve, that is, for the rest of suffering, restlessness, pain, tears and fears to arise and be accepted from this place, because this awareness doesn't differentiate, it accepts everything. Both Adya and Spira talk about it. Adya actually wrote a book about what happens after this awareness is found, it's called "The End of Your World". Spira speaks about it as "the light of consciousness" which illuminates the rest of conditioning.
    When it becomes particularly deep, this awareness as the percept of the mind starts to dissolve. The identification moves to what's been described as "transcendental awareness", or awareness which isn't aware of itself. This is much deeper, one realizes his non-Being. By this point, most of the suffering is transcended and emotions almost don't arise. As Osho said, "once you find your Being, your Being starts to hurt you". Until you jump from Being into non-Being, that is. In the case of Ramana, it was described as his "second death". At that point, the ego truly surrenders. You have accepted death itself.
    For what is being aware of awareness? Nothing. To realize you’re nothing is to accept death, from which comes the greatest freedom, the absolute freedom. Osho had a fun way of putting it, he once said: “In witnessing the witness, the ultimate ecstasy is created”. Awareness is the witness of the ego. When the ego is sufficiently small, you start to witness awareness itself, and only at that point you become truly nothing, dissolve into the void.
    Later still, it is seen that Being and non-Being are one. That's The Absolute. Then even awareness which isn't aware of itself disappears from the mental landscape and you become completely ordinary again, just like you were before, no difference. Just serene and equanimous, but completely ordinary, not “enlightened”, not “aware”.
    So, the process is basically realizing your Being, realizing your non-Being, and then realizing The Absolute. Or, in common language, you can say that first you think you're ego, then you realize you're Life itself, then you're realize you're also Death, and then you're realize that you're both and neither for life and death cannot exist without each other, and are just two sides of the same coin.
    And thus, at the end of the process, awareness cannot be found. I know this sounds very weird, but I confirm it with my experience. Other people say the same thing. For example, Osho used to say that a completely enlightened person becomes completely unaware. He said, "if you wish, you can call it ignorance also". Ego is forgotten, awareness is forgotten, enlightenment is forgotten. One has relaxed totally. UG once said "the moment you're aware of your awareness, you're not aware". I think he was referring to the same thing. Finally, I think it was in the "Autobiography of a Jnani" where I read this gem: "A jnani cannot be said to be conscious. But neither he can be said to be unconscious". I know this sounds like a direct contradiction, but it’s not, really. It’s just framed this way deliberately, because only when you complete the journey, you will understand it.
    The truth is, one doesn't need this spiritual language to describe what's going on. In reality, the moment you become "aware", you actually just become aware of your ego. That's all that is, really. You're always "aware" of your surroundings, that's unquestionable, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to function. But you're not aware of your mind. So when you find that awareness, that's the first time you become aware of your mind and the ego. And then the ego-mind starts to dissolve into it. And at the end of the process, this awareness cannot be found no longer, it served its purpose, simply because there's nothing more to be aware of. And the awareness of your surroundings (you see stuff and you know what you see) has always been there and it will always be there. So that's why a completely enlightened person cannot be said to be aware, and yet he is aware. He's just like he was before it all started, completely innocent in ignorance. Like small children are, like animals are - no baggage. A dreaming person is not aware of his mind and its deep unconscious patterns, one undergoing the transformation is aware of himself and is becoming more and more aware by uncovering and surrendering more of the mind’s conditioning, dissolving it into the light of awareness, whereas for an enlightened person, there’s nothing left to be aware of, his mind is empty, his ego is gone, and in this way, he is similar to an ignorant person and they are outwardly indistinguishable, and even he can no longer tell the difference between the two.
    So, paradoxically, it starts with the present moment and it ends with the present moment. It’s just that at the beginning of the journey, the present moment includes self-referential thought, emotion and personality, and in the very end they are all absent, so there’s nothing but the deepest serenity and the pristine purity of the 5 senses. And all of the profound spiritual experiences (including oneness and no-doership), various awarenesses as percepts of the mind, various Samadhis and bodily sensations (kundalini) arise and fall on the way.
    And that’s why focusing on the present moment and allowing all your internal experience is the most important thing in the whole journey. Be as you are. It will not necessarily unfold in such easily identifiable linear fashion, but the destination is still the same. Peace, contentment and equanimity."

  20. no self
    Samadhi? Or dissociation? plz help
    @SonataAllegro Hard to say with so little info, but sounds to me like a normal part of the awakening process. You can have awakenings and still be depressed as it takes time for the mind to integrate your new reality. The ego-mind is rarely wiped out in one fell swoop. It tends to stick around and do its egoy things.
    The early stage of realizing no-self can be especially bleak. Things brighten up once you get past that into God-realization.

  21. theories on free will
    Is Leo's view of time correct?
    @Anderz I used to be a hardcore determinist but recently, I gave up to the idea that we have no free will because of the damage it does to Self. Apparently, all of our choices are predetermined and there's no real 'I' participating in the future creation, so there's the illusion that your future is already settled. But the future is branching in all the directions like the unpredictability of a vast interactive network of neurons in the brain. IT is information everywhere! So you actually get INFINITE choices to pick from, which makes the will Infinite Freedom. It can't be more free than that!

  22. free will leo
    If Everything is Predetermined why Try ? Why Pray ?
    So you can discover Love.
    Stop being stuck on this "no free will" business. It is you destiny to discover Love, but this requires conscious action and sacrifice.
    God is Infinite Will, but since God is Infinitely Conscious it chooses nothing but Infinite Good.
    Love and Goodness are destiny, by conscious choice! Choose to be Good. Goodness is its own reward

  23. leo on free will
    Dennis McKenna has been taking Psychedelics for 40 years, is he enlightened?
    Your understanding is still full of subtle dualities between self vs God and control vs no-control.
    God is Absolute. Which means God is inevitable. God cannot be otherwise than what it is. It is completely committed to Absolute Love.
    Since you are God, you are the very nexus of surrender. You will choose to surrender, but looking backwards at it you will realize your surrender was your destiny.
    Whatever happens is inevitable. If you choose to surrender, that's inevitable. If you choose not to surrender, that's also inevitable.
    God is a tautology. It must be whatever it is. If God is Hitler, it is Hitler and it will not awaken. If God is a sage or yogi, then God will awaken. And everything in between.
    Your awakening is completely guaranteed -- but only if you actually awaken.
    Now you say, "But that's so obvious it's true by definition!"
    OF COURSE! God is true by definition! Everything true is true by definition because the nature of Truth is that it has no opposite, no alternative.

  24. enlightenment music
    Life-changing high consciousness music!!
    I don't know if you guys know about Simon Posford. Someone here definitely doesn't, and this music is so beautiful that it must open you up for the possibility that you are IT!
    @Leo Gura you will love this, I saw you posted some "post-enlightenment music" multiple times on your blog.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful parts of reality seem to be the easiest way to open up the mind for realizing Truth. I've been running away from Beauty for so long, so I could keep a petty self up and going.
    Just even to consider the idea that this song might be me is astoundingly beautiful, jaw-dropping and disarming.

  25. How to keep a journal
    The Grandmaster of Personal Productivity
    In my opinion this is one of Leo's most underrated video's:
    In this video Leo introduces us to his personal knowledge management system. He closes by emphazising the importance of figuring the "how to build one for myself" part on our own. I agree that blindly copying someone else's system isn't an effective way of building one's Commonplace Book, but at the same time I wanted more information on the topic. So I did some searching and found someone truly remarkable. The guy's name is Tiago Forte and his speciality is "Building A Second Brain" (other phrase for Commonplace Book). Very yellow. He has an awesome blog, densly packed with goodness. Highly recommended for everyone trying to get the most out of their learning/ personal knowledge management! Great for building one's digital productivity infrastructure in general.
    Here is a great post to start & gain an overview of his teachings: