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  1. Hi guys. I have a issue with high ferritin in the blood. Of course the best way to lower iron levels is to donate blood. Unfortunately, i can't do it right now. I was wondering what chelation agent for removing exess iron is best. The chelation therapy Leo mentions in the video how to detox heavy metals is more for led and mercury... Does any of you know about something that works well for iron?
  2. I never heard it works for eliminating iron. does it? Do you have any experience with it?
  3. Hey guys, im looking for material around detoxing the brain from heavy metals like leo talked about in the last video... Because that would help a lot with meditation.. What kind of detox protocol do you use and how significantly has it improve your medative experience?
  4. @Natasha i agree with eliminating foods point thank you for that. But besides that, il would take an eternety to clear up years of junk in the body without a protocol..i think leo once shared in his blog a smoothie for detoxification, but i cant find it lol. I am looking for high quality books that cover this topicnor even a detox coach who has experience so if you know any of this please let me know. Never heart of milk thistle, i will do more research on this
  5. Check it out, very nice conversation *If somebody can post the whole video because im able to post only the link through the phone. Thanks
  6. I heard that staying too much on the internet can cause a decrease in attention span so im making sure to reduce the time i consume on that and implement a meditation practice. I have heard that once your attention spanis decreased the brain has changed so it's irreversable. But isn't it true that by meditating you increase attention span?
  7. If this happends we are fucked. What do you guys think about this and those statistics?
  8. @Globalcollective i understood a little, but more detail would not bother hahaha. Anyways, don't worry
  9. What if he is actually true. What is more important? Do you want to ignore reality?
  10. @Globalcollective what do you mean? I have noticed he attracts a lot of negative people.
  11. @Gesundheit interesting point. @Username i dont study SD yet so i dont know what is above orange. Yes i think here, he is talking only about looks and money...
  12. What are those qualities and where can you find higher consciousness girls those days?
  13. @seeking_brilliance what? @Natasha @Carl-Richard btw thanks for the answers. I meant that some say that up to a certain age the brain can change and others dont believe that. Why is it so and who is right? Can the brain alsways change?
  14. @Leo Gura So happiness can be found only by diving into your fears, being able to express yourself fully, having deep inner confidence. Realizing your talents, and your purpose.
  15. let's be real. I have always been insecure about my looks and i feel unattractive. And i have gave up on having sex or finding a girl. Also, im tired of "Looks don't matter". Please stop and admit you are privileged and that's it. Now, this is a thing i have to deal with but when it comes to envy specifically: When i see good looking guys on the street or online, i feel so much impotent rage and envy and i just want this to stop.... What can i do? thanks.
  16. @Leo Gura which kind of psychedelics are good to be used for this purpose? Lsd? Anybody knows?
  17. Hi! I have never done yoga and i was thinking about studying it. Im specifically interested in yoga for feeling more in your body and clear negative emotional blocks. I don't have a yoga center near me... i only can study online. Can you give me some point of reference as to where to start? And how? Thank you!
  18. His teachings are not about religion but rather he demistifies the mystical scientifically and the results that people get from doing his work are all scientifically proven
  19. @Shunyata hey man, first of all thank you for showing some love. I thought you were a little bit cold before. I agree with what you have said in regards to being my worst enemy. I made this post months ago precisely because i wanted to accept things and stop the struggle. I can see how your personal experience brought you to your conclusions about awakening and i think there is some truth to that. Im not ready to go full in with awakening, i prefer developing my character first end enjoy life with all of its suffering and joy. The truth is always the truth and will be there at the end of the road waiting for me, when i'll be ready. Thanks.
  20. @The0Self i understand man, don't worry. I have a bum in my nose (yeah im also being materialistic here for a little bit) and someone told me it's not that big. I mean, i have flaws like everybody and i don't really think im ugly, some girls have found me attractive, some didn't and some loughed at me when i approached them. This post was mostly because im astonished that in sociaty, if you are not attractive, nobody gives you good advice. What should an unattractive person do? How can he be happy? This is what bothers me. Is there a way to have a satisfying life? I mean, not only with girls, but in general. If sociaty values looks that much, is there a way to not feel inferior to other man? How do you deal with people who mistreat you because of your appearance? Like girls? Is an unattractive person just destined to suffer and receive pity from others? This defies the whole self-improvement bullshit. It's like you have been born disabled. And people don't give a fuck.
  21. @MrBON hey, thank you man this was great advice Because it was realistic. Yes i do agree persoballity matters if it didn't then we would all be fucked ahahah