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  1. If you decide to dive deeper into spirituality, please understand that not everyone is ready to awaken and that even though you think you want enlightenment you sometimes actually don't (or at least are not ready for it) Don't ever throw your life away to persue this, always maintain a balanced life because if you ever lose that balance it's very hard to get it back. Leo's content is amazing and life changing, but because it is so potent you might need some breaks from it when you feel like it's too much. So like I said, balance is key. Good luck with everything.
  2. It was justified given how much hate he got from angry fans over the prequels, any unenlightened person would've probably done the same thing. Plus, he was already a billionaire before selling Star Wars (cause of the rights to all the SW merch he had) so it probably wasn't a desicion made out of greed but more from a "fuck this shit I'm out" attitude, but who knows? We can't know what were his true intentions so maybe you're right. UPDATE: holly shit he actually donated the freaking money
  3. Lmao I'll definitely be down for having force lightning, it probabely would be useful in regular life like for heating up meals and shit (and ending up with burnt food)
  4. Yeah, I heard about that but didn't know it was the reason he became a spiritual person. Really interesting quote, it's beautiful really. Thanks for sharing it with us!
  5. He talks about a lot of other things throughout the interview, he seems like a deeply spiritual man. He even said that the reason he made the original Star Wars was to make young people more interested in spirituality (well it worked on me at least). Honetley, whether he had an awakening or not I still have mad respect for him, he is a genius director without a doubt.
  6. Me too, I'd have so many questions for him. He said he's a "methodist buddhist" so he probably knows a lot about spirituality.
  7. Jar Jar Binks was secretly a fully enlightened master, that is why he didn't give a damn
  8. Hesa did his best with what hesa had "Whatever you think of Jar Jar Binks – the fully computer-generated Gungan played by Ahmed Best and crafted by ILM for The Phantom Menace... was a game-changer in visual effects. It was, essentially, the first main actor-driven/motion-captured CG character in a feature film, one brought to life by Best performing on set with the other actors and via separate mocap sessions." Befores&Afters But yeah... aside from that the character itself was garbage.
  9. If you don't want to watch the whole thing go to 38:40, he says things that directly align with Leo's insights. His wife seems as wise as him.
  10. What "wallstreetbets" is doing isn't illegal actually and can't really be compared to the level of manipulation that the hedge funds benefit from, what we're basically doing is just buying a bunch of GameStop shares and holding our positions until the price goes up so that we can sell them at a higher price and profit, the root cause of the problem is the hedge fund managers who betted against GameStop, and they did it with more than 100% of the company's shares (they actually shorted 136% of the entire shares of the company which is ludicrous and shouldn't be allowed) so now what happened is that they backed themselves into a corner and they lost at their own game (or at least that's what's gonna happen if everyone holds on to their shares and refuses to sell until the price goes up exponentially) Of course all of this comes with risks and a lot of people are gonna lose a lot of money because of this whole situation, but this is the nature of the market, it's always like this. You already understand this stuff but if you want more clarification this video will do the job: Also, thank you for everything, Leo! Your content is amazing.
  11. The whole situation feels so freaking unreal. At this point it's almost impossible to predict what's gonna happen next so let's just wait and see.
  12. Also, we did not hack anything to find out that the hedge funds are abusing the Gamestop stock, we all just used the good old public forums to inform each other so that everyone knew that it has being manipulated for more than 2 years to the detriment of the company and its employees (someone saw a pattern in Gamestop's stock and they started researching it until they discovered what was really going on) so it's all still out there on Reddit: Here's a great analysis of the current situation: This could be a golden opportunity for someone looking to make easy money, I'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice, but my opinion is if anyone has money and doesn't mind potentially losing it then this risk is worth taking. Hell, I made 300$ in just one day from buying 100$ of the GME stock, imagine if I had a lot more money to spare. Also, this squeeze is not over, I'm still holding my positions and there's a potential boom on Friday cause some of the hedge funds' contracts will expire on that day and they'll have to buy shares to pay their "debt" which will make the stock price fly high, so I'm waiting for that. This is a pretty significant moment in our modern history cause this has never happened before, so I too don't know how all of this will play out, what I do know is that this will have a huge impact on the stock market and even on our societies as a whole cause this new movement might stick around for a long time and so there may be a sort of redistribution of wealth going on. This might be beneficial to us non billionnaires.
  13. This track, especially, the first 3 minutes, is honestly the best musical piece I have ever heard. I didn't know one could feel ecstasy and peace through music until I listened to this. This is the continuation of Apotheosis and the final track in Journey. if you don't know about this game it's basically the Hero's Journey (hence its name) told through the medium of video games. Here's one last soundtrack for you since you shared an Interstellar track, again the first half is just mesmerising: Bonus track (I just remembered this one): All these tracks, like most others, need time to truly appreciate. You won't "get them" on the first listen.
  14. This right here. A lot of people around the world are anticipating this election, and we hope you don't make the same mistake you did last time, nobody thought Trump was going to win which gave his supporters a chance (they all exercised their right to vote while some of the people who would've voted for Hillary didn't bother to vote and were lazy) and now here you are. Like @Apparition of Jack said, every American who values their democracy should be sweating right now and doing everything they can to vote Trump out (by telling their family and friends to vote etc...), don't get cozy cause you can't afford it. If Trump wins again I don't think the US will stay the same, though it's already far different than how it was 5 years ago. Good luck America. I hope we don't see your democracy dying.