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  1. You need to know the laws very well. For example, on Youtube, you cannot upload porn. If you do so, your account will get banned. Similarly, if you know you did not break any rules, people can say what they want and you don't need to care because you did not break any rules/laws.
  2. Christ does not conflict with infinite love. Go learn more about Christianity.
  3. Yeah Power of positive thinking is important! I never smoke! I am confident. I am strong and loving. I am a leader. I am with the universe.
  4. The book TAGR contains many principles which can lead one to grow rich in mind, body and in the material world. Bob Proctor professed to learn a lot from Think and Grow rich and even used this book as a guide to launch his speaking career. People who skim through the book or peoe who just read the book summary may not get the full essence of TAGR. Best to ponder more and be aware of what the book is teaching.
  5. Motivation starts from within. You cannot rely on others because it is not long term unless you can hire a personal coach.
  6. Happiness is a state of mind, only when you can control your mind. For example, you get bitten badly by a king Cobra. The pain is hijacking your mind with pain from the pain receptors. Your lungs can't breathe because of the neurotoxins. Try mind over body. Also, if your body got cut by a machine. Just try mind over body.
  7. Why not try the contrarian approach? You should watch 12 hours of YouTube daily until you burn through the cravings of watching YouTube.
  8. https://blog.supplysideliberal.com/post/86075953200/noah-smith-buddha-was-wrong-about-desire Elimination of all desires not possible unless you are enlightened.
  9. 3. The Truth of Extinction - The Cause of Pain and Anxiety Caused by Extinction The Truth of Extinction tells people that they must learn, perceive, and practice right view, pursue the truth, transcend vulgar pursuits, eliminate vulgar passions, pursue uprightness and lightness, and be transcendental, so that they can get rid of suffering and obtain spiritual liberation and reach the state of nirvana. 4. The truth of the Tao - correctly control the boat of life, get out of the sea of misery, and reach the other side of happiness Knowing that life is suffering, knowing the cause of suffering, and having set the mind to end suffering, how do you end suffering? Dao Di answered, "Dao" has two meanings: method and approach, which are specifically divided into the Noble Eightfold Path. ** This is a direct translation from Chinese to English. Yes indeed when Buddhism mention desires, they are referring to the lower forms of desires like lust and greed. However, it is fine to seek knowledge and to seek the truth.
  10. Julien rushed out his courses. He didn't have time to really work on the courses. He forced himself to make some videos because he set the time for his students to come live and watch. Then from his hastily prepared notes, he made the course live. But I love Julien. He's one of the greatest self help coaches around.
  11. Anyone can be a leader. You just need to reap more benefits and you will want to be more of a leader. For example, let's say by some stroke of luck, you are playing a game and you are the leader and somehow, your team always win. Then everyone wants you to the leader and your team always lose when you are not the leader. Then you also don't want to be under anyone. Everyone will also look to you as a leader.
  12. It's part conscious, part subconscious and part collective unconscious and more. For example, in Thailand, there are statistically a higher percentage of guys who became beauty queens. This is due to social conditioning. To break away from such things, you have to make it disgusting and guilty, even shameful. Feel the pleasure of being a man again.
  13. I am using Opera browser now. It has dark mode and can block ads off other sites!
  14. He purpossly spoke with an Neo-Advaita approach to get attention.
  15. What about for cell/hand phone?