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  1. You can read the book by Steven Pressfield. He talks about overcoming resistance!
  2. because orange = materialistic by definition. haha just joking. Read the books on spiral dynamics and you will know? I cannot comment because I didn't read.
  3. How to deal with or destroy your ego?
  4. Hi, I would like Leo to do a video on how to fight and destroy the ego. I am a salesperson and sometimes, I am still very self conscious of what others think of me and the way I talk. Sometimes, I will be afraid to make phone calls. This is despite reading books and watching plenty of self help videos. So would like to know your perspectives and strategies to cope with the ego. Thanks.
  5. There's a book called Food Fix which talks about the dangers of our food. It doesn't really tell you what to eat but it teaches you what not to eat. For example, farmed salmon vs salmon.
  6. Yes men have been weakened. Now men, same for women, seek instant gratification in the form of fast food, instant coffee. They no longer eat healthily. Men don't train as much. For those who train, most train for aesthetic purposes such as 6pac or larger biceps to impress women but some are still weak in other areas (legs, overall body or stamina). Men wants sex but not all will take responsibility for their actions. There are many others.
  7. Read more than 300 self help books together with tons of reviews, book summaries and in-depth studying plus taking notes for 5-6 years. Watch more than 5000 youtube videos on self help. 0 years (Not mastered) A few months. (A few times a week) 0 years, not so interested in spirituality not interested in enlightenment.
  8. In my opinion, do not label yourself as 'fearful avoidant' type. Break free of it. You can be greater than that label.
  9. You read more books and get better at coping with fear.
  10. Well, very normal in current technological era. For example, Bill gates was the visionary who created microsoft pc and he wanted many homes to have it. Eventually, the society accepted his technology. Same for Mark Zuck's Facebook and then Zoom meetings recently. The big bubble absorb the new bubble and then it becomes the norm. The technology need to reach the tipping point before it spreads like wildfire though. Read 'The Tipping Point'
  11. well, this forum and videos help to accelerate my learning. I also have a greater understanding of the ego.
  12. I want a family with wonderful kids by end 2025. I want to earn $1 million USD within the next 5 years which is by end 2024. I will be a multiple top achiever and an inspirational leader.
  13. Not true imo. Many people know what they want. But their reasons may not be so clear.
  14. Thanks. That was awesome and came at the right time for me.
  15. Safety isn't the first level. Survival needs (air, food, water and shelter) is the most basic level.
  16. It boils down to your values. Deeply think what are the most important things in your life. Is it health or beauty or leading a meaningful life etc? Then why do you seek beauty? Ask yourself deeply. Is it to get married or for career progression? Ask yourself whether you can still do the same without affecting your health.
  17. Depends on what is self actualization and how the person actually defines it.
  18. Tony Robbins mentioned he read 700+ books in his younger time. He shut himself in a library and went on to become a successful life coach. 1 book a week is certainly enough but why limit yourself as he always said? If you are free, you can always read more books on certain days so that your time is free up for next week/month. And you can certainly read 2-5 books per week. And of course carry out the actions too!
  19. Most self help materials aren't that awful. If you can take 3-5 new nuggets of wisdom from each book, it will still be good for you. Even the worst books can give you insights such as 'Don't write something people already know' or 'how to not write a self help book'.
  20. Well it depends on what you are doing. Obviously playing a piano vs doing a sale for example are two different things. Do you want to fail a $10000 sale first, then only read after you fail? Or do you want to prepare well by reading up on books on sales and your product first?
  21. Personally, I reject Elliott Hulse's videos several times in the past months and years. I always see him as loud, aggressive, big and foul mouth (actually he's not foul mouth). Later, what I like about him is that he's straight forward, authentic, knows quite a lot of stuff and is good with fitness and body. I don't think we need to judge him so much. He's just talking straight off without any scripts and there will inadvertently have some mistakes/contradictions made. He doesn't even need to apologise for his mistakes. Either you watch him or you don't. He doesn't really care and you shouldn't as well.
  22. It all boils down to your values/principles. The value of upholding your rights to do your work at your own time or the value of freedom (no argument, relax). But the fact that you write it down here means it matters a lot to you. And the mere fact of writing down will reinforce it further in your subconscious mind. There is no right or wrong most of the time. Just weighting pros and cons and it depends on what you want to focus on (rights vs freedom)?
  23. There are no good or bad emotions. This is just a mental constructs made by humans. For example, you feel fear when you are standing on heights at the edge of the cliff. Understand that the fear is there to protect you and to stop you from doing stupid things. So fear can be a good thing in this case. So the reason why you have fear is because you are not prepared for it (The fall).
  24. It's not possible to stay positive all the time. Lol at the guy who spray in water again and again.