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  1. Learn C or C++ first. It's the foundational languages that will guide you to learn other languages.
  2. Actually, Actualized.org is my favorite channel because Leo give me a forum to discuss and learn more about self-developmental stuff. https://www.youtube.com/c/ActualizedOrg
  3. There you go. The winning attitude book! https://www.amazon.com/Winning-Attitude-Create-Extraordinary-Results-ebook/dp/B07L7Y3FD4
  4. Maybe watch this?
  5. Pfizer, so far I know, has less side effects. Pfizer will give you a bit of arm numbness for 1-2 days (first dose), second dose may give you a slight fever. Moderna from what I have seen from others has a stronger side effect. Chest pain, fever, numbness but for most people, they can still get by.
  6. 72 isnt that old. Come back again and ask 10 years later when she's 82.
  7. Pfizer vaccines is very safe (based on 1 year observation). The reaction is very mild even for old people. I have friends who are 70 years over and they had the vaccines with no issues. But not so sure about the side effects of vaccines over the long term.
  8. Reminds me of a dating app I used. A pretty girl 10 years my junior was messaging me. I was thinking of how to reply when I accidentally pressed "Sorry I am not interested" button. Then, the chat disappeared and I cannot message the person again. lol
  9. Why would interest rates be so high? I thought right now, interests rates should be at record low due to several rounds of QE (Quantitative easing)
  10. I think end of the day, it is about your self image. If you see yourself as an achiever, you will take actions relentlessly. So the book Psycho-Cybernetics is one of the best resources you can find.
  11. Read Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman And Emotional intelligence 2.0 by Mr Travis
  12. People are trapped by their own beliefs. They can believe in some things for their whole life only to realise they are wrong when they are dying. Some even carried their wrong beliefs to their death.
  13. It may be true. In some countries, trains may not be so frequent. Furthermore, this occurred in the past so trains are even less efficient and scarce. So trains' frequency at that station my be at intervals of 15 mins. If one driver is away, they may purposely delay the train interval to 30 mins (I know bus drivers do that)
  14. Study hard, read the suggested studies to score well in exams!
  15. Just refer to this over and over again. Most of the stuff you need to integrate your masculinity is a subset of self-actualization. And you can also do shadow work. Teal Swan likes to do shadow work. Maybe look for her.
  16. Having sex is just an ego thing. In reality, you may be harming your own body and her body. Just let go and find another better partner.
  17. Read the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and he will teach you how to deal with fear.
  18. When you complete a project/task which you thought you could not do it initially and when you do very well in something. When you are disciplined.
  19. Well, you have to think about the relationships long term. Eg you should not beat your parents no matter what as you want the relationships to remain neutral or positive. You don't want to live a life of regrets. Also, when dealing with others, you should always laugh it off (if necessary). Other methods include speaking back but always leave some rooms for retreat instead of cutting off the relationships. For example, you may be in a workplace and you are meeting this person regularly. If you get into a tirade of words with that person, your relationships will be totally strained and your work will be stressed. So learn to give and take, have fun and know you are going to die in 150 years anyway.
  20. You will learn different types of psychology in college and university. The common ones are those from Pavlov, Skinner, Vygotsky, Maslow. The issue with college is they don't really have time to cover all these in depth with you so you have to read their suggested studies. Then, you have to score well in their exams.
  21. Be an undertaker. Everyday, you look at death (Definitely high consciousness activity) Not much evil you can do and you are helping to do some good by burying the dead. Of course, you can swindle more money off the people who are still living.
  22. It probably has to do with your Chakra points. If your energy goes up the spine, then you will have more energy in the upper chakras. But if you release some semen, some energy will flow out from your body.
  23. You can probably read Rachel Hollis 'Girl, wash your face. Girl, stop apologizing' Eliz Gilbert's eat pray love Brene Brown's Daring greatly
  24. Nice clickbait. That's like almost everyone except for those who are unemployed.