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  1. Yes. I took the LP Course last fall and realized this. I also take on the same mindset that I want my work to be completely original and creative. Of course Leo is a huge influence in my work. I'm currently on my "small bets" arc to discover my most authentic style, making interview videos with a personal dev spin on it, following my bliss I also am called to a stronger concentration in emotions / emotional health, social dynamics in my work.
  2. @LSD-Rumi It is paramount to how I've gotten into deep flow when working. If I need to watch a video, I just search it up. Having hundreds of videos popping up in my face is distracting and pointless.
  3. I'm with you there my friend. I delete Instagram whenever I'm not posting (my LP involves creating video). I'm actually currently doing a music fast for 2 weeks because of how addicted I've gotten to daydreaming while listening to music itself. One promising thing about sugar I'll share is that, after doing a 50 day fast from all added sugar, my identity made a significant shift, and I have purchased little to no food with added sugar at all. I will still have something here and there that technically will have it, but I have cut out lots of processed garbage because of the fast. With my mind personally, I am finding what works for me the most is hard-nosed fasts with clear start and end dates. EDIT: For YouTube, I installed a safari plugin on both my iPhone and Macbook that blocks out all home page videos and recommendations. I'm very much looking forward to this for Instagram Reels haha
  4. Bumping this because I am interested in this topic myself
  5. After completing the Life Purpose Course (and btw Leo, thank you so much. review will come at some point), I have resumed making videos online. My chosen area is teaching Personal development with focuses in emotional intelligence, meditation, shadow work, etc. Not long after, I enrolled in a free 3 week beta "Conscious Business Accelerator" with Aaron Doughty, Mat Shaffer, and Victor Oddo, which has been fantastic. The premise is essentially getting started with following your calling in serving others through building a "conscious" business. This attracts a very Stage Green crowd of what you may expect: light workers, meditation teachers, tai chi instructors, astrology gurus, trauma workers, shamans, etc. The course has built very well on top of the foundation I have built with the LPC and what I want to do with my calling. Of course as these "freebies" go, the final week ended in them pitching and selling their course Full-time Purpose. The base price, which is $2000, has 35+ video trainings "to build & automate a thriving online business", 12 months of live group coaching on zoom, the skool community. I have not purchased a business course before, and I wanted to catch any opinions if anyone here has take this or a similar course before. I really like the value proposition of the following: The 12 months of live group coaching Building an audience Monetization via email marketing Sales Social media Systems & Automations For those of you who have taken this or a similar course before, are these courses worthy investments? I have poured a lot of mastery hours into my chosen area in personal dev but have not taken much time into the business side of things, and I wonder if I can learn this all on my own. I would be so grateful to hear your guys' thoughts. Thanks! 🙂