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  1. you're a snitch
  2. @Cudin I assume you didn't experience enlightenment, otherwise you would not ask this question.
  3. Simple as that, don't ask Leo, don't ask me, don't ask anyone about God. When you are ready to wake up, you will wake up. There is nothing which can change your mind afterwards. Get your own trip and listen to it. For me mushrooms and LSD played a huge part. I don't know if you can wake up without substances but you will find your way...
  4. @Koyaanisqatsi That's the question ''I'' is trying to EXPERIENCE. It's hard to grasp something which can't be communicated through language, is not it?
  5. What is your opinion about the video above? For some reason I keep watching this every day, can't help it. I'm somewhere between getting lost and and the same time I feel like I found myself. Help please, it is very important for me to hear your opinion...(As sarcastic as it might sound)
  6. First of all, there is not such thing as ''special one.'' There is not a person who was born for you, or for me or etc. There are no specials. Everyone is different. Pickup is a good way to learn the psychology of the opposite sex. It helps you become master of relationships, that's when you realize that there are no special people. The relationship goes well or not. If you don't like it, you just move on, never create an idea that there is someone in your life who was born for you. It's a huge trap. Go out for pickup and you'll see thousands of perfect options for you...
  7. If you ask her out, yes. if she asks you out , you shouldn't even bother buying anything, just wait what she does...
  8. Women are always like that,dont ever let her make decisions, even the small decisions like that. You should make decisions, Be dominant, lead her.
  9. @abgespaced What about ''badboys?'' They simply don't care who comes in their lives and who leaves...I think it's possible to get ''100% in or out relationship.'' I want to be carefree in relationships.
  10. Hi everyone I'm 17 years old man who is trying to improve in all areas of my life, dating is one of them. Well, There was an occasion when I had a gf-bf relationship with a girl and she decided to leave. I really don't want to think why, you know its a girl... anyway ,You really don't need to need why she left. The thing I've found out later after the relationship was over, is that I'd got attachment to her. I didn't feel as good as before. I was upset. Leo often says in his videos that in most of the times girls are the ones who become attached in a relationship, but not always. Seems like I spent too much time with her and I got attached even thou I'm a man. What I've done is that I focused more on my agenda. (I was doing it even when I was with her.) I tried to work more on personal development. I started living more in present moment. It really worked, she left just 10 days ago but I'm feeling much better. I'm posting it here, which means I haven't completely solved this problem yet. I still have to avoid thoughts about her sometimes, but I'm dealing with it well so far. Now, what I'd like to hear from you is the way to get full detachment. Next time I'm in a relationship, I want to be 100% in but 100% out. It means I'm gonna enjoy that relationship, but I want to be able to leave that if something happens anytime I want. I know it's not easy, I know its gonna take time, please feel free to write down some tips. Here are few things I did, and would like to add new suggestions. 1) I started enjoying every second of my life, started living in a present moment, only present!. I try to hear each word when I someone is talking to my, I try to enjoy each trop of my teacup in the morning and etc... 2) I took new programme for my fitness and I spend more time in a gym. 3) I 'm trying to talk more clearly, I like my accent, but I want better. 4) I try to do my school assignments (still lazy sometimes, tbh ) 5) I read self-help books which are really fun. 6) I meditate more That's my list, please help me add more here.. thank you in advance
  11. @Pallero I didn't get the idea of that video, does he mean to act like a woman is some moments of our lives? @STC What if I want to act just like an asshole for a while to get girls, should I just start acting like an asshole to become it? I know it's weird but I just wanna know this field.... I wanna know what it feels to be asshole and fuck a lot of girls.
  12. @Bob84 well, still there must be a line between an asshole and just a confident guy... @Callum Milner what do u mean respecting in woman? confident guys fucks a lot of women too and breaks many hearts... what is the difference?
  13. of course, we are men and most likely we will have thoughts to have sex with our friends if we find them beautiful, but it doesn't mean we can't control it. we can, and we also can have many beautiful friends...
  14. Just leave, follow your intuitions, use your senses. see,hear,smell,taste,touch-Even dogs have these 5 senses, but guess what, you aren't a dog, you are a human, it means u have imagination and intuition. Your intuition tells you to leave, so follow it!
  15. I don't think your shape has anything to do with your dating stuff.(unless you are in a very bad form, but you wrote that you aren't) Personally, asa 17 years old man, I love girls who are confident and logical , I know that women have more likely verbal brain, but still, if a woman's logic is at least understandable to my logic, then it really helps to get in relationship with her. once again, your shape has nothing to do with this topic, just forget it.