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  1. Lazy and Addicted to Self-Help - Confession
    Lazy and Addicted to Self-Help - Confession
    The fact you are admitting you have a problem with overtheorizing, reading and consuming material without taking action is a really good thing. 
    This is the first step. 
    If you reread your text objectively, only a small part of it tells about what your desire are.
    The most of your text contains judgments about yourself, labels (I am lazy, I am this and that, I have this and that problem) and telling what's missing for you to act.
    They are all just stories.
    You are not your behavior. You are not lazy and you are not a bad person.
    The more you identify yourself with this stories, the more you add fuel to the reasons why you CANNOT do the things you would love to do and you CANNOT be the kind of person you want to be. 
    So the reason why you are stuck is because of these stories full or self-hatred you are telling yourself
    Start disidentifying yourself with these behaviors by:
    1) meditating every day at least 20 minutes
    2) stopping consuming self help material for a while
    3) starting using a journal and contemplate your sticking points and the things or the area you would like to fix first
    4) taking action, baby steps 
    5) becoming spontaneous and detach yourself from the outcome
    6) being compassionate for yourself, your actual feeling of being imperfect and for your past