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  1. To all the 1k+ daily unregistered creepers. Do it. Register and start posting / contributing / asking thoughtful questions Stop lurking in the shadows. Got a question about personal development or some other sections of this forum? Ask it. Get s fruitfull conversation going. Got something interesting that may help some people? Share it. See you inside
  2. P®n had ruined my libido, motivation and had given me severe ED at 26 years old Everyone is different . Look what works or doesn't work for yourself . Only you can be honest with yourself and know if you have s problem and if it robs you of your life's zest to live more fully
  3. @mr_engineer 3 approaches per day is 1k approaches per year and 10k over a decade of your life , it's not ridiculous. Totally possible , and it's It's a conservative estimate of what it takes to gtfo clueless hellish hardcase newbie zone into enjoying an abundant intimate lifestyle
  4. Thoughts? Who wouldn't want sharper face? Sounds very convincing. I love aesthetics so I'll report back in one year boys
  5. Travelling is exciting. New experiences, new people, new romances ... All the spontaneity, the rollercoaster of emotions, the wins and losses... I wanted to do a quick post to explore the negative aspects of overdoing travelling. It can be a form of escapism, to avoid facing certain aspects of your life of yourself. Of sitting down and doing the work you know you're supposed to be doing, or of building your skill or creating that project I've met quite some people that say they use travelling to fill a void, to distract themselves and that don't feel home anywhere Is this you? Personally I love travelling , but the kind where you can stay in the area for at least 3+ months and have time to soak yourself in the new surrounding rather than frantically rushing throughout the day to meet your basic needs or chase novelty
  6. @Leo Gura health update blog vid?
  7. Leo is procrastinating scrolling on ancient Egyptian BDSM mask bids
  8. It can be her brother, cousin, male friend, friendzoned dude, etc One of the first things you figure out in a mixed set is how do they know each other
  9. You are in college, forget cold approach . You don't need it. You have plenty of opportunities to socialize. Make friends. Go to events. Go to parties , find activities that you enjoy where there are cute single girls... Etc I don't know how exactly college looks like in India , but as long as you are social and there girls around, you will eventually get laid by trial and error Cold approach is for serious people that lack time or want extraordinary results. Half-assing practicing cold approach will make you miserable Cold approach is just a tool to meet a girl you otherwise wouldn't have access to. Make female friends. Meet friend's friends, join group classes group meetings, events...
  10. It's like a decade old but he just released it a month ago apparently . Just sharing for the lols cause it's a cool idea. I wish this was way higher quality
  11. The purpose of this thread is to further build upon Leo's blog post. Use those guidelines for posting
  12. @zurew you miss quoted me, the quote in context would be Check out on YouTube the strick rough rules and laws they had to impose to clean up that chaos. And leftist governments around the world critisize El Salvador for not respecting human rights and accidentally incarcerating innocent people Leftist would never be able to clean up that less of a murder society
  13. @Scholar death penalty exists in the US, china , Japan etc. Plow chatgpt for perspectives for and against death penalty. You have a point but there is more to it
  14. I'd like to compile all the behaviors that resemble poor social skills and trigger creepiness in women. This thread is for male behavior NO PERSONAL IDEOLOGY DEBATING. Post examples and you can discuss on that
  15. What's your experience with maca? Boys n grills
  16. Hot take: Being absolutely against violence and death penalty. Some people are a lost cause and are very costly to mantain. Give them a few good chances but don't be naive --- F*cking one single person up from time to time as an example of consecuences for misbehaving is a clear direct language anyone understands and may be able to solve a decent amount of problems --- Not having harsh enough penalties for serious crimes. Releasing murderers from jail... Serious social challenges requiere serious actions. Look at what it took for El Salvador to get rid of that murderer gang infested society. Look how absolutely effective it is Libs would never be able to handle that society
  17. It is extremely effective for the sake of order to fk up one single person up as example of consecuencirs of clearly misbehaving and trashy behavior . I don't believe in the saying " violence doesn't solve problems" Sometimes it's exactly needed in just the right amount
  18. Swordsmen wear terrible disfiguring facial scars with the biggest pride Wear the ugly face that God challenged you with as a test of your character with pride. If you looked through the eyes of a person that has esthetics and contrast it with what you see, it's exactly the same The difference is how people react to them and how they have been conditioned and showered with praise throughout their life's which has solidified their confidence. They get more attention and have it easier in life They are confident because society tells them who they are, and it happens to be positive Why do you want an easier life? Don't wish for a lighter load - wish for stronger shoulders Why do you allow society to tell you your worth? Is displaying a symetrical face the climax of living life? What you're ignoring is that many aesthetic people still have self esteem issues . And they will loose their looks eventually. Their self worth and value is conditional You can build deeply gounded timeless unconditional confidence that emanates from within. From proper beliefs. From unconditional love towards yourself. From building yourself into a high quality man with your own two fucking hands Having it easy is a blessing but mostly a curse. Human beings are notoriously ungrateful and unappreciative of things they haven't earned Yes, looks influence how people react to you. One of the core fundamentals of game and powerful appliance of social dynamics is being at the cause and not at the effect. Don't look for others people permission to be yourself. Don't seek for approval from others. It's good if you get some, but don't depend on it. Do you want to hear something crazy? All of what people say or do is first filtered through your beliefs and frames and then you draw conclusions and react. With the proper mindset you will invalidate anything that isn't aligned with an empowering reallity. I'm not talking about being defensive or arrogant. I'm talking about manufacturing delusional amounts of coincidence that emanates from within and is not dependent on seeking validation and positive reaction from others. Don't ask for permission to live
  19. Leo x Ken intellectual bromance
  20. I believe 25 mg of Ala per pill is too little. I've heard there is such thing as a too small dose. If I can't deal with the acidity I'll drink a little sodium bicarbonate to balance PH I'll do 60 mg pills next and try it out
  21. - Feel free to comment, ask questions, give unasked advice, use this post for resources, etc. ( all under your own risk and judgement ) Basically, the idea is that I'll be documenting and sharing my journey of chelation. I'm a noob for now, but I expect to gather a decent chunk of understanding throughout this year. This has been on my to do list for over a year now, and I've been motivated recently by Leo dropping the long awaited episode on chelation released for my birthday ?. Sadly, the episode is not as detailed as I'd like it to be and I'm afraid he may have forgotten some crucial information. But if there is time to whine, there is time to roll up my digital sleeves and get to work and research. Let's hope my journal doesn't end up being a Brian Bander's Suicide note 2.0 (RIP)
  22. Hair tests are safe, inaccurate and "cheap". Provoked urine tests are potentially dangerous depending on how toxic you are and how you tolerate chelators. They are very accurate to tell you how much of what youre excreting The costs are up pretty fast. We're talking hundreds on just testing The best in my opinion is just to do a chelation trial. Any response to chelators, either good or bad I'd an indicator of toxicity and therefore you will benefit from following the protocol. And even more so given the symptoms youve listed Heavy metals are not the only issue. There are many many more health factors
  23. Lately we've been discussing a lot of potential health dangers in common food. I'd like to start a thread where we get to compile all health hazards of our modern lifestyle in one place. In October 2020 Leo personally pinky promised me ( true story) that in the future he will shoot a video about how to detoxify your entire lifestyle. We may as well get started here. As not to turn this into a thread filled with bad news, fell free to simply mention better alternatives. Videos, articles and simple hearsay are all welcome for discusision. Some ideas to get the ball rolling : Tetra Bricks are lined with an aluminium coat on the inside that can leech into your drinks, specially if it's something acidic like orange juice. Alternative : buy in glass when possible, or squeeze yourself. Comercial Fruit juices from concentrates may contain heavy metals as they rely on fruit powders. Chocolate filled with Heavy metals : Deodorands commonly contain Aluminium. --- Better alternative anyone? -- If i find myself in a pickle I just spray the deodorant on the inside of my shirt rather than on my armpits. Do not drink tap water. Probably contains Halogens and Heavy metals. Lets say that Tap water < Spring/well water < Plastic Bottled water < multiple stage reverse osmosis water ( will share link soon ) < Glass bottle water . Some medicine can contain heavy metals, like eye drops. Cookware may contain toxic elements, specially teflon pans if you scratch them, or cheap stainless steel may be laced with Nickel. Go for high quality stainless steel or coockware. Toothpaste has Fluoride ( I don't know exactly about the health impact ). You can make your own toothpaste with peppermint and clove essential oils . I'm sure we can come up with plenty more oral health techniques. You see the point.