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  1. Life Purpose = Self-sustainable spiritual community/retreat....advice?
    Life Purpose = Self-sustainable spiritual community/retreat....advice?
    Life purpose is to understand the only thing matters in life is "you" and "being yourself". This is the purpose of the term when they say "life purpose"

  2. shadow work
    Shadow work

  3. NN's journal
    NN's journal
    I am all-forgiving
    I am all-wise
    I am all-silent and calm
    I am all-loving and caring
    Words are spoken

  4. Greater the sense, harder to let go
    Why is there not nothing?
    Thank you.

  5. Gaining strength on memory while on spiritual path
    This will destroy your EGO, [2 min watch]
    There's a certain truth in that. I have noticed that too. But the transcending experience was for me, after a while having myself identified as "weaker mind, weaker memory" I gained a lot experience. People around me also noticed this too and I had very hard times going through this. I also intentionally were identifying myself as this role of "weak memory, more stupid person"... It was hard to go through this.
    My proposal to this experience is the theory of mine which is: "Ego creates/allocates space in memory via tension" It's hard to put it in few words for me. But that sentence is all the fact I've discovered. So as you dissolve your ego, the tricks of your ego what have made you think of memory in the past also gets dissolved. You feel comfortable when you're in flow with EGO, while ego is driving you. You feel safe with egoic patterns. It created all kinds of patterns in your mind to respond to people and situations quickly "yes I remember that, also I think bla bla bla"....It was on the drive for vehicle for a long time.
    Meanwhile as you progress in spiritual path, you were dissolving the false memory EGO has created for yourself too. Now while you're getting off of egoic patterns, you also still need to go on, on your life. But there's vast new space and no patterns are installed. So when you're in situations or with people and whenever you need to respond, you get blank because this is new to you and so this experience gets falsely and naturally identifies as "something wrong, memory weak, I cannot remember" etc etc.
    I have great news for everyone going through this from the future. As you can see, this is just yet another experience you have to go through. It is the mind who will attack you back with false identities and will try to make you feel bad about it. It is not an enemy. When used and understood wisely, it kind of helps you to notify the things and gain experience from those things. The twist is and THE MOST GRAND BENEFIT IS, now you can learn new things within the space you've freed via removing ego's space in your mind. Everyone has to go through this on it's own. You'll go mystic about it and do wonderful things with the new life that you're building from now on. You are now, can remember things very easily and effortlessly because It all happens without needing of "YOU" as a thinker. Yes, here, take this gem and move on. Remembering, memory and wisdom are effortless. Blessings.

  6. My model for reality
    Why is there not nothing?
    Did someone summon me
    Asking questions are granted.
    We humans believe questions are the truth.
    But they can only serve as gateway to the absolute truth.
    The absolute truth is greater than that. All-containing, and the superset of everything.
    My model for that as follows:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N O N D U A L I T Y _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ \\ \\ /---------\ \\ \\ \\ \\ ____ | NOTHING | // // // // | \---------/ // // | A (a.k.a: silence, void, noself, zero) | B T | S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A L L D U A L I S T I C N A T U R E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | O R | L \\ \\ | U U /-------\ /-------\ /--------\ /---------\ /---------\ \\ \\ \\ \\ ____| T | White +--+ Black +-- . . . --+ Colors +--+ Choices +--+ Duality +-- . . . // // // // | E T \-------/ \-------/ \--------/ \---------/ \---------/ // // | (a.k.a: something, answers, mind, questions, truth) | H | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O N E N E S S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | | \\ \\ | /------------\ \\ \\ \\ \\ ____| | EVERYTHING | // // // // \------------/ // // (a.k.a: god, whole, infinity) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  
    Top and bottom layer is transcended from middle layer. The important thing to note here is, the bottom layer is not DEFINED as "super-set of every possible dualistic nature (middle layer)"
    Also layers are not in some order. Top doesn't mean number one.
    Every layer has its own personal experience for one to recognize. When one understands this reality, he will transcend into "absolute truth, Self, higher-self, God-self" (on noted right-side on layers)

  7. Freedom vs Self-discipline
    Self-discipline vs Freedom
    Very  beautiful man. Very. I am so grateful for your time and help. Thanks.
    @tsukiA question: Did you mean "goal, ultimate goal" by the word Ultimate?

  8. Summary of life
    Expert Life Coaches of
    The answer is going to be the same even if you take out the part about this being a question specifically about life coaching. 
    Have you noticed that all the answers to all these questions are always the same?

  9. NN's Enlightenment
    NN's Enlightenment
    Let me tell you about enlightenment
    You wake up in the morning, you realize you were dreaming, that feeling is enlightenment. You look to the clock in the morning and see what time is, that's enlightenment. You get up, make your bed, prepare yourself for your day, that's enlightenment. You go job, do whatever you necessary need to do, that's enlightenment. You get a coffee, get some bagels, and eat them, that's enlightenment. You read news, infuse with the flow of life, check markets and trends, that's enlightenment. You plan your investments, your future, think about past, that's enlightenment.
      Explanations for mind/intellectuals
    Could I just leave this one by saying "YOU" You get the feeling of flow of time You see that is not to do any of "YOU", it's just happening // [same as above] You see there's nothing to curse for food and diets You get the feeling of flow outside of "YOU" You realize there's no one to be affected by  
    To be continued

  10. NN's journal
    NN's journal
    Money and governments
    You won't be getting any status if you don't be destructive.
    You wont' be getting any thus money if you don't be any serious about it
    Nobody will care your pitiful self and colorful world unless you abandon it
    World has become cruel, the only way for you to make a living is to BRING MORE FIRE TO IT, yes. Bring more fire to the fire that's already been going on.
    Don't listen to those who says you can't end this by bringing more fire, to the fire that's already been there. No in fact, the only thing that matters is to be more destructive. 
    If you become passive, then you deserve that, nobody will care about you. Government has already occupied the world from you. Now claims your life-time in order for an exchange of services. Will you?

    Or be destructive? Kill, rape and conquer. That's the essence of life itself. 

    By the way there's easy way. Be a slave. Sell your health/soul/mind and obey. The higher quote- people are already killing, raping and claiming whatever they want. They just do it in a LEGAL way. Legal under what? Your welcome.

  11. RPG character
    Had a faux-awakening, a hellish trip
    This thought, you should investigate further. Why do you believe this is a miracle? What specie? Why are you thinking that humans are granted?
    When these moments come and pass, I always think of myself as a RPG character that has gained experience. Hopefully just got stronger and one step closer to final level, freedom and joy of enjoying the game all together without less suffering/boring parts of game i.e leveling.
    Latter applies to rest of your post too...

  12. Going to contemplate
    I am NOT enlightened, sincere enlightened people ask me anything
    Cutting, suffering, sufferer, pain, blood, knife, headache, forum, accounts, experiences. These are all thoughts.
    I am this, I am that. Be as you are, without these thoughts ever arising, and you will see for yourself how cutting "me" is really cutting "yourself". 
    Really look into your direct experience of life and see if you can find the doer of actions.
    Go grab a glass of water and drink it, without there ever being the thought of the glass, the water, the drinking and the drinker. 
    It's all the Self. Undivided.
    The Self is like the cinema screen on which different scenes play out. The mind divides the images into parts and assigns names to them. One of these is the "I". 

  13. I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    There cannot be said to be a chooser. The Self is actually beyond the categories of chooser and non-chooser. From the mind's standpoint, how it all works is just never going to be understood... the mind can't grasp it.
    No, enlightenment does not make you more productive or efficient. Enlightenment is about understanding your spiritual nature.
    If you want to "conquer addictions" and so on, the best thing to do is stop thinking about it as conquest, and realize that you have to investigate your inner mind. And the best way to start doing that is psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy.
    You cannot know for sure if anyone other than you is enlightened. But if you are looking for a teacher, see if you feel a sense of peace in their presence and if their answers make sense. You'll have to follow your intuition.
    Yoga nidra is a blissful state of mind experienced with your eyes closed (yoga nidra = "yogic sleep"). If you experience a blissful state with your eyes open and doing stuff, that's totally fine.
    Yup, that's right the seeker can never get there.  And yeah, if you were in it while working out it certainly wasn't yoga nidra. As above, yoga nidra is a blissful, mindless state with your eyes closed.
    No, this is intellectualizing self-inquiry. That's not the right way to go about it. The point is not to think about who you are.
    The point is simple: right now, you know that you are. Right? You know "I am reading these words." You know that automatically, instantly, immediately, and it is beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    So the question is: how do you know that? Where is that absolutely certain feeling of knowledge that "I am" coming from? Where in your field of experience ? If someone lit a match under your hand and then asked you where the heat was coming from, you wouldn't have to intellectually think about it ("sometimes matches heat hands and sometimes feet... I wonder which one it is this time?") -- you would know, immediately, that it was coming from your hand.
    Similarly, it's not about thinking about theories of where it could be coming from, but literally trying to feel where that feeling of "I-ness" is coming from. Is it coming from your body? Is it coming from your mind somewhere? Hunt that feeling. And every time you think you've found it ("it's coming from my head") -- ask yourself who is aware of that ("who is aware of my head? I am") and then keep going ("but then where is that I coming from?").
    So in this way, go deeper and deeper and focus on that feeling. It may be frustrating at first; you may not easily find it. But hold on to that feeling.
    Stop only when you have a dramatic change of perspective about that "I" -- and enter a state of clear peace.... you'll know it when you have it. Then stay in that state. And if you fall out of it, repeat the self-inquiry.

  14. I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    No matter how hard I try, I cannot find true only one when I ask the question "Who am I"

    All I can find is, "I am none of A, B, C, D...." then I conclude to: I'm nothing
    When I go "Sometimes I am A, but other times B, but other times C... but not anytime I am both A and B. " then I conclude to: I can be everything but not at once
    When I intellectually acknowledge the illusion of time I finally conclude: I am everything at once
    Maybe that is all there is, me chasing after an experience is snake eating its own tail

  15. Art of life
    Can you show me "THE" Love that...
    It is because love is eternal, infinite, and unconditional, that it can appear as so many limited conditional things.  It is because love is all things, that we are left pandering,  claiming it, assigning it, baffled & mesmerized. Love will always rival the truth in the infinitude of self discovery, because fear is simply another thing love does so well. 

  16. Good quotes by NN
    porn addiction
    Good. You already have self-control skills which appears to be rare in 100 in 2 or 3 something. We have to redefine your definition of failure. I see it as opportunity to grow. This is the truth for me. NOW. The tricky part is that when people tell this (i.e the first place when I learned this), they fully neglect and project as if there's no suffering involved when you just somehow fluffy bird rainbow flip your definition of failure and bang it all suddenly your suffering is also gone. NO! Big no! That's the very essence of this! It comes with the suffering, this had to be paid in order to be studied and grown. THE OPPORTUNITY ITSELF IS THE SUFFERING you see? How would you know it when it comes if no suffering after failure! hAHA you see this? That actually is the sign itself that you're growing! Failure means that you're growing towards something better! That's why there's meditation as tool in our pocket. To watch and observe this ongoing process with steady clear mind. 
    Edit: Did I just accidentally give 1$m tip out of free or what? I'd print this out to my wall and read that everyday honestly just going to do this.