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  1. @Michael569 I agree. It's not something to completely ignore. I ended up getting the DefenderShield case for my phone which was 60% off on their website, my phone model was literally the only model that had that discount. $30 for something that costs $80 - the odds were in my favour I'm assuming it was a clearance sale, since companies usually discontinue making cases for older phones like mine. How do you know? While I don't know for sure. I wouldn't want to play Russian Roulette with my health. I don't think I'm anxious about this. It's more being cautious. As in fasting from food? I'm interested in learning more about this. Any resources?
  2. How much oregano oil and allicin did you take a day? Do you think it's sufficient for me to alternate between oregano oil (+ allicin) and neem (+ allicin) for antimicrobials?
  3. Thanks for your response @Austin Actualizing Where can I find them? Woah, I didn't even know they existed! I see. Is it sort of like the fast food industry? McDonald's basically feeding poison to people while still being in business? That must be why my naturopath gave me a PDF on reducing EMF exposure a few months back. I actually bought that book and read that article a few minutes after making this post. Scoured through the forum to see if anyone else talked about EMFs and came across @LfcCharlie4 posts, who also recommended this exact book and article haha. What a coincidence. Thank you! Watched his video on DefenderShield too.
  4. We are surrounded by technology, everywhere. A lot more than our ancestors. I think that if it did have harmful effects, it would make sense. Is it something to think about? What is the research on it? How can we reduce our exposure to EMFs? Also, what are your thoughts on accessories that reduce EMF exposure such as DefenderShield's products? SafeSleeveCases is another one.
  5. People misinterpret how he's saying what he's saying. People think it's Leo that's talking, but it's more clear to think that it's God talking through Leo (Leo as in, the finite ego). With the former, someone may interpret him as being narcissistic, since he says things like "Needing to stoop down to your (human) level", "That's why you can't do X, because you're finite", etc. If people thought of it as God speaking through the finite incarnation called Leo, I'd bet that there would be at least a little less drama - provided that they have some open-mindedness. A lot of it stems from people attaching what he's saying to "Leo", the ego.
  6. @Opo I also made my bone broth homemade. But I ended up not being able to tolerate it (histamine intolerance. So I’m going to make boneless meat broth. Not necessarily. Taking food in liquid form gives your gut a rest as it’s a lot easier to digest. But not just any food, people usually recommend bone broth fasting as it has many benefits that solid food can’t provide, even meat. Water fasting may be the better option for some while worse for others.
  7. I'm obviously making it homemade... I'm not putting any herbs or spices in it. It's really easy. How so? I'm experimenting with what works and what doesn't.
  8. @Leo Gura I am wanting a source of calories during my liquid fast. I'm probably going do a boneless meat broth fast instead.
  9. I know it’s not the same as a water fast. But it’s low FODMAP if it’s half a lemon.
  10. @Leo Gura I might give it a go for two days and see how I feel. The lemon water fast + Rifaximin + Allicin might catalyse the healing process. What are you currently trying to treat your SIBO?
  11. @Leo Gura Why? What are the drawbacks of taking supplements or antibiotics/antimicrobials during a fast?
  12. @Leo Gura How so? I did a bone broth fast for 4 days, realized I had histamine intolerance. I was still really bloated along with other symptoms like eczema and runny eyes/nose. I'm thinking about doing a lemon water fast now. But I'm not sure if I should take it with my antibiotics and antimicrobials or stop taking supplements while doing it. Did you take antimicrobials or antibiotics during your fasts to kill SIBO?
  13. I'm currently taking three 550mg tablets (1650mg) of Rifaximin a day. But I have a feeling it won't kill off my SIBO fully as I have combined hydrogen/methane SIBO, not just hydrogen. Should I take Allicin with my current course of Rifaximin since I also have high methane levels? Allicin would be convenient for me since I already have it. But if not Allicin, then what about using Metronizadole or Neomycin in tandem with Rifaximin?
  14. @Leo Gura[Loading...] That's the same with me. But I've only tried Mega Sporebiotic by microbiome labs. @Ora And you still healed your SIBO? What were your symptoms like?
  15. @Ora Thanks. What was your diet like when you were treating your SIBO?