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  1. @Average Investor So is the only point of the test to see whether the chelating is actually working? Why would you not recommend a provoked urine test altogether exactly? @Anirban657 What medication were you prescribed? How long did you have to take it for to get cured? It feels kind of surreal to see anecdotes like these. I’ve only had negative experiences with the medication they gave me. I think they are a hit or miss. A common cause of anhedonia from what I’ve seen on the subreddit is SSRIs.
  2. @Ulax Thanks. What is somatic experiencing? And did you work with an IFS Certified Therapist from the IFS Institute? Thank you! Did you work with an IFS Certified Therapist from the IFS institute Michael? @Ulax @Michael569 Do you guys think it’s plausible to think that one can have lots of trauma but not be aware of it?
  3. @flowboy I don’t see myself ignoring any answers, I’m asking questions. But I’m open to feedback. Unlike something like a carnivore diet, a heavy metal detox isn’t something I can just jump into. If I mess it up, I can be even worse than before. Through research and some videos I’ve seen that some people advise against doing a heavy metal detox until your gut health is fully resolved. Since I still have issues with my gut, I need to be strategic about how I go about this. So I’m asking if it’s worth doing a heavy metal toxicity test even if I am not going to be doing one soon. Just to know whether it’s something I have. The risk comes with the second heavy metal toxicity test where I need to take a chelating agent to provoke the heavy metals. I don’t know how well my body will tolerate that.
  4. @Michael569 Do you think it’s worth doing two Heavy Metal Toxicity tests right now even if I am not certain I will start a detox soon? At least I would know whether I have Heavy Metal Toxicity.
  5. @Olly Is MegaSporeBiotic good? I currently have that, but when I first took it, it made me feel worse. But I took it a year ago, when I had SIBO.
  6. Thanks. How long did it take for you to see results?
  7. What is the difference between anxiety and caution? Here’s what I think: Anxiety is an emotion and a feeling. It is a feeling that doesn’t feel good and causes suffering. It is fixated on things that disastrous things that can happen, but probably won’t. Despite the unlikelihood, anxiety fixated on possibilities. Caution is a neutral process. It does not give any negative feelings that cause suffering. How does one stop being anxious and move to healthy caution?
  8. Has anyone tried using Inositol for OCD, anxiety, or depression? If so, what is the best Inositol supplement for these purposes?
  9. @integral What is the probiotic supplement you took? I have been taking the BePure Two probiotic for the past month with no results. I was so confident it would at least do something as I had done a Comprehensive Stool Test which showed that I was lacking a lot of healthy gut flora, I was like "This is it! This has to be it!". But unfortunately I didn't get any results from it.
  10. Doctors are easy to find. Good doctors? Not so easy to find. How does finding a good doctor actually work in practice? Is it just a trial and error process of spending a bunch of money on consultations with a bunch of doctors?
  11. Reviving this thread — Let's see some more Vision Boards!
  12. @OeaohooWhat does analysis paralysis mean to you?
  13. How do you know it was OCD that caused those? What if it’s those things that caused your OCD? It’s a chicken or the egg question. I think my OCD came from depression. The mind still needs something to do. It still needs to think about something. When it doesn’t have anything positive to think about due to depression removing the positive feelings out of your spectrum of emotions, it will think only neutral thoughts or negative thoughts.