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  1. That’s unfortunate. What were you studying in college? And what are you currently doing? Nope. Just some basic economics and accounting knowledge that aren’t really practical unless you want to be an economist or an accountant. Doesn’t help with running a business or managing money, at all really. Do any schools even teach such things? As far as I know, most schools are indoctrination camps. Everything I’ve learned that I’d consider true learning came from being autodidactic, not from traditional school.
  2. @thepixelmonk How many hours do you work? Is IT the only industry where you can have this much flexibility?
  3. (Optional) Reply with why you are or are not happy
  4. @Yarco Thanks for your detailed reply. Could that contribute to why I have so many health problems? Since the age of 15 I’ve felt like I’m 95. I’ve also questioned whether I have autism for the past couple of years since being more aware of its subtleties. I used to think that you could only be autistic if you couldn’t communicate normally. Not trying to self-diagnose here though. Apparently it’s more likely if you were born via C-section and weren’t breastfed like I was. How does one get tested for autism anyway?
  5. Why might they miss their chance entirely? My parents had me when they were 40+.
  6. Leo, what is up with you always using analogies that involve dicks ? First it was “You might get your dick bitten off” in response to someone else and now “You might get your balls chopped off” What’s the next one going to be? The next girl that sucks my dick might actually turn out to be a guy? Anyway. It’s about probabilities. But I still get extremely anxious about things that have a low chance of happening. The level of anxiety I feel is disproportionate to the actual chance of the event I fear happening. How do I “not resist” fear? Let’s say fear comes up, what do I do? How do I stop reacting to fear?
  7. @Leo Gura How do you face fears that aren’t real? (I use the word “real” in a relative sense. I know that all fear is imaginary) For example, this advice would make sense if you have a fear of public speaking. All you do is expose yourself to the public speaking and just do it anyway. But what about fears that you can't really expose yourself to? The fears of things that might happen.
  8. Let’s say... Good Life = 40 years Decent Life = 80 years
  9. What’s better? Living the best life possible, but having a shorter life? Or Living a decent life, but a longer life?
  10. What are the best practices to get to the point where you don’t fear anything? Or at least reduce your fear? I have a lot of anxiety which causes lots of suffering. Anxiety stems from fear.
  11. As someone who has always viewed girlfriends and relationships as major time-suckers/distractions — especially while having one — this was interesting to read. Maybe the first SSRI I was put on when I was 13 permanently killed my libido ??
  12. What are examples of such life purposes?
  13. Why not use a different podcast app?