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  1. Can anyone point me out some actual scientific research for chackras? Im trying to understand them but the things i find online aint very clear and i kinda doubt them a lot.
  2. I dont think so. I remember a thread in this forum where some videos got linked from people who did the research and discovered she is a fraud and possibly planning to open a cult.
  3. Hello everyone, Im doing my first year in a university in a foreign country. Everything is new for me and in my first weeks i met a girl that now i spend a lot of time with. We see each other almost everyday in university even though we have very few common classes. We went out twice not as a date but as chilling and having some drinks. I always enjoy the time with her and she often texts me first to meet up or says "see you tomorrow". My problem is that Im now starting to create feelings and if something happens (it happend that we made a plan for the weekend and she then said I cant come coz shes doing smth with her best friend) between us i get emotionally fucked up and it interrupts me from studying or seeing the big vision. I try and turn inwards and experience my emotions and try and let go of them but they are oftentimes very strong and its happening often. Yes I like her and would like to be with her but I dont want my focus to be on her but my path in life and my development. At the moment this situation is sucking a lot of energy out of me. Any advice for my situation would be appreciated.
  4. The problem is that u might adapt some of their negative aspects since we constantly learn and take from others. If they are hard workers, trigger pullers, action takers but they lack that self confidence or ain't that sociable party person, you might wanna hang out with em. In my opinion you should chose wisely and think and strategies with whom u spend time with. Chose you friends and enemies wisely and have an eye on your own development.
  5. I keep asking this question to myself and I cant get an answer. What is worth, especially worth in people? Can u give and take worth? How can u see the worth in someone? Is worth relative? Does it even exist? When people say: know your worth. How should i understand that if i don't even know what worth is. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  6. Hello i dont wanna try and discourage you. Im only sharing my experience. Everytime i tried smth with a girl from my class (where i was clearly feeling a good vibe), it always goes wrong and it gets extreamly akward since u see that person everyday. I would generally not advise u to start smth with girls from your class. I had with story with a girl where sometimes it gets hot and sometimes cold and its extreamly uncomfortable having her in my class even though i try and be chill. But u need to consider that every girl is different and your case might be different from mine. About that "what yo say " part. Just say whatever u want. It doesnt matter what u say as long as u say it playfully and with confidense. If she likes u she will react good to it. Just empty your head and let your thoughts flow, if you overthink then u will get blocked and ur mind wont come up with anything. I wish u all he luck in the world.
  7. Hello and thanks for taking your time to read this. I am 19 years old and an IT student. I'm quite inexperienced in leadership and projects. My only experience was a one month internship in a international company as a programmer where i could see how people handle problems there. I am the project leader for my diploma group. We are a group of 3 people. One of those is a close friend. In the beginning i told everyone what they had to do in the project. But part of their work is the individual documentation which is very clearly explained in a file uploaded from our school. In that file there are clear and exact orders how to do the documentation. One of our team members is really behind with his documentation (which takes really long beacuse its scientific work) and now that we are near a deadline he started getting all stressed and blaming the team leader (me) for not telling him exactly how to do his documentation. Its true that i didn't talk a lot about documentation because teachers talked a lot about it and everything was explained in that file available to everyone. He didn't say it directly to me but told the other team member (my close friend) via text that its my bad. We get individual grades and me and my close friend are doing pretty well, hes the only struggling to catch up. He even skipped the meeting we had 2 day saying he was sick witch i highly doubt. I'm asking you guys for advice because I'm not sure: 1) If its really my bad. 2) Should i take responsibility and if yes for what 3) Should i confront him 4) How should i communicate or what can i do so this doesn't happen again. THANKS A LOT IF U HAVE TOOK UR TIME TO READ THIS I REALLY APPRECIATE U!!
  8. @i am I AM Thanks a lot for your time and advice. Ill will establish a habit on that. Really lifts me up seeing support from people like you.
  9. @i am I AM For how long should i do these techniques and would these negative experiences cause harm ? Since visualization is meant to form my subconscious.
  10. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND ENERGY!! I am 19 years old and in 5th year of a professional IT school. I always used to be a top student and getting high results. But this year its really hard to keep up with amount studying that needs to be done. Plus the psychological pressure that i make to myself to get high grades is really destroying me from the inside. I stay in school from 7:45 to 4:10 and I give my maximum there, but as soon as I get home, I just cant bring myself to study since I feel its really overwhelming (or i just feel 2 tired and cant focus) and enter a phase of procrastination and feeling sick because of the stress. I never had such experiences with school before and I am really frustrated, and doubting my values and worth as a human because of this. Any advice to stop this cycle would be appreciated. Thanks a lot for reading.
  11. @Etherial Cat thank you for your helpful reply. That sentence hit me really hard because it is very true but i wasn't aware of it. I will dig deeper into this in my meditation session and try to find out why i react so heavily when someone steps on my boundaries. And also try and forgive myself. Thanks a lot to you and everybody else for the advice i really appreciate the help and your time.
  12. THANKS A LOT FOR TAKING YOUR TIME AND READING THIS! A guy from my class made a bad joke about me. It was a minor thing but for some reason i went berzerk and wanted to hit him (2 guys held me back so nothing happened expect me heavily swearing on him). Now i feel bad for my uncontrolled behavior and that i made him feel scared. I still don't understand how a small joke could trigger me so much. Any advice on handling my guilt would be appreciated.
  13. First of all thanks for reading this that means much to me. I've had a fight with a classmate i used to know since 4 years now. We didn't talk for a long time and it kinda made me realize that i will be never the same as it was once. I don't have many friends (since i focus on school and self-help) and that loss made me feel very bad and I'm kinda getting the feeling that I am all alone (I know logically that that is not true since i still have a few friends but that's just the way i feel). I tend to be an emotionally person and i keep feeling this vacuum-like feeling in my chest for some days now. My question is how do you deal with such a situation? How do you heal such emotions? How can I come along with the fact that we are alone? What steps could i take for my future so in the long run i can be independent ? Any advice would be appreciated and thanks again for reading.
  14. @Jacobsen Thanks very much for ur tips. I wanted to let u know that I've been meditating since 2 years now constantly and I know how important meditation is for raising my awareness and seeing things outside the perspective of my ego (like everything is happening TO ME). I started to do some "self-love" meditation where i started to love and accept the fact that I'm a bit more fat that i used to be this really started to help me. And today i had for the first time this week an breakfast without getting the feeling to puke . It finally feels like I'm on the way to recovery. I'm also learning about nutrition and now eating only healthy. Overall I'm thankful for this experience coz i feel much stronger and it lead me the way to a more healthy live and finally taking care of my health i always used the excuse that I do sport to justify the fact that I ate a lot of unhealthy stuff. I think u have to be down to get the motivation to move all the way up .@Michael569 @Charl @Jacobsen thanks for ur support on this guys much love <3
  15. @Jacobsen i drink much and eat yogurt or fruits (a yogurt in the afternoon and maybe an banana but i don't eat anything in the morning or evening). I feel full all day sometimes i wanna puke but i know i wont so i get the desire to put my fingers on my throat. I live in Albania and its getting very hot this summer maybe it has something to do with that.