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  1. Build foundations before jumping into spirituality
    Ultimate guide to burning through Karma and working through trauma
    This post if for people who go deep into the woo-woo aspects spirituality too early without having a proper foundation in the first place. 
    The photo linked below is a map that precisely traces the path of many people in spiritual communities. Below is my brief breakdown of the map.
    The foundation of our whole lives is built in the first 10 years of your lives. What you project on your parent figures and how they modeled survival to you is going the determine in profound ways how you are going to adapt and relate(survive) to the world later on. If your parents were pathological your degree of pathology will likely be similar to theirs and you will have to work through the karma they passed unto you before you can even hope to reach higher paradigms of development. Many suffering people have early awakenings but then try to bypass the lower levels of development(social skills, money, social status, dating etc) on their path which is a terrible mistake. 
    The map linked above is the archetypal depiction of the journey of most of these poor souls.
    First you have the childhood stage of development where you project yourself unto your parents and through your relat-ionship(relating!) with them you learn how to relate to yourself and to the world and thus the ways in which you are going to preserve your individuality which is the primary mission of the body-mind complex(survival). There’s a continuum of attachment; on one side you have totally insecure attachment and on the other side you have perfectly secure attachment. Insecure attachment could also be called maladaptive relating aka relating to the world in a way that is not conducive to the highest expression of your being. The energy(libido, in jungian terms) that wouldve been supposed to go into authentic self expression, with the insecurely attached individual, is being mobilized(contracted in various patterns of frequencies that create different but archetypal pathologies in different individuals like “nice guy syndrome”, narcissism, anxiety disorders, depression, social anxiety etc) to protect yourself from expected threats in your environment; and the expected threats are always projected(through the anima or relating function that your parents shaped through projection and reflection) based upon the abuse(physical, psychological etc) that you suffered in your environment growing up.
    So the mind body-complex, living in the past, projects the anticipation of a potential threat in the environment because of learned survival patterns of behavior. And because “as within so without” the projection creates a self fulfilling prophecy in the form of a traumatizing and negative outcome and that’s how you loop on trauma and karma. Think of your environment as the mold and yourself as the cake. Whatever shape the mold was, is the way you become. Because, before becoming an actual cake(individual) you are an abstract set of potential outcomes that is unactualized, and the way into which you shape yourself is dependent upon the energetic dynamics that you swim into in early phases of development. You only manifest from potential into actuality through your early environment. That’s  how you create your reality. The more pathological and low consciousness your parents psyches were the more you are going to be pathological yourself. And there are archetypal patterns playing out that will create different outcomes. Certain patterns of behaviors(archetypes) exhibited by parents repeatedly and predictively create the same patterns and personalities in different individuals because the material world is finite so there is a finite number of possibilities of surviving which means that there is recognizable patterns that are born through different types of parent-child relationships. Here’s a few parent child pathological dynamics that we can see recurring through time: Over-protective(dark) mother, Absent(cold) mother, manipulative/shaming mother(often overprotective and shaming goes hand in hand shaming used as coercive tool to control). 
    Insecure/weak/passive Father, absent father/ abusive father.
    This first stage of development in this model, is called, the Freudian stage because it deals with early adaptation and the way in which you learn to relate to the world. How you relate corresponds in part to how you express your instincts. Remember, as within so without, whatever relationship you have with yourself internally will be mirrored externally through behavior. And what are the primary influences through which you learn to develop a relationship(relate) with yourself? Your parents. As much as, As within so Without, we could say that, “as your parents so the world”.
    Pathological relationship to father(archetypal masculine) figure could mean, maladaptive relationship to authority, fear of confrontation, inability to set boundaries, insecurity, hatred problems, feeling weak, dark intimidating world(world is dangerous)  etc.
    Pathological relationship to mother could mean self-hate, Shame, despair, chronic melancholia(anima moods in jungian terms), addiction(protector part trying to soothe despair in IFS terms), maladaptive relating to woman etc.(if you are a woman slightly different but in the end similar patterns it’s just that it’s the animus not anima).
    So again this is extremely broad because that’s a general assessment and not a targeted analysis of a specific individual and there’s sooo many mixes of patterns possible that they can’t all be listed here. But in synthesis the first stage of development namely the Freudian stage dictates the way in which you learn to relate to life inside and outside and depending on your parents shadows, complexes and traumas you will be shaped accordingly to these patterns. If you developed secure attachment much work won’t need to be done but for the smaller percentage of sick and suffering people work will need to be done and the amount of work necessary will be directly in correlation to the amount of trauma and in the end all that trauma is, is fragmentation or, the degree to which you’ve been misdirected(sin, miss the mark, devil etc) from your authentic self expression. 

    The second stage is the Adlerian stage of development. Freud was more interested in primal instinctive drives but Adler was more focused on social relating and how to find meaning purpose and all that self development stuff. Accordingly the next stage is called the Jungian because of his inclination towards the shmystical airy fairy woowoo etc. So the map goes like this; first Freud which I outlined briefly but deeply, then Adler aka first theres the initial environment of the family and after that there’s the broader world that opens itself up to the grown up kid(teenager). So because of the earlier childhood pathologies and inferiority or superiority complex will have been developed in the individual and with it, a maladaptation to instincts and thus a maladaptive relationship to the outside world and thus a wound to the fundamental desire to experience life fully and express yourself as yourself in the world. A wound to social adaptation because of the underlying instinctive frustration coming from a misalignment with the true self, misalignment which is kept alive by parental complexes.
    ➡️Following this relative or total failure to adapt socially there’s a following depression and loss of meaning that can either be fairly bearable or a complete mental breakdown
    ➡️Following this there’s an intuitively driven need to compensate for this lack of meaning. The root cause(namely, disconnection from self) not yet being understood, a number of compensatory behaviors and interests will arise in consciousness in the forms of addiction, identity politics, internet gurus, pop psychology, Nietzsche, armchair neurotic pseudo-philosophy, psychedelics, no-fap, fear of the collective shadow(because of projection of inner darkness into the mysterious collective; often this takes the form of conspiracy theories), delusion, using ideas to inflate ego to compensate for feeling inadequate, schizoid traits etc.
    ➡️ After this follows a personal crisis sometimes caused by the use of psychedelics and sometimes, signs of mental illness as a sign from the unconscious that enough is enough and that it is time for true healing and self expression…

    Then naturally follows the 3rd stage, namely the Jungian stage. Following the personal crisis generally comes a katabasis(descent into hell/Hades aka the unconscious). Throught this descent in the unconscious, the traveler discovers the existence of what was previously hidden from him; monsters, shadows, demons, complexes, traumas, painful truths etc. Overall it is a life changing experience that forces one to realign to the new context provided by his new discoveries.
    This accute awareness of all his inadequacies forces him to make a radical change, namely to dissolve the rotted foundations of his traumatized psyche through the power of redemptive love and coagulate(solve y coagula:)) the pure elements left after the dissolution into a new, refined form. But to do this he must spend some time traveling into the depths of Hades, exploring the underworld(the lower part of his psyche in Psychosynthesis) in order to develop a thorough understanding of who he is, why he became who he is, the patterns of energy and influences that molded him etc. After having developed a total understanding of his personal self there gradually develops an awareness(through visions, dreams, intuitions) of his true self outside the ripple of trauma patterns that shaped his old self. In this process, because of an understanding of the Freudian and Adlerian pathologies at work in his psyche, he discovers Freud and Adler to be presursors to Jung. He also realizes that no amount of meditation, philosophy or psychedelics will do anything about this situation and it is only in the real world that he’s gonna be able to truly self actualize into the authentic radiant being that he is at the core of his being.
    The next step of his journey after having been throught this dark night of the soul into hades is to consciously connect with the Anabasis(ascent) process. He can only ascend after having developed a perfect understanding of himself thorough and thorough and an awareness of his true self. Having done that the ascent will consist in dissolving(through awareness/love) the inauthentic parts of himself and coagulating into a coherent harmonious whole the authentic parts of himself. This is the process of self actualization and individuation. This is TRUE self help, not nofap cold showers gym bullshit
    ➡️Through anabasis comes the uncovering of the authentic personal myth with full engagement. The process of attaining authentic self expression, which the psyche yearns for naturally, is sped up through conscious participation into the whole process until individuation is attained. Alongside this process, many people will want to have a lot of sex, make a bunch of money, build a network, travel the world etc in order to burn through karma and fulfill desires they didn’t have the chance to fulfill while lost in an unconscious existence possessed by their parental and cultural influences. And this, my friends, is truly burning thought karma in the most fundamental sense. The exhaustion of the individual ego through complete maturation of it. And through the process, sucking the world dry before transcending it. 

  2. some MFR
    Your biggest health issues???
    @EugeneTheSage thanks for sharing man.
    I can’t comment on the competency of that guy as I don’t understand Russian. However I have built a career around this stuff and two of my biggest mentors are Paul Chek & Naudi Aguilar.
    They’re definitely both worth checking out. Paul is extremely holistic and Naudi’s (of functional patterns) is one of the greatest movers on earth.
    With the gut stuff that’s super common & something I’m still dealing with too. I do know on carnivore all my issue go away but it’s quite hard to sustain.
    I’m not a fan of juice fasting. Doing a complete water fast is more beneficial in my experience but listen to your body & what it tells you.
    It sounds like you’re off to a great start, especially for a 20 year old. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re ever seeking advice about your health/fitness. 

  3. Gua sha
    Myfascial Release/ Gua Sha (Also, skin care?)
    So I originally posted this on one of my journals in that section of the forums (Confessionals, not sure why there, but I wasn't sure where else to put it), but thought that someone might find it interesting, insightful, or useful here. Not some kind of professional expert, just chronically experimental and observing when it comes to this kind of stuff and just in general too. It's kind of all over the place.