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  1. Hello. I want to try to listen to "Brahmananda Swarupa" mantra, or "Shambho" mantra for the whole duration of the LSD trip. Or maybe reciting it. These mantras very profoundly influence me. I wonder if it ok to utter them on psychedelics. Sadhguru and his volunteers say that you should practice Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya only 8hrs after alcohol consumption, and if and only when any intoxicating substance left your body. I wonder what about other practices? Is there some danger?
  2. I also have this issue. I often have strong inspiration and rewatch the idea in my head again and again which hinders me to sleep. I also have tinnitus and head pressure which I discovered is caused by trigger points in neck muscles and chew muscles. Also I have sedentary lifestyle. What helps me is an enough amount of exercise and if I know I won't be able to fall asleep this night I don't try to and listen to IAwake binaural beats: Audio Serenity, Strong Medicine, Heartwave meditation, Profound meditation. After an hour I usually fall asleep without a problem. Also a simple thing such as not using your phone 3hrs before bedtime.
  3. @The Caretaker My piss is also highly yellow-green. But when I checked the forms of the b vitamins in my B-complex supplement I figured out that I've had not the best forms, so they aren't absorbing well. Besides vitamins B aren't fat soluble, they are water soluble - that means your body can't accumulate much of them, and the excess excretes with the urine. For omega 3s you can take algae oil which contains both DHA and EPA. Nuts and seeds contain only ALA which can convert into DHA and EPA but the rate of conversion depends on your genes. There is a FADS1 genetic test that evaluates the rates of conversion.
  4. Nature doesn't tolerate vacuum
  5. You can donate money for Ukrainian army here: But when you'll become rich the war would be likely over. So there is some organization which collects money for 15$ 👁️ operations for blind people in 3rd world countries who are unable to afford it.
  6. after taking triphala for few months I've entirely stopped consuming sugar from day 1, without any cravings. I've started from 1/4 of the teaspoon with 200ml of water and slowly progressed towards the full teaspoon
  7. After several LSD trips I've started to see the world differently and developed so-called "visual logic", started to see math in everything, receiving the insights about ordinary things and I love this so much. The insights are usually interdisciplinary. My instruction on how to achieve this: on your LSD trips watch videos like this:
  8. For a long time, I was making notes in google docs and it hit its limit. Besides the structure is totally wrong for note-taking. I've tried the notion, it feels very good. The main advantage is that it has a lot of types of blocks. I've also tried Trello, but it is definitely not good for note-taking. I've tried ClickUp recently, but it really too complicated and there are some annoying bugs. It doesn't support offline access. On mobile it is sloppy. Advantages of Notion from my PoV: synced blocks good webpages previews free has a lot of plugins sync accessible offline accessible on mobile databases are very cool tags I'm able to paste images Right now my commonPlace book is dispersed throughout google docs, Trello, notion, and miro. In the next week, I'll move everything to notion, and some visual stuff I'll be making in miro. It blocks me unfortunately because it thinks I'm from occupied regions of Ukraine. What do you guys think about Notion? Maybe you'd recommend some other software?
  9. Damn, I like this August Bradley "Pillars Pipelines Vaults" (PPV) system. It is quite robust and he talks about systems thinking a lot. For me this system suites pretty well
  10. Before, I was a fan of minimalism reading books from the phone. "I can have all the books I need in my pocket, without a need to move them as I switch places" - I was proudly saying. But then I noticed that I need to put the mental effort in order to open the electronic book, even if it is only a few clicks to start reading - because the path how to get through the interface to the book is stored inside your mind and you need to retrieve it, whereas the physical book by its physicality "invites" you to grab it so the process of starting reading is more effortless. Besides reading a book through a narrow medium such as a phone screen is limiting the experience you are getting - that's how I feel. Also, an analog clock gives a more direct sense of how much time is remained to the event. I also noticed that I was often late because there was no clock nearby to peek at the time - that's related to again breaking my limiting minimalist paradigm and buying an analog wristwatch. Why not use a phone for this purpose? Because you need to take it out of your pocket and thus it's harder to track time. Also, the less I touch my cell phone, the less I am distracted by social media. I also plan to buy a timer/stopper device for exercising, a physical Pomodoro timer device for work, and a tabletop analog watch which I assume will help me track time more easily and don't get lost in not-so-useful tasks. What other devices do you think are better being physical/analog other than digital?
  11. I think you should focus on increasing the level of mastery, and then you'll be able to choose the better organization. Don't expect perfect job from a junior position. If you plan making business in software field you need a strong expertise as a basement for it to succeed.
  12. This topic is controversial, there is no studies about 🦶 patches, so I'm looking for anecdotal reports. Is there anyone who used them and felt improvement in health? For those who don't know these are the patches thet you stick to your feet and they supposedly soak toxins from your body.
  13. Damn, this notion PPV (Pillar, Pipelines, Vaults) system looks great. August Bradley looks like stage Yellow person, he talks a lot about systems thinking.
  14. @Schizophonia If you soak nuts, beans for 12 hrs in 1:4 water ratio they are digesting perfectly. For nuts is better to dry them before consumption - it's not very cool to eat them while they are wet
  15. @PurpleTree Anthony Williams from medical medium also claims that. I didn't have a chance to confirm/disprove his claim. I notice that after eating eggs I have inflammation in my muscles.
  16. Bwy, guys, what do you think of using emojis instead of some words in your notes? I think it will allow to easier dive into the long paragraph. I wonder if I would be able to export the emojis in case I would migrate to some other note-taking software.
  17. Yeah, I watched your video on commonplace book, Leo. One note is not bad. But in notion you can assign cool icons to your notes😍 Well, I can access my notes without internet connection. Isn't it the same as locally stored? I don't care about them having my data. I disagree about structure. If you want to create something complex you need to organize it well, otherwise it won't scale up. The fact that obsidian allows assign things to a few categories simultaneously is great, I'd dive deeper into it. I hope it has the ability to seamlessly sync between mobile and PC - that's very important for me. Now my notes would be dispersed in one more app😅
  18. @supremeyingyang @supremeyingyang [can't delete tags] Healthwise yes, much better. Stopping eating sugar by itself improved my feeling. Except ear ring and inflammation in my head cavities. To start dealing with that problem I'd need to gather some money. Besides health problems there is social media and PMO addiction that puts cap on me. I wish there would be some triphala for these issues
  19. I've had depression over the last 3 years, really weak willpower, unable to sleep, compulsive fast-food eating, masturbating, playing computer games, whereas before I was very disciplined, hard-working, and eating healthy. I've been on a session with psychologist and she said to do a vitamin D test. I've done it today and the results are 8ng/ml. (<10 is deficiency, 10-30 insufficient, 30-100 sufficient, >100 toxicity). Holy fuck! From what I've heard from her if you have <20 it is bad, and I'm half of that. I'd go to my doctor, and ask which daily dosage he suggests. I hope after I will raise my vitamin D levels my depression will alleviate to some extent.
  20. I used to eat a plate of chocolate every day, but it is 2 weeks since I stopped. I don't want anymore. I think triphala water contributed to this. Hard to tell 100% because I take a lot of things I've started with 1/4 of teaspoon of triphala in 200ml of tepid water and slowly increased to the 1 teaspoon per 200ml of water over the course of 2 weeks. I drink it 40mins before bedtime. I've tried this one: Yeah, India is rich in heavy metals, I know. Try yourself guys and tell what are your results
  21. @supremeyingyang[couldn't delete the tag] How do I feel now: Much more focused, have much better memory. I meditate much deeper, I am much more centered in the present moment. I think vitamin D3, magnesium, iron, vit B-complex contributed to these results I still fill pressure in my temples and sinuses though. I also don't want sugary food anymore! That's huge. No craving at all! I think triphala water contributed to it. I've started with 1/4 of teaspoon of triphala in 200ml of tepid water and slowly increased to the 1teaspoon per 200ml of water over the course of 2 weeks. I drink it 40mins before bedtime. Maybe it was something different, I take a lot of things, but I don't see what other thing could possibly helped this. Triphala cleanses your intestine tract. I also take 600mg N-AcetylCysteine (NAC) twice per day. It is a powerful hepatoprotector which restores liver deposits od Glutatione - powerful antioxidant. I'l see how it affects me. I think the abovementioned results are partially caused by it.
  22. This was also a dilemma for me. I try to lie as little as possible, but I would lie in these cases. I couldn't tell my grandma that I used psychedelics, it would be impossible to convince her that these substances are good. Sometimes she inadequately reacts to ordinary things like taking supplements. The most important thing is to not lie to yourself and have a clear perception of reality, without any distortions, or biases. For example, in my case, I was excusing myself about irresponsible usage of psychedelics - admitting yourself that would be much better than admitting to parents that you use psychedelics. I think this is actually lying to yourself. In my opinion, you are better off straightforward lying to parents than doing that kind of mental gymnastics
  23. Sounds impressive. When I read your post, I remembered the feeling of the real me (not in spiritual sense)
  24. Cool feature. Unfortunately, I no more do notes in google docs - I found Notion more comfortable. I wonder if there is some tool which is outside of google docs or Notion that will allow you to dictate in any software. Sometimes I read a book and I need to quickly translate some word without putting the book aside. Google assistant on my phone is terrible