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  1. @integration journey I've already experienced synchronicities here - I've found a guy from my town on this forum.
  2. Hello, I'm opening a spiritual center in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. See it on Google Maps Our Instagram Facebook Telegram channel with events announcements I've also created a Google calendar schedule which you can add to your Google calendar Prologue It all started 5 years ago when some small group of people in Zhytomyr began meeting together for music improvisation. Last year these people rented a hall to gather in it on Sundays during winter - it should have grown to a full-fledged center but it failed. The second attempt began in the middle of this summer (2023), but I first got to know this center in September. I've started visiting these jam sessions this summer - they were organized in forest until it was too cold. I was visiting them almost every week. I joined the team which developed this center 3 months ago when was almost empty. In the first 3 hrs of my work, I've added it to Google Maps. In the first week, I created social media and started announcing new practices. Then I brought my own juicer and started making juices, and smoothies on weekly sessions. Right now, when the owners of the building saw the progress they've also started to engage - they made a bar and wardrobe. Practices that take place in our center: Systemic constellations - a very powerful group practice by the Sergiy Fedorenko. He is a hypno, and regression therapist (can dip you into previous lives, or can see events from your previous lives himself). Video of the process. How they work: Someone has a problem or requests for a change, enter a new level. Few other people are set in roles for key figures that are involved in the problem/trauma or they can represent a problem. The figures can be from these lives or previous lives. During practice, people often start to cry, shake, and laugh spontaneously after repeating the words that the master telling us to repeat. I've experienced them personally. Hatha-Yoga Hang (musical instrument) playing school Leela Osho meditations Tarot lessons Qigong Tea ceremony school from very powerful teacher Alice Vroda What I want it to be I want this center to focus on deep spirituality. I want to invite Isha Hatha Yoga teacher to visit our center next summer and teach Bhutta Shuddhi, Surya Kriya, and Angamardana practices. I also want to bring yantras (sacred diagrams that create a conducive atmosphere for spiritual growth) to the center. I want to help Ukrainian veterans heal their PTSD through Trauma Release Exercises and other methods. Kitchen, merchandise I want to start making helva from soaked nuts and seeds, and wheatgrass juices. Because fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria) is legal in Ukraine, we think selling it in our center. Selling locally crafted musical instruments on online marketplace I also want to create a SD stage green marketing agency that markets the spiritual masters - we have some deep masters here, but they are very bad at social media and marketing. What are your suggestions regarding: Increasing traffic, marketing advices What can we sell here What practices can we teach here
  3. @integration journey I've already experienced synchronicities here - I've found a guy from my town on this forum.
  4. Because I live in house with my grandma and she does delicious goat cheese. Sometimes, when I'm out of healthy option I eat it. Reply to the quote below: Man, the correlation is unquestionable. I felt the negative effects of diary within a few hours. Now that I purified my body a bit by fasts I feel less effects after eating diary, so I need to eat more of it to feel the same adverse effects.
  5. there was a period when I ate a lot of fast food, played a lot of video games, and wasn't exercising enough. I've ruined my health and now I'm very fragile. When I eat a bit of dairy (it could be one camembert cheese) within 5 hours I have inflammation in my muscles: they become stiff, they itch from within, and they become hard. This is true for the following muscles: calves, right thigh, right hamstring, right forearm (all of them), neck muscles, and scalenous muscles. If feels unpleasant to stretch them. Because the neck and masseters (chewing muscles) are affected they cause the headache and prevent me from falling asleep. When I work a lot on the computer I feel pain in my fingers - It disrupts my work a lot. I've tried to massage them, and it helps, but then I eat some more dairy and it returns and I'm tired of massaging it because I need to massage and stretch them all: calves, thighs, hamstrings, neck muscles, hands. My theory is that when I eat healthy I still have a lot of toxins in my body because I don't move a lot - my barrel of toxins is almost full, and when I eat dairy it overflows and the inflammation happens. I think that I need a prolonged period of intense physical activity (full day) to work it out (because I'm a computer worker). Also, I exercise and it makes my forearm biceps and pectoral muscles stiff - it makes it very hard to do Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. That's a big loss because Shambhvi is a very powerful energy practice. No matter how strong I massage the pecs and biceps they remain stiff. While I was writing this the conclusion came to my mind: the muscles that are affected are mostly those that I use the most: my arm for the mouse, neck muscles get tense when I work on PC. What I think could help me: work less on PC (but unfortunately it means that I should drop my passion - 3D modeling) more physical activity in general - it helps activate the lymphatic system and purify my body from salt deposits buy infrastructure for that: a bike, a tent, a hiking backpack, learn angamardana - a yogic physical practice that gives the body the movement it needs but doesn't create stiffness in the muscles What are your suggestions guys?
  6. Update My condition really improved after few 36hour fasts done each saturday. My muscles became very soft.
  7. I usually rely on feeling, not on logic, when making important life choices such as choosing a job offer. It works very nice
  8. I think to live in a van is a bad idea. I've had a hippie friend of mine who also had this idea and also had a ressistance - probably because the purchasing of a van is a shallow idea.
  9. I didn't believe in IQ before, but after I watched veritasium video about it, I became convinced that it has huge impact on your success in life. People with low IQ aren't allowed to US army because they have larger chance to die during combat actions.
  10. @BlessedLion Geniuses are actually more full of life than the rest of the people. I personally find myself exhausted after the several hours of listening to music
  11. I've tried that. In my experience it was a compulsive singing - I was singing Us national anthem, third french empire anthem - it generated a lot of dopamine spikes. After some time I've started to murmuring parts of these songs. After the whole day of this compulsive activity I feel exhausted. If I become conscious of the compulsivity - I stop singing.
  12. In this video, Sadhguru talks about cleansing the 5 elements. He says that even if you do a little bit of cleansing people around you would perceive you as a miracle. I`m interested in what this "miracle" is. Do anyone of you have experience with this?
  13. I've heard that having a romance with a coworker could be troublesome, especially after a breakup. Some girl I was dating said she never goes on a date with a client, because it could spoil a deal (she is into b2b sales). What are your experiences and opinions on this?
  14. I never heard Sadhguru, Leo, Ekhart Tolle, speaking about the importance of lineage, ancestors. In the post-soviet space among the scarce SD stage green community there is a lot of talk about it: "You need to work out your lineage karma". Could it be due to underdevelopment of the eastern Europe so that people engaging in pseudospirituality? Or maybe it is some thing connected to slavic paganism which is revived at stage green? I think that's a bullshit and distraction. If there is something I don't know - tell me more.
  15. Why? Does this jeopardize the career?
  16. It happened few times before. When I met 2 girls simultaneously I was making choice with whom I'd continue relationships. So I've choosen the girl, but after a few weeks she stops responding via phone, messenger. I reach for the girl I've eliminated before, but she is offended and son't want to return. I could have, of course, not chosen and continued to meet with 2 girls simultaneously, but some of them could have conservative beliefs and consider it a cheating, if she get to know, even if we met a few times (my assumption). I can of course ask her whether it is ok that I meet with someone else and will chose between them two later, but some girls could be offended (my assumption) I'm ok with open relationships, but girls may be not. What would you do to not lose a girl in this situation? It will help you to know that I live in Ukraine, sometimes in Poland, so people here are quite conservative in their attitudes towards relationships
  17. I`m okay with meeting with 2 girls, and sleeping with 2 girls in parallel. But the problem they could treat this as 'cheating'
  18. I`m a 3D modeler passionate about steampunk, baroque/Victorian ornaments, XX century vehicles. I'm also want to learn a 3D software called Houdini and become motion designer and create psychedelic videos. I see more and more amazing artworks in these areas. I fear that in 5 years, let alone 20 years every type of artwork will be created, especially with the advance of AI, and there would be no point in making any new artwork. I know this belief is inherently false, but it doesn't get to me on an emotional level. Maybe that's because my progress is slow. Sometimes I remember my ideas and understand that no one can really implement them in real life because they are quite unique, but I easily forget about this. What can you guys add to this?
  19. Yesterday I've had 39,3°C temperature. My grandma told me to take the ibuprofen or aspirin. I think that my body could have managed by itself, there was no need to drop the temperature. I'm not sure that these medications are good for me. What are the alternatives? It's a shame for me not knowing how to cure fever.
  20. I think I'd do 3d even if AI could make it faster and better. People still draw, despite photograph being invented century ago.
  21. Even in small town Zhytomyr(300 000 habitats), Ukraine I found quite high quality hippy community where there is a constant influx of new girls. Yes, some of them smoke weed, but still there are some "gems". Don't believe that you can't find the same in the 1st world country.
  22. I don't know guys what stupidity are you talking here. Porn and masturbation is killing my life. After masturbation I feel like a vegetable, low energy levels, brainfog, weak willpower - it destroys my career, I'm unable to work more than 2 months on some job. That's no surprise, because the sperm is a high quality protein which requires a lot of energy to be produced and if you are spilling it on a blanket few times a day, you are constantly loosing energy. Actually recently I almost effortlessly abstain from masturbation thanks to amanita muscaria microdosing. Maybe women don't ejaculate, but the loss of energy could be through because of the dopamine peak. When you are constantly injecting pleasure into yourself (in any form) you are releasing neuromediators such as dopamine and the more you do so, the more dopamine receptors adapt and become less sensitive to the point that you don't enjoy simple things anymore. But that can be wrong regarding female masturbation - maybe dopamine doesn't get released
  23. Take a look at this chart predicting the top economies on 2050, 2075: There would be China, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Philipines (I don't believe Russia will reach that rank, because it would just collapse into smaller states) - these enlisted countries would have power. How would they influence the world then? Would we become less democratic, more authoritarian? Or we would get more oriental wisdom, more left-brained approach to science, spirituality will become mainstream? Of course in case of China's defeat in the war between China and the US, it could also become democratic and peaceful like Germany and Japan had became.
  24. I`m a 3D artist passionate about steampunk, ornamental design, math, and fractals, I often see how everything in nature has perfect proportions, see how every plant is a fractal, and see patterns everywhere. I want to express my fascination with math and nature through video games or motion design. I began being fascinated with math after a few LSD trips Leo said that psychedelics cost him hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, because he stopped being interested in materialistic desires. I don't want to lose my motivation before I`m well established in my finances. If I trip light dosages of LSD like 100ug every 2 weeks or have a DMT trip a few times per year - maybe such a schedule won't make me unmotivated? Or maybe substances like 5Meo-DMT which make you realize your God nature straight away - maybe only such powerful trips could demotivate you? Or maybe I better forget about tripping while I`m still in the stage of building a career? By the way, how big is the chance that I may damage my brain and lower my cognitive abilities when stuffing myself with different substances?
  25. Yes, I was also thinking the same.