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Your biggest health issues???

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Hey everyone, I’m wishing to simply have a deeper understanding of what people go through in regards to their health/fitness. 

So, for those who feel like sharing…

  • What sort of health/fitness goals do you have?
  • What do you think you should be doing to obtain these goals?
  • What‘a holding you back from achieving these goals?
  • What has your health journey been life so far?


Share whatever you feel like sharing. I would love to hear about it(: 

The game of survival cannot be won. 

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I have a goal to cure my joints so they don't crunch during everyday life and workout. I don't want to stop on that - I want to master my body through yoga, pranayama, and calisthenics. In order to do that I need to find a reliable source - some author that has a deep understanding of the human body - and start doing his exercises. Currently, I consider this guy (Russian),

his knowledge is quite comprehensive so I will stick with his methods, and if you have similar teachers I would appreciate a link to the source.

Also, I have muscle stiffness, tension, and cramps, sometimes I can't sleep because of it. Currently doing MFR (myofascial release) - helps a lot.

I have bad gut health. I often feel dryness and 'rust' on the walls of my stomach and intestines and it makes an irritating emotional background throughout my day. I suppose to do a castor oil flush this week. My girlfriend is an expert in detox so she gave me this method.

To obtain joint health I will do a lot of detoxes: Shankha-Prakshalana (brine yogic intestine flush), 10-days juice fasting, 30-days anti-parasite herbs detox - my girlfriend said I have a problem with joints because of salts, substances emitted by parasites. She healed her grade II arthrosis by detoxes so I think she is trustworthy

What is holding me back? My "hurry" mental state doesn't allow me to introspect deeply into the topic of health. I rush through the article trying to find a solution and don't go deep to the core of the issue. I want to but it just "rushes" by itself.

My health journey for the last 3 years was eating a lot of junk food, playing video games 16 hours a day, masturbating a lot. In the last 2 months I've improved a lot: eating a lot of vegs, greens, and fruits, masturbating much less (big thanks to Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya and Sadhguru), and don't play video games for half of the year.

I've recently found a girlfriend that is very successful and she is just 19 (I am 20). She earns a bunch of money, bought herself a scooter, she goes to detox, yoga, and meditation retreats (not cheap ones) regularly. I was jealous of her but now I see it's because of her state of mind that she had achieved such success at her age. So I think contaminated organism is the bottleneck of my development right now.

Thank you for your attention

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@Medhansh yeah, my girlfriend had also told me that and you've reminded. Yeasts in stomach emit some acid or so...

Shambhavi is highly energetic. You feel like you have a psychological, emotional, energetical skeleton. I would name the feeling "impenetrable". It improves mental peace a lot, however if you think a lot during meditation it kinda energizes your thoughts and you think even more but still you are "impenetrable". It is a lot easier to not do PMO activity and overeat. It works cumulatively so one sessions doesn't change much but if you do it for 40 days twice a day it is really powerful

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On 20.08.2021 at 3:59 AM, Medhansh said:

@EugeneTheSage Thanks for the info man. I have also been suffering from stomach diseases for the past 4 years. 

By the way, have you tried any other yoga programme of Sadhguru?

Not yet, but I would like to learn an Angamardana, Surya Kriya and Shoonya

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@EugeneTheSage thanks for sharing man.

I can’t comment on the competency of that guy as I don’t understand Russian. However I have built a career around this stuff and two of my biggest mentors are Paul Chek & Naudi Aguilar.

They’re definitely both worth checking out. Paul is extremely holistic and Naudi’s (of functional patterns) is one of the greatest movers on earth.

With the gut stuff that’s super common & something I’m still dealing with too. I do know on carnivore all my issue go away but it’s quite hard to sustain.

I’m not a fan of juice fasting. Doing a complete water fast is more beneficial in my experience but listen to your body & what it tells you.

It sounds like you’re off to a great start, especially for a 20 year old. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re ever seeking advice about your health/fitness. 

The game of survival cannot be won. 

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