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  1. That's the exact kind of stuff religion makes up in order to pull one over on people. "There is this spooky thing out there that can hurt you. can't see it because God won't let humans see their form. So trust us for help." Just like when religion says "Don't buy into your urge to doubt your own religion because those thoughts are just the devil whispering in your ear to take you off your path." Even with that being said, I do believe in supernatural entities. Should I say I do believe someone could experience them within their own relativity. I've personally experienced them, but no longer do.
  2. Those are all very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  3. No, my other comment wasn't stating fairytales are real....quite the opposite. Rather this "unrealness" doesn't just end with pixies or unicorns. It's a matter of relativity or how you wish to view it.
  4. Best of luck to Adam. I feel bad for him and his family. But, hopefully this is the kick in the ass he needed to help pull out the real root of his problems within his childhood trauma.
  5. @LobaI'd say go for it once the opportunity presents itself. Psychedelics are the golden ticket for what you are wishing to accomplish. Best wishes though, you got this! How about we just pretend I did? Happy holidays to anyone who reads this! Take care.❤️
  6. For me personally, that balance comes more into play when my relation to someone becomes more intimate. Then I don't mind bringing out the big guns of what I experienced metaphorically speaking lol. People are free to act as they wish the "Truth" itself can be pretty abrasive in some moments regardless of how we word it.
  7. Exactly and that's what makes it fun as well! But, like @The0Selfsaid one day you will look back on yourself and see how some of your ideas were pretty silly and naïve. BUT...we need to wait until that organically/naturally happens rather than belittling them now just because others are further. At the moment though that doesn't matter.
  8. That's extremally self deluding and self preserving. If I was to truly project all my experiences on another in such a way like you are, I'd just come off as an entitled asshat. An important skill to have is being able to help people, not sitting up in the mountains telling others if they aren't here they aren't anything. But, to come down from that mountain and meet people as they are without revealing the true capacity for our own knowledge. It's important to help empower others, not with ourselves but showing themselves their own empowerment. To help build their faith in their own healthy experiences.
  9. This is true, but there is a general sense of relativity that comes into play that better isn't always "better" and further isn't always "further". It good to hear what others have to say about their experiences, but even with that being said you fully could have pieces of the puzzle someone who seems further doesn't. What matters the most, in my opinion, is you love yourself, share this love with others, and have faith that your self and your guides (I know you mentioned them a few times) will get you where you need. But, it seems like you already have all of this by what you are saying.
  10. And yet here you in a world of should and shouldn'ts. @LobaYour experience is your own and valid. Other's can not take that away from you. To answer your question though about seeing how far we have come it's a bit tricky. Sure, your capacity for love is a great measure. But, to look at your "old self" in comparison to your "current self" can create a divide or expectation to continue on with that momentum carrying on. Not saying that will happen, but if you are happy now with yourself and the environment you are in then that's what matters the most.
  11. @mandyjw I lost all my cents walking the path years ago. I'd say I miss them, but that would imply I'd have the sense to miss them in the first place. Merry Christmas to you as well Mandy and to everyone else here.
  12. In relation to that period, that's a pretty damn small dot. I guess it truly grew(exploded) into something magical though.
  13. If I don't smoke for a few months then do I usually have a very spiritual experience for the first few days, specially that first time. I've had ego death twice so far just smoking and both times I never expected it, in places I never expected, so it was a bit more jarring than taking LSD and being prepared shit might get real. I think it's a great substance in moderation. I rarely smoke these days, though I have been experimenting with Delta-8 and have had nothing but positive results with it.
  14. I went vegetarian for the past 4 and a half years of my life. Only recently am I slowly switching back to eating meat. My original thought was empathy towards animals and the hope it would bring greater health, not that I was unhealthy in the first place though. But, the more I go down the path the more I realize how diet itself is just a polarizing concept and in the grand scheme of things eating animals only matters in a relative sense. The more ideas I have that I need to do " X " in order to be spiritual or close to God the further away from that actual self I get and any happiness that is generated by the variables I'm latching onto in life(diets) is solely created by myself and not the diet itself. If this is the case this happiness can and should be able to be generated regardless except in extreme situations. With that being said we should always do what we personally feel comfortable. The mind itself is a very powerful construct and regardless of the actuality behind most concepts in reality it's strictly dependent on how you personally wish to perceive it. I'll also add that I went vegetarian because of my trips though it was something I've contemplated as a child. I also went back to eating meat because of later trips in my life as well. I rarely craved meat when I did make the change, so this isn't a manifestation of my cravings and me trying to justify it thought some LSD trip. But, rather the realization I should be more open to experiences rather than labeling them spiritual or not.