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  1. This is not a healthy way to help him. He needs the support of his family and close friends without "yes men" around him to feed his delusions. The only thing Brandon is currently teaching us is what path not to travel. So stop feeding him non-sense before he becomes an example of much worse. He seems like a nice person and I'm sure his intentions are pure, a yours are now also, but it's not just his own health that could be in danger but also giving the entire community a bad name. Insights mean nothing if one can't properly integrate what they mean or of their ego hijacks them resulting in a zen devil. Regardless, I wish the best for him and I do hope he gets better or at least more stable soon.
  2. I can't really speak for most of what you said. But, I've also had the profound realization that I was Adam. On top of that who I thought was my twin flame at the time many years ago was Eve. I strongly believed this. Believed it so much that the realization of it was almost traumatizing that I forgot it in the first place. Though I don't want to say this thought was "truth" specially many years later. If I was to guess "Adam" may be a primordial reference to our Divine Masculine energy. I wouldn't try to think yourself deluded, but I wouldn't take what's happening you as truth. But, rather a thing that is happening to you now that you should have faith in. But, it's very possible what is perceived now can change in the future.
  3. I believe it's a mystery within reality to remind us of the mysterious nature of reality itself. I personally wouldn't give synchronicity too much substance though I don't fault people who do. I would take it more like a passing smile to a stranger on the street. You obviously see the person and they see you. A smile is given and a smile is received. You pass the person by and maybe a fleeting thought of "that was nice" runs through your mind, but after no thought it given to it.
  4. Happy to hear she is well.
  5. I've played it a few times now, even once tripping. Truly a beautiful game in many ways. Some of it's moments are jaw dropping and gave me the chills how it felt so powerful. Which is a lot to say about a game that doesn't have any understandable language in it. Though understood or not, the messages are still able to be conveyed.
  6. Ohio, USA. In a small town called Graytown about 45 minutes away from the city of Toledo.
  7. Reject her but obviously be nice about it. Not too nice where it still seems hopeful though. The sooner the better as well for this will only eat you up more and more inside and it's not fair to her as well.
  8. There is the stigma though. The very hand that is attempting to help them is the very hand they will always see as distorted. I agree with what you are doing and I respect it as well. But, there are some pretty thick blinders on men who think this way because even when the very thing that they wish to understand better and be with expresses who they are and their needs. That's the moment they decide to reject the advice and pretend like women don't know what they are talking about when they are literally talking about themselves and their personal experiences. It's both ludicrous and profound at the same time. A bit scary as well to see where thinking like that could lead someone eventually. Not saying people such as that will eventually hurt someone, but it will defiantly lead to a damn miserable life as a prisoner of their own warped mind.
  9. @Emerald Though distorted, I can still somewhat sympathize with them. I was extremely asocial and insecure until my late teens / early twenties. Though I never really held these red pill ideas we keep seeing on the forum. There was still a distortion. Thankfully that changed by experiencing healthy plutonic relationships with women and I realized all my false ideas on women were self induced due to lack of experience. Also making sure not to fall into the trap of the "friend zone" do many men harbor hatred for since my only intention was to be friends and no more. Having genuine friends of the opposite sex is invaluable, specially when the self structure is still solidifying.
  10. Everything you are saying could be easily fixed if these men with those types of views just attempted to befriend women in a plutonic way. Not talk to women in the attempt to gain something. Not talk to them while playing some mental gymnastics of attraction that will only fail. But have sincere intimate relationships with women to help understand them better. Women are extremely similar to men once all the ego bs is out of the way. There is nothing special about women, at least in comparison to men. Women's true desire is the same for almost everyone on the planet. That is to be undertook, respircated, acknowledge, loved, listened to, and bring out their best. All of this is extremely simple to do with almost any sane person just by being truly opening to listening to what others want. People will literally tell you exactly what they want if the time and effort is put in. It honestly shocks me to how many men on this forum have these warped biased views on women considering this is an actualization forum. Pick up is not a realistic situation in order to truly get to know women either. People are highly deceiving themselves if they believe that is a real perception of women though I suppose I can help with someone's social confidence. Don't get why so many men are so afraid of their feminine side either. This is 2021 where that side of the self structure is praised like crazy these days. We no longer live in the toxic macho man age and people who act that way are getting called out more and more as time passes.
  11. Agreed and I believe a large part of it's greatness comes from the fact it's a game and not a movie. Even though much of the game plays like a movie we are still in control of it's characters and because of this their actions then become our actions. Their struggles and now our struggles and so forth. There is a grander sense of loss, despair, and even hope when we feel like we are the ones who are feeling these emotions. Many games try to play it safe and give the players what they believe they wanted. But, this game did give us what we wanted(though I'm sure it still would have been great) it gave us what we didn't know we needed.
  12. I find it very interesting someone who looks at a glace so wrapped up in their ego, being a body builder and youtuber, has actually found the path of enlightenment. Not that enlightenment itself could ever be put into a box on who or who could not achieve it, but regardless is still neat to witness. Someone such as Connor Murphey I know had a glimpse of something but it seems as though his ego hijacked all of those insights and turned him into a zen devil. Though, he does seem to be getting better now. Loved this interview, one of his best yet, mostly because this interviewer was very genuine and humble, unlike others.. (cough Atlas). Yes the interviewer was great. Allowed him to speak freely and was able to give his on input on things on the same level as Frank. Also, Frank was a great listener even though he was the guest.
  13. Well said, that's where I was led as well so I let go of the attachments I had to my prior psychedelics experiences yet still hold an appreciation for the journey that led me here. Frank seems genuine here to me. Not because he's enlightened or anything, but I'd assume this is how he has naturally been for years. There is a lot fo charisma to his character and he seems quite warm and inviting when talking to others. But, I finished the interview now and it was great content. You have a very calm and nice talking voice.
  14. TLOU2 is a damn masterpiece and it was also a truly profound experience to me on an emotionally and spiritual level. My partner watch me play through the whole game and she felt the same as well. I honestly can't describe the core to why it's so damn good, it's like something that is unpointable to. I feel like it's some sort of evolved or transcended version of story telling that we have yet to see in the gaming industry, but hopefully more games going into the future can tap into TLOU2's magic. I only have praise for Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann for taking risks with this game knowing it would divide the fan base. Specially considering it was the last major release for the PS4 and one of the biggest releases of that generation. This is strictly my opinion and I know a lot of people hate on the game. But, I believe the major difference between loving the game and hating it is how well one's emotional intelligence has matured and how empathetic they are. From my observation this seems to be the main factor, though of course there can be other reasons as well.