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  1. I think a good visualization of what is happening is the geometric shape of a torus. The shape that folds into itself and then expresses itself outward. You take in your reality, transmute it with variables inside your mind, output it to experience, input it, and repeat the motion. The more conscious we become of ourselves /reality itself the more we create our own paths. Other wise our sub-conscious mind takes over the creation process. Though, I can't fully give you the answer. I know the only moment that exists is the "now" and the "now" is being projected from us, so one would assume creating. At the same time our minds take in all the variables around us and output that into our world. On one hand it could be willpower that creates the aspects of reality that know are coming. On the other hand it could be the mind acting like a super computer taking in all the variables and computing some sort of quantum algorithm inside our minds in attempt to predict the "future" in some sort of highly evolved survival mechanic. Though what does knowing the future really do? We can't say we were right until the moment has passed for the future we saw. We can't avoid the future or else the future didn't come true in the first place. But, I suppose it does gives us more faith in our own intuition and believing in ourselves.
  2. If I was to think logically if reality was a projection of your mind alone then you would be able to project a circumstance that would allow you to 100% without a doubt prove that others were not real. Should I say that you were the central processing unit to all of reality. Specially with you realizing more and more just how interconnected the mind is and how what we think can manifest into reality after the thoughts are had. But, simply put everyone is as real as you are. That bodes the question: What is real? Though, reality itself is largely an illusion, a dream, but if we know nothing but the illusion (at least from our human fractal of awareness) then the illusion itself becomes real to the perceiver. Reality seems so surreal because of how fluid, ever changing, and ever evolving it is. The intelligence behind the design is truly profound that in can implement and adapt to all the given variable and output a smooth experience for us all in such natural form where most don't notice the glitches unless they are looking. I struggled with this question for some time myself. But, I concluded if I am part of infinity and everything else I perceive within consciousness is part of infinity then it generates a paradox of a situation. One is I become the most important human in the universe, because if I was missing, infinity could not exist. Two everything has the same value as me so they are also the most important aspect in the universe. If all is equally important than all means nothing compared to the next. Everything is nothing. But we must look at the whole within a paradox, so everything is then One. If all is One then I'm as real as the rest of said One. So people are indeed very real.