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  1. An INCREDIBLY FUNNY recontextualization!!!! 😆😅😂🤣
  2. This guy is the most vMEME Red individual that I could find... I also recommend you guys to take the time to appreciate how the Spiral Dynamics model is been played through in that (first) video: A vMEME Red guest, confronting/ being confronted by a mostly vMEME Blue audience, and all this clash being broadcasted by an vMEME Orange tv show for entertainment...
  3. Bryan Cranston is "WOKE"
  4. In this video, you guys will see a lot of references from the Spiral Dynamics model. What he basically did was summarize all the issues from Tier 1, and then propose and alternative solution to it, which, in this case, consists in a more "wholistic" and integral view of reality, in the context of social structure.
  5. "Effective Altruism tends to favor short-term, small-scale interventions that don't tackle the root of the problems. Some of those short-term interventions don't last, or have long-term negative effects." That girl summarized pretty well the shortcomings and non-systemic thinking of vMEME Orange.... besides the fact that their "ethics" towards atruism is very materialistic and quantifiable, devoid of any emotion towards the person they're helping. Which is not their fault by the way... they're just replicating the MEMEs that were structured within modern society...
  6. A very good example of vMEME RED/blue. In this case, they use agressive and violent demonstrations in order to attain or preserve their ideals of masculinity... which, in this case, consists pretty much in the male dominance over women's sexuality
  8. Warning: some of the images might be shocking, viewers discretion is advised
  9. The State-of-the-Art in Design and Innovation
  10. Their notion of "getting dumber" is strictly related to IQ tests... But ,unfortunately, it never crosses their minds that their method for measuring intelligence might has flaws in it, or at least been outdated... because the map is not the territory