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  1. I definitely wasn't expecting that level of Wisdom from a simple animated video on YouTube...🤩😲🙏
  2. This is a very good and unbiased video on the Venezuelan Crisis(which is quite rare...).
  3. Cool man! I'm glad to know that you've found the kind of music genre that speaks to your being!😉👍 I used to listen a lot of power metal a couple years ago. However, I discovered recently that the kind of song that really gets me engaged with is Djent, because I realized that I enjoy listening more to the instrumental part of the song (more than the vocals and the lyrics), and I love the mindfuckery that musicians do with the melodies and the harmony of their songs(the way which Animal as Leaders does).😍🤩🤯 I'll send two power/prog metal songs for you, to explore more of your darker side🙃😉👍
  4. This vMEME YELLOW/turquoise book is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read in my life. "Why Materialism is Baloney" by Bernardo Kastrup provides a new metaphysical and ontological foundation with regard to consciousness, by the lenses of his analytical Idealism, that mind is not subjective by matter, like the brain or an "outside world", but rather that brain and matter are experienced by the (Big)mind, and translated in our psyches through our egos. Whatever I'll write here wouldn't do justice to describe how eye open this book was for me, it really gave me a new perception upon life and reality. I'll leave you with one excerpt from the book:😉👍 "The direct experience of freewill, however, remains ambiguous: before you make the choice it is not there; and then the very next experience seems to be already that of having made the choice. The experience of making the choice seems lost in a kind of vanishing in-between limbo, too elusive and slippery to catch at work. It is as though freewill were outside time, only its effects insinuating themselves into time. I contend that freewill proper is the primary cause of all movements of (Big)mind; the freewill of the one subject of all existence. Freewill can never be experienced directly: it is the driving force behind all experience and, thus,never an experience itself. But we can infer its existence from the retroactive sense of free choice that we have immediately after making a decision. This sense of free choice is, so to speak, the ‘echo’ of the primary cause reverberating within our psychic structures. This may sound like a copout. But if the word has any meaning at all, freewill must not have any explanation, otherwise it wouldn’t be free."
  5. You bet! And the way which she delivers that speech is very artificial, seems like a celebrity speech for charity or at the Oscars, but quite off, because she doesn't have enough life experiences to grasp the significance of these things...
  6. Omg it's Grant Cardone! I remember listening to his 10x audiobook tons of times! It can be very effective at motivating you to do stuff, but his excessive praise to vMEME Orange can be quite toxic as well.
  7. vMEME Yellow urban development
  8. ‘Make a thorough analysis of yourself. Realize that your body is not your body; it is part of the whole body of sentient beings. Your mind is not solely your mind; it is but a constituent of all mind.’ Zen Master Soyen Shaku
  9. You're welcome my friend! I'm glad you liked!😉👍 I found that channel just recently , but I love the way by which he covers the logistics and the infrastructure of many activities and places in our lives!😄🤩👍
  10. playlist of Lectures on Analytic Idealism, by Bernardo Kastrup
  11. This is an Amazing book which talks about how processed food companies(vMEME Orange) manipulate their ingredients(sometimes at a molecular level) in order increase they're levels of salt, sugar and fat as much as possible, because they have figured it out that this is what can make their products more addictive to consumers, even at the cost of their own health. The way they do this is by misleading information via advertising by their costumers and by lobbying the government and the FDA to approve certain policies that might benefit them. It not always works, and sometimes they get backfired I could go on and on talking about the book, but I really recommend that you guys go read it if you like this topic. I'll leave you with some excerpts from the book: "Salt, sugar, and fat are the foundation of processed food, and the overriding question the companies have in determining the formulations of their products is how much they need of each to achieve the maximum allure. It’s simply not in the nature of these companies to care about the consumer in an empathetic way. They are preoccupied with other matters,like crushing their rivals, beating them to the punch. The grocery store, after all, is littered with the results of their war to outsell one another by arming theirproducts with more salt, sugar, and fat. Witness what happened when Post started coating its cereal with sugar: Rivals came out with versions that went as high as 70 percent. Or look at what happened when Hershey introduced its mega-chocolate cookie in 2003: Kraft responded by rolling out a slew of fattier, sweeter Oreos." "Besides being fiercely competitive, food companies are also deeply obligated toward their shareholders. When companies like Campbell say they will not compromise on taste in lowering the salt, sugar, or fat content of their products, they’re not thinking about the consumer’s welfare; they’re thinking about consumption and sales. As well they should, if they’re going to survive. Making money is the sole reason they exist—or so says Wall Street, which is there, at every turn, to remind them of this." “Nestlé is a Swiss bank that prints food."
  12. @Eren Eeager I would recommend for you the book "The Lessons of History", by Will and Ariel Durant. It's a short one, but it gives some good starting point on how history plays a role in Society, Wars, Religion and many other topics that involves our human heritage.
  13. This video gives us a very good depiction of vMEME Blue power dynamics in the Middle Ages Era
  14. vMEME Yellow Systems Thinking applied to Grocery Stores' logistics