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  1. Imagine a society where everyone knew they were One. Where everyone was Selfless, and was contribution to everyone else. Funny you brought up plumbing. I helped thro a midsize (400 attendees) Stage Green love festival a few years ago. It was a magical event. I was one of the producers. The well system on the property was not designed for so many people, so the toilets kept backing up. I spend most of the festival, not enjoying the fruits of my months of hard work, but a great deal of my time plunging shit and toilet paper out of the toilets. And I was happy to do so, as that was the best way for me to serve my community. When you are in a society of selflessness and contribution, it matters not what is best for you, but what is needed for the community. In that society, there would be many who would be overjoyed to do the plumbing needs of society, as that would be the best way they could serve their community. In this society every job would be taken care of freely, as that is what is needed to be done for the whole.
  2. I've never really had any trauma. Had a good childhood, and have had a good life. For me it has to do with Truth. I would ponder lots of existential questions all my life. Though there were many theories out there in the world about what is really going on, there could be only one true Truth, and I wanted to know, without any doubt, what that Truth is.
  3. Why does it have to be bigger? His knowledge is there for those that are ready to hear it and find this information useful. He's creating a library of knowledge for humanity. It may not make sense to the majority of lower consciousness / lower stage population (99% of the population), and that is okay. Trying to force it on the public that is not ready will not work. When they are ready to seek a spiritual path, they will find Leo's work, just like most all of us did. There's nothing to fix or change, it is all perfect as is.
  4. Is it impossible for you to travel outside of your county? If this is truly your desire, you can find a way. Psychedelics is the answer you're looking for, the most direct route to the deepest state of consciousness. So I would suggest putting you energy into making that happen.
  5. Leo has done live videos where he has direct conversations with God. Search and you will find.
  6. When you Awaken to yourself as God (death), all of existence Awakens to its Infinite Self. Your body and life is a dream, time is also the dream. Nothing goes on after you die. If you stop imagining it, it ceases to exist. Watch this for a better explanation:
  7. Literally the last post before you asking was Leo frustratingly stating yes to the answering the same question for the hundredth time. Could you not even read the very previous post? Do your research yourself. All the information you need is in this thread.
  8. Find your Life Purpose. If you're truly passionate about something, other people will be passionate about it too, and the money will come naturally.
  9. Everything in reality is one thing. If reality is a screen with a movie being projected on it (but was made of nothing/consciousness), thoughts and feelings are occurring on that screen as well. Thoughts in reality/screen have no more or less meaning than a cloud or a tree that you experience. So "I" do not separate thoughts from the screen (which is not possible). Whatever is occurring on the screen is perfect and just the way it is.
  10. Freddie Mercury. Obviously.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure what to make of this. I like to be open-minded to things I do not understand. On the other hand, I just hear music. Beautiful music, but alas just music. No affirmations or insights. I highly doubt listening to a music track can lead to a Spiritual Awakening to God Realization. But I could be wrong, and hope I am.
  12. Not sure if anyone else has covered this, but you can have an Awakening/Nonduality/Infinity/Godhead experience with zero knowledge of what any of that is. My first enlightenment/Awakening experience was a full decade before I learned what any of this was all about. I had no idea what happened. And it was exactly what was later explained to me what an Awakening is. So there is no way I deluded myself, or self-hypnotized myself into some kind of a self-fulfilling experience.
  13. I could see an IV drip being highly beneficial, but not injecting. With IV drip, being able to stay under for as long as you want, so you can explore longer. Controlled sustained dosing that can be upped or lowered based on monitoring. I suspect there is a reason why this is the preferred method of administering drugs in the medical field, and plugging is not.
  14. Great idea! Will help the channel grow and allow more people to see them. Please subscribe and like each video everyone.
  15. This was a great idea! It's sometimes hard to get others interested in Leos videos, even if they are interested in such topics, and I attribute this to the length. Can turn some low attention span peoples off. I personally love the length and depth of the topics, longer the better. Hopefully the clips channel is a great success and appeals to a wider audience, which leads to Nonduality concepts being shared more across the globe, which helps us all with the raise of consciousness.