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  1. Once one becomes 100% Godhead, after say taking a high dose of a psychedelic, the dream/illusion is gone, your life if gone, the universe converges into a pure abstract singularity of consciousness, formless infinite singularity, there is no more life, no more death, no more world, no more people or other beings, you are absolute oneness and love forever for eternity. In this state, how would you know to come back to your life? That life is completely gone. Once in absolute oneness for eternity, wouldn't that be it, absolute oneness and love for eternity? So how do you come back?
  2. Very interesting. Once I was having sex with a partner and she came so hard she went limp and unconscious. I freaked out, as I thought she had died. She was out for a few minutes, and then came back to life with a loud gasp of air. She was confused why I was freaked out, as she had no recollection of what had just transpired. After that this would happen periodically, she would cum hard, go unconscious, and I'd hold her while I waited for her to come back.
  3. @Forestluv Thanks, good explanation. When you say "The return just happens." that's the part I'm confused about. And thanks everyone for your input.
  4. You're just not getting what I'm asking. I get Nonduality, so I don't need that explained. I'm asking a specific question within Nonduality.
  5. You take a high dose of a psychedelic, the dream/illusion is gone, your life if gone, the universe converges into a pure abstract singularity of consciousness, formless infinite singularity, there is no more life, no more death, no more world, no more people or other beings, you are absolute oneness and love forever for eternity. At this point, there are no other lives being created. How does God know to come back to my life, back from the psychedelic experience, once my life is gone and all other lives are gone? Hope you can see my confusion.
  6. I think my life is significant, since it's my life, obviously. From the perspective of God, it's not as significant. As you say "Infinite forms, infinitely incarnated, infinitely experienced, infinitely reabsorbed", that explains death, but not how God comes back to a single life once that life is completely gone?
  7. And I get that you, as a human don't know you will be able to come back and have to take a leap of faith, but what about when God is fully realized, how does God come back to a single life if that life if gone?
  8. So every time one take a psychedelic they have to basically go into it as they are committing suicide? And if you are able to come back, that's just icing on the cake.
  9. When one take a high dose of a psychedelic to induce full absolute Godhead, how do they know they are not entering into full Mahasamadhi? What makes one come back vs stay in the infinite godhead? Is every time you do this a Russian Roulette of one of the times you pull the trigger, that will be it and you're not coming back?
  10. Robert Bigelow’s Institute for Consciousness Studies is awarding almost $1 million for an essay on life after death. Application deadline is (February 28) I know you can't prove to someone else what happens after death, as it has to be experienced from direct experience, but if anyone could explain Nonduality well enough, that's about as good as anyone could do.
  11. Lol, yes that's basically it. If you show love to everyone around you, not just showing attention to those you're attracted to, many opportunities will present themselves naturally. I wish you the best of luck sir.
  12. How is peacefulness unhealthy stage Green?
  13. I do not know you, so would not assume to pass any judgements. Being a good Man isn't a means to an end, it is the way to be in life. Connecting with Women isn't about manipulation. If you are a legitimately a good person, Women will want to be around you. It's really that simple.
  14. If you recontectualize reality to Nonduality, then everything is You. There's no difference from a rock, a tree, or a person. It's all consciousness, dreamstuff. In Leo's video on Self Love, he talked about self love is learning to love all of the Self, meaning all of reality equally. Then you are full of love, as you are in love with everything. If you can reach that, you will never be lonely.
  15. This logic hurts my head. Maybe no girls are attracted to you, because you're a (self-proclaimed) douche? Just a hunch. Try being a good Man and see how that works for you.
  16. Take a large dose of 5-MEO. It'll happen whether you want it to or not.
  17. Peacefulness is the best defense. I've found people who act violently are wanting a reaction to justify their response. If met with no resistance, peacefulness, it usually defuses the situation. I've tested this many times, and it works. Had a crazed crackhead come at me, and I defused the situation by talking him down, and standing strong and showing no fear. Of course this wouldn't always work, as some people are sadistic and enjoy hurting others, so peacefulness would only make hurting you easier for them. But, I find with most cases, bruised Egos, peacefulness will most always defuse any situation. With nothing to push against, the other side deflates.
  18. Evidence of the past is a memory. Memories are thoughts. Thoughts can only happen Now. If you didn't think of it, the past wouldn't exist, as the past can only exist as a thought.
  19. All good points, thanks for the clarifications.
  20. I did master each career, that's precisely why I moved on from each. I felt I had done everything there was to do, feeling complete and satisfied, leading to a desire to master another endeavor. Just doing some rudimentary math, if you spend roughly 8 hours a day, every day of the year, doing something you're passionate about, it would only take about 3.5 years to master that craft. So for me, 5 years is a great amount of time to master a craft and fully enjoy everything that craft has to offer.
  21. Sorry Leo, but this is such an old antiquated (80s) view of gay men. At least where I live, which a large portion of the population is gay, most gay men are strong, muscular, self-confident and capable. If any gay-bashing bro messed with them, they'd most definitely regret it. I'm sure other places can be different, but I stand by my statement that your views on gay men are honestly insulting.
  22. Was a director of a company that employed people with disabilities. Left that and started a leather fashion company. Left that and become a professional touring circus performer. Left that and became a writer, specializing in nonduality fiction stories. I like to mix things up and try new life purposes.
  23. Don't know where you're getting that from. Most guys I know use it, and it's common place at most any age nowadays. Makes a huge difference in sex for men. If you're not using it because you think it's only for 65 yr olds, you're missing out.
  24. This is amazing, thank you so much! I'm diving into all of this. Would love to see more quality posts like this on this forum.