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  1. It seems like turquoise embraces Non duality completely while yellow kind of half asses it. Not sure though
  2. Thanks for the input, Id definitely consider what you guys have said
  3. Im not even surprised at this point. People make conclusions about enlightenment and judge whether other people are enlightened or not and then claim they are not enlightened themselves. What authority do you have then. Enlightenment is not ideal projection of a person, thats focusing outward. Outward doesn't matter as far as enlightenment is concerned. Enlightenment is something very specific. There is a difference between living life and getting enlightened. I hope more people would at least get this. This is the biggest initial trap.
  4. Thats what I am figuring out myself. I have the enlightenment part handled and have acclimated enough to work on other things.
  5. You too man. I like the rash approach, I personally wont do it because I dont see myself as a teacher and rather not give too much unsolicited advice. I recently got into spiral dynamics and your content interested me.
  6. No worries. Looking forward to read more about stage turquoise on your journal. It seems I am in stage yellow. I can understand where the earlier stages come from but I dont resonate with them.
  7. It still amazes me that people question other peoples enlightenment while saying they are not enlightened themselves.
  8. Even a truly an enlightened person will say he is enlightened to teach. I dont know why people use the word claiming, it only shows they are not enlightened themselves. As if you need every guy in the street to shout that you are enlightened to confirm it. You can definitely. If you are somewhat on the correct path and have a sharp eye. @Jed Vassallo A teacher can only course correct you sometimes but in the end, all work has to be done by you. A physical teacher is necessary if you are learning a subject, but in enlightenment, you are unlearning what is untrue. Id say stick to reading books by awakened people(hint : Jed Mckenna) and do what they tell you to do. If you are still not satisfied, go to spiritual gathering(preferably non dual) and ask around for teachers.
  9. I dont quite understand the difference between stage yellow and stage turquoise in Spiral dynamics. They seem the same to me. Can anyone explain?
  10. I dont quite understand the difference between stage yellow and stage turquoise. They seem the same to me. Can anyone explain?
  11. I wrote a book on Non Duality and Enlightenment and have published it on Amazon. I am currently doing research for my second book. It will probably be along the lines of Neurosis and Natural State of a human being.