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  1. @SoonHei There is no 'they', self cannot pass through gateless gate. There is no awareness, no god, no self, no reincarnation...nothing. Only Truth. Whatever truth is, it cannot change
  2. Thats for any kind of relative truths, for example A person says money runs the world. Obviously this person has only grasped a partial truth. Absolute Truth doesn't work like that Absolute Truth never changes. If you realise it, its done. Whats more? " I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" Absolute truth becomes apparent when you are not rich, or you are completely empty. Once there is no separation, there is only Oneness. Absolute truth cant be said like , Truth is love, or Truth is God. Because Truth is, nothing else. Its neither this or that Even insights like I am God, World is illusory are stepping stones. No self is only goal. If no self is realised not as a insight but as an objective, there will be no 'self' to create duality. NO more questions. There will only be truth. Even post enlightenment you will see, 'you' are making decisions but simultaneously you don't. Self is a construct, Truth is real. A construct is made up, thats all. Thats why whole business is quite silly Not knowing alone wont work. Not knowing is the base of inquiry. Inquiry is the most important. But without not knowing, inquiry is pointless.
  3. @Speedscarlet In the enlightenment sense, its not possible. Non duality is the negation of duality, which reveals the truth. Truth never changes. Thats why its called Absolute Truth. There are no degrees of enlightenment, to say that would be to say there are degrees to Absolute Truth. I think passing away of the passing away is the highest stage of development. After that, as jed mckenna says, it only becomes about human adulthood, or being more better attuned to the world. But there could always be better way of articulating concepts that could lead to awakening, or anything really. But as far as debunking goes, Leo talks about Non Duality. So you one will not be debunking Leo, but really this sage from thousand years will be debunking Non duality; Which is not possible, because as I said, Truth never changes. It is possible however that degree of understanding and articulation will be much better for relative truths later on. Hell, it is a guarantee they will be.
  4. Its not really that life is terrible. If someone has depression or anxiety, they should do therapy rather than pursue enlightenment. When your realise that your whole existence is false, its more like pursuing enlightenment becomes a must, not a should Read psychology and philosophy, it gives a good big picture of things. Other than that, meditation is aways a good starting practice. Disidentifying with thoughts and mindfullness.
  5. I feel like stage coral would look something like passing away of the passing away. You are so attuned to reality, that you dont need to think about it anymore. You are just focused on daily life activities.
  6. Forgiveness and acceptance always helps
  7. The point is not to chase experiences, but become permanently self realised. Experiences come and go.
  8. Nice, haven't heard such clarity of thought in a while
  9. Yes, you act according to what is needed and take a multiple perspectives into account and decide what's the best course of action. Ideology is when you are stuck in one extreme and you are blinded to see how other perspectives mean. Ofcourse not all perspectives are right, but then you can prove them wrong. Antithesis and thesis lead to synthesis
  10. @Misagh If you are enlightened, don't justify it. You don't need to. It's perplexing in the beginning, but I suggest you take a perspective as if you are reborn, because you kind of are. This is important because it helps in acclamation to the new reality. It's natural for people to doubt your awakening. Honestly whoever your advice helps, it helps, that's all there is to it.
  11. @sneha For now I guess its best to pursue things that give you inner fulfilment rather than external pleasure. You should know this though, A lot of us pick up in some way or another, a belief that, something is wrong with us. This manifests differently with different people. Don't make the mistake of helping people, changing the world etc. as a coping mechanism to fight that belief. You must see that the fundamental thing hasn't shifted. If you still feel that something is wrong with you, there would be no point. You have just shifted the source of fulfilment from other people to 'doing these things in the world'. You must fully accept yourself, then you can think about how you want to help society. And don't worry about pursuing the wrong thing, there are no wrong things. You just learn from your and other people's mistakes and experience and move on. That's the best you can do right?
  12. Thats the purpose you have created. Life has no purpose. You must atleast see this. If you agree with this then you can ask this question Why did I create this purpose? Did someone tell me? Is it the right thing to do? Is it the most useful thing to do? You must ask why. Ask why of why. You will ultimately realise that life has no why. There is only one rule to life. Do whatever you want. Do you want to help people, do you really need to have a 'purpose' for that, or is it natural to help people? Do you want to become more mature, developed, because you enjoy growth, or because its your 'purpose'? Do you want to create a good lifestyle or atmosphere around you because its your 'purpose', or its because its natural to do that? I hope you see my point
  13. @sneha Every 'right' is a human invention because justice and fairness is a human value. All values are created, they are ideas. Reality is not an idea, it just is. So reality doesn't care about any right per se. The real question is the 'live' part. To live, you must be born, and to be born you must be separate from what is(reality). So basically this question means this, am i really important enough to live? If life is meaningless, why am I even 'here'? If death and birth, both are illusory. I must ask you. What is really living?
  14. I come sometimes, but yh I am not a regular. You seem to be back