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  1. This is all too much information at once, it is like you have enroll yourself to various majors at once. I wonder if you will focus so much on learning, when will you have the time to live? You need to develop a strategy for learning that keeps you growing and doesn't compromise your life as well. Pick topics that are most needful for your life right now, pick topics whose knowledge you require to use right now! and grow around that. Then Contemplate on the Questions, that arises with the flow of life. Example = Couple years back, there was riot in my city which made me contemplate a-lot on pain and death. Additionally, alot of questions overlaps each other, you don't even need to find answers for them, simply developing good habits and fitness, and mediating and contemplating time to time, keeping life flowing, will resolve the need to answers to them as well as alot of answers will just come on its own and be common knowledge. P.S. = I feel you are taking things too seriously, relax and chill, life isnt to be taken so seriously and heck even enlightenment. Just learn to flow from your depth
  2. You need two things. #1 - Enjoy Life = Find enjoyment in doing something, chase purpose and mastery of something, It is fun. #2 Service = Learn to love people in all of their humanity, be of service, make memories and play. It is what it is man, this game of life is hardcore. Don't wait seconds complaining and enjoy the play. Like make some art of your negativity, or something, transform these emotions into something worthwhile.
  3. I am a muslim with such parents. And as you know, men have to carry duty/responsibility as one of the highest value above their own freedom/independent choices. I recently married for my mom, I wouldn't take the emotional pressure. And since then I have become so numb, I hardly feel any excitement or fun, I sacrificed huge parts of myself. My wife knows about my pain, and it is a very bittersweet relationship as we both are kind and loving souls but I didn't wanted this and I cannot force love... My advice for you would be to develop strength, take care of your health everyday, and work on your finances. If you feel like you want to have the option to choose yourself then choose strength first of all. Then, to be honest. As someone who is feeling the pain of pleasing their parents, I would like you to be free. And your parents seem to be even more traditionalist than my parents. My advice for you would be to not feel guilty choosing yourself, you have to be happy yourself before you can make other people happy, people even our parents should be responsible for their own happiness, if you choose them sacrificing your own self then there would be resent-fullness and anger in your heart, you will loose the excitement and joy of life if you would be stuck forever.
  4. I have been practicing guitar for a year and I can barely play open chords, whereas there are other things in which I learn much more quickly. I don't understand the need to figure out how time does it take or not, a master keeps on learning and practicing to the ends of the days. You can always push the roof and go beyond. Just do what you wanna do and keep doing it. That is what I have learned, there are so many factors that influence learning which really makes figuring out a specific hour number to be of vain.
  5. hey bro, we both are from India and of the same age. I was going through the same thing but slowly making improvement. Inbox me to talk.
  6. This. For me, its about letting my creativty out, find a life purpose, enjoy and help others Life is meaningless, you are free to decide your own meaning
  7. Q. What do you guys think bout this video? Or, Has anyone here came around this topic before? One think, I know is that meditating and playing with chakras can indeed attract negative energy to you. ( I guess proper techniques are needed to follow ). I myself have experience sleep paralysis and some other shit when regularly meditating most of the time.
  8. Explain the Philosophy Of Music, His Own Insight & Of Famous Philosopher Across Globe.
  9. Mind that focus on self preservation, comfort and pleasure. Mind that doesn't wanna care for other feeling. Mind that wants self gratification.
  10. As a muslim, I can relate to this. My parents are typical muslim. It becomes so quite bothersome living with them because my mom becomes very sad and emotional if I dont pray namaz and if I dont recite quran and my dad becomes angry. There is a huge gab in our intellect as they are not educated. And the truth is I can't even shed light into religious matters as I would become outcast and further disappoint and hurt them.....
  11. It explains all of our behavior from the ego point of view. This is the premise upon which whole evolutionary psychology and I guess the whole of psychology is based. "Our DNA never want to die" Men are attracted to women with big assets, blonde hair which are indicators of high fertility. ( Attraction for life ) Women are attracted to men of status, wealth, broad shoulder (better warrior) which are all indicator of better survival rate. ( Attraction for life ) Study Evolutionary Psychology For This Topic.
  12. I wanted to do this but cannot, please share your insights here
  13. this is exactly how it is for me atm, but isnt it suppose to be like this, isnt this what leo refers to lower vs higher consciousness. I understand thing at grand scale and this is a delusion as well, but not all of us are ready to live out of illusion. Some of us need to settle few things here before we become more serious about enlightenment. Right, now I want to build on a career that is meaningful, this would be like meditation for me for now.
  14. I will help to explain my understanding of this topic. First Of All, Human being communicate 75% through body language, 17 % through tonality of your voice and the rest are the words. You should also search for origins of body language. For your question, we will focus on language. I think, It must have been like this. ( just giving my own insight ) Human being can make a limited variation of sounds, I think they are called phonemes and morphemes. ( Try and make different sounds with your mouth, see how many you can make ) Now, something like this must have happened. Some dude got the idea of making a language. I belief there must be already some specific sound association to some objects like sun, moon or maybe painting. Someone must have got the insight, if there exist some sound association to painting, then there can be short painting ( alphabets ) and the we can associated combination of those alphabets or sound association ( words ). Example - Sun is the combination of sound SA UN. Then, you form bunch of sound association to some short symbols and assign their combination with various objects. I guess this is how it must have started then Grammer came into action from this.
  15. I am going through a tug of war between by higher self and lower self. I go on cycle of living with higher self then lower self, I will spend few days with my digital addiction, masterbation, other lower conscious behaviour and then I will feel enough satisfaction than I muster my will towards the high self and doing meditation and working toward high conscious goals but in few days the spark will begun to fade and "very subtly I let myself be deceived by my mind" into getting to lower conscious behaviour again and then the cycle continues. I want to understand my ego mind, have presence of mind when it is trying to deceive and muster enough will to not surrender to that and develop life with my higher self. What are the solutions? perhaps a book or videos or advice from you all?